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Polling Booth in Dhemaji Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Dhemaji

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dhemaji Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Suwansiri Forest Beat Office884Suwansiri
2Salakhbari High School675Salakhbari
3Uriamguri L.P. School891Uriamguri
4Kathalguri L.P. School628Kathalguri
5Mingmang Kamala Miri L.P. School684Mingmang Kamala Miri
6Ghasigaon L.P. School677Ghasigaon
7Mingmang Badatipur L.P. School784Mingmang Badatipur
8Nalbari High School833Nalbari
9Nalbari High School529Nalbari
10Mingmang Tarajan L.P. School774Mingmang Tarajan
11Panbari L.P. School852Panbari
12Bapuji L.P. School585Bapuji
13Bapuji Majgaon L.P. School614Bapuji Majgaon
14Damati Sonapur L.P. School793Damati Sonapur
15No1 Sonapur L.P. School793Sonapur
16Mingmang Janajati High School692Mingmang Janajati
17Mingmang Janajati High School713Mingmang Janajati
18Dirpai L.P. School633Dirpai
19Maharicamp L.P. School482Maharicamp
20Mingmang L.P. School774Mingmang
21Panchmail Khuti Nepali L.P. School 718Panchmail Khuti Nepali
22Panchmail Khuti Nepali L.P. School 565Panchmail Khuti Nepali
23Okhamati Mv School832Okhamati
24Okhamati Mv School 565Okhamati
25Dakhin Nalbari L.P. School594Dakhin Nalbari
26Dharmapur L.P. School782Dharmapur
27Joyrampur L.P. School 739Joyrampur
28Joyrampur L.P. School 572Joyrampur
29Barbhuyan L.P. School911Barbhuyan
30Salmari L.P. School930Salmari
31Boijoyantipur M.E. School729Boijoyantipur
32Madhya Mingmang High School956Madhya Mingmang
33Kachutoli L.P. School774Kachutoli
34Kachutoli L.P. School 575Kachutoli
35Garpara L.P. School882Garpara
36Gogamukh Chariali Mv School884Gogamukh Chariali
37Gogamukh Chariali Mv School 855Gogamukh Chariali
38Moinapara L.P. School .1064Moinapara
39Rongpuria L.P. School.840Ron Gpuria
40Rongpuria L.P. School340Ron Gpuria
41Kowpatani L.P. School505Kowpatani
42Kowpatani L.P. School 743Kowpatani
43Kadamguri L.P. School.594Kadamguri
44Kadamguri L.P. School 632Kadamguri
45Borbam M.E. School .633Borbam
46Borbam Baligaon L.P. School601Borbam Baligaon
47Borbam Kachari L.P. School .877Borbam Kachari
48Borbam Deuri L.P. School386Borbam Deuri
49Borbam Maicha Mv School .909Borbam Maicha
50Ghata Misamari L.P. School .726Ghata Misamari
51Misamari Janajati M.E. School737Misamari Janajati
52Chenia Deuri L.P. School.688Chenia Deuri
53Chenia Deuri L.P. School(New)455Chenia Deuri
54Deudubi L.P. School .693Deudubi
55Deudubi L.P. School 633Deudubi
56Gogamukh College.1027Gogamukh
57Gogamukh College.675Gogamukh
58Gogamukh College(New)581Gogamukh
59Chauldhuwa Baligaon L.P. School.716Chauldhuwa Baligaon
60Chauldhuwa Baligaon L.P. School.483Chauldhuwa Baligaon
61Pachim Gogamukh M.E. School .579Pachim Gogamukh
62Pachim Gogamukh High School607Pachim Gogamukh
63Gogamukh Gp Office.683Gogamukh
64Pamua Gogamukh Lp School473Pamua Gogamukh
65Arunudoi M.E. School721Arunudoi
66Arunudoi M.E. School721Arunudoi
67Tingiri L.P. School .856Tingiri
68Latak L.P. School528Latak
69Latak L.P. School698Latak
70Bhebeli High School.555Bhebeli
