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Polling Booth in Dhubri Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Dhubri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dhubri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1574 Soulmari. L.P.SchoolN.ASoulmari.
2574Saulmari L.P.School N.ASaulmari
3Soulmari M.E. SchoolN.ASoulmari
41749Shrinath Harimandair L.P.SchoolN.AShrinath Harimandair
51749 Srinath Harimandir Lp School N.ASrinath Hari
648 Soulmari L.P. SchoolN.ASoulmari
7303Shimlakandi J.B.School N.AShimlakandi
81982 Hindurdair L.P.SchoolN.AHindurdair
9303Shimlakandi J.B.School N.AShimlakandi
10743Bani Bidya Mandir L.P.School N.A
11743Bani Bidya Mandir L.P. School N.A
12Madhya Madhusoulmari M.E.School N.A
13Madhya Madhusoulmari M.E. School N.A
14307Madhusoulmari L.P. School N.AMadhusoulmari
15307Madhusoulmari L.P. SchoolN.AMadhusoulmari
161782 Pubtiamari L.P.School ,N.APubtiamari
171782 Pubtiamari L.P.School ,N.APubtiamari
18M.U. High Madrassa. GauripurN.AGauripur
19Dhakintiamari M.E.School N.ADhakintiamari
20Dhakintiamari M.E.School N.ADhakintiamari
21Falimari M.E.School N.AFalimari
22Falimari M.E.School N.AFalimari
23Dhubirchar M.E. SchoolN.ADhubirchar
241710Dhubir Char L.P. School N.ADhubir Char
251710Dubair Char L.P. School N.ADubair Char
261863Punch Peer L.P. SchoolN.APunch Peer
27935Falimari L.P.School N.AFalimari
28935Falimari L.P.SchoolN.AFalimari
292141 River Block Majerchar L.P. SchoolN.ARiver Block Majerchar
30Majer Char M.E. MadrassaN.AMajer Char
312137 Kuntirchar L.P.SchoolN.AKuntirchar
322282 No. Nc River Block Majerchar Lp SchoolN.ANc River Block
33Mozahirul Ulum Islamia Madrassa N.AMozahirul Ulum Islamia
341384 No.Jhagrarpar L.P. SchoolN.AJhagrarpar
35Mozahirul Ulum Islamia Madrassa N.AMozahirul Ulum Islamia
361860 No. Tarini Kanta Girls L.P. SchoolN.ATarini Kanta
372360 Kukil Pathsala L.P. SchoolN.A
38Jhagrarpr M.V. School RN.AJhagrarpr
39Jhagrarpr M.V. SchoollN.AJhagrarpr
402292Sariat Memoriall.P. School N.ASariat
412292Sariat Memoriall.P. School N.ASariat
421217 Amervita L.P. SchoolN.AAmervita
431217 Amervita L.P.SchoolN.AAmervita
44370Adabari J.B.School N.AAdabari
45370 No. Adabari J.B.School N.AAdabari
46Adabari High School RN.AAdabari
472026 No. Adabari Girls L.P. SchoolN.AAdabari
48Adabari High School LN.AAdabari
49Kachuar Khash M.V. School N.AKachuar Khash
50Kachuar Khash M.V. School N.AKachuar Khash
512250 No. Sarkar Memorial L.P. School N.A
522250 No. Sarkar Memorial L.P. School N.A
531367 Pestirpar L.P.School N.APestirpar
541367 Pestirpar L.P.School N.APestirpar
551496 Raja Katlipat L.P. SchoolN.ARaja Katlipat
561496 Raja Katlipat L.P. SchoolN.ARaja Katlipat
571372 Dakshin Kismat Hasdaha L.P. School. N.ADakshin Kismat Hasdaha
581372 Dakshin Kismat Hasdaha L.P.School. N.ADakshin Kismat Hasdaha
59606Singimari L.P.SchoolN.ASingimari
60Singimari M.E. SchoolN.ASingimari
61Kismat Hasdaha High School N.AKismat Hasdaha
62Kismat Hasdaha High School N.AKismat Hasdaha
63Kismat Hasdaha M.V. SchoolN.AKismat Hasdaha
64Durahati M.V.School N.ADurahati
65Durahati M.V.School N.ADurahati
66Durahati High SchoolN.ADurahati
672024 Baladoba Girls L.P. School N.ABaladoba
682024 Baladoba Girls L.P. School N.ABaladoba
69Char Binnachara Simanta M.E.School. N.AChar Binnachara Simanta
70Char Binnachara Simanta M.E.School. N.AChar Binnachara Simanta
71Binnachara M.V.School N.ABinnachara
72Binnachara M.V.School N.ABinnachara
731444Satgharipara L.P. SchoolN.ASatgharipara
74Sahadat M.E.School.N.ASahadat
75Sahadat M.E.School. N.ASahadat
762082 Dubirpar L.P. SchoolN.ADubirpar
77Hadurhat Dharmasala H.S.School.N.AHadurhat Dharmasala
78Hadurhat Dharmasala H.S.SchoolN.AHadurhat Dharmasala
79Hudurhat Dharmasala H.S.SchoolN.AHadurhat Dharmasala
80Hudurhat Dharmasala H.S.SchoolN.AHadurhat Dharmasala
811607Dharmasala L.P.SchoolN.ADharmasala
822094 No. Dharmasala Prathomik MoktabN.ADharmasala
83Howrarpar Sr. Madrassa.N.AHowrarpar
84Howrarpar Sr. Madrassa N.AHowrarpar
85Howrarpar Sr. Madrassa.N.AHowrarpar
86Sonaram High SchoolN.ASonaram
87Sonaram High School.N.ASonaram
881180 No. Pengular Khash L.P. SchoolN.APengular Khash
89Motirchar M.E.School.N.AMotirchar
