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Polling Booth in Gauhati East Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Gauhati East

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Gauhati East Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Dakhin Guwahati High School702Dakhin Guwahati
2Dakhin Guwahati High School 700Dakhin Guwahati
3Dakhin Guwahati High School752Dakhin Guwahati
4Dakhin Guwahati High School 804Dakhin Guwahati
5Binova Nagar L.P School990Binova Nagar
6Binova Nagar L.P School 1135Binova Nagar
7Binova Nagar L.P. School 1331Binova Nagar
8Binova Nagar L.P. School 1001Binova Nagar
9Kahilipara High School 1142Kahilipara
10Kahilipara High School 899Kahilipara
11Narakasur High School 716Narakasur
12Narakasur High School 974Narakasur
13Udayachal L.P School826Udayachal
14Udayachal L.P School 796Udayachal
15Udayachal L.P School813Udayachal
16Udayachal L.P School 867Udayachal
17Udayachal M.E. School 940Udayachal
18Udayachal M.E. School 1048Udayachal
19Gopinath Nagar Biubari L.P. School1174Gopinath Nagar
20Gopinath Nagar Biubari L.P. School1007Gopinath Nagar
21Rupnagar Bidyapith High School813Rupnagar
22Rupnagar Bidyapith High School 744Rupnagar
23Rupnagar Bidyapith Highschool803Rupnagar
24Rupnagar Bidyapith Highschool 577Rupnagar
25Indrapur L.P School 580Indrapur
26Indrapur L.P School 590Indrapur
27Indrapur L.P School 376Indrapur
28Indrapur L.P School 901Indrapur
29Birubari Rupnagar M.E. School492Birubari Rupnagar
30Birubari Rupnagar M.E. School 1071Birubari Rupnagar
31Rupnagar Jr. Basic School1253Rupnagar
32Rupnagar Jr. Basic School1083Rupnagar
33Rupnagar Jr. Basic School1075Rupnagar
34Gopinath Nagar Birubari L.P School707Gopinath Nagar Birubari
35Goya Ram L.P School 639?
36Gopinath Nagar Birubari L.P School 747Gopinath Nagar Birubari
37Goya Ram L.P School 719?
38Srimantapur L.P. School 1064Srimantapur
39Srimantapur L.P. School 1234Srimantapur
40Narakasur L.P School 1125Narakasur
41Narakasur L.P School 953Narakasur
42Narakasur L.P School 1199Narakasur
43O/O Director Of Forensic Sciences,Kahilipara1166Kahilipara
44Narakasur L.P School 756Narakasur
45Narakasur High School 1114Narakasur
46Narakasur High School 788Narakasur
47Narakasur High School South647Narakasur
48O/O The I.W.T.C 734?
49O/O The I.W.T.C 948?
50Rupnagar Bidyapith M.E School1015Rupnagar
51Rupnagar Bidyapith M.E School 838Rupnagar
52Rupnagar Bidyapith M.E. School 790Rupnagar
53Rupnagar Bidyapith M.E. School East499Rupnagar
54Ulubari High School 915Ulubari
55Ulubari High School750Ulubari
56Ulubari High School 1049Ulubari
57Ulubari High School 833Ulubari
58Bani Kanta B.T.College883Bani Kanta
59Bani Kanta B.T.College 770Bani Kanta
60Banikanta B.T. College 1405Bani Kanta
61Banikanta B.T. College 1067Bani Kanta
62O/O The Director, Emp. & Cra. Trai. Centre 1109?
63O/O The Director, Emp. & Cra. Trai. Centre 653?
64O/O The Director, Emp. & Cra. Trai. Centre 659?
65Rihabari Arya Pathsala 1100?
66Rehabari Arya Pathsala906?
67Rehabari Arya Pathsala 683?
68Gurkha L.P. School 1121Gurkha
69Gurkha L.P. School 937Gurkha
70Gurkha L.P. School 1074Gurkha
71Chatribari Christian L.P. School 375Chatribari Christian
72Chatribari Christian L.P. School 658Chatribari Christian
73Chatribari Christian L.P. School 1141Chatribari Christian
74Chatribari Christian L.P. School Rihabari Arya Pathsala 1098?