71Bhebeli High School670Bhebeli
72Bhebeli M.E. School.1055Bhebeli
73Padumoni L.P. School 783Padumoni
74Holloudunga L.P. School.776Holloudunga
75Bordoloni Dihingia L.P. School.751Bordoloni Dihingia
76Bhakat Kaibarta L.P. School402Bhakat Kaibarta
77Bordoloni Balika High School.666Bordoloni Balika
78Bordoloni Tiniali L.P. School803Bordoloni Tiniali
79Goimari L.P. School .751Goimari
80Napam Berbhanga Janajati M.E. School .806Napam Berbhanga Janajati
81Naharbari M.E. School625Naharbari
82Naharbari M.E. School 643Naharbari
83Adutgaon L.P. School665Adutgaon
84Adutgaon L.P. School661Adutgaon
85Betoni Hola L.P. School889Betoni Hola
86Barguri M.E. School679Barguri
87Burahkuri L.P. School .612Burahkuri
88Khanakrishnapur L.P. School718Khanakrishnapur
89Bordoloni Mv School611Bordoloni
90Bordoloni Girl'S Mv School552Bordoloni
91Koibarta Gaon L.P. School .596Koibarta Gaon
92Koibarta Gaon L.P. School490Koibarta Gaon
93Lalukijan M.E. School.694Lalukijan
94Lalukijan Majgaon L.P. School659Lalukijan Majgaon
95Tekjuri L.P. School.1081Tekjuri
96Bishnupur Nehru L.P. School844Bishnupur Nehru
97Bishnupur Nehru L.P. School570Bishnupur Nehru
98Bishnupur Kalita Gaon L.P. School868Bishnupur Kalita Gaon
99Santipur Koch Gaon L.P. School660Santipur Koch Gaon
100Bishnupur Kalita Gaon L.P. School.802Bishnupur Kalita Gaon
101Santipur Ranganoi L.P. School669Santipur Ranganoi
102Santipur L.P. School .709Santipur
103Kangku Majgaon L.P. School.827Kangku Majgaon
104Hatipara Majgaon L.P. School .556Hatipara Majgaon
105Hatipara Majgaon L.P. School560Hatipara Majgaon
106Subahi Mv School780Subahi
107Bechamora Janajati M.E. School695Bechamora Janajati
108No1 Raipur L.P. School412Raipur
109No2 Boruah Block L.P. School .508Boruah Block
110No2 Boruah Block L.P. School 543Boruah Block
111Perabhari L.P. School.416Perabhari
112Lakhipathar L.P. School .584Lakhipathar
113Lakhipathar Kochari L.P. School575Lakhipathar Kochari
114Lakhipathar M.E. School964Lakhipathar
115Raichapori L.P. School .802Raichapori
116Raichapori M.E. School 326Raichapori
117Raichapori L.P. School 825Raichapori
118Bishnupur Sonowal Gaon L.P. School .819Bishnupur Sonowal Gaon
119Bishnupur Sonowal Gaon L.P. School478Bishnupur Sonowal Gaon
120Jamuguri L.P. School.969Jamuguri
121Dighali Miri L.P. School605Dighali Miri
122Naharbari Majuli L.P. School749Naharbari Majuli
123Gopak Kachari L.P. School.621Gopak Kachari
124Kulapathar L.P. School431Kulapathar
125Jiadhal High School 890Jiadhal
126Jiadhal High School 485Jiadhal
127Bormathauari L.P. School586Bormathauari
128Pachim Jiadhal L.P. School.969Pachim Jiadhal
129Jiadhal Dihiri L.P. School.694Jiadhal Dihiri
130Swarnapith High School 827Swarnapith
131Swarnapith High School 812Swarnapith
132Naruwathan Mv School505Naruwathan
133Naruathan Mv School597Naruathan
134Jyotirupa Girls M.E. School541Jyotirupa
135Kechukhana Chapari L.P. School 407Kechukhana Chapari
136Kechukhana Chapari L.P. School 772Kechukhana Chapari
137Ghuguha Mv School .840Ghuguha
138Ghuguha High School414Ghuguha
139Ghuguha Mv School .619Ghuguha
140Rupjyoti M.E. School 554Rupjyoti
141Rupjyoti M.E. School 819