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Polling Booth in Gauripur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Gauripur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Gauripur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Pestibari Mv School 651Pestibari
2Pestibari Mv School 852Pestibari
3Kharkhari Forest Bit Office585
41777 Uttar Kurshakati L.P. School L851Uttar Kurshakati
51777 Uttar Kurshakati Lp School L996Uttar Kurshakati
6Monglajhora M.E. School 807Monglajhora
7Monglajhora M.E. School 908Monglajhora
8Harjhora L.P. School1013Harjhora
9651 Tulshijhora L.P. School 803Tulshijhora
10651 Tulshijhora L.P. School 661Tulshijhora
11Tipkai High School 705Tipkai
12Tipkai High School 640Tipkai
13Changbandha L.P. School 669Changbandha
14Changbandha L.P. School 488Changbandha
15318 Bongshijhora L.P. School 749Bongshijhora
16318 Bongshijhora L.P. School 758Bongshijhora
17Sistijhora L.P. School 747Sistijhora
18Sistijhora L.P. School 468Sistijhora
19Kazigaon Mv School 828Kazigaon
20Kazigaon Mv School 735Kazigaon
211463 Kazigaon L.P. School439Kazigaon
22338 Borshijhora L.P. School 662Borshijhora
23338 Borshijhora L.P. School 588Borshijhora
241179 Malatijhora L.P. School967Malatijhora
251174 Bashbari L.P. School 943Bashbari
261174 Bashbari L.P. School 913 Bashbari
27Molandubi L.P. School 854Molandubi
28Molandubi L.P. School 761Molandubi
29Jaldoba Mv School 989Jaldoba
30Jaldoba Mv School 992Jaldoba
31Parbatjoar M.E. School 934Parbatjoar
32742 No. Khopati L.P. School422Khopati
33Parbatjoar M.E. School 1141Parbatjoar
34Dukhishukhi L.P. School 338Dukhishukhi
35968 No Paglijhora L.P. School567Paglijhora
36Dukhishukhi L.P. School 722Dukhishukhi
371615 Madhayaraipur L.P. School 1278Madhayaraipur
381615 Madhayaraipur L.P. School 778Madhayaraipur
392233 North Raipur L.P. School600North Raipur
40Morakura M.E. School619Morakura
412064 No. Chapar Balajan L.P. School1087
42Moterjhar Sr. Basic School 703Moterjhar
43Pratapganj High School817
44Moterjhar Sr. Basic School 999Moterjhar
45531 Lalkura L.P. School 815Lalkura
46531 Lalkura L.P. School 1102Lalkura
47Sahebganj High School 855Sahebganj
48171 Dhorarghat L.P. School962Dhorarghat
49Sahebganj High School 779Sahebganj
50913 Sukatikhata L.P. School 768Sukatikhata
51913 Sukatikhata L.P. School 1070Sukatikhata
52Rupshi High School 647
53920 No. Rupshi L.P. School821
54Rupshi High School 916
55Rupshi Girls M.E. School264
56Daobhangi High School 688Daobhangi
57Daobhangi High School 983Daobhangi
581678 Vekurchar Model L.P. School1009Vekurchar Model
59585 Modati L.P. School 545Modati
60585 Modati L.P. School 889Modati
612286 Borvita L.P. School667Borvita
621573 Silairpar L.P. School663Silairpar
63Shayamcharanerkuti Mv School 634Shayamcharanerkuti
64Shayamcharanerkuti Mv School 545Shayamcharanerkuti
6533Mohandag Lp SchoolN.A
661620 No. Darchuka L.P. School1089
672288 Shayamcharanerkuti L.P. School570Shayamcharanerkuti
68502 Khutabagra L.P. School1171Khutabagra
69592 Dalgram L.P. School 827Dalgram
70Alamganj M.E. School1024Alamganj
71506 Debitola Jb School 983Debitola
721368 Jangipara L.P. School535Jangipara
73506 Debitola Jb School 329Debitola
741393 Hatibandha L.P. School791Hatibandha
752147 No. Bagulamari L.P. School658
761557 Chtalkati L.P. School1190Chtalkati
77Alomganj Rangamati College 975Alomganj
781383 No. Baghmara L.P. School905
79Alomganj Rangamati College 928Alomganj
80Alomganj Rangamati College 989Alomganj
81246Kholamara L.P.School694Kholamara
821513 Pathanpara L.P. School649Pathanpara
83Geramari M.E. School1143Geramari
841876 No. Astamir Char L.P. School 644Astamir Char
851876 No. Astomirchar Lp School L734Astamir Char
86951 Boraibari L.P. School 1040Boraibari
87951 Boraibari L.P. School 915Boraibari
881783 No. Satereralga L.P. School549Satereralga
89623 Ghegeralga L.P. School973Ghegeralga
902399 No. Ghager Alga Ii Navojyoti Lp SchoolN.AGhager Alga
912458 Lalmohoneralga L.P. School324Lalmohoneralga
92228 Bashbari Gaon L.P. School 789Bashbari Gaon
93228 Bashbari Gaon L.P. School 821Bashbari Gaon
94384 Naowarchar L.P. School 788Naowarchar
95384 Naowarchar L.P. School 778Naowarchar
961314 Dampur L.P. School 557Dampur
971314 Dampur L.P. School 808Dampur
98Fakaruddin Memorial High School295Fakaruddin
