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Polling Booth in Gohpur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Gohpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Gohpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Buroi Bagan L.P. School 485Buroi Bagan
2Buroi Bagan L.P. School 607Buroi Bagan
3Buroi Bagan Labour Club677Buroi Bagan
4Buroi Bagan No. 14 Labour Club797Buroi Bagan
5Karibil Govt. L.P. School818Karibil
6Karibil Kachari L.P. School753Karibil Kachari
7Karibil Mikir L.P. School774Karibil Mikir
8Kawripather L.P. School 678Kawripather
9Kawripather L.P. School 774Kawripather
10Karibil M.E. School 873Karibil
11Karibil M.E. School 857Karibil
12Pubburoi M.E. School 573Pubburoi
13Pubburoi M.E. School 835Pubburoi
14Tokaubari L.P. School526Tokaubari
15Dakhin Bheluwadanga L.P. School558Dakhin Bheluwadanga
16Missamari Amlokhi L.P. School914Missamari Amlokhi
17Halem Chariali L.P. School888Halem Chariali
18Missamari Gaon Panchayat Office 1026Missamari Gaon
19Lepetapara L.P. School692Lepetapara
20Baligaon L.P. SchoolN.ABaligaon
21Kamala Miri M.E. School757Kamala Miri
22Kuruabasti L.P. School 838Kuruabasti
23Kuruabasti L.P. School787Kuruabasti
24Barhatiguri L.P. School950Barhatiguri
25Nepali Pather L.P. School777Nepali Pather
26Bebjia Rakachandra Sanskrit Toll657Bebjia Rakachandra Sanskrit Toll
27Gadharia Majalia School262Gadharia Majalia School
28Gomiri High School593Gomiri
29Gomiri High School866Gomiri
30Swahid Jiban Lahan L.P. School1019Swahid Jiban Lahan
31Amtola Borigaon L.P. School505Amtola Borigaon
32Helemguri L.P.School1038Helemguri
33Helemguri L.P.School929Helemguri
34Dushutimukh L.P. School1112Dushutimukh
35Halem Bagan Staff Club Ghar722Halem Bagan
36Helem Bagan L.P. School641Helem Bagan
37Helem Bagan Labour Club670Helem Bagan
38Helem Bagan L.P. School 883Helem Bagan
39Uttar Ghahigaon L.P. School730Uttar Ghahigaon
40Purani Geraj L.P. School925Purani Geraj
41Mora Chengelijan L.P. School972Mora Chengelijan
42Kekurijan L.P. School901Kekurijan
43Nehru M.E. School542Nehru
44Indira Gandhi L.P. School567Indira Gandhi
45Nalani Bari L.P. School898Nalani Bari
46Daffalagarh Bagan L.P.School 888Daffalagarh Bagan
47Daffalagarh Bagan L.P.School 621Daffalagarh Bagan
48Daffalagarh Bagan L. P. School (Separate Building)724Daffalagarh Bagan
49Daffalagarh Bagan Staff Club640Daffalagarh Bagan
50Rastrabhasa Vidyalaya496
51Brahmajan Bagan L. P. School 669Brahmajan Bagan
52Brahmajan Bagan L.P. School 658Brahmajan Bagan
53Brahmajan Bagan Staff Club Ghar724Brahmajan Bagan
54Balijan Banua L.P. School451Balijan Banua
55Balijan Banua M.E. School 533Balijan Banua
56Balijan Banua M.E. School 680Balijan Banua
57Jalukbari L.P. School839Jalukbari
58Itapara L.P. School689Itapara
59Jarabari L.P.School 950Jarabari
60Jarabari L.P.School 687Jarabari
61Tetonbari High School560Tetonbari
62Amjarani L.P. School608Amjarani
63Nirmala Bagan L.P. School796Nirmala Bagan
64Khargeswar Agaalla Vidyapith M.V. School 673Khargeswar Agaalla
65Khargeswar Agaalla Vidyapith M.V. School 570Khargeswar Agaalla
66Brahmajan L.P. School909Brahmajan
67Pubbrahmajan L.P. School852Pubbrahmajan
68Garudhowadubi L.P. School305Garudhowadubi
69Dhopabor M.V. School853Dhopabor
70Telenigaon L. P. School344Telenigaon
71Madhya Chaiduar Higher Secondary School 979Madhya Chaiduar
