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Polling Booth in Dhing Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Dhing

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dhing Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1No.1 Kandhulimari Muktab School 1070Kandhulimari
2No.1 Kandhulimari Balika Muktab School270Kandhulimari
3Sonseri Ruojyoti Muktab School789Sonseri Ruojyoti
4No.1 Kandhulimari Muktab School 738Kandhulimari
5No.2 Kandhulimari L.P.School 986Kandhulimari
6No.2 Kandhulimari L.P.School 1010Kandhulimari
7Kamalsuti Pachim New L.P. School268Kamalsuti Pachim New
8Khairamari L.P.School1202Khairamari
9Khairamari L.P.School206Khairamari
10Swaheed Muzammil Haque Muktab School1228
11Magurmari Muktab School 928Magurmari
12Magurmari Muktab School538Magurmari
13Borbil Kachari Bari L.P.School 900Borbil Kachari Bari
14Borbil Kachari Bari L.P.School 855Borbil Kachari Bari
15Auniati Balika School1198Auniati
16Muwamari Muktab School1120Muwamari
17Borbil Muwamari Muktab School374Borbil Muwamari
18Gayangaon L.P.School 1116Gayangaon
19Gayangaon L.P.School 1132Gayangaon
20Sutergaon Sati Radhika L.P.School926Sutergaon
21Sutergaon M.E.Madrassa633Sutergaon
2275 Lahkar L.P. School 1180Lahkar
2375 Lahkar L.P. School 965Lahkar
24Lahargaon Muktab School503Lahargaon
25Athgaon Chapari L.P.School315Athgaon Chapari
26Bilatiya L.P.School 1007Bilatiya
27Bilatiya L.P.School 697Bilatiya
28Dhing Girls High School 751Dhing
29Dhing Girls High School 439Dhing
30Athgaon Balak L.P.School 426Athgaon Balak
31Athgaon Balak L.P.School 327Athgaon Balak
32Niz Dhing L.P.School 818Niz Dhing
33Niz Dhing L.P.School 1131Niz Dhing
34Moirabari Dev. Block685Moirabari Dev
35Namdumdumia L.P.School 873Namdumdumia
36Namdumdumia L.P.School 977Namdumdumia
37Panbari Muktab School 742Panbari
38Panbari Muktab School 720Panbari
39Palashtali Muktab School 1228Palashtali
4092Ghurautha Muktab School 1017Ghurautha
4192Ghurautha Muktab School 945Ghurautha
42Sonarigaon Balak Muktab School 906Sonarigaon Balak
43Sonarigaon Balak Muktab School 1131Sonarigaon Balak
44Borbheti M.E.School 814Borbheti
45Borbheti M.E.School 842Borbheti
46Gerekani Muktab School 769Gerekani
47Gerekani Muktab School 696Gerekani
48Lalipathar Muktab School 1152Lalipathar
49Lalipathar Muktab School 1196Lalipathar
50Bechamari Alia Madrassa 893Bechamari Alia
51Bechamari Alia Madrassa 634Bechamari Alia
52Bechamari Alia Madrassa 870Bechamari Alia
53No. 2 Bechamari L.P. School 509Bechamari
54No. 2 Bechamari L.P. School 906Bechamari
55Dakhin Salmarabori Muktab School1254Dakhin Salmarabori
56Akarabori L.P.School916Akarabori
57Mairadhaj Muktab School 1225Mairadhaj
58Mairadhaj Muktab School 1107Mairadhaj
59Baralimari M.E.School 1369Baralimari
60Baralimari M.E.School 678Baralimari
61 Puthimari L.P.School 850Puthimari
62 Puthimari L.P.School 787Puthimari
63Uttar M.E.Leka Muktub School1297Uttar M.E.Leka Muktub
64Abdur Khalek M,E,Madrassa1175Abdur Khalek
65Sonaibera L.P.School 932Sonaibera
66Batamari Islamia Muktab School763Batamari Islamia
67Pubsonaibera L.P. School1120Pubsonaibera
68Pub Dhing Gaon L.P.School1131Dhing Gaon
69Paramai Bheti Madrassa 1065Paramai Bheti
70Paramai Bheti Madrassa 944Paramai Bheti
71Kandhulimari Sirajia Hs School 715Kandhulimari Sirajia
72Kandhulimari Sirajia Hs School 702Kandhulimari Sirajia
73Garaimari L.P. School932Garaimari
74Garaimari L.P. School422Garaimari
75Jamuguri M.E.School 814Jamuguri
76Jamuguri M.E.School 800Jamuguri
77Pub Jamuguri L.P.School802Jamuguri
78Jamuguri Girls M.E. School569Jamuguri
792 No. Simaluati L.P. School 1156Simaluati
802 No. Simaluati L.P. School 867Simaluati
81Arabari M.E.School1220Arabari
82Dagaon L.P. School 780Dagaon
83No.2 Dhing Gaon L.P.School1142Dhing Gaon
84Kandhulimari Sirajia Hs School 934Kandhulimari Sirajia
85Furhani Ati Muktab School912Furhani Ati
86Furhani Ati Muktab School 945Furhani Ati
87Pub Mukunda Ati J.B.School 745Pub Mukunda Ati
88Pub Mukunda Ati J.B.School811Pub Mukunda Ati
89Pub Mukunda Ati J.B.School 860Pub Mukunda Ati
90Puthimari L.P.School 820Puthimari
91Puthimari L.P.School 759Puthimari
92310 No. Patia Chapari Muktab School 804Patia Chapari
93310 No. Patia Chapari Muktab School 919Patia Chapari
94Patia Pathar J.B.School1122Patia Pathar
95490 No. Roumari Muktab School862Roumari
96490 No. Roumari Muktab School986Roumari
