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Polling Booth in Goalpara East Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Goalpara East

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Goalpara East Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Gabindapur L.P. School 790Gabindapur
2Gabindapur L.P. School 564Gabindapur
3Gabindapur L.P. School 1202Gabindapur
4Baladmari Gp Office958Baladmari
5Baladmari Gp Office 1043Baladmari
6Rangapara L.P. School1021Rangapara
7Karbala L.P. School 720Karbala
8Karbala L.P. School 618Karbala
9Bhatipara L.P. School 685Bhatipara
10Goalpara Boys M.E. Madrassa 685Goalpara
11Goal.P.Ara Boys M.E. Madrassa 636Goalpara
12Bhatipara L.P. School 884Bhatipara
13Mkn Memorialhigh School720Goalpara
14Mkn Memorialhigh School741Goalpara
15Mkn Memorialhigh School814Goalpara
16Mkn Memorialhigh School 1464Goalpara
17Goalpara M.E. School724Goalpara
18Goalpara M.E. School 598Goalpara
19Bhatipara Adarsha Nimno Buniyadi Bidyalaya1014
20Central Girls High School678
21No 2 Amolapotty L.P. School816Amolapotty
22No.1 Town L.P School 743
23No.1 Town L.P School 648
24J.N,Girls M.E. Madrassa 722
25J.N,Girls M.E. Madrassa 974
26P.R. Govt. H.S School 882
27P.R. Govt. H.S School 1124
28Goaltuli Girls M.E. School 664Goaltuli
29Goaltuli Girls M E School 766Goaltuli
30Goalpara College 1048Goalpara
31Goalpara College 883Goalpara
32Goalpara College 834Goalpara
33Goalpara Bidyapith L.P. School (No.2 Colony)730Goalpara
34Goalpara Bidyapith Lp School No.2 Colony 602Goalpara
35Baladmari Char M.E. School 998Baladmari Char
36Baladmari Char M.E. School 123Baladmari Char
37No1 Baladmarichar L.P. School1168Baladmarichar
38Baladmari Tilapara L.P. School 892Baladmari Tilapara
39Baladmari Tilapara L.P. School 907Baladmari Tilapara
40No.2 Baladmari L.P. School645Baladmari
41No.2 Baladmari L.P. School633Baladmari
425 Baladmari Char Gp Office 899Baladmari
435 Baladmari Char Gp Office 960Baladmari
44Dekdhowa L.P. School 1027Dekdhowa
45Dekdhowa L.P. School 634Dekdhowa
46Taltala L.P School687Taltala
47Paharshing Para L.P. School911Paharshing Para
48Paharshing Para L.P. School810Paharshing Para
49Dubapara Luachar L.P. School 1041Dubapara Luachar
50Dubapara Luachar L.P. School 218Dubapara Luachar
51Ujirerchar L.P. School900Ujirerchar
52New Goalpara L.P. School 1205New Goalpara
53New Goalpara L.P. School 642New Goalpara
54New Goalpara L.P. School 610New Goalpara
55Bapujinagar Parthamik Bidyalaya1171Bapujinagar
56Kashalya Das L.P. School 1170Kashalya Das
57Kashalya Das L.P. School646Kashalya Das
58Baladmari Pitbari M.E School603Baladmari Pitbari
59Kashalya Das L.P. School N.AKashalya Das
60Harijan Parthamik Bidyalaya1138
61Baladmari Govt. High School 995Baladmari
62Baladmari Govt. High School 461Baladmari
63Baladmari Govt. High School885Baladmari
64New Goal.P.Ara M.E. School 1094New Goa
65No.1 Baladmari Char Girish Ch. Ghosh Memorial L.P. School1128Baladmari
66Chandaria Pathar L.P. School 1228Chandaria Pathar
67Chandaria Pathar L.P. School 827Chandaria Pathar
68Kismatpur L.P. School1082Kismatpur
69Bhalukdubi L.P. School 756Bhalukdubi
70Barpahar Milan Nagar 580Barpahar Milan Nagar
71Bhalukdubi L.P. School 782Bhalukdubi
72Barpahar Milan Nagar L.P School 569Barpahar Milan Nagar
73Bhalukdubi M.E. School1212Bhalukdubi
74Baladmari Chah Bagan Parthamik Bidyalaya702Baladmari Chah Bagan
75Salbari L.P. School (Garo Medium) Bhalukdubi 827Salbari
76Salbari L.P. School (Garo Medium) Bhalukdubi )1039Salbari
77Solmari Jb School 1016Solmari
78Solmari Jb School 1063Solmari
79Kuruwa Bhasha M.E. School 972Kuruwa Bhasha
80Kuruwa Bhasha M.E. School 705Kuruwa Bhasha
81Goraimari J B School800Goraimari
82Rakshasini Garopara L.P. School (Garo Medium)1133Rakshasini Garopara
83Jowaharlal L P School 1028Jowaharlal
84Jowaharlal L P School 1085Jowaharlal
85Futuripara Lewabari L P School756Futuripara Lewabari
86Moijanga Mv School921Moijanga
87Dubapara L.P. School 891Dubapara
88Dubapara L.P. School 901Dubapara
89Bhatipara L.P. School612Bhatipara
90Dakaidal L.P. School1149Dakaidal
91Kodaldhowa L.P. School772Kodaldhowa
92Sri Suryagiri L.P. School749Sri Suryagiri
93Lalabori Govt. Basic School1123Lalabori
94Lalbahadur Shastri M.E. School963Lalbahadur Shastri
95Bhimajuli L.P. School699Bhimajuli
96Pajabandha L.P. School984Pajabandha
97282(C) Balbala Natunbasti L.P. School757Balbala Natunbasti
