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Polling Booth in Diphu Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Diphu

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Diphu Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Renughat L.P. School 574Renughat
2Renughat L.P. School 578Renughat
3Arlong Ati M.E. School502Arlong Ati
4Langlokso L.P. School493Langlokso
5Dhentaghat L.P. School947Dhentaghat
6Samelangso English Medium School 564Samelangso
7Samelangso English Medium School 571Samelangso
8Poisa Engti L.P. School858Poisa Engti
9Langhin Govt. M.E. School 483Langhin
10Langhin Govt. M.E. School 345Langhin
11Langhin Govt. M.E. School 774Langhin
12Bahbari L.P. School875Bahbari
13Langsomepi L.P. School 551Langsomepi
14Langsomepi L.P. School 613Langsomepi
15Jamuguri L.P. School 677Jamuguri
16Jamuguri L.P. School 736Jamuguri
17Gonesthan L.P. School813Gonesthan
18Goroimari L.P. School636Goroimari
19Langhin Pam Gaon High School 865Langhin Pam Gaon
20Langhin Pam Gaon High School 814Langhin Pam Gaon
21Amguri L.P. School 618Amguri
22Amguri L.P. School 444Amguri
23Dighali Majgaon L.P. School 558Dighali Majgaon
24Dighali Majgaon L.P. School 444Dighali Majgaon
25Dighali Majgaon L.P. School 762Dighali Majgaon
26Phelang Kro L.P. School878Phelang Kro
27Bonghomthari L.P. School366Bonghomthari
28Habe Kro Gaon L.P. School958Habe Kro Gaon
29Biswanath Pathar L.P. School913Biswanath Pathar
30Phuloni Circle Office 990Phuloni Circle Office
31Phuloni Circle Office 676Phuloni Circle Office
32Langherang L.P. School926Langherang
33Rong Nagar L.P. School828Rong Nagar
34Uddharjan Tisso Gaon L.P. School 563Uddharjan Tisso Gaon
35Uddharjan Tisso Gaon L.P. School 430Uddharjan Tisso Gaon
36Dighalpani L.P. School942Dighalpani
37Singnar Gaon Camp L.P. School351Singnar Gaon
38Lang Chitur L.P. School218Lang Chitur
39Siloni Longnit L.P. School 353Siloni Longnit
40Siloni Longnit L.P. School 469Siloni Longnit
41Tikoklangso L.P. School525Tikoklangso
42Thekerajan L.P. School282Thekerajan
43Langbirik L.P. School 537Langbirik
44Langbirik L.P. School 549Langbirik
45Langbirik L.P. School 753Langbirik
46Karkok M.E. School 516Karkok
47Karkok M.E. School 452Karkok
48Gorjoga L.P. School 596Gorjoga
49Gorjoga L.P. School 437Gorjoga
50Udali L.P. School 667Udali
51Udali L.P. School I,358Udali
52Mirdu Pathar L.P. School575Mirdu Pathar
53Teteliguri L.P. School 323Teteliguri
54Hidilangwe Longsongpathar L.P. School440Hidilangwe Longsongpathar
55Teteliguri L.P. School 252Teteliguri
56Bahoni Adarsha L.P. School 499Bahoni
57Bahoni Adarsha L.P. School 522Bahoni
58Bakaliaghat Assamese M.V. School 700Bakaliaghat Assamese
59Bakaliaghat Assamese M.V. School 666Bakaliaghat Assamese
60Bakaliaghat H.S. School 548Bakaliaghat
61Bakaliaghat H.S. School 724Bakaliaghat
62Bakaliaghat H.S. School 547Bakaliaghat
63Bakaliaghat Hindi School 520Bakaliaghat
64Bakaliaghat Hindi School 567Bakaliaghat
65Bakaliaghat Hindi School 774Bakaliaghat
66Bakaliaghat Hindi L.P. School870Bakaliaghat
67Udali L.P. School 752Udali
68Udali L.P. School Ii,431Udali
69Eragaon L.P. School 68Eragaon
70Mekbi Athoi English L.P. School975Mekbi Athoi
71Eragaon L.P. School 581Eragaon
72Sikarigate L.P. School 518Sikarigate
73Sikarigate L.P. School 468Sikarigate
74Langbungdingpi L.P. School650Langbungdingpi
75Bomrui L.P. School288Bomrui
76Barelong Tokbi L.P. School914Barelong Tokbi
77Hatipura L.P. School542Hatipura
78Nam Bakulia L.P. School792Nam Bakulia
79Pub Silputa L.P. School 382Pub Silputa
80Pub Silputa L.P. School 670Pub Silputa
81Beloguri L.P. School 642Beloguri
82Beloguri L.P. School 544Beloguri
83Rojapathar Hatidandi High School928Rojapathar Hatidandi
84Thongnokbe M.E. School 836Thongnokbe
85Thongnokbe M.E. School 621Thongnokbe
86Rojapathar L.P. School Mahguri ,510Rojapathar
87Rojapathar L.P. School Mahguri ,804Rojapathar
88Rojapathar Tiniali High School 652Rojapathar Tiniali
89Rojapathar Tiniali High School 379Rojapathar Tiniali
90Molej Basti L.P. School835Molej Basti