72Madhya Chaiduar Higher Secondary School 755Madhya Chaiduar
73Kanaklata Model Girls' High School696Kanaklata
74Nara Bahadur L.P. School661Nara Bahadur
75Ratiram Bhuyan L.P. School 773Ratiram Bhuyan
76Ratiram Bhuyan L.P. School 628Ratiram Bhuyan
77Bhimbahadur Vidyapith M.V. School 894Bhimbahadur Vidyapith
78Bhimbahadur Vidyapith M.V. School 946Bhimbahadur Vidyapith
79Balijan Girls' M.E. School750Balijan'
80Shri Shri Anirudha L.P. School682Shri Shri Anirudha
81Rangalial M.V. School952Rangalial
82Dathkola L.P. School896Dathkola
83Sankardev M.V. School842Sankardev
84Bakori Doloni L.P. School1005Bakori Doloni
85Jyoti Agaala Higher Secondary School 753Jyoti Agaala
86Jyoti Agaala Higher Secondary School 782Jyoti Agaala
87Bholaguri Bagan L.P. School515Bholaguri Bagan
88Balijan G.P. Office536Balijan
89Louguti L.P. School594Louguti
90Gopaljarani L.P. School527Gopaljarani
91Bortamuli L.P. School693Bortamuli
92Ganai Ati L.P. School647Ganai Ati
93No.1 Paken L.P. School 606Paken
94No. 1 Paken L.P. School 476Paken
95Maganigaon L.P. School 832Maganigaon
96Pubkollongpur L.P. School576Pubkollon
97Maganigaon L.P. School 604Maganigaon
98Ghimarujan L.P. School724Ghimarujan
99Golchepa L.P. School 522Golchepa
100Golchepa L.P. School579Golchepa
101Gohpur Bagan Staff Club Ghar1000Gohpur Bagan
102Gohpur Bagan L.P.SchoolN.AGohpur Bagan
103Purupbari Bagan Staff Club N.APurupbari Bagan
104Purupbari Bagan Staff Club N.APurupbari Bagan
105Chaiduar CollegeN.AChaiduar
106Joypur L.P. SchoolN.AJoypur
107Madhya Chatrong L.P. School N.AMadhya Chatrong
108Madhya Chatrong L.P. School N.AMadhya Chatrong
109Gohpur High School N.AGohpur
110Gohpur High School N.AGohpur
111Gohpur High School N.AGohpur
112Gohpur Girls' High School N.AGohpur
113Gohpur Girls' High School N.AGohpur
114Gohpur M.V. SchoolN.AGohpur
115Chengaigaon L.P. SchoolN.AChengaigaon
116Dhenudhara Pather L.P. SchoolN.ADhenudhara Pather
117Pubbilotia L.P. SchoolN.APubbilotia
118Balitika L.P. SchoolN.ABalitika
119Swahid Khageswar Talukdar L.P. SchoolN.ASwahid Khageswar Talukdar
120Naya Ghogra Bagan L.P. School N.ANaya Ghogra Bagan
121Naya Ghogra Bagan L.P. School N.ANaya Ghogra Bagan
122Naya Ghogra Bagan Staff Club GharN.ANaya Ghogra Bagan
123Tingalibori L.P. SchoolN.ATingalibori
124Deonabori L.P. SchoolN.ADeonabori
125Sankardev M.E. School N.ASankardev
126Ghogra Forest L.P. School N.AGhogra Forest
127Ghogra Forest L.P. School N.AGhogra Forest
128Sankardev M.E. School N.ASankardev
129Sonapur M.E. SchoolN.ASonapur
130Gopal.P.Ur L. P. SchoolN.AGopa
131Nehru High SchoolN.A
132Gopal.P.Ur Buniyadi VidyalayaN.AGopa
133Hem Solengi L.P. SchoolN.AHem Solengi
134Sonapur High SchoolN.ASonapur
135Thaisuguri L.P. SchoolN.AThaisuguri
136Tharaibari L.P. SchoolN.ATharaibari
137No.2 Pullisumoni L.P. SchoolN.APullisumoni
138Alupara L.P. School ()N.AAlupara
139Gopsarguri L.P. SchoolN.AGopsarguri
140Alupara L.P. SchoolN.AAlupara
141Santipur M.E. SchoolN.ASantipur
142Dubia M.V. SchoolN.ADubia
143Jaroni Mikir L.P. SchoolN.AJaroni Mikir
144Chengmora L.P. SchoolN.AChengmora
145Pubdubia L.P. SchoolN.APubdubia
146Baganibari L.P. SchoolN.ABaganibari
147Dubia Higher Secondary School949Dubia
148Nahoroni L.P. School758Nahoroni
149Nahoroni L.P. School ()666Nahoroni
