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Polling Booth in Goalpara West Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Goalpara West

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Goalpara West Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Killahara M.E. Madrassa908Killahara
2Bamuner Alga Jb School971Bamuner Alga
3Killahara L.P. School433Killahara
4Uttar Killahara L.P. School397Uttar Killahara
5Kistomoni L.P. School 689Kistomoni
6Kistomoni L.P. School 476Kistomoni
7Bollapuri L.P. School 864Bollapuri
8Bollapuri L.P. School 742Bollapuri
9Jamirabari L.P. School 946Jamirabari
10Jamirabari L.P. School 318Jamirabari
11Balikashi J B School86Balikashi
12Sonalurtal L.P. School932Sonalurtal
13Chunari Gp Office686Chunari
14Chunari Basic School591Chunari Basic School
15Kaldanga Bororchar L.P. School244Kaldanga Bororchar
16Kaldanga Venture L.P. School1045Kaldanga Venture
17Tiyapara Bazar M.E. School 842Tiyapara Bazar
18Tiyapara Bazar M.E. School 700Tiyapara Bazar
19Taparbhita L.P. School1022Taparbhita
20Gendauri M.E. School1197Gendauri
21Poitari L.P. School 657Poitari
22Poitari L.P. School 761Poitari
23Joybhum L.P. School 665Joybhum
24Joybhum L.P. School 570Joybhum
25Joybhum M.E. School649Joybhum
26Joybhum M.E. School 570Joybhum
27Amtoli Jb School582Amtoli
28Amtoli Jb School 662Amtoli
29Bardal L.P. School697Bardal
30Bardal L.P. School 517Bardal
31M.E.Cherbhita L.P. School1036Cherbhita
32Simulbari Mv School 776Simulbari
33Simulbari Mv School 671Simulbari
34Sonamoi L.P. School 1016Sonamoi
35Sonamoi L.P. School 817Sonamoi
36Aolatoli L.P. School694Aolatoli
37Aolatoli M.E. Madrassa606Aolatoli
38Kurshakati L.P School679Kurshakati
39Faringapara Mv School1153Faringapara
40Faringapara High School808Faringapara
41Bowalmari L.P SchoolN.ABowalmari
42Likiripara L.P. School800Likiripara
43Shilapanai L.P. School 771Shilapanai
44Shilapanai L.P. School 729Shilapanai
45Sishujyoti L.P School 671Sishujyoti
46Lakhipur High School 748Lakhipur
47Lakhipur High School 693Lakhipur
48Lakhipur High School 2660Lakhipur
49Lakhipur L.P School 1049Lakhipur
50Lakhipur L.P. School981Lakhipur
51Sishujyoti L P School830Sishujyoti
52Nidanpur L.P. School 771Nidanpur
53Nidan Pur L.P. School 1004Nidan Pur
54Nidanpur L.P. School ( New Building)420Nidanpur
55Nidanpur L.P. School ( New Building) 813Nidanpur
56Dhamor L.P. School 1145Dhamor
57Dhamor L.P. School 1017Dhamor
58Hatugaon Mv School 1068Hatugaon
59Hatugaon Mv School N.AHatugaon
60Jurigaon L.P. School 901Jurigaon
61Jurigaon L.P. School 841Jurigaon
62Bapurbhita M.E. School1012Bapurbhita
63Bapurbhita M.E. School 278Bapurbhita
64Bapurbhita L.P. School600Bapurbhita
65Nalangapara L.P School641Nalangapara
66Hatisila Mv School797Hatisila
67Hatisila Mv School 411Hatisila
68Salpara L.P. School563Salpara
69Bashbari M.E. School 713Bashbari
70Basbari M.E. School 761Basbari
71Bangaljhar L.P. School 728Bangaljhar
72Bangaljhar L.P. School 742Bangaljhar
73Saktola Khonarpub Par L.P. School1006Saktola Khonarpub Par
74Saktola Khonarpub Par L.P. School N.ASaktola Khonarpub Par
75Saltola L.P. School 947Saltola
76Saktola L.P. School 927Saktola
77Muralijhar Mv School558Muralijhar
78Chatamari L.P. School954Chatamari
79Pakhiritari L.P. School864Pakhiritari
80Baguan Girls M.E. School 594Baguan
81Baguan Girls M.E. School 638Baguan
82Baguan Jb School400Baguan
83Mothabari L.P. School 758Mothabari
84Mothabari L.P. School 755Mothabari
85Baguan Girls L.P. School1077Baguan
86Katilatari Moktab1000Katilatari Moktab