91Terang Gaon L.P. School 377Terang Gaon
92Terang Gaon L.P. School 691Terang Gaon
93Rojapathar Kakijan L.P. School 349Rojapathar Kakijan
94Rojapathar Kakijan L.P. School 882Rojapathar Kakijan
95Uttar Phonglokpet L.P. School692Uttar Phonglokpet
96Longsekjan L.P. School 278Longsekjan
97Taralangso L.P. School 709Taralangso
98Taralangso L.P. School 741Taralangso
99Longsekjan L.P. School 702Longsekjan
100Mohendijua High School713Mohendijua
101Julien L.P. School 173Julien
102Julien L.P. School 171Julien
103Julien M.E. School389Julien
104Taijol L.P. School 359Taijol
105Taijol L.P. School 230Taijol
106Longnit L.P. School 674Longnit
107Longnit L.P. School 462Longnit
108Lower Hapjan L.P. School501Lower Hapjan
109Borjan L.P. School753Borjan
110Mohendijua L.P. School 689Mohendijua
111Mohendijua L.P. School 848Mohendijua
112Amlokhi L.P. School333Amlokhi
113Upper Dikrong L.P. School 610Upper Dikrong
114Upper Dikrong L.P. School 617Upper Dikrong
115Rongbong Pathar L.P. School 820Rongbong Pathar
116Rongbong Pathar L.P. School 776Rongbong Pathar
117Phongronglangso L.P. School462Phongronglangso
118Langparpan L.P. School 704Langparpan
119Langparpan L.P. School 694Langparpan
120Sikari Hanse Gaon L.P. School 443Sikari Hanse Gaon
121Sikari Hanse Gaon L.P. School 603Sikari Hanse Gaon
122Disakedeba L.P. School647Disakedeba
123Manja Tini Ali L.P. School 546Manja Tini Ali
124Manja Tini Ali L.P. School I,770Manja Tini Ali
125Manja Tini Ali L.P. School 382Manja Tini Ali
126Manja Tini Ali L.P. School Ii,714Manja Tini Ali
127Manja Hindi L.P. School 886Manja
128Manja Hindi L.P. School 401Manja
129Kheroni L.P. School651Kheroni
130Chutianala L.P. School 471Chutianala
131Chutianala L.P. School 690Chutianala
132Ii No. Bithiphang L.P. School612Bithiphang
133Lower Dilaji L.P. School 546Lower Dilaji
134Diliaji Haimu L.P. School Iv Mile Dilaji,937Diliaji Haimu
135Klirdap M.E. School 870Klirdap
136Dikrenglangso L.P. School1012Dikrenglangso
137Lower Dilaji L.P. School 654Lower Dilaji
138Lower Dilaji L.P. School 928Lower Dilaji
139Klirdap M.E. School 766Klirdap
140Dilaji Kachari L.P. School 818Dilaji Kachari
141Dilaji Kachari L.P. School 719Dilaji Kachari
142Dilaji Kachari L.P. School 1064Dilaji Kachari
143Rongnihang L.P. School 821Rongnihang
144Rengbonghom H.S. School 1224Rengbonghom
145Rongnihang L.P. School 981Rongnihang
146Amolapatty L.P. School1123Amolapatty
147Rengbonghom H.S. School 787Rengbonghom
148Basic Training Center 1380
149Basic Training Center 905
150Diphu Govt. Girls High School 831Diphu
151Diphu Govt. Girls High School North501Diphu
152D.A.V. H.S. School 656
153D.A.V. H.S. School 486
154Diphu Govt. Boys H.S. School South714Diphu
155Diphu Govt. Girls High School 933Diphu
156Diphu Govt. Boys H.S. School920Diphu
157Rongkimi English Medium L.P. School 771Rongkimi
158Rongkimi English Medium L.P. School 620Rongkimi
159Rongkimi English Medium L.P. School 616Rongkimi
160Police Reserve L.P. School 335
161Police Reserve L.P. School 857
162Lorulangso L.P. School 726Lorulangso
163Lorulangso L.P. School I,641Lorulangso
164Lorulangso L.P. School 452Lorulangso
165Cheksolangso Govt. L.P. School1105Cheksolangso
166Langmili L.P. School993Langmili
167Diphu Town Basic School 670Diphu Town
168Diphu Town Basic School 1001Diphu Town
169Monteswari School669
170Rongkangthir L.P. School918Rongkangthir
171Binapani L.P. School 839Binapani
172Adarsha Hindi L.P. School679
173Binapani L.P. School 1048Binapani
174Dharamnala L.P. School 1282Dharamnala
175Dharamnala L.P. School 746Dharamnala
176Diphu Girls College 961Diphu
177Diphu Girls College 412Diphu
178Binapani High School 815Binapani
179Binapani High School 530Binapani
180Rongmili Serlongthu English School 743
181Rongmili Serlongthu English School 728
182Panbari L.P. School 854Panbari
183Panbari L.P. School 420Panbari
184Sitalabari L.P. School 916Sitalabari
185Sitalabari L.P. School 744Sitalabari
186Semson Sing Engti L.P. School762Semson Sing Engti
187Chandrasing Teron High School 1197Chandrasing.