150Kakila (Bordop) L.P. School876Kakila (Bordop)
151Sakura Indira M.E. School695Sakura Indira
152No.2 Sakura L. P. School.505Sakura
153Mazikuchi L.P. School844Mazikuchi
154Khetria Ati L.P. School722Khetria Ati
155Dhandi Miri L.P. School531Dhandi Miri
156Rajabari M.E. School 468Rajabari
157Rajabari Pather L.P. School554Rajabari Pather
158Rajabari M.E. School 815Rajabari
159Nabajyoti L.P. School456Nabajyoti
160Namanimiri M.V. School 731Namanimiri
161Namanimiri M.V. School 607Namanimiri
162Namanimiri High School466Namanimiri
163Rangamuri L.P. School748Rangamuri
164Kharoipam L.P. School403Kharoipam
165Chirakhowa L.P. School449Chirakhowa
166Teliyabari Gaon L. P. School563Teliyabari Gaon
167Mikirbora Chuk L.P. School575Mikirbora Chuk
168Kasturba M.V. School804Kasturba
169Dola Dalani L.P. School814Dola Dalani
170Kalabari Higher Secondary School 690Kalabari
171Kalabari Higher Secondary School 908Kalabari
172Kalabari Girls' High School798Kalabari
173Madhya Kalabari L.P. School722Madhya Kalabari
174Deuri Chuk L.P. School419Deuri Chuk
175Howajan Higher Secondary School636Howajan
176Deourigaon L.P. School749Deourigaon
177Howajan Higher Secondary School 677Howajan
178Ramananda M.E. School436Ramananda
179Borachuk L.P. School.647Borachuk
180Dakhin Kalabari M.E. School760Dakhin Kalabari
181Dilapakhara M.E. School512Dilapakhara
182Kamdewal L.P. School536Kamdewal
183Pubkalabari L.P. School594Pubkalabari
184Satiyara L.P. School708Satiyara
185Aliguri L.P. School539Aliguri
186Pichala Miri L.P. School507Pichala Miri
187Lohitmukh High School 761Lohitmukh
188Lohitmukh High School 850Lohitmukh
189Tinisukia Miri L.P. School687Tinisukia Miri
190Gajapuria L.P. School357Gajapuria
191Simaluguri Baligaon L.P. School673Simaluguri Baligaon
192Kutumgaon L.P. School643Kutumgaon
193Charaibari L.P. School777Charaibari
194Nam Charaibari L.P. School549Nam Charaibari
195Dak Chapari M.V. School390Dak Chapari
196Sobansiri Mukh M.V. School663Sobansiri Mukh
197Sawguri Kutum Gaon L.P. School561Sawguri Kutum Gaon
198Uppar Sawguri L.P. School370Uppar Sawguri
199No.2 Purba Jyoti Krishipam L. P. School 791Purba Jyoti Krishipam
200No.2 Purba Jyoti Krishipam L. P. School 784Purba Jyoti Krishipam
201Purbajyoti High School644Purbajyoti
202Purbajyoti Krishipam Nigam M.E. School.509Purbajyoti Krishipam Nigam
203No.1 Purbajyoti Nigam L.P. School782Purbajyoti Nigam
204Doimaluguri Bodo M.E. School626Doimaluguri Bodo
205Narengguri L.P. School.539Narengguri
206Milanjyoti M.E. School694Milanjyoti
207Kakila Center L.P.School 648Kakila Center
208Kakila Center L.P.School 708Kakila Center
209Ratnasram L.P. School676Ratnasram
210Sonajuli L.P. School711Sonajuli
211No.1 Jamuguri L.P. School902Jamuguri
212No.1 Jamuguri L. P. School1065Jamuguri
213Borpukhuri M.E. School840Borpukhuri
214Amlaiguri L.P. School 807Amlaiguri
215Amlaiguri L.P. School 741Amlaiguri
216Chatrang Bongaon M.E. School559Chatrang Bongaon
217Dharampur Majline L.P. School695Dharampur Majline
218Rajgarh Anandapur High School777Rajgarh Anandapur
219Rajgarh Anandapur Venture L.P. School470Rajgarh Anandapur
220Balijan Forest L.P. School 778Balijan Forest
221Balijan Forest L.P. School 780Balijan Forest
222No.6 Shantipur L.P. School.707Shantipur
223No.4 Balijan L.P. School741Balijan

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