98Khagrabari L.P. School (Fafanga) 751Khagrabari
99Khagrabari L.P. School (Fafanga) 721Khagrabari
100Balbala H.S School 951Balbala
101Balbala H.S School 886Balbala
102Kal.P.Ani Chandamari L.P. School1168Balbala
103222Borjhar L.P. School852Borjhar
104Agia J N Memorial H.S School 920Agia
105Agia J N Memorial H.S School 1135Agia
106Agia J N Memorial H.S School 903Agia
107Derek High School1024Derek
108Rajapara Garo L.P. School654Rajapara Garo
109Agia Gp Office682Agia
110Silshak Damal L.P. School1049Silshak Damal
111Saplengkata Damal L.P. School 794Saplengkata Damal
112Saplengkata Damal L P School 849Saplengkata Damal
113Hatigaon L P School 801Hatigaon
114Hatigaon L P School 794Hatigaon
115Rongsai L.P. School 718Rongsai
116Rongsai L.P. School 440Rongsai
117Kotashbari L.P. School543Kotashbari
118Gendabari L.P. School1025Gendabari
119Kashikhagra L.P. School663Kashikhagra
120Kukurkata High School (Nibari)597Kukurkata
121Kukurkata High School (Nibari)572Kukurkata
122Hudukona M.E. School386Hudukona
123Rongdam L.P. School438Rongdam
124Khongkhal M.E. School594Khongkhal
125Meselkhowa L.P. School 668Meselkhowa
126Meselkhowa L.P. School 654Meselkhowa
127Lower Chotipara L.P. School 1104Lower Chotipara
128Lower Chotipara L P School 914Lower Chotipara
129Chijukona L P School654Chijukona
130Geradubi L. P School841Geradubi
131Kukuria Garo M.E. School 1069Kukuria Garo
132Kukuria Garo M.E. School 663Kukuria Garo
133Fafonga L.P. School 811Fafonga
134Fafonga L.P. School 899Fafonga
135Barmohora L.P. School 850Barmohora
136Barmohora L.P. School 875Barmohora
137Tukura L.P. School 1028Tukura
138Tukura L.P. School 947Tukura
139Hadigaon J B School974Hadigaon
140Bujr.Uk Manikpur L P School747Bujr.Uk Manikpur
141Bujr.Uk Manikpur L P School735Bujr.Uk Manikpur
142Manikpur L P School 765Manikpur
143Manikpur L P School 722Manikpur
144Bhelakhamar Girls Mv School 807Bhelakhamar
145Bhelakhamar Girls Mv School 1129Bhelakhamar
146Tengabari L.P.School665Tengabari
147Majgaon L.P SchoolN.AMajgaon
148Bhojmala L.P.School910Bhojmala
149New Rajapara L.P. School625New Rajapara
150Dahikata Adarsha Parthamik Vidyalala715Dahikata
151136 No. Monakosha Domonikhuti L P School691Monakosha Domonikhuti
152137 No. Monakosha Domonikhuti L P School 630Monakosha Domonikhuti
153Mornoi Central Basic School917Mornoi
154Sardar B.V. Patel H.S School1071
155Pakhiura L P School578Pakhiura
156Pakhiura L P School N.APakhiura
157Mornoi Char Singimari L P School703Mornoi Char Singimari
158Basantapur L P School`450Basantapur
159Basantapur N.C L P SchoolN.ABasantapur
160Dalgoma High School 901Dalgoma
161Dalgoma High School 618Dalgoma
162Sundarpur L P School N.ASundarpur
163Sundarpur L P School 519Sundarpur
164Matia Rifiuji Govt M.E. School1011Matia Rifiuji
165Gopal.P.Ur L P School888Gopal.P.Ur
166Dalgoma Girls M E School927Dalgoma
167Damoni L P School678Damoni
168Damoni L P School 549Damoni
169Matia High School1105Matia
170Matia M E School 645Matia
171Matia M E School 730Matia
172Karipara High School 1069Karipara
173Karipara High School 1079Karipara
174Karipara Chakla L.P. School 1002Karipara Chakla
175Karipara Chakla L.P. School 658Karipara Chakla
176Bakaitari High School 1002Bakaitari
177Bakaitari High School 723Bakaitari
178Bakaitari L P School1116Bakaitari
179Shidhabari L.P. School907Shidhabari
180Sidhabari Krishipam L.P. School422Sidhabari Krishipam
181Ronua L.P. School942Ronua
182Shidhabari M.E. School1125Shidhabari
183Gossaibori J B School1137Gossaibori
184Mamudpur L P School744Mamudpur
185Mamudpur M E Madrassa 1142Mamudpur
186Mamudpur M E Madrassa 1056Mamudpur
187Solmari Bhatipara L P School942Solmari Bhatipara
188Bahati L P School860Bahati
189Bahati Char L.P. School747Bahati Char
190Bahati Char L.P. School 636Bahati Char
191Bahati N C L P School981Bahati N C
192Nayapara M E Madrassa607Nayapara
193Nayapara M.E Madrassa605Nayapara
194Nayapara Habripara L P School609Nayapara Habripara
195Dighpara L.P School609Dighpara
196Singramari L P School874Singramari
197Garomari L P School858Garomari
198Sutarpara M E School 709Sutarpara
199Sutarpara M E School 895Sutarpara
200Bherbheri L P School1087Bherbheri
201Bherbheri L P School N.ABherbheri
202Nobagato Simlitola L P School1146Nobagato Simlitola
203Simlitola M E Madrassa1165Simlitola

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