97Zengani Koladoba M.E. School 901Zengani Koladoba
98Zengani Koladoba M.E. School825Zengani Koladoba
99Zengani Koladoba M.E. School 800Zengani Koladoba
100 Langia Muktab School 701Langia
101 Langia Muktab School 740Langia
102Zengani L.P.School 821Zengani
103Zengani L.P.School 1096Zengani
104Dakhin Kaladuba L.P. School1026Dakhin Kaladuba
105Balikatia M.E.School 1090Balikatia
106Balikatia M.E.School 1106Balikatia
107Pubkaladuba L.P. School 769Pubkaladuba
108Pubkaladuba L.P. School 756Pubkaladuba
109Alitangani Hs School 1332Alitangani
110Alitangani Hs School 752Alitangani
111Sal.P.Ara Muktab School 820Sal.P.Ara
112Sal.P.Ara Muktab School 755Sal.P.Ara
113Saru Radhaati L.P.School 770Saru Radhaati
114Saru Radhaati L.P.School 809Saru Radhaati
115Undhan Tula Muktab School 837Undhan Tula
116Undhan Tula Muktab School 660Undhan Tula
117Jaramari J.B.K.M.E. Madrassa 976Jaramari
118Jaramari J.B.K.M.E. Madrassa 806Jaramari
119Jaramari J.B. School1261Jaramari
120Goria Kawaimari Muktab School1185
121Batamari M,E, Madrassa687Batamari
122Batamari Islamia Muktab School 786Batamari
123Batamari Islamia Muktab School 754Batamari
124Hatimuria Balak J. B. School 838Hatimuria Balak
125Hatimuria Balak J. B. School 1154Hatimuria Balak
126Hatimuria Colony L.P.School 838Hatimuria Colony
127Hatimuria Colony L.P. School1001Hatimuria Colony
128Moirabari Darun Ulema School Tatikata Pather 889Tatikata Pather
129Moirabari Darululema School 842Moirabari Darululema
130Moirabari Hindi L.P. School1175Moirabari
131Moirabari M.E.M944Moirabari
132Moirabari M.E. Madrassa503Moirabari
133Moirabari Balak J.B.School 958Moirabari Balak
134Moirabari Hindi L.P. School 546Moirabari
135Moirabari Balak J.B.School 653Moirabari Balak
136Moirabari Hindi M.E. School867Moirabari
137Tatikata Pathar J.B.School1194Tatikata Pathar
138Moirabari M.E. School 1047Moirabari
139Moirabari M.E. School 1024Moirabari
140Moirabari High School980Moirabari
141Barchapari J.B. School 1207Barchapari
142Barchapari J.B. School 1220Barchapari
143Bheleuguri L.P. School925Bheleuguri
144Leruamukh M.E.M1018Leruamukh
145Leruamukh J.B. School602Leruamukh
146Madarguri L.P. School874Madarguri
147Bhajaikhaiti M.E. School719Bhajaikhaiti
148Barchapari M.E.M960Barchapari
149Sagunbhi Girls L.P.School1389Sagunbhi
150Sagunbhi L.P.School762Sagunbhi
151Chaharia Gaon Senioe Madrassa964Chaharia Gaon
152No.2 Chaharia Gaon L.P.School 884Chaharia Gaon
153No.2 Chaharia Gaon L.P.School 790Chaharia Gaon
154Chahariapam Majalia School 798Chahariapam Majalia
155Chahariapam Majalia School 789Chahariapam Majalia
156Socotabori J.B.School1326Socotabori
157Pachim Lengeribori L.P. School1089Pachim Lengeribori
158Luchonabori J.B.School 730Luchonabori
159Luchonabori J.B.School 768Luchonabori
160Luchonabari M.V.School 908Luchonabari
161Luchonabari M.V.School 836Luchonabari
162Bahalmukh M.E.Madrassa1138Bahalmukh
163Belbori Majalia School 486
164Belbori Majalia School 1018
165Gonaibori J.B.School1312Gonaibori
166Durabandhi J.B.School 1132Durabandhi
167Durabandhi J.B.School 1008Durabandhi
168Goriabori J.B. School 885Goriabori
169Goriabori J.B. School 918Goriabori
170Barthal Kachari Gaon J.B.School 1266Barthal Kachari Gaon
171Barthal Kachari Gaon J.B.School 805Barthal Kachari Gaon
172Barthal Kachari Gaon J.B.School 699Barthal Kachari Gaon
173Barthal Doloi Gaon Hs School 1248Barthal Doloi Gaon
174Barthal Doloi Gaon Hs School 1133Barthal Doloi Gaon
175Bhajaikhaiti Pathar L.P. School 539Bhajaikhaiti Pathar
176176 Bhajaikhaiti Pathar L.P.School West860Bhajaikhaiti Pathar
177177 Modarguri L.P.School 593Modarguri
178178 Pub Ulubari L.P. School792Ulubari
179179 Ulubari L.P.School834Ulubari
180180 Salmari J.B.School 686Salmari
181181 Solmari J.B.School 600Solmari
182Hahcharagaon L.P.School 967Hahcharagaon
183Hahcharagaon L.P.School 866Hahcharagaon
184Hahcharagaon L.P.School1210Hahcharagaon
185Hugaltolipam L.P.School905Hugaltolipam
186Datialbori English School886Datialbori English School
187Pachim Datialbori L.P.School1012Pachim Datialbori
188Datialbori High Madrassa 667Datialbori High
189Datialbori High Madrassa 717Datialbori High
190Narasinghabori L.P.School 937Narasinghabori
191Narasinghabori L.P.School 880Narasinghabori
192Borbori Parthamik Vidyalaya 1004Borbori
193Borbori Parthamik Vidyalaya 887Borbori
194Borbori Parthamik Vidyalaya 915Borbori

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