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Polling Booth in Gauhati West Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Gauhati West

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Gauhati West Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Majirgaon Krisnha Ram Memoriall.P. School 687Majirgaon
2Majirgaon Krisnha Ram Memoriall.P. School 1006Majirgaon
3Majirgaon Krisnha Ram Memoriall.P. School 509Majirgaon
4Majirgaon Krisnha Ram Memoriall.P. School 399Majirgaon
5Pachim Ram Charani High School 536?
6Pachim Ram Charani High School 396?
7Pachim Ram Charani High School 237?
8Agchia L.P. School 373Agchia
9Agchia L.P. School 376Agchia
10Agchia L.P. School 316Agchia
11Barjhar L.P. School789Barjhar
12Kahikuchi Samprasaran Prashikhan Kendra558?
13Kahikuchi Samprasaran Prashikhan Kendra417?
14Kahikuchi L.P. School 901Kahikuchi
15Kahikuchi L.P. School 426Kahikuchi
16Kahikuchi L.P. School 649Kahikuchi
17Airport Institute 1103?
18Airport Institute 978?
19Na Belguri L.P. School 826Na Belguri
20Na Belguri L.P. School 491Na Belguri
21Na Belguri L.P. School 539Na Belguri
22Na Belguri L.P. School 182Na Belguri
23Na Belguri M.E. School 663Na Belguri
24Na Belguri M.E. School 838Na Belguri
25Jube Patgaon L.P. School743Jube Patgaon
26Rajapani Chanda L.P. School 428Rajapani Chanda
27Rajapani Chanda L.P. School 448Rajapani Chanda
28Upardani M.E. School409Upardani
29Upardani M.E. School509Upardani
30Rangapara L.P. School 852Rangapara
31Rangapara L.P. School 364Rangapara
32Rangapara L.P. School 380Rangapara
33Rani L.P. School521Rani
34Rani L.P. School576Rani
35Jaluk Paham L.P. School (Amring)547Jaluk Paham
36Rangmali L.P. School510Rangmali
37Kachari Allibari L.P. School390Kachari Allibari
38Kachari Allibari L.P. School335Kachari Allibari
39Kachari Allibari L.P. School659Kachari Allibari
40Bikrampur Tatibama L.P. School 375Bikrampur Tatibama
41Bikrampur Tatibama L.P. School 485Bikrampur Tatibama
42Bikrampur Tatibama L.P. School 583Bikrampur Tatibama
43Sanpara Haropara High School 723Sanpara Haropara
44Ram Mohan Goswami Sishu Vidyalaya830?
45Sanpara Haropara High School 727Sanpara Haropara
46M.E.Dhipara L.P. School656Dhiphara
47Sikarhati Minor School 393?
48Sikarhati Minor School 424?
49Sikarhati Minor School 552?
50Sikarhati Minor School 676?
51Fhulguri L.P. School 497?
52Phulguri L.P. School 495Phulguri
53Phulguri L.P. School 522Phulguri
54Balapur L.P. School 1079Balapur
55Balapur L.P. School 494Balapur
56Balapur L.P. School 432Balapur
57Mairapur L.P. School 663Mairapur
58Mairapur L.P. School 695Mairapur
59Mairapur L.P. School 311Mairapur
60Nargaon Barbakra L.P. School 919Nargaon Barbakra
61Nargaon Barbakra L.P. School 219Nargaon Barbakra
62Ganapati L.P. School 602Ganapati
63Ganapati L.P. School 261Ganapati
64Challi L.P. School970Challi
65Muduki L.P. School1027Muduki
66Batibari L.P. School 459Batibari
67Umsur L.P. School 539Umsur
68Umsur L.P. School 350Umsur
69Baklapara L.P. School 496Baklapara
70Baklapara L.P. School 207Baklapara
71Garal Buniadi L.P.B School 551Garal Buniadi
72Garal Buniadi L.P.B School 562Garal Buniadi
73Garal Buniadi L.P.B School 702Garal Buniadi
74Garal Buniadi L.P.B School 526Garal Buniadi
75Bhattapara Kendukuchi L.P. School 919Bhattapara Kendukuchi
76Bhattapara Kendukuchi L.P. School 626Bhattapara Kendukuchi
77Azara Mv School 610Azara
78Azara Mv School 625Azara
79Azara Mv School 713Azara
80Azara Chandraprava High School 627Azara Chandraprava
81Azara Chandraprava High School 557Azara Chandraprava
82Azara Chandraprava High School 746Azara Chandraprava
83Azara Chandraprava High School 717Azara Chandraprava
84Rajdhar Bora High School 788Rajdhar Bora
85Rajdhar Bora High School 737Rajdhar Bora
86Chakardew L.P. School 768Chakardew
87Chakardew L.P. School784Chakardew
88Mirzapur Sishu Vidyalaya 955Mirzapur
89Mirzapur Sishu Vidyalaya 991Mirzapur
90Majuli L.P. School 808Majuli
91Majuli L.P. School 788Majuli
92Ram Charani Girls High School 777Ram Charani
93Ram Charani Girls High School 555Ram Charani
94Ram Charani Girls High School 657Ram Charani
95Jangarabari L.P. School 641Jangarabari
96Jangarabari L.P. School 546Jangarabari
97Jangarabari L.P. School 521Jangarabari
98Mainakhurung L.P. School 737Mainakhurung
99Mainakhurung L.P. School 389Mainakhurung
100Mainakhurung L.P. School 801Mainakhurung
101Garigaon Balak L.P. School 1176Garigaon Balak
102Garigaon Balak L.P. School 1185Garigaon Balak
103Garigaon Balak L.P. School 1303Garigaon Balak
104Dehan Garigaon Balak Muktab 812Dehan Garigaon Balak Muktab
105Dehan Garigaon Balak Muktab 692Dehan Garigaon Balak Muktab
106Garigaon Bezpara L.P. School 766Garigaon Bezpara
107Garigaon Bezpara L.P. School 1048Garigaon Bezpara
108Jalukbari Girl'S High School 1155Jalukbari
109Jalukbari Girl'S High School 974Jalukbari
110Sadilapur L.P. School 1081Sadilapur
111Sadilapur L.P. School 775Sadilapur
112Sundarbori L P School 883Sundarbori
113Jalukbari High School 663Jalukbari
114Sundarbori L P School 1150Sundarbori
115Sundarbori Me School697Sundarbori
116Assam Engineering College Area L.P. School 567Assa
117University Model School1400
118Bibekanand Vidyalaya999
119Don Bosco High School 923
120Don Bosco High School 1006
121Netaji Rely Vidyalaya 911
122Netaji Rely Vidyalaya 959
123Netaji Rely Vidyalaya 918
124Netaji Rely Vidyalaya 1004
125Tarun Ram Phukan Hindi School 1128
126Tarun Ram Phukan Hindi School 552
127Tarun Ram Phukan Hindi School 569
128Tarun Ram Phukan Hindi School 820
129Maligaon Rly. High School 1089Maligaon
130Adarsh Minor School 1116
131Adarsh Minor School 1208
132Adarsh Minor School 881
133Lokpriya Bordoloi M.E. School402Lokpriya Bordoloi
134Kamakhya Vidyapeeth 808
135Kamakhya Vidyapeeth 707
136Nilachal Vidyapeeth885Fatasil Hills
137Pragjyotish Collge 902Bharalumukh
138Pragjyotish Collge 1023Bharalumukh
139Pragjyotish Collge 1133Bharalumukh
140Pragjyotish Collge 1088Bharalumukh
141Sona Ram High School 932
142Sona Ram High School 879
143New Fatasil L.P. School 704New Fatasil
144New Fatasil L.P. School 626New Fatasil
145Harijan Hindi L.P. School 964Harijan Hindi
146Harijan Hindi L.P. School 801Harijan Hindi
147Natun Fatasil Town High School 1524Natun Fatasil Town
148Natun Fatasil Town High School 1138Natun Fatasil Town
149Natun Fatasil Town High School 786Natun Fatasil Town
150Natun Fatasil Town High School1126Natun Fatasil Town
151Dhirenpara L.P. School 924Dhirenpara
152Dhirenpara L.P. School 885Dhirenpara
153Dhirenpara L.P. School 1058Dhirenpara
154Gotanagar L.P. School 1208Gotanagar
155Nepali High School1143
156Nepali L P School1195Nepali
157Padumguri L.P. School958Padumguri
158Gotanagar L.P. School 1301Gotanagar
159Lokpriya Bordoloi Vidyalaya 570
160Lokpriya Bordoloi Vidyalaya 756
161Durga Sarubar L.P. School 892Durga Sarubar
162Durga Sarubar L.P. School 910Durga Sarubar
163Durga Sarubar L.P. School 1081Durga Sarubar
164Durga Sarubar L.P. School 873Durga Sarubar
165Angel'S Academy985Angel'S Academy
166Nilachal Vidyapeeth1410
167Tetelia M E School Righ939Tetelia
168Tetelia M E School 872Tetelia
169Pachim Boragaon L.P. School 1182Pachim Boragaon
170Pachim Boragaon L.P. School 1089Pachim Boragaon
171Pachim Boragaon L.P. School 1054Pachim Boragaon
172Pub Boragaon L.P. School 1439Pub Boragaon
173Pub Boragaon L.P. School1035Pub Boragaon
174Pub Boragaon L.P. School 1508Pub Boragaon
175Pub Boragaon L.P. School 1287Pub Boragaon
176Manpara Datal.P.Ara L.P. School 1144Manpara Data
177Fatasil Ganeshpara L.P. School896Fatasil Ganeshpara
178Manpara Datal.P.Ara L.P. School 873Manpara Data
179Manpara Datal.P.Ara L.P. School 1459Manpara Data
180Ganeshpara L.P. School 1129Ganeshpara
181Ganeshpara L.P. School 1153Ganeshpara
182Champawati High School 1355Champawati
183Champawati High School 1222Champawati
184Champawati High School 810Champawati
185Champawati High School West673Champawati
186Champawati High School 1149Champawati
187Ambari High School1111Ambari
188Jyotikuchi L.P. School 1393Jyotikuchi
189Jyotikuchi L.P. School1142Jyotikuchi
190Jyotikuchi L.P. School 669Jyotikuchi
191Jyotikuchi L P School 807Jyotikuchi
192Dakhingaon L.P. School 661Dakhingaon
193Don Bosco High School 829
194Dakhingaon L.P. School 1275Dakhingaon
195Dakhingaon L.P. School 1287Dakhingaon
196Sri Krishna Sewashram L.P. School 963
197Don Bosco High School795
198Don Bosco High School 525
199Sri Krishna Sewashram L.P. School 944
200Betkuchi L.P. School 985Betkuchi
201Betkuchi L.P. School 654Betkuchi
202Rg Barua College 878
203Rg Barua College 996
204Rg Barua College 508
205Rg Barua College 1380
206Dhirenpara Sishu Bidyalaya (B Medium) 989Dhirenpara
207Dhirenpara Sishu Bidyalaya (B Medium) 1054Dhirenpara
208Dhirenpara Sishu Bidyalaya 1217Dhirenpara
209Dhirenpara Sishu Bidyalaya 713Dhirenpara
210Ambari Sishu Vidyalaya 867Ambari
211Ambari Nabajyog L P School861Ambari
212Ambari Sishu Vidyalaya 713Ambari
213Ambari Nabajyog L.P. School708Ambari
214Rabindra Bidyaniketan M.E. School 817
215Rabindra Bidyaniketan M.E. School 1018
216Blue Mount Montessory School 829
217Blue Mount Montessory School 1021
218Netaji Subhash Vidyapeeth High School 1084
219Netaji Subhash Vidyapeeth L.P. School869
220Netaji Subhash Vidyapeeth High School 1150
221Netaji Subhash Vidyapeeth High School 1113
222South Point Montessory School 958
223South Point Montessory School 942
224South Point Visual & Performing Arts School1190
225South Point Montessory School 1067
226South Point Montessory School 1211
227Sabitri Bharali High School 932Sabitri Bharali
228Sabitri Bharali M.E. School1049Sabitri Bharali
229Sabitri Bharali High School 1207Sabitri Bharali
230Sabitri Bharali High School 1016Sabitri Bharali
231Sabitri Bharali High School 1002Sabitri Bharali
232Bibekananda L.P. School 1117Bibekananda
233Bibekananda L.P. School 1134Bibekananda
234Bibekananda L.P. School 1318Bibekananda
235Bibekananda M.E. School836Bibekananda
236Bibekananda L.P. School 991Bibekananda
237Udalbakra L.P. School 1160Udalbakra
238Udalbakra L.P. School 956Udalbakra
239Udalbakra L.P. School 1297Udalbakra
240Udalbakra L.P. School 1059Udalbakra
241Betkuchi High School 1195Betkuchi
242Betkuchi High School 913Betkuchi
243Betkuchi High School 776Betkuchi
244Betkuchi High School 862Betkuchi
245Santipur L.P. School 991Santipur
246Santipur L.P. School 954Santipur
247Santipur L.P. School 1208Santipur
248Kali Ram Barua Girls High School 672Kali Ram Barua
249Kali Ram Barua Girls High School 465Kali Ram Barua
250Haripriya Vidyapeeth 1032Haripriya
251Haripriya Vidyapeeth 1198Haripriya
252Haripriya Vidyapeeth 988Haripriya
253Haripriya Vidyapeeth 915Haripriya
254Badrinath M.E. School 639Badrinath
255Badrinath Me School 693Badrinath
256Pdsdd English School 853Pdsdd
257Chabipul L P School754Chabipul
258Pdsdd English School,867Pdsdd
259Pdsdd English School,998Pdsdd
260Pdsdd English School,861Pdsdd
261Machkhuwa Mazid L.P. School1029Machkhuwa Mazid
262Machkhuwa Mazid L.P. School598Machkhuwa Mazid
263Machkhuwa Minor School823Machkhuwa
264Machkhuwa Minor School901Machkhuwa
265Machkhuwa Minor School634Machkhuwa
266Machkhuwa Minor School724Machkhuwa
267Bishnupur Bidyaniketan High School 860Bishnupur
268Bishnupur Bidyaniketan High School 897Bishnupur
269Bishnupur Bidyaniketan High School 915Bishnupur
270Bishnupur Bidyaniketan M.E. School 1184Bishnupur
271Arya Vidyapith Hs School 794
272Bishnupur Bidyaniketan M.E. School 892Bishnupur
273Arya Vidyapeeth Hs School 1014
274Arya Vidyapeeth Hs School 889
275Arya Vidyapeeth Hs School 633
276Kalapahar Bibekananda Vidya Mandir 1004Kalapahar
277Kalapahar Bibekananda Vidya Mandir 1010Kalapahar
278Kalapahar Bibekananda Vidya Mandir 1483Kalapahar
279Arya Vidyapeeth College 1224
280Arya Vidyapeeth College 849
281Arya Vidyapeeth College 848
282Arya Vidyapeeth College 780

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