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Polling Booth in Dudhnai Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Dudhnai

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dudhnai Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Krishnai High Madrassa 977Krishnai
2Krishnai High Madrassa 894Krishnai
3Krishnai High Madrassa 1091Krishnai
4Krishnai High Madrassa 2984Krishnai
5Krishnai High School 987Krishnai
6Krishnai High School 916Krishnai
7Krishnai High School 639Krishnai
8Krishnai High School554Krishnai
9Habraghat College Krishnai938Krishnai
10Habraghat College Krishnai 969Krishnai
11Habraghat College Krishnai 1811Krishnai
12Habraghat College2764Habraghat
13Krishnai Moktab842Krishnai
14Krishnai Moktab 981Krishnai
15Krishnai Moktab1083Krishnai
16Shiali L.P School 663Shiali
17Shiali Govt. J.B School 651Shiali
18Krishnai Girls High School 707Krishnai
19Krishnai Girls High School630Krishnai
20Krishnai Girls High School 1109Krishnai
21Dhaigaon M.E. School 1182Dhaigaon
22Dhaigaon M.E. School 909Dhaigaon
23Kailasastra L.P. School1007Kailasastra
24Balasara L.P. School740Balasara
25Karkachi Jb School 812Karkachi
26Karkachi Jb School 733Karkachi
27Muzkuri L.P. School265Muzkuri
28Majjakhali M.E. School1017Majjakhali
29Majjakhili High School798Majjakhili
30Shilorbori L.P. School968Shilorbori
31Upartola Sr. B. School 857Upartola
32Upartola Sr. B. School 607Upartola
33Tangabari L.P. School1162Tangabari
34Khara Sr. Basic School866Khara
35Khara Sr. Basic SchoolN.AKhara
36Khara Sr. Basic School (New Bhawan)801Khara
37Shialmari J.B. School 768Shialmari
38Shialmari Govt. J.B . School735Shialmari
39Mandalgram Rabhapara L.P. School1125Mandalgram Rabhapara
40Lela Baniyapara Govt. Basic School 803Lela Baniyapara
41Lela Baniyapara Govt. Basic School 781Lela Baniyapara
42Sal.P.Ara Sr. Basic School 681Sa L.P.Ara
43Sal.P.Ara Sr. Basic School 593Sa L.P.Ara
44Hirapara L.P. School 672Hirapara
45Hirapara L.P. School 667Hirapara
46Guria Tilapara L.P. School 1086Guria Tilapara
47Guria Tilapara L.P. School 717Guria Tilapara
48Guria Tilapara L.P. School533Guria Tilapara
49Bheltarghat L.P. School1108Bheltarghat
50Dairang Madapara L.P. School1169Dairang Madapara
51Jira Mv School962Jira
52Puthimari M.E. School1128Puthimari
53Khardang L.P. School694Khardang
54Khardang Mv School555Khardang
55Khardang Mv School702Khardang
56Belpara L.P. School966Belpara
57Bamuni Panikhowa L.P. School750Bamuni Panikhowa
58Bamuni Panikhowa L.P. School696Bamuni Panikhowa
59Bherbheri L.P. School 770Bherbheri
60Bherbheri L.P. School 767Bherbheri
61Chenimari L.P. School 669Chenimari
62Chenimari L.P. School N.AChenimari
63Khamari L.P. School796Khamari
64Bishnu Rabha M.E. School1092Bishnu Rabha
65Hatimura L.P. School 667Hatimura
66Hatimura L.P. School 647Hatimura
67Bor Pathar L.P. School1183Bor Pathar
68Bandarshi L.P. School 494Bandarshi
69Bandarshi L.P. School 1044Bandarshi
70Rambuk L.P. School697Rambuk
71Rambuk L.P. School720Rambuk
72Bagulamari L.P. School 738Bagulamari
73Bagulamari L.P. School 753Bagulamari
74Habanggiri Jb School 913Habanggiri
75Habanggiri Jb School 841Habanggiri
76Nichan Gram Boys L.P. School776Nichan Gram
77Nokmakundi L.P. School699Nokmakundi
78Damra Jb School 771Damra
79Damra Jb School 890Damra
80Damra Jb School 1091Damra
81Sishu Bidyalaya Dudhnoi 803Sishu Bidyalaya Dudhnoi
82Sishu Bidyalaya Dudhnoi 750Sishu Bidyalaya Dudhnoi
83Balasara Jb School 1140Balasara
84Balasara Jb School 928Balasara
85Balasara Jb School 1129Balasara
86Dudhnoi High School 723Dudhnoi
87Dudhnoi High School 733Dudhnoi
88Dudhnoi High School 1931Dudhnoi
89Dudhnoi High School 21056Dudhnoi
90Chiluk Govt. J. B School 628Chiluk
91Chiluk Govt. J. B School 690Chiluk
92Purnibhita Jb School 687Purnibhita
93Purnibhita Jb School 642Purnibhita
94Darakhpara Jb School 1169Darakhpara
95Darakhpara Jb School 706Darakhpara
96Darakhpara Jb School 633Darakhpara
97Amjonga L.P. School 877Amjonga
98Amjonga L.P. School 792Amjonga
99Chuchiya L.P. School 667Chuchiya
100Chuchiya L.P. School 600Chuchiya
101Letkubari Govt.Jb School 984Letkubari
102Letkubari Govt.Jb School 651Letkubari
