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Polling Booth in Digboi Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Digboi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Digboi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Borgaon L.P. School826Borgaon
2Babejia L.P. School369Babejia
3No.2 Purani Motapung L.P. School729Purani Motapung
4No.2 Purani Motapung L.P. School540Purani Motapung
5No. 4 Jagyakhowa L.P. School763Jagyakhowa
6Lechengka Gaon L.P. School879Lechengka Gaon
7Betjan Te L.P. School740Betjan.
8Betjan Te Staff Club803Betjan.
9Longswal Te Labour Club842Longswal.
10Hatijan T.E.L.P. School470Hatijan
11Borpothar L.P. School 639Borpothar
12Borpothar L.P. School 1124Borpothar
13Gopal Krishna.High School 921
14Gopal Krishna High School1009
15Gopal Krishna High School 1075
16Gopal Krishna High School923
17Makum Nimnno Buniadi Vidyalaya579
18Makum Raiay High School 755
19Makum Raiay High School692
20Makum Raiay High School 714
21Makum Raiay High School949
22Forest Guard Training School568
23Gangabishon Chowkhani Higher Secondery School 619
24Gangabishon Chowkhani Higher Secondery School 621
25Makum Hindi High School 683Makum
26Makum Hindi High School 564Makum
27Dighalsaku L.P. School 863Dighalsaku
28Dighalsaku L.P. School353Dighalsaku
29Hapjan Te Staff Club 794Hapjan.
30Hapjan Te Labour Club931Hapjan.
31Hapjan Te Staff Club 822Hapjan.
32Gangabari Te L.P. School882Gangabari.
33 Chota Hapjan Te L.P. School768Chota Hapjan.
34Anandabag Te L.P. School721Anandabag.
35 Balijan L.P. School.860Balijan
36Upar Mamoroni L.P. School773Upar Mamoroni
37Pachim Mamoroni L.P. School627Pachim Mamoroni
38Mamoroni Gaon L.P. School858Mamoroni Gaon
39Betoni Gaon L.P. School330Betoni Gaon
40Nahorchapori L.P. School629Nahorchapori
41Nahorchapori L.P. School 655Nahorchapori
42Kharjan High School729Kharjan
43Tingrai Bazar L.P. School1022Tingrai Bazar
44Sukanpukhuri L.P. School789Sukanpukhuri
45Tingrai M.E. School 1049Tingrai
46Tingrai M.E. School 809Tingrai
47Navodoya M.E. School757Navodoya
48No.1 Tokowani L.P. School911Tokowani
49Nazirating Nc L.P. School1028Nazirating Nc
50Raidang Gaon L.P. School555Raidang Gaon
51Panikhowa Gaon L.P. School517Panikhowa Gaon
522 No. Tokowani L.P. Sschool364 Tokowani
53Nahoroni Nc. Gaon L.P. School702Nahoroni Nc. Gaon
54Shantipur Gaon L.P. School621Shantipur Gaon
55Samdung Te Staff Club770Samdung.
56Samdung L.P. School Samdang Division517Samdung
57Samdung Te L.P. School743Samdung.
58Samdung Te Labour Club456Samdung.
59Bengenabari L.P. School643Bengenabari
60M.E.Saijan L.P. School 750Mesaijan
61M.E.Saijan L.P. School 403Mesaijan
62Mesaijan L.P. School 484Mesaijan
63Samdung M.E. School657Samdung
64Raidang Te L.P. School 946Raidang.
65Raidang Te L.P. School 716Raidang.
66Hanchara T.E. Church Line L.P. School724Hanchara
67Hanchara T.E .18 No Line L.P. School688Hanchara.
68Hanchara Te Union Club 556Hanchara.
69Hanchara Te Union Club 515Hanchara.
70Hanchara Te Union Club 895Hanchara.
71Raidang Hindi L.P. School648Raidang
72Raidang Hindi L.P. School 651Raidang
73Borhapjan High School 793Borhapjan
74Borhapjan High School 1074Borhapjan
75Borhapjan L.P. School710Borhapjan
76Pabhajan L.P. School456Pabhajan
77Bogapani Te Labour Club690Bogapani.
78Bagapani Gaon Panchayat Office418Bagapani Gaon
79Bogapani Te Staff Club 440Bogapani.
80Bogapani Te Staff Club 758Bogapani.
81Bogapani Te L.P. School (Assam M.E.Section)966Bogapani.
82Bogapani Te L.P. School (Hindi Section.)1240Bogapani.
83Hollong Habi Te L.P. School 743Hollong Habi.
84Hollong Habi Te L.P. School 931Hollong Habi.
85Borbil L.P. School1221Borbil
86Borbil Venture L.P. School 1116Borbil Venture
87Borbil Venture L.P. School 1224Borbil Venture
88Ramnagar Gaon L.P. School 970Ramnagar Gaon
89Ramnagar Gaon L.P. School 981Ramnagar Gaon
90Aoc Hs School Unit 1 1185Aoc
91Aoc Hs School Unit 1 481Aoc
92Rastriya Vidyalaya1052
93Vivekananda Vidyalaya 1129
94Vivekandnda Vidyalaya 780
95Valika Vidyamandir 738
96Vivekananda Vidyalaya 781
97Nava Vidyapith 771
98Nava Vidyapith 484
99Purbanchal High School 886
100Purbanchal High School 809
101Purbanchal High School 1252
102Soumar Vidyapith 691
103Soumar Vidyapith 546
104Janata Vidyalaya832
105Durgabari Vidyalaya1103Durgabari
106Bapapung L.P. School618Bapapung
107Bapapung L.P. School658Bapapung
108Bhimpathar M.E. School697Bhimpathar
109Dhekiajan Madhabdev L.P. School757Dhekiajan Madhabdev
110Janaki L.P. School351
111Panbari L.P. School755
112Digboi Wom.E.N'S College 656Digboi
113Digboi Women'S College 827Digboi
114Valika Vidyamandir284
115Valika Vidyamandir959
116Golden Jubilli Complex Aod Digboi 738Aod Digboi
117Golden Jubilli Complex Aod Digboi285Aod Digboi
118Golden Jubilli Complex Aod Digboi653Aod Digboi
119Golden Jubilli Complex Aod Digboi 422Aod Digboi
120A.O.D. Hs School.Unit3 607A.O.D.
121A.O.D. Hs School Unit3.532A.O.D.
122A.O.D. Hs School Unit3 636A.O.D.
123India Club731
124No.1 Golai L.P. School 797Golai
125No.1 Golai L.P. School790Golai
126No.1 Golai Hindi L.P. School 652Golai
127No.1 Golai Hindi L.P. School 537Golai
128No.2 Golai L.P. School952Golai
129No.4 Pawai L.P. School932Pawai
130Balijan L.P. School 771Balijan
131Balijan L.P. School 798Balijan
132Puberun L.P. School867Puberun
133Borjan L.P. School 731Borjan
134Borjan L.P. School 495Borjan
135Pawai Te Labour Club732Pawai.
136Pawai Te L.P. School 396Pawai.
137Pawai Te L.P. School 880Pawai.
138Pawai Te Staff Club645Pawai.
139Pawai Bongaon L.P. School960Pawai Bongaon
140 Agbandha Bangali Gaon L.P. School1144Agbandha Bangali Gaon

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