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Polling Booth in Duliajan Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Duliajan

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Duliajan Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Telpani Bangaon L.P. School678Telpani Bangaon
2Chaharikata Nadial L.P. School353Chaharikata Nadial
3Basmotia Te L.P. School 476Basmotia
410 No. Wilton L.P. School410Wilton
5Basmotia Te L.P. School 595Basmotia
6Dighalia Dhoria M.E. School516Dighalia Dhoria
7Dharia L.P. School603Dharia
8Hatiali L.P. School489Hatiali
9Dighalia L.P. School667Dighalia
10Dighaliahola L.P. School454Dighaliahola
11Bosapathar Te L.P. School835Bosapathar
12Wilton Te L.P. School1013Wilton
13Wilton Te Labour Club442Wilton
142 No. Rangamati L.P. School737Rangamati
15Potlungmora L.P. School (Centre No. 1)901Potlungmora
16Potlungmora L.P. School (Centre No. 2)574Potlungmora
17Chabua Te Labour Club455Chabua
18Chabua Te L.P. School318Chabua
19Rongchongi L.P. School458Rongchongi
20Sarupathar L.P. School888Sarupathar
21Kapauhuwa L.P. School756Kapauhuwa
22Habi Charaichungi L.P. School509Habi Charaichungi
23Lengrai Te L.P. School522Lengrai
24Lengrai Mv School849Lengrai
25Bagradia Te L.P. School 573Bagradia
26Bagrodia Te L.P. School 801Bagrodia
27Bhajoni L.P. School1194Bhajoni
28Khangia L.P. School1206Khangia
29Tengakhat Bazar L.P. School765Tengakhat Bazar
30Tengakhat Jr. Basic L.P. School727Tengakhat
31Chungipathar L.P. School532Chungipathar
32Bachmatia L.P. School (Centre No. 1)665Bachmatia
33Deobil L.P. School518Deobil
34Ghomtal L.P. School968Ghomtal
35Hatibandha L.P. School979Hatibandha
36Chakalia Pathar L.P. School756Chakalia Pathar
37Guyekhati L.P. School382Guyekhati
38Belbari High School 559Belbari
39Belbari High School 547Belbari
40Dihinghola M.E. School 953Dihinghola
41Dihinghola M.E. School 244Dihinghola
42Nabajyoti L.P. School318Nabajyoti
43Nakhangia L.P. School560Nakhangia
44Kapahuwa L.P. School786Kapahuwa
45Swariswati Devi Bagrodia High School 951Bagrodia
46Swariswati Devi Bagrodia High School 624Bagrodia
47Sukhlal Agaala Hindi L.P. School 787Sukhlal Agaala
48Sukhlal Agaala Hindi L.P. School 853Sukhlal Agaala
49Tengakhat H.S. School 695Tengakhat
50Tengakhat H.S. School 526Tengakhat
51Tengakhat High School453Tengakhat
52Murani Amguri L.P. School853Murani Amguri
53Lohali L.P. School686Lohali
54Nakari Mv School617Nakari
55Tipomia L.P. School552Tipomia
5642 Deogharia L.P. School807Deogharia
57Senchowa Mv School684Senchowa
58Bayanchuk L.P. School584Bayanchuk
5946 No. Bhekulajan L.P. School944Bhekulajan
60Tingrai Kathalguri L.P. School776Tingrai Kathalguri
61Tingrai Kathalguri L.P. School613Tingrai Kathalguri
62Tingrai Chariali L.P. School 849Tingrai Chariali
63Tingrai Chariali L.P. School 870Tingrai Chariali
64Jalakia Para L.P. School577Jalakia Para
65Jalakia Para L.P. School 792Jalakia Para
66Balijan Te L.P. School 463Balijan
67Balijan T.E. School 426Balijan
68Balijan Staff Club589Balijan
69Balijan M.E. School535Balijan
70Hugrijan Te L.P. School553Hugrijan
71Hoogrijan T.E. Staff Club534Hoogrijan
72Hugrijan Te L.P. School756Hugrijan
73Bolimora L.P. School 586Bolimora
74Bolimora L.P. School 434Bolimora
75Chiringkhat L.P. School851Chiringkhat
76Kachari Pathar Basic School577Kachari Pathar
77Kachari Pathar Basic School479Kachari Pathar
78Raja Ali T.E. L.P. School596Raja Ali T.E
79Raja Ali T.E. Staff Club514Raja Ali T.E
80Kheremia Basic School 711Kheremia
81Kheremia Basic School 564Kheremia
82Natun Borkheremia L.P. School919Natun Borkheremia
83Kathalguri M.E. School477Kathalguri
84Kathalguri High School648Kathalguri
8565 No Mohmari School 881Mohmari
8665 No Mohmari School 640Mohmari
87Chariali L.P. School804Chariali
8860 No. Merbil Majuli L.P. School544Merbil Majuli
89Duliajan College Centre No.1993Duliajan
90Duliajan College Centre No.1879Duliajan
91Tipling Ghat High School 881Tipling Ghat
92Tipling Ghat High School 918Tipling Ghat
93Tipling Ghat High School 874Tipling Ghat
94Tipling Ghat High School 873Tipling Ghat
95Duliajan College 959Duliajan
96Duliajan College Centre No.1925Duliajan
97Duliajan He School Centre No.1 1011Duliajan
98Oil India Hs School Centre No 1 797?