9945 Geramari L.P. School 870Geramari
10045 Geramari L.P. School 836Geramari
1011684 No. Goalgaon L.P. School799Goalgaon
102Charaldanga Mv School 739Charaldanga
103Charaldanga Mv School 771Charaldanga
1042062 Fulkumari Moktab L.P. School1039Fulkumari Moktab
1052265 Sajuarkuti L.P. School1002Sajuarkuti
10610 Chapgarh L.P. School 906Chapgarh
10710 Chapgarh L.P. School 917Chapgarh
108Khudimari M.V. School 1119Khudimari
109Khudimari M.V. School 1203Khudimari
110972Hariarkuti L.P. School631Hariarkuti
1111949 No. Bhelakoba L.P. School491Bhelakoba
1121925 Dumurdaha Ghasbari L.P. School1283Dumurdaha Ghasbari
113562 Dumurdaha L.P. School 1174Dumurdaha
114562 Dumurdaha L.P. School 345Dumurdaha
1152186 No. Gajendra Narayan L.P. School1138
116Balajan M.V. School668Balajan
117Balajan L.P. School 1004Balajan
11845Balajan L.P. School 802Balajan
119Balajan M.E. School737Balajan
120716 Baniamari L.P. School1001Baniamari
121190Gyanodoy Bidyalaya Baniamari938
122699 Uchita L.P. School960Uchita
123698 Dakhin Raipur L.P. School 1168Dakhin Raipur
124698 Dakhin Raipur L.P. School 426Dakhin Raipur
125Gaikhowa M.V. School 964Gaikhowa
126Gaikhowa Mv School 606Gaikhowa
127Srimanta Sankar Dev M.E. School426Srimanta Sankar Dev
12828 Gaikhowarkuti L.P. School743Gaikhowarkuti
1292063 No. Paschim Gaikhowa L.P. School1159Paschim Gaikhowa
1302437 No. New Nalia L.P. School928New Nalia
131496 No. Kedar L.P. School910Kedar
1322269 No New Dimakuri L.P. School568New Dimakuri
133707 No. Nalia L.P. School728Nalia
134Nalia M.E. School 297Nalia
135Nalia M.E. School 1004Nalia
136706 No. Nayabash Kedar L.P. School648Nayabash Kedar
137708 No. Bhogdanga L.P. School329Bhogdanga
1382279 No. Madhya Berbhangi L.P. School941Madhya Berbhangi
139153. Berbhangi L.P. School808Berbhangi
140705 Rowarkuti L.P. School853Rowarkuti
1412443 No. Pub Berbhangi L.P. School1026Berbhangi
142Berbhangi H.S. School958Berbhangi
143312 Kheksiali L.P. School 851Kheksiali
144312 Kheksiali L.P. School 958Kheksiali
145Dhepdhepi H.S. School 934Dhepdhepi
146Dhepdhepi Hs School 1203Dhepdhepi Hs School
147262 Kurirpar L.P. School 937Kurirpar
148262 Kurirpar L.P. School 934Kurirpar
149Dumurdaha M.V. School1132Dumurdaha
150Khaskhamar M.E. School 774Khaskhamar
1511538 Khaskhamar L.P. School782Khaskhamar
152Khaskhamar M.E. School 900Khaskhamar
153Molatikhamar L.P. School 1017Molatikhamar
154Molatikhamar L.P. School 1025Molatikhamar
155113 Beguntoli L.P. School 712Beguntoli
156113 Beguntoli L.P. School 771Beguntoli
157326 Geramari L.P. School 1009Geramari
158326 Geramari L.P. School 935Geramari
159402 Baghmara J.B. School941Baghmara
1601339 No. Dangirchar L.P. School1081Dangirchar
1612436 No. Jhaleralga Girls L.P. School934 Jhaleralga
162772 Jhaleralga L.P. School R614 Jhaleralga
163773 Jhaler Alga Lp School L573 Jhaleralga
164Asharikandi High School707Asharikandi
165Asharikandi M.E. School625Asharikandi
1661886 No. Dalsinger Alga Lp School741 Dalsinger Alga
1671783 No. Satereralga L.P. School458Satereralga
168756 Baguarpara L.P. School 581Baguarpara
1691875 Baguarpara L.P. School 614Baguarpara
170758 Baguarpara L.P. School L669Baguarpara
1711875 Baganpara Lp School L,N.ABaguarpara
172Matiabug M.E. School 693Matiabug
1731526 No. Charjogipara Lp School722Charjogipara
174Matiabug M.E. School 956Matiabug
1751475 Gauripur Girls L.P. School 832Gauripur
1761475 Gauripur Girls L.P. School 788Gauripur
177Gauripur P.C. Sangeet Bidyapith1018Gauripur
1782402 No Majibar Rahman Memorial L.P.School1189
179Dihidarpara M.V. School 911Dihidarpara
180Dihidarpara M.V. School 970Dihidarpara
181Gauripur Girls High School 1113Gauripur
182Gauripur Girls High School 1129Gauripur
183Gauripur Girls High School 1215Gauripur
184Gauripur Girls High School 972Gauripur
185Gauripur Public Library 1038Gauripur
186Gauripur Public Library 998Gauripur
187Gauripur P.C. Institution 1103Gauripur
188Gauripur Pc Institution 765Gauripur
189Gauripur Pc Institution 1078Gauripur
190Gauripur Pc Institution 812Gauripur
191677 Gauripur Town Jr. Basic School 1044Gauripur Town
192677 Gauripur Town Jr. Basic School 1003Gauripur Town
1931872 Bumirmarai L.P. School1126Bumirmarai
1942403 No Akbar Ali Tiamari L.P. School952Akbar Ali Tiamari

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