103Jakuwapara L.P. School 769Jakuwapara
104Jakuwapara L.P. School 882Jakuwapara
105Rowmari Jb School 660Rowmari
106Rowmari Jb School 908Rowmari
107Jaldhapara L.P. School 603Jaldhapara
108Jaldhapara L.P. School 797Jaldhapara
109Sardarpara L.P. School931Sardarpara
110Rangjuli Higher Secondary School 1168Rangjuli
111Rangjuli Higher Secondary School 883Rangjuli
112Patiarpara L.P. School802Patiarpara
113Daranggiri Higher Secondary School 888Daranggiri
114Daranggiri Higher Secondary School 885Daranggiri
115Kachadal L P School806Kachadal
116Tilapara L P School 712Tilapara
117Tilapara L P School 702Tilapara
118Sonalipathar M E School853Sonalipathar
119Kuchdhowapara M E School500Kuchdhowapara
120Kuchdhowapara M E SchoolN.AKuchdhowapara
121Deulguri L P School710Deulguri
122Chechapani M.E. School1171Chechapani
123Jiaguri L P School791Jiaguri
124Baguan L P School852Baguan
125Kothalmuri L P School1178Kothalmuri
126Barkheropara L P School751Barkheropara
127Barkheropara L P School 725Barkheropara
128Domnapara L P School 899Domnapara
129Domnapara L P School 561Domnapara
130Simlitola Deshbandhu L.P. School1028Simlitola Deshbandhu
131Simlitola L.P. School 720Simlitola
132Simlitola L.P. School 582Simlitola
133Kamarpota L.P. School 995Kamarpota
134Kamarpota L.P. School 1054Kamarpota
135Borpothar L.P. School 805Borpothar
136Barpathar Lp School 517Barpathar
137Tiplai High School 749Tiplai
138Tiplai High School1715Tiplai
139Tiplai High School 2996Tiplai
140Chitalmari Bongaon Anchalik M.E School.437Chitalmari Bongaon Anchalik
141Kuhiarbari L.P. School 688Kuhiarbari
142Kuhiarbari L.P. School 532Kuhiarbari
143Kahibari Mv School 749Kahibari
144Kahibari Mv School N.AKahibari
145Kahibari M V School 956Kahibari
146Kanyakuchi L.P School693Kanyakuchi
147Kankata L.P. School 979Kankata
148Kankata L.P. School 712Kankata
149Simlitola Tea Estate L P School985Simlitola
150Chanchali Para L P School 825Chanchali Para
151Chanchali Para L P School 644Chanchali Para
152Pandit Para L.P. School936Pandit Para
153Madang L.P. School 1068Madang
154Madang L.P. School 889Madang
155Dhanubhanga L.P. School842Dhanubhanga
156Dhanubhanga M.E. School1018Dhanubhanga
157Gathiyapara Mv School 762Gathiyapara
158Gathiyapara Mv School 701Gathiyapara
159Kothalmari Palsa Mv School 779Kothalmari Palsa
160Kothalmari Palsa Mv School 572Kothalmari Palsa
161Patpara M E School 729Patpara
162Patpara M E School 592Patpara
163Bangaon L P School918Bangaon
164Goruchatka M V School 820Goruchatka
165Goruchatka M V School 782Goruchatka
166Goruchatka M V School 1137Goruchatka
167Podupara M E Madrassa615Podupara
168Padupara Me Madrasa 523Padupara
169Podupara Anc Madrassa High. School 1006Podupara Anc
170Podupara Anc Madrassa High School 972Podupara Anc
171Ambari M.E. School528Ambari
172Chaplai J B School 686Chaplai
173Chaplai J B School 529Chaplai
174Chaplai J B School 740Chaplai
175Laudoba L.P. School 854Laudoba
176Laudoba L.P. School 800Laudoba
177Khutabari J B School 1108Khutabari
178Khutabari J B School 722Khutabari
179Bordol Medhibori L P School1189Bordol Medhibori
180Puthimari L P School 1113Puthimari
181Puthimari L P School 417Puthimari
182Dighali Mv School 562Dighali
183Dighali Mv School 684Dighali
184Dighali Mv School 601Dighali
185Jogipara J.B School1059Jogipara
186Chachibari L P School962Chachibari
187Khekapara M E School 754Khekapara
188Khekapara M E School 907Khekapara
189Kurhiamari L P School 856Kurhiamari
190Kurhiamari L P School 748Kurhiamari
191Kothakuthi L P School677Kothakuthi
192Kothakuthi L P School 538Kothakuthi
193Kothakuthi G P Office981Kothakuthi
194Dhupdhara High School 729Dhupdhara
195Dhupdhara High School 1710Dhupdhara
196Dhupdhara High School 2801Dhupdhara
197Dhupdhara High School 979Dhupdhara
198Salpara M.V School 841Salpara
199Sal.P.Ara M V School N.ASa L.P.Ara
200Ambuk M V School 651Ambuk
201Ambuk M V School 676Ambuk
202Chekauri L P School 707Chekauri
203Chekauri L P School 680Chekauri
204Athiabari M E School 329Athiabari
205Athiabari M E School 1139Athiabari
206Khecherapara L P School689Khecherapara

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