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Polling Booth in Golaghat Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Golaghat

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Golaghat Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Pulibor L.P. School993Pulibor
2Pulibor Adarsha High School1031Pulibor
3Chelengi Gaon L.P. School599Chelengi Gaon
4Kaboru Gaon L.P. School 916Kaboru Gaon
5Kaboru Gaon L.P. School 480Kaboru Gaon
6Dhekeripeta L.P. School 909Dhekeripeta
7Jonakinagar, L.P. School569Jonakinagar,
8Bongaon Tarun Vocational M.E. School 821Bongaon Tarun Vocational
9Bongaon Tarun Vocational M.E. School 488Bongaon Tarun Vocational
10Dhekeripeta L.P. School 793Dhekeripeta
11No.2 Chinatoly L.P School1074Chinatoly
12Chandmari L.P. School 764Chandmari
13Chandmari L.P. School 714Chandmari
14Golaghat Town New Girls High School 1241Golaghat Town
15Golaghat Town New Girls High School 1302Golaghat Town
16Tenpur L.P. School1227Tenpur
17Golaghat Town Madressa M.E. School 891Golaghat Town
18Golaghat Town Madressa M.E. School 558Golaghat Town
19Dandadhar Girls High School 798Dandadhar
20Dandadhar Girls High School 415Dandadhar
21Town Natun L.P. School 660Town Natun
22Town Natun L.P. School637Town Natun
23Town Natun L.P. School633Town Natun
24Town Natun L.P. School658Town Natun
25Hindi Vidyalaya 734
26Hindi Vidyalaya 751
27Hindi Vidyalaya 817
28Bengali Lp School 1107
29Hindi Vidyalaya374
30Town Model L.P. School 983
31Town Model L.P. School 1017
32Hemoprobha Girls College 1235Hemoprobha
33Hemoprobha Girls College 726Hemoprobha
34Bengenakhowa Jr. Basic School1199Bengenakhowa
35No.2 Bengenakhowa L.P. School716Bengenakhowa
36No.2 Bengenakhowa L.P. School 684Bengenakhowa
37Bengali High School 1088
38Bengali High School 1169
39Misson Lp School787
40Hindi High School Side750
41Hindi High School 1111
42Kumarpatty L.P. School 899Kumarpatty
43Kumarpatty L.P. School 1177Kumarpatty
44Mudoigaon Girls L.P. School 1133Mudoigaon
45Mudoigaon Girls L.P. School 1219Mudoigaon
46Hamdoi High School579Hamdoi
47Hamdoi High School (L/R)650Hamdoi
48Golaghat Bagisa Lp School588Golaghat Bagisa
49Kathkotia L.P. School 1481Kathkotia
50Kathkotia L.P.School 390Kathkotia
51Torfat High School1022Torfat
52Ahomgaon Natun L.P. School1177Ahomgaon Natun
53No. 2 Kacharihat L.P. School868Kacharihat
54Kamarbondha Girls High School 654Kamarbondha
55Kamarbondha Girls High School 569Kamarbondha
56Kamarbandha Higher Secodary School952Kamarbandha
57Rajanakhat L.P. School 780Rajanakhat
58Rajanakhat L.P. School 822Rajanakhat
59No.2 Bokolai L.P. School1075Bokolai
60Kopohuating Napamua L.P. School470Kopohuating Napamua
61Bosabokotial L.P. School 582Bosabokotial
62Bosabokotial L.P. School 742Bosabokotial
63No.2 Bosagaon Jr. Basic School 873Bosagaon
64No.2 Bosagaon Jr. Basic School 528Bosagaon
65Salikihat L.P. School1214Salikihat
66No.1 Ahomgaon L.P. School 665Ahomgaon
67No.1 Ahomgaon L.P. School 847Ahomgaon
68Soraimaria L.P. School 945Soraimaria
69Soraimaria L.P. School 427Soraimaria
70Athgaon L.P. School 526Athgaon
71Athgaon Me School974Athgaon
72Tirual L.P. School 981Tirual
73Tirual L.P. School 888Tirual
74Chakradhara L.P. School763Chakradhara
75Ulutoli L.P. School937Ulutoli
76Gazalasatra Jr. Basic School955Gazalasatra
77Sankardev L.P. School862Sankardev
78Furcating High School 970Furcating
79Furcating High School 410Furcating
80Furcating Model L.P. School1183Furcating
81Garigaon L.P. School740Garigaon
82Oating Bagan L.P. School461Oating Bagan
83Nisugola L.P. School808Nisugola
84Kalujan L.P. School 856Kalujan
85Doloujan Bagan Club825Doloujan Bagan
86Kalujan L.P. School 416Kalujan
87Doyang Bagan L.P. School 700Doyang Bagan
88Doyang Bagan L.P. School 1018Doyang Bagan
89Balijan Boys L.P. School1030Balijan
90Baruagaon L.P. School233Baruagaon
91Fesual Moktob Lp School922Fesual Moktob
92Balijan High School823Balijan
93Ghilladhari Sr. Basic School979Ghilladhari
94Ghilladhari L.P. School530Ghilladhari
95Socialist Satyagrahi Pathar L.P. School971Socialist Satyagrahi Pathar
96Rupkolia L.P. School518Rupkolia
97Bebejia L.P. School754Bebejia
98Tritiya Bosha Lp School578Tritiya Bosha
99Chokial L.P. School577Chokial
100Sarukachari L.P. School 814Sarukachari
101Nauboicha L.P. School564Nauboicha
102Barisuwa Lp School691Barisuwa
103Lonpuria L.P. School 640Lonpuria
104Lonpuria L.P. School 648Lonpuria
105Singfura L.P. School944Singfura