188Chandrasing Teron High School 1188Chandrasing.
189Diphu Town L.P. School946Diphu Town
190Mijungdisa Dengja Teron L.P. School605Mijungdisa Dengja.
191Sirimlangso L.P. School133Sirimlangso
192Borlangpher L.P. School 571Borlangpher
193Borlangpher L.P. School 632Borlangpher
194Borlangpher L.P. School 586Borlangpher
195Borlangpher Tiniali L.P. School 748Borlangpher Tiniali
196Borlangpher Tiniali L.P. School 811Borlangpher Tiniali
197Arlongpharla L.P. School400Arlongpharla
198Hojaipur L.P. School 266Hojaipur
199Hojaipur L.P. School 738Hojaipur
200Hojaipur M.E. SchoolN.AHojaipur
201Khangar Bosti Forest Beat Office 456Khangar
202Khangar Bosti Forest Beat Office 167Khangar
203Longsoliet Assamese L.P. School540Longsoliet Assamese
204Englongkiri (Bura Tisso) L.P. School615Englongkiri (Bura Tisso)
205Sarthe Phangcho L.P. School 418Sarthe Phangcho
206Sarthe Phangcho L.P. School 314Sarthe Phangcho
207Thesojuri L.P. School896Thesojuri
208Inglongkiri L.P. School Hemari Kramsa617Inglongkiri
209Doldoli L.P. School 506Doldoli
210Doldoli L.P. School 455Doldoli
211Kothalbari L.P. School 650Kothalbari
212Kothalbari L.P. School I,443Kothalbari
213Kothalbari L.P. School 662Kothalbari
214Kothalbari L.P. School Ii,405Kothalbari
215Dhansiri L.P. School 444Dhansiri
216Dhansiri L.P. School I,637Dhansiri
217Dhansiri L.P. School 700Dhansiri
218Dhansiri L.P. School Ii,404Dhansiri
219Daujingphang High School 712Daujingphang
221Daujingphang High School 437Daujingphang
222Daujingphang L.P. School 383Daujingphang
223Daujingphang L.P. School 483Daujingphang
224Dhansiri English Medium M.E. School 394Dhansiri
225Dhansiri English Medium M.E. School 422Dhansiri
226Dhansiri Bengali Medium L.P. School798Dhansiri
227Rongapahar Siding L.P. School 658Rongapahar Siding
228Rongapahar Siding L.P. School I,460Rongapahar Siding
229Rongapahar Siding L.P. School 560Rongapahar Siding
230Rongapahar Siding L.P. School Ii,123Rongapahar Siding
231Rongapahar Siding M.E. School898Rongapahar Siding
232Upper Hapjan M.E. School646Upper Hapjan
233Longnit High School 33Longnit
234Raikom High School661Raikom
235Klimso M.E. School639Klimso
236Longnit High School 356Longnit
237Dungkeklangso L.P. School197Dungkeklangso
238Kongjuk Athoi L.P. School718Kongjuk Athoi
239Pub Silputa Rashtrabhasha M.E. School552
240I No. Bithiphang L.P. School 689Bithiphang
241I No. Bithiphang L.P. School 709Bithiphang
242Klurdung L.P. School 861Klurdung
243Klurdung L.P. School 428Klurdung
244Sirkangnep L.P. School481Sirkangnep
245Viii Kilo L.P. School Hemari Terang762Hemari

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