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Polling Booth in Dispur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Dispur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dispur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1New Guwahati Rly. Colony High School 943New Guwahati Rly. Colony
2New Guwahati Rly. Colony High School 641New Guwahati Rly. Colony
3New Guwahati Rly. Colony High School 677New Guwahati Rly. Colony
4New Guwahati Adarsha High School 662New Guwahati
5New Guwahati Adarsha Sishu Bidyalaya 785New Guwahati
6New Guwahati Adarsha High School 814New Guwahati
7New Guwahati Adarsha Sishu Bidyalay 886New Guwahati
8New Guwahati Adarsha High School 774New Guwahati
9New Guwahati Adarsha Sisu Bidyalay L695New Guwahati
10Guwahati College 537
11Guwahati College 836
12Noonmati L.P. School 379Noonmati
13Noonmati L.P. School 602Noonmati
14Noonmati High School 845Noonmati
15Noonmati High School 931Noonmati
16Pub Ghy High School 1106
17Pub Ghy High School 1170
18Pub Guwahati High School 753
19Kenduguri L.P. School 890Kenduguri
20Aseb High School, Narengi876Narengi
21Kenduguri L.P. School 1092Kenduguri
22Keduguri L.P. School 743Kenduguri
23Keduguri L.P. School 1182Kenduguri
24Guwahati Oil Refinery Staff Institute Sec. Ii819
25Guwahati Oil Refinery Staff Institute Sec. Ii713
26Guwahati Oil Refinery Staff Institute Sec. Ii696
27Guwahati Oil Refinery High School 791
28Guwahati Oil Refinery L.P. School798
29Guwahati Oil Refinery High School 1309
30Guwahati Oil Refinery High School 1387
31Pub Ghy. Nizarapara L.P. School 1367Nizarapara
32Pub Ghy. Nizarapara L.P. School 987Nizarapara
33Pub Guwahati Nizarapar L.P. School 1063Guwahati Nizarapar
34Pub Guwahati Nizarapar L.P. School 1278Guwahati Nizarapar
35Guwahati Oil Refinery High School 1294
36Guwahati Oil Refinery High School 1506
37Lalmati Hindi High School 841
38Lalmati Hindi High School 786
39Guwahati Oil Refinery Staff Institute, Sec.I 1148
40Guwahati Oil Refinery Staff Institute, Sec.I 1174
41Guwahati Oil Refinery Staff Institute, Sec.I 1313
42Guwahati Oil Refinery Staff Institute, Sec.I 1423
43Guwahati Oil Refinery Officers Club, Sec.Iii 1207
44Guwahati Oil Refinery Officers Club, Sec.Iii 1324
45Bonda L.P. School 1252Bonda
46Bonda L.P. School 1112Bonda
47Bonda L.P. School 883Bonda
48Bonda L.P. School 1056Bonda
49Bonda M E School891Bonda
50Bonda Anchalik High School 875Bonda
51Bonda Anchalik High School 799Bonda
52Bonda Anchalik High School 314Bonda
53Bonda Anchalik High School 1279Bonda
54Narengi High School 1352Narengi
55Narengi L.P. School 1234Narengi
56Narengi L.P.School 1017Narengi
57Narengi High School 1250Narengi
58Narengi High School 1182Narengi
59Narengi High School 1395Narengi
60Birkuchi L.P. School 1011Birkuchi
61Birkuchi Hindi L.P. School1417Birkuchi
62Birkuchi L.P. School 1237Birkuchi
63Raghunath Choudhury High School 887
64Raghunath Choudhury High School 998
65No. 2 Mathagharia L.P. School 1227Mathagharia
66Bapuji L.P. School 1259
67No. 2 Mathgharia L.P. School 1344Mathagharia
68Bapuji L.P. School 1163
69Bapuji L.P. School 1263
70No. 2 Mathgharia L.P. School 1338Mathagharia
71Bapuji L.P. School 1513
72Narengi Aseb M.E. School673Narengi Aseb
73Nabanagar L P School1231Nabanagar
74Adarsha L P School1438
75Chief Engineer, Phe Office, Hengrabari 1114Hengrabari
76Chief Engineer, Phe Office, Hengrabari 1058Hengrabari
77Khadi Board Office, Hengrabari 1480Hengrabari
78No. 1 Hengrabari L.P. School 1171Hengrabari
79Anandaram Baruah L.P. School 1122Anandaram Baruah
80Anadaram Baruah L.P. School 1261Anadaram Baruah
81Directorate Of Health Services Hengrabari 1244Hengrabari
82No. 1 Hengrabari L.P. School 1400Hengrabari