106Adharsatra L.P. School 636Adharsatra
107Adharsatra L.P. School 587Adharsatra
108Ghilladhari Bagan L.P. School 629Ghilladhari Bagan
109Ghilladhari Bagan L.P. School 776Ghilladhari Bagan
110Jerpai L.P. School 493Jerpai
111Jerpai L.P. School 721Jerpai
112Mokrong Bagan L.P. School 659Mokrong Bagan
113Mokrong Bagan L.P. School 641Mokrong Bagan
114Doyang High School N.ADoyang
115Doyang High School 483Doyang
116Usha Bagan L.P. School 857Usha Bagan
117Usha Bagan L.P. School 641Usha Bagan
118Usha Bagan Christian Basti L.P. School664Usha Bagan Christian Basti
119Jamuguri Bagan L.P. School 1021Jamuguri Bagan
120Jamuguri Bagan L.P. School 1065Jamuguri Bagan
121Navajyoti M.E. School607Navajyoti
122Hatigarh Matikhula L.P. School852Hatigarh Matikhula
123Borjan Project Lp School760Borjan Project
124Borjan L.P. School 681Borjan
125Borjan L.P. School 611Borjan
1262No Ratanpur Lp School 529Ratanpur
127Lakhibari Lp School698Lakhibari
128Puspaban L.P. School816Puspaban
129Narayanpur L.P. School 421Narayanpur
1301No Ratanpur Lp School851Ratanpur
131Naharjan L.P. School 506Naharjan
132Naharjan L.P. School 891Naharjan
133Jamuguri M.E. School 692Jamuguri
134Jamuguri M.E. School 854Jamuguri
135Amguri L.P. School463Amguri
136No.2 Soraimari L.P. School736Soraimari
137Soraimary Rangdhali L.P.SchoolN.ASoraimary Rangdhali
138Musorbhonga L.P. School1095Musorbhonga
139Kachomari M.E. School1065Kachomari
140Tonajan L.P. School1209Tonajan
141Bia Korowa L.P. School881Bia Korowa
142Doyang L.P. School835Doyang
143Soraimari Namati L.P. School972Soraimari Namati
144Joypukhuri L.P. School753Joypukhuri
145Gulukpur Panbari L.P. School892Gulukpur Panbari
146Ratanpur Simanta M.E. School 703Ratanpur Simanta
147Ratanpur Simanta M.E. School 424Ratanpur Simanta
148Telishal L.P. School 531Telishal
149Kolaigaon Lp School858Kolaigaon
150Doyangpar L.P. School (Changkhati)866Doyan
151Bandik Pather L.P.School568Bandik Pather
152Himidapur L.P. School935Himidapur
153Ratanpur L.P. School 807Ratanpur
154Ratanpur L.P. School 765Ratanpur
155Milanpur L.P. School 1004Milanpur
156Milanpur L.P. School 1169Milanpur
157Doldoli L.P. School693Doldoli
158Kalyanpur L.P. School666Kalyanpur
159Narayanpur L.P. School1072Narayanpur
160Two No Sonalipathar Lp School604Two No Sonalipathar
161Noreshpur L.P. School833Noreshpur
162Naghari Pathar L.P. School.564Naghari Pathar
163Kamatapur L.P. School737Kamatapur
164Joypukhuri Bodo Medium M.E.SchoolN.AJoypukhuri Bodo Medium
165Nolonipathar L.P. School780Nolonipathar
166Bahfola L.P. School406Bahfola
167Arunodoy L.P. School433Arunodoy
168Teteliguri L.P. School945Teteliguri
169No.1 Gomariguri L.P. School 681Gomariguri
170No.1 Gomariguri L.P. School 666Gomariguri
171Gomariguri Panchayat Office307Gomariguri
172Navajyoti L.P. School1017Navajyoti
173Ahatguri L.P. School488Ahatguri
174Tarun M.E. School803
175No.5 Gomari Kheroni L.P. School995Gomari Kheroni
176Merapani M.E. School 1413Merapani
177Merapani M.E. School 1034Merapani
178Merapani Me School 1127Merapani
179Merapani L.P. School924Merapani
180Merapani L.P. School 961Merapani
181Udoipur Jyotiprokeh L.P. School581Udoipur Jyotiprokeh
182Anantapur L.P. School 650Anantapur
183Anantapur L.P. School 824Anantapur
184Dighal.P.Ani L.P. School901Digha
185Navagram L.P. School 1116Navagram
186Navagram L.P. School 566Navagram
187Chaoudangpathar M.E. School612Chaoudan
188Chaoudang Naujan L.P. School984Chaoudang Naujan
189Chaudangpathar L.P. School723Choudangpathar
190No.2 Choudangpathar L.P. School836Choudangpathar
191Vijoypur Lp School1058Vijoypur
192Chaudang Pathar Balipara L.P. School 703Chaudang Pathar Balipara
193Chaudang Pathar Balipara L.P. School 612Chaudang Pathar Balipara
194Cholongpathar L.P. School 683Choudangpathar
195Cholongpathar M.E. School685Choudangpathar
196Cholongpathar L.P. School 469Choudangpathar
197Sobhangaon L.P. School705Sobhangaon
198Tarani Majgaon L.P. School833Tarani Majgaon
199Kalyanpur L.P. School985Kalyanpur
200Kulaijan Me School 746Kulaijan Me School
201Kulaijan Me School 770Kulaijan Me School
20232 No. Kulaijan L.P. School687Kulaijan
203Tarani Habi L.P. School 564Tarani Habi
204Tarani Habi L.P. School 603Tarani Habi
205Tarani Forest L.P. School1122Tarani Forest
206Baruatangia L.P. School652Baruatangia
207Arunachal Borkachari L.P. School1106Arunachal Borkachari

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