87Ambari Kadotika Mv School1136Ambari Kadotika
88Ambari M.E. School673Ambari
89Abrarbhita L.P. School 740Abrarbhita
90Abrarbhita L.P. School541Abrarbhita
91Balarbhita L.P. School665Balarbhita
92Ramharir Char L.P. School 992Ramharir Char
93Ramharir Char L.P. School 893Ramharir Char
94Joypur Jb School 771Joypur
95Joypur Jb School 724Joypur
96Joybhum Jb School (S/W966Joybhum
97Nalanga L.P. School 750Nalanga
98Nalanga L.P. School 715Nalanga
99Rakhaldubi Gandhi Memoriall.P. School 723Rakhaldubi Gandhi
100Rakhal Dubi Gandhi Memoriall.P. School 1118Rakhal Dubi Gandhi
101Simulbari L.P. School 800Simulbari
102Simulbari L.P. School 839Simulbari
103Dosra Ambari L.P. School 783Dosra Ambari
104Dosra Ambari L.P. School 616Dosra Ambari
105Batabari L.P. School745Batabari
106Batabari M.E. Madrassa 884Batabari
107Batabari M.E. Madrassa 832Batabari
108Kalyal.P.Ur L.P. School1182Kalya
109Kodalkati L.P. School777Kodalkati
110Pub Kongair Par L.P. School1076Pub Kongair Par
111Palash Bari L.P. School1014Palash Bari
112Motilal Para L.P. School918Motilal Para
113Darir Par L.P. School937Darir Par
114Chatabari L.P. School730Chatabari
115Pub Pandoba L.P. School 811Pub Pandoba
116Pachim Pandoba L.P. School678Pachim Pandoba
117Pub Pandoba L.P. School 1017Pub Pandoba
118Markula L.P. School 648Markula
119Markula L.P. School 743Markula
120Bamundanga L.P. School802Bamundanga
121Lempara (Khm) Mv School613Lempara (Khm)
122Thepkai L.P. School786Thepkai
123Jhunkaipara L.P. School912Jhunkaipara
124Nolonga Reserve L.P. School 735Nolonga Reserve
125Nolonga Reserve L.P. School 687Nolonga Reserve
126Nalbari L.P. School1055Nalbari
127Telipara L.P. School1137Telipara
128552 No. Sonahara L.P. School 674Sonahara
129552 No. Sonahara L.P. School 668Sonahara
130Khormuza M.E. School913Khormuza
131Khormuza High School 691Khormuza
132Khormuza High School 540Khormuza
133Purna Nagar L.P. School 338Purna Nagar
134Purna Nagar L.P. School 859Purna Nagar
135Barbhita Titaram Mv School875Barbhita Titaram
136Katlamari L.P. School294Katlamari
137Khutamari L.P. School 1010Khutamari
138Khutamari L.P. School 1113Khutamari
139Pancharatna L.P. School979Pancharatna
140Harkakuchi L.P. School928Harkakuchi
141Makri L.P. School1129Makri
142Dariduri Mv School 904Dariduri
143Dariduri Mv School 521Dariduri
144Chutki L.P. School872Chutki
145Sahari L.P. School1013Sahari
146Sarapara L.P. School 700Sarapara
147Sarapara L.P. School N.ASarapara
148Rampur L.P. School 569Rampur
149Rampur L.P. School 803Rampur
150Nichinta L.P. School674Nichinta
151Dwarapara Takrapara L.P. School852Dwarapara Takrapara
152Dwarapara L.P. School765Dwarapara
153Balijana Jb School 756Balijana
154Balijana Jb School N.ABalijana
155Bapupara L.P. School 929Bapupara
156Bapupara L.P. School 519Bapupara
157Baikunthapur L.P. School501Baikunthapur
158Tilapara L.P. School1126Tilapara
159Ghengamari L.P. School 757Ghengamari
160Ghengamari L.P. School 918Ghengamari
161Dwarka L.P. School1119Dwarka
162Dwarka Rabhapara M.E. & Mv School1030Dwarka Rabhapara
163Bamundanga L.P. School681Bamundanga
164Maladhora L.P. School896Maladhora
165108O.Lemokona L.P. School869Lemokona
166Depalsang L.P. School653Depalsang
167Mogho Balasari Jb School 661Mogho Balasari
168Baida M.E. School 756Baida
169Baida L.P. School 752Baida
170Kurung L.P. School430Kurung
171Mogho Balachari Jb School 1005Mogho Balachari
172Ketkibari L.P. School930Ketkibari

Last Updated on April 02, 2020
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