83O/O The Chief Engineer, Phe,Hengrabari 1297Hengrabari
84Directorate Of Health Services, Hengrabari1175Hengrabari
85O/O The Chief Engineer, Phe,Hengrabari 1272Hengrabari
86No. 1 Hengrabari L.P. School 1176Hengrabari
87No. 1 Hengrabari L.P. School 1299Hengrabari
88Housing Board Office 866
89Housing Board Office 643
90Bandemataram Hindi L.P. School 787
91Bandemataram Hindi L.P. School 780
92Satgaon L.P. School 906
93Satgaon L.P. School East448
94Satgaon High School 1431
95Satgaon High School 683
96Satgaon L.P. School 1281
97Satgaon High School 1102
98Kushal Nagar Gyanoday L.P. School 1098Kushal Nagar
99Kushal Nagar Gyanoday L.P. School 1070Kushal Nagar
100Mathgharia Anchalik High School 1326Mathgharia
101Mathgharia Anchalik High School 1318Mathgharia
102Kushal Nagar Gyanoday L.P. School 1146Kushal Nagar
103New Guwahati Adarsha Sishu Vidyalaya 650New Guwahati
104Khanapara Jr. Basic School 1320Khanapara
105Khanapara Jr. Basic School 825Khanapara
106Khanapara L.P. School Veterimari Residence (Livestock)693Khanapara
107Janata Hindi L.P. School 956
108Janata Hindi L.P. School 691
109Janata Hindi L.P. School 1223
110Khanapara Jr. Basic School 1155Khanapara
111Khanapara Kendriya Vidyalaya 1170Khanapara
112Khanapara Kendriya Vidyalaya 1287Khanapara
113Khanapara Kendriya Vidyalaya 837Khanapara
114Khanapara Kendriya Vidyalaya N.AKhanapara
115Office Of The Director Of Sericulture Khanapara 639Khanapara
116Office Of The Director Of Sericulture Khanapara 707Khanapara
117Ganesh Nagar Sishu Vidyalaya 1029Ganesh Nagar
118Ganesh Nagar Sishu Vidyalaya 972Ganesh Nagar
119Ganesh Nagar Sishu Vidyalaya 667Ganesh Nagar
120Ganesh Nagar Sishu Vidyalaya 641Ganesh Nagar
121Ganesh Nagar High School1093Ganesh Nagar
122Ganesh Nagar Sishu Vidyalaya 748Ganesh Nagar
123Latakata L.P. School 667Latakata
124Maidam Bakrapara L.P. School 985Maidam Bakrapara
125Maidam Bakrapara L.P. School 980Maidam Bakrapara
126Maidam Bakrapara L.P. School 830Maidam Bakrapara
127Maidam Bidyapith 953
128Kainadhara L.P. School1034Kainadhara
129Maidam Bidyapith 883
130Bakrapara M.E. School935Bakrapara
131Patarkuchi L.P. School780Patarkuchi
132Patarkuchi L.P. School 641Patarkuchi
133Maidam Bidyapith 1022
134Maidam Bakrapara L.P. School 713Maidam Bakrapara
135Maidam Bakrapara L.P. School 815Maidam Bakrapara
136Ganesh Mandirhigh School 1240
137Ganesh Mandirhigh School 1132
138Ganesh Mandirhigh School 1077
139Baghorbori L.P. School 683Baghorbori
140Guwahati Accademy Junior College Panjabari 1120Panjabari
141Baghorbori L.P. School 1461Baghorbori
142Baghorbori L.P. School 1542Baghorbori
143Baghorbori High School 1525Baghorbori
144Baghorbori High School 1580Baghorbori
145Baghorbori High School 1464Baghorbori
146Baghorbori High School 1470Baghorbori
147Saraswati Hindi L.P. School 1358
148Guwahati Accademy Junior College 1481
149Baghorbori High School 1496Baghorbori
150Nandi Mikir L.P. School 1153
151Nandi Mikir L.P. School 1017
152Nandi Mikir L.P. School 1118
153Nandi Mikir L.P. School 1037
154Sijubari Hatigaon L.P. School 1504Sijubari Hatigaon
155Rajendra Narayan Deb. M.E. School 1316
156Sijubari Hatigaon L.P. School 1199Sijubari Hatigaon
157Hatigaon High School 1329Hatigaon
158Natbama Hemanta Barua High School 905Natbama Hemanta Barua
159Sijubari L.P. School 1371Sijubari
160Sijubari L.P. School 1007Sijubari
161Hatigaon High School 1558Hatigaon
162Natbama Hemanta Barua High School 1520Natbama Hemanta Barua
163Natbama Hemanta Barua High School 1735Natbama Hemanta Barua
164Barsajai High School 720Barsajai
165Narbam Lp School 748Narbam
166Barsajai High School 1131Barsajai
167Barsajai High School 1027Barsajai
168Barsajai High School 799Barsajai
169Narbam L.P. School1057Narbam