99Oil India Hs School Centre No 1 882?
100Oil India Hs School Centre No 2 809?
101Oil India Hs School Centre No 3 392?
102Oil India Hs School Centre No 1 1126?
103Oil India Hs School Centre No 2 1051?
104Oil India Hs School Centre No1 863?
105Duliajan Club No 1.780Duliajan
106Rastra Basha Vidyalaya 678?
107Rastra Bhasha Vidyalaya 651?
108Duliajan Club (Centre No. 2)641Duliajan
109Duliajan Club (Centre No.3)563Duliajan
110Madhya Jalani L.P. School953Madhya Jalani
111Madhya Jalani L.P. School1144Madhya Jalani
112Uttar Jalani L.P. School Centre No. 11158Uttar Jalani
113Uttar Jalani L.P. School Centre No. 1N.AUttar Jalani
114Uttar Jalani L.P. School Centre No. 1N.AUttar Jalani
115Pachim Jalani L.P. School Centre No.1816Pachim Jalani
116Pachim Jaloni L.P. School C. No.5685Pachim Jalani
117Pachim Jalani L.P. School Centre No.21216Pachim Jalani
118Pachim Jalani L.P. School Centre No.31131Pachim Jalani
119Pachim Jalani L.P. School Centre No.4908Pachim Jalani
120Duliajan Lalbahadur Shastri School645Duliajan
121Duliajan Lalbahadur Shastri M.V. School (Center No.1)528Duliajan
122Duliajan Lalbahadur Shastri School664Duliajan
123Duliajan Lalbahadur Shastri M.V. School(C. No.2)619Duliajan
124Lalbahadur Shastri Sishu Vidyalay South,664
125Lalbahadur Shastri Sishu Vidyalay North,671?
126Dirial Te L.P. School839Dirial Te
127Dirial Te Labour Club584Dirial Te
128Bijulibari Staff Club608Bijulibari
129Gojalbasti L.P. School584Gojalbasti
130Mahadeo Bari Te Lp School230Mahadeo Bari Te
131Madhubon T.E. L.P. School603Mahadeo Bari Te
132Jutulibari Te Labour Club Centre No.1 466Jutulibari
133Jutulibari T.E. L.P. School 394Jutulibari
134Jutulibari Te Lp School South,795Jutulibari
135Borhula L.P. School753Borhula
136Borguri Chah Janajati L.P. School500Borguri Chah Janajati
137Naohalia Gopinath Bordoloi High School 628?
138Naohalia Gopinath Bordoloi School 728?
139Saraswati Hindi Parthamik Vidyalaya412?
140Naoholia L.P. School713Naoholia
141Naoholia L.P. School 686Naoholia
142Naoholia L.P. School 557Naoholia
143Durganagar L.P. School665Durganagar
144Rastra Bhasha Hindi He School 650?
145Rastra Bhasha Hindi He School 618?
146Rastra Bhasha Hindi He School Centre No 1698?
147Rastra Bhasha Hindi He School Centre No 2760?
148Tipling Te L.P. School778Tipling Te
149Tipling Te Labour Club440Tipling Te
150Madhupur Tiniali L.P. School838Madhupur Tiniali
151Madhupur Tiniali Parthamik Vidyalaya 611Madhupur Tiniali
152Madhupur Tiniali Parthamik Vidyalaya 571Madhupur Tiniali
153Tipling Ghat High School436Tipling Ghat
154Bamun Gaon L.P. School756Bamun Gaon
155Bamun Gaon Bani Bidya Mandir L.P. School610Bamun Gaon
156Puroni Koiborta Gaon L.P. School 504Puroni Koiborta Gaon
157Polimangal L.P. School748Polimangal
158Basumati Mv School 531Basumati
159 Rangagorah L.P. School844Rangagorah
160Madhuting Gaon L.P. School991Madhuting Gaon
161Madhuting Gaon L.P. School835Madhuting Gaon
162Naohalia Hindi High School945Naohalia
163Bapuji L.P. School Centre No.1666?
164Jaloni Te L.P. School705Jaloni Te
165Bapuji L.P. School 669?
166Anandabari Te L.P. School806Anandabari
167Rangajan L.P. School873Rangajan
168Chichia Bakulani Mv School 507Chichia Bakulani
169Chichia Bakulani Mv School 504Chichia Bakulani
170Bakulani Hindi L.P. School Centre No.1.693Bakulani
171Bakulani Hindi L.P. School Centre No.3680Bakulani
172Bakulani Hindi L.P. School Centre No.2768Bakulani
173Padumani Buniyadi L.P. School 490Padumani Buniyadi
174Padumani Buniyadi L.P. School 686Padumani Buniyadi
175Rupaibam L.P. School829Rupaibam
176Rupaibam L.P. School786Rupaibam
177Santi Te L.P. School1004Santi Te
178Santi Te L.P. School492Santi Te
179Chepatoli L.P. School665Chepatoli
180Chepatoli L.P. School723Chepatoli
181Bhadoi M.E. School908Bhadoi
182Bhadoi M.E. School879Bhadoi
183Kathalguri L.P. School655Kathalguri
184Kathalguri L.P. School587Kathalguri
185Kathalguri Te Labour Club387Kathalguri
186Nagajan L.P. School702Nagajan
187Kathalguri Te Labour Club837Kathalguri

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