75Sarkari Nagaria L.P School1284Sarkari Nagaria
76Sarkari Nagaria L.P School1345Sarkari Nagaria
77Sarkari Nagaria L.P.School1330Sarkari Nagaria
78Sarkari Nagaria L.P.School1386Sarkari Nagaria
79Agaala Bibah Bhawan 1091?
80Agaala Bibah Bhawan 1070?
81Panchayati Thakurbari Bibah Bhawan 527?
82Panchayati Thakurbari Bibah Bhawan 684?
83L.O.G. Hindi School 686?
84L.O.G. Hindi School 1297?
85L.O.G. Hindi School 712?
86L.O.G. Hindi School 723?
87Jain Saitanya Terapanthi Bhawan 915?
88Jain Saitanya Terapanthi Bhawan 947?
89Mahavir Bhavan 1172?
90Mahabir Bhaban 1318?
91Sri L.S. Dhanuka Girls School1027?
92Panbazar Girls High School N.APanbazar
93Panbazar Bengali L.P. School993Panbazar
94Sanghamitra L.P. School1249Sanghamitra
95Panbazar Adarsha L.P. School1308Panbazar
96O/O The Pwd, Fancy Bazar 466Fancy Bazar
97O/O The Pwd, Fancy Bazar 413Fancy Bazar
98L.I.C., Fancy Bazar678Fancy Bazar
99Cotton Collegiate H.S. School712?
100Panbazar Girls High School 739Panbazar
101Panbazar Girls High School 781Panbazar
102Bengali Balak High School1111?
103Assam Rly H S School789?
104Deshbhakta Tarun Ram Phukan Indoor Stadium Nehru Stadium 851Sarania Hills
105Deshbhakta Tarun Ram Phukan Indoor Stadium Nehru Stadium 813Sarania Hills
106Ulubari Muktab 1051Ulubari
107Ulubari Muktab 1198Ulubari
108Manipuribasti L.P. School 1572Manipuribasti
109Manipuribasti L.P School801Manipuribasti
110Manipuribasti L.P School 868Manipuribasti
111Parlveli English School 1026
112Parlveli English School 557?
113Rabindra Bhawan 1192?
114Rabindra Bhaban 429?
115Assam Textile Institute 1312?
116Assam Textile Institute 1327?
117Nehru Stadium Complex 715?
118Nehru Stadium Complex 646?
119Latasil L.P. School1374Latasil
120Bengali Girls High School1447?
121Uzan Bazar Sishu Bidyalaya631Uzan Bazar
122Uzan Bazar Sishu Bidyalaya 715Uzan Bazar
123Uzanbazar Sishu Bidyalaya 969Uzan Bazar
124Uzanbazar Girls M.E. School 762Uzan Bazar
125Uzanbazar Girls M.E. School 596Uzan Bazar
126Manik Ch. M.E. School915
127Uzan Bazar Ferry Ghat L.P School 904Uzan Bazar Ferry Ghat
128Uzan Bazar Ferry Ghat L.P School 754Uzan Bazar Ferry Ghat
129Hepivila L.P. School 1383Hepivila
130Hepivila L.P. School 1056Hepivila
131Kharghuli Sishu L.P. School 858Kharghuli
132Happy Vila L.P. School 540Happy Vila
133Kharghuli Sishu L.P School881Kharghuli
134Kharghuli Sishu L.P School 743Kharghuli
135Chenikuthi L.P. School 834Chenikuthi
136Chenikuthi L.P. School 1357Chenikuthi
137Kamrup Academy H.S. School 925Kamrup
138T.C. Girls H.S. School 967
139T.C. Girls H.S. School 1097?
140T.C. Girls H.S. School 1017?
141Kamrup Academy H.S. School 522Kamrup
142O/O The Chief Engr, Pwd 708?
143O/O The Chief Engr, Pwd 686?
144Gandhibasti Girls High School 961Gandhibasti
145Gandhibasti Girls High School 1180Gandhibasti
146B.Barooah College 843?
147B.Barooah College 716?
148B. Barua College 910?
149Lachit Nagar L.P School772Lachit Nagar
150Lachit Nagar L.P School 753Lachit Nagar
151Lachit Nagar L.P. School 838Lachit Nagar
152Dakhin Sarania L.P. School 819Dakhin Sarania
153Dakhin Sarania L.P. School 1018Dakhin Sarania
154Lalsing Academy Prathamik School1213?
155Lalsing Academy High School 1446?
156Lalsing Academy High School 1366?