170Phaguna Rava High School 1216Phaguna Rava
171Barsajai Jatiya Vidyalaya 1222
172Barsajai Jatiya Vidyalaya 1055
173Rajendra Narayan Deb M.E. School 1146
174Phaguna Rava High School 984Phaguna Rava
175Phaguna Rava High School 1220Phaguna Rava
176Majipara L P School 1478Majipara
177Majipara L P School 724Majipara
178Majipara L P School 996Majipara
179Majipara L P School East725Majipara
180Beltola College 1262Beltola
181Beltola College East556Beltola
182Beltola College 1168Beltola
183Beltola College 1266Beltola
184Dakshin Beltola High School 1556Dakshin Beltola
185Dakshin Beltola High School 1126Dakshin Beltola
186Dakshin Beltola High School 1168Dakshin Beltola
187Dakshin Beltola High School 764Dakshin Beltola
188Dispur Govt. H.S. School1149Dispur
189Sarumotoria L.P. School 973Sarumotoria
190Sarumotoria L.P. School 926Sarumotoria
191Sarumotoria L.P. School 856Sarumotoria
192Gopal Boro H.S. School1279
193O/O The Ex. Engineer, Pwd(Magazine) 718
194O/O The Ex. Engineer, Pwd (Magazine) 1136
195Rajdhani L.P. School 474Hatigaon
196Rajdhani L.P. School 1364Hatigaon
197Rajdhani M.E. School 750
198Rajdhani M.E. School 765
199Rukminigaon Balika Vidyalaya 1015Rukminigaon
200Rukminigaon Balika Vidyalaya 900Rukminigaon
201Rukminigaon Balika Vidyalaya 1110Rukminigaon
202Rukminigaon Balika Vidyalaya 1148Rukminigaon
203Rajdhani L.P. School 998Hatigaon
204O/O The Transport Officer (Pool) 1089
205Rajdhani L.P. School 771Hatigaon
206O/O The Estate Officer, Pwd (B) 1038
207R. T. I. Office942
208Dakshingaon High School 1311Dakshingaon
209Dakshingaon High School 1096Dakshingaon
210Dakshingaon High School 919Dakshingaon
211Dakshingaon High School 1164Dakshingaon
212Ananda Academy390
213O/O The Transport Officer (Pool) 1238
214O/O The Estate Officer, Pwd (B) 883
215O/O The Estate Officer, Pwd (B) 878
216Diidhar Buragohain L.P. School 1109Diidhar Buragohain
217Diidhar Buragohain L.P. School 1088Diidhar Buragohain
218Directorate Of Economics & Statistics765
219Pani Khaity L.P. School 868Pani Khaity
220Pani Khaity L.P. School 947Pani Khaity
221Pani Khaity L.P. School 768Pani Khaity
222Chandrapur Jr. Basic School 960Chandrapur
223Chandrapur Jr. Basic School 966Chandrapur
224Chandrapur Jr. Basic School 931Chandrapur
225Chandrapur Joygopal M.E. School 865Chandrapur Joygopal
226Chandrapur High School 533Chandrapur
227Chandrapur Joygopal M.E. School 835Chandrapur Joygopal
228Chandrapur High School 961Chandrapur
229Chandrapur Joygopal M.E. School 904Chandrapur Joygopal
230Chandrapur Joygopal M.E. School 529Chandrapur Joygopal
231Panbari High School 778Panbari
232Panbari High School 393Panbari
233Digarupar L.P. School 1009Digarupar
234Digarupar L.P. School 837Digarupar
235Juboi L.P. School 481Juboi
236Juboi L.P. School 392Juboi
237Belguri L.P. School 318Belguri
238Karchia L.P. School 635Karchia
239Karchia L.P. School 678Karchia
240Belguri L.P. School 890Belguri
241Chenimur L.P. School 764Chenimur
242Chenimur L.P. School 582Chenimur
243Amching Jorabat Hindi L.P. School 761Amching Jorabat
244Amching Jorabat Hindi L.P. School 976Amching Jorabat
245Amching Jorabat Hindi L.P. School 867Amching Jorabat
246Amching Jorabat M.E. School 1075Amching Jorabat
247Amching Jorabat M.E. School 717Amching Jorabat
248Kamarkuchi Jr. Basic School 719Kamarkuchi
249Kamarkuchi Jr. Basic School 571Kamarkuchi
250Kamarkuchi High School1100Kamarkuchi
251Ambher L.P. School 1409Ambher
252Ambher L.P. School 636Ambher
253Ambher L.P. School 781Ambher
254Janata Hindi L.P. School 633Janata
255Janata Hindi L.P. School 475Janata
256Janata Hindi L.P. School 824Janata
257Am.E.Rigog Yuva Sangha957Am.E.Rigog
258Kamalajari L.P. School 589Kamalajari
259Kamalajari L.P. School 633Kamalajari