90Motirchar M.E.School.N.AMotirchar
91600 No. Girls L.P. SchoolN.A
922452 No. Polashkandi L.P. SchoolN.APolashkandi
93Maulana Bhashani M.E Madrassa.N.AMaulana Bhashani
94604 Daikhowapara Girls J.B.SchoolN.ADaikhowapara
952259Aironjongla Nabajyoti L.P.School N.AAironjongla Nabajyoti
962134 Poyest Aironjongla L.P.School N.APoyest Aironjongla
972134 Poyest Aironjongla L.P.SchoolN.APoyest Aironjongla
98Arfatunnesa Girls M.E MadrassaN.AArfatunnesa
992259 Aironjangla Nabajyoti L.P. School N.AAironjangla Nabajyoti
1002136Bagulamari Humayun L.P.School.N.ABagulamari Humayun
101Maulana Bhashani M.E Madrassa.N.AMaulana Bhashani
1021623 Attakipara L.P School.N.AAttakipara
1032454 Mofida Mamorial L.P SchoolN.A
1041316 No. Kalapakani Lp SchoolN.AKalapakani
1052083 Char Bhashani L.P School.N.A
1062083 Char Bhashani L.P School.N.AChar Bhashan
107461Khodar Char L.P.SchoolN.A
108261 Kalapakani Kaimbhasani L.P.School777
1092002Purani Gaon L.P.School.983Purani Gaon
1102002Purani Gaon L.P.School.890Purani Gaon
111377Gaspara L.P.School 868Gaspara
112377Gaspara L.P.School 879Gaspara
11319 No. Silghagri J B School633Silghagri
1142428 No. Char Ghewmari L.P. School1134Char Ghewmari
1151094Kumargati L.P.School1057Kumargati
116Patamari M.V.School858Patamari M.V.School
117458 Patamari Girls Lp SchoolN.APatamari
118605Sastarghat L.P.School372Sastarghat
1191226 No. Takimari Lp School535Takimari
120Bhogdahar M.E.Madrassa.711Bhogdahar
121Bhogdahar Me Madrassa L540Bhogdahar
122629 No. Dilgaltari Girls Lp School1068Dilgaltari
123Reserverchar M.E.School.645Reserverchar
1242003 No. Khapara Lp School564Khapara
1251155 Reserverchar L.P. SchoolN.AReserverchar
126Reserverchar M.E.School.904Reserverchar
127Adabari Gaon Panchayat Office1141Adabari Gaon
128503Chagal Chara Girls L.P. School1120Chagal Chara
129Chagal Chara Girls M.E.Madrassa945Chagal Chara
130128Bidyapara L.P.School.1155Bidyapara
131128Bidyapara L.P.School.885Bidyapara
132Dhubri Girls H.S.School.832Dhubri
133Dhubri Girls H.S.School.762Dhubri
134Dhubri Boys H.S. School.790Dhubri
135Dhubri Boys H.S. School.633Dhubri
136989Rastrabhasha Hindi L.P. School1282Rastrabhasha
1372423 Swahid Kanaklata Prathomik Bidyalaya615Swahid Kanaklata
138R.K. Basu Bangla Bidyapith.948
1392424 J.P. Agaala L.P. School752Agaala
140R.K. Basu Bangla Bidyapith.737
141R.K. Basu Bangla Bidyapith.711
142Sishu Pathsala H.S. School.891
143Sishu Pathsala H.S. School.739
144Jawahar Hindi High School.762
1451906 Mohanlal Dungarmal More Hindi L.P. School520Mohanlal Dungarmal Mor
146Dhubri Girls Academy.642Dhubri
147Dhubri Preursery School741Dhubri Preursery School
148Dhubri Municipal High School.839Dhubri Municipal
149Dhubri Municipal High School.693Dhubri Municipal
150922Dhubri Town L.P.School606Dhubri Town
151Bidyapara Boys M.E. Madrassa.1321Bidyapara
1521292 No. Bidyapara Boys Moktab1291Bidyapara
153678Dhubri L.P.School679Dhubri
154Dhubri Girls Academy 626Dhubri
155Bidyapara Girls M.E. Madrassa1012Bidyapara
1561308Bidyapara Balika Moqtab L.P. School.938Bidyapara
157Bidyapara Girls High School769Bidyapara
158Jawahar Hindi High School.848
159Jawahar Hindi High School.848
160738Mukul J.B.School.1054
161738Mukul J.B. School.730
1622456Jabed Ali Memorial L.P. School734
1631860 No. Binapani L.P. School1243Binapani
1642135 Samaj Kalyan Hindi L.P. School 831
1651999Umacharan Bani Bidyapith849Umacharan Bani
166213Samaj Kalyan Hindi L. P. School. 788
1671999Umacharan Bani Bidyapith.1177Umacharan Bani
168Kabi Rabindranath L.P. School.1163Kabi Rabindranath
169Kabi Rabindranath L.P. School.823Kabi Rabindranath
1701709Shanti Nagar L.P. School.698Shanti Nagar
1711862Shekerullah Memorial L.P. School.534
172741Ghoshpara Bidya Mandir J.B. School.1048Ghoshpara
173741Ghoshpara Bidya Mandir J.B. School.1091Ghoshpara
174B.N. College 758Bidyapara
175B.N.College 707Chilarai
1761089Mariom Memorial L.P. School1431
179Bidyapara H.S.School..1244
180Chilarai L.P. School852
181Bidyapara H.S.School.1082
182Bidyapara H.S. School..1280
183Vibekananda Bidyapith1137
184Vibekananda Bidyapith 755
185Vibekananda Bidyapith. Dhubri 666Dhubri
186Dev Nagari M.E.School1090Dev Nagari

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