157Puberun L.P. School1143Puberun
158Maharishi Vidya Mandir H S School 931?
159Maharishi Vidya Mandir Hs School 655?
160Maharishi Vidya Mandir Hs School 770?
161Jitendra Nath Memorial M.E School 1047?
162Nizarapar L.P. School 869Nizarapar
163Nizarapar L.P. School 639Nizarapar
164Sankardev L.P School 620Sankardev
165Sankardev L.P School 649Sankardev
166Baidik L.P School 851?
167Khadi Board, Assam1065?
168Assam Engineering Institute 837?
169Assam Engineering Institute 1247?
170Assam Engineering Institute 1188?
171Assam Engineering Institute 776?
172Rajgarh Girls High School 800?
173Rajgarh Girls High School 739?
174Icon Academy1135?
175Rajgarh Girls High School 574?
176Rajgarh Girls High School 543?
177Gandhi Nagar, M.E. School 856Gandhi Nagar
178Gandhi Nagar, M.E. School 927Gandhi Nagar
179Pubsarania L.P.School 1042Pubsarania
180Pubsarania L.P.School 789Pubsarania
181Dakhin Sarania L.P. School 806Dakhin Sarania
182Dakhin Sarania L.P. School 695Dakhin Sarania
183O/O/E.E.Phe.Bamunimaidan 971?
185O/O E.E,Phe Bamunimaidan967?
186O/O E.E. Phe Bamunimaidan, 923?
187Governm.E.Nt Press,Bamunimaidan876?
188Peoli Phukan Nagar L.P. School 1248Peoli Phukan Nagar
189Peoli Phukan Nagar L.P. School 570Peoli Phukan Nagar
190O/O The Exe. Engr, Pwd (City Iii) Ghy 1004?
191O/O The Executive Engineer,Pwd(Cityiii),Ghy 621?
192O/O The Executive Engineer,Pwd(Cityiii),Ghy 774?
193Japorigog High School 1132Japorigog
194Japorigog High School 967Japorigog
195O/O The G.M.C, Zoo Road 739Zoo Road
196O/O The G.M.C, Zoo Road 766Zoo Road
197Hatigarh L.P. School 693Hatigarh
198Gita Nagar High School 664Gita Nagar
199Geeta Nagar High School 702Geeta Nagar
200Geeta Nagar High School 485Geeta Nagar
201Hatigarh L.P. School 658Hatigarh
202Geeta Nagar High School East586Geeta Nagar
203Hatigarh L.P School 1109Hatigarh
204Geetanagar M.E. School 825Geeta Nagar
205Geetanagar M.E. School 1144Geeta Nagar
206Director, Soil Conservation Det. Guwahati 1119?
207Director, Soil Conservation Det. Guwahati 707?
208Director Soil Conservation Department Guwahati West583Guwahati West
209Director, Soil Conservation Det. Guwahati 1218?
210Director, Soil Conservation Det. Guwahati 1463?
211Dispur Govt Junior Basic School 767Dispur
212Dispur Govt Junior Basic School 753Dispur
213Dispur Adarsha L.P. School 803Dispur
214Dispur Adarsha L.P. School 772Dispur
215Dispur Adarsha L.P. School 715Dispur
216Dispur Adarsha L P School East656Dispur
217O/O The Directorhealth Services 621?
218O/O The Directorhealth Services 685?
219Assam Minority Dev. Board 611?
220Assam Minority Dev. Board 442?
221Sankardev Bidya Niketan 1100?
222Sankardev Bidya Niketan 1124?
223Sankardev Bidya Niketan 1123?
224Sankardev Bidya Niketan 1148?
225Aidc Office 742?
226Aidc Office ( M/W )916?
227Aidc Office ( L/W )1309?
228Assam State Housing Board 867?
229Assam State Housing Board East1058?
230Assam State Housing Board 827?
231Krishna Nagar L.P. School 602Krishna Nagar
232Japorigog M.E. School 669Japorigog
233Krishna Nagar L.P. School 787Krishna Nagar
234Japorigog M.E. School 893Japorigog
235Krishna Nagar L.P School 880Krishna Nagar
236Krishna Nagar L.P School 649Krishna Nagar
237O/O The Director Soil Conservation 837?
238O/O The Director Of Soil Conservation 894?
239O/O The Director Of Soil Conservation 784?

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