260Sonai L.P. School571Sonai
261Moupur L.P. School 315Moupur
262Moupur L.P. School 325Moupur
263Aperikula L.P. School267Aperikula
264Digaru Jr. Basic School 667Digaru
265Digaru Jr. Basic School 468Digaru
266Digaru Jr. Basic School 601Digaru
267Barkhat No. 1 L.P. School 959Barkhat
268Barkhat No. 1 L.P. School 1016Barkhat
269Sonapur Pathar L.P. School 783Sonapur Pathar
270Sonapur Pathar L.P. School 870Sonapur Pathar
271Sonapur High School 1046Sonapur
272Sonapur High School 1250Sonapur
273Sonapur High School 1107Sonapur
274Sonapur High School 821Sonapur
275Ural L.P. School 240Ural
276Ural L.P. School 744Ural
277Nartap M.E. School 640Nartap
278Nartap M.E. School 681Nartap
279Nartap L.P. School 761Nartap
280Nartap L.P. School 408Nartap
281Barkuchi L.P. School 369Barkuchi
282Barkuchi L.P. School 458Barkuchi
283Samatapathar M.E. School 665Samatapathar
284Samatapathar M.E. School 1045Samatapathar
285Samatapathar M.E. School 625Samatapathar
286Sonapur Govt. Jr. Basic School 1146Sonapur
287Sonapur Govt. Jr. Basic School 1005Sonapur
288Sonapur Govt. Jr. Basic School 1173Sonapur
289Barbila L.P. School 835Barbila
290Barbila L.P. School 673Barbila
291Amarapathar L.P. School 811Amarapathar
292Amarapathar L.P. School 522Amarapathar
293Hahara M.V. School 677Hahara
294Hahara M.V. School 543Hahara
295Hahara M.V. School 734Hahara
296Gumoria L.P. School 300Gumoria
297Gumoria L.P. School 964Gumoria
298Malibagan L.P. School 844Malibagan
299Malibagan L.P. School 798Malibagan
300Bogibari L.P. School1089Bogibari
301Rewa Maheswar High School 406Rewa Maheswar
302Rewa Maheswar High School 506Rewa Maheswar
303Teteliguri L.P. School 787Teteliguri
304Teteliguri L.P. School 588Teteliguri
305Rewa L.P. School830Rewa
306Tetelia Govt. Jr. Basic School 609Tetelia
307Tetelia Govt. Jr. Basic School 567Tetelia
308Lumsum L.P. School 365Lumsum
309Lumsum L.P. School 354Lumsum
310Chakanibari L.P. School359Chakanibari
311Bandargog L.P. School 350Bandargog
312Bandargog L.P. School 376Bandargog
313Barkasrang L.P. School 404Barkasrang
314Barkasrang M.E. School458Barkasrang
315Barkasrang L.P. School 466Barkasrang
316Janata Adarsha L.P. School 931Janata
317Janata Adarsha L.P. School 989Janata
318Maloibari High School 983Maloibari
319Maloibari High School 876Maloibari
320Pub Maloibari L.P School 766Pub Maloibari
321Pub Maloibari L.P. School 643Pub Maloibari
322Khaloibari L.P. School 622Khaloibari
323Khaloibari L.P. School 608Khaloibari
324Khaloibari L.P. School 877Khaloibari
325Khaloibari L.P. School 684Khaloibari
326Dharbam L.P. School 738Dharbam
327Satya Sai Balika Bidyaloi727Satya Sai Balika Bidyaloi
328Dharbam L.P. School 798Dharbam
329Khetri Adarsha L.P. School 1106Khetri
330Khetri Adarsha L.P. School 861Khetri
331Khetri High School 664Khetri
332Khetri High School 636Khetri
333Khetri High School 587Khetri
334Golap L.P. School 840Golap
335Helagog L.P. School832Helagog
336Golap L.P. School 730Golap
337Dimoria L.P. School 1064Dimoria
338Dimoria L.P. School 814Dimoria
339Dimoria L.P. School 782Dimoria
340Barapahar L.P. School 361Barapahar
341Barapahar L.P. School 1134Barapahar
342Barapahar L.P. School 538Barapahar
343Durung Pahar L.P. School 711Durung Pahar
344Durung Pahar L.P. School 475Durung Pahar
345Durung Pahar L.P. School 1104Durung Pahar
346Dimoria High School 563Dimoria
347Dimoria High School 542Dimoria
348Dimoria High School 628Dimoria
349Dimoria High School 625Dimoria
350Baruabari L.P. School658Baruabari
351Topatoli L.P. School 986Topatoli
352Topatoli L.P. School 838Topatoli
353Pub Dimoria L.P. School 1049Pub Dimoria
354Pub Dimoria L.P. School 786Pub Dimoria

Last Updated on April 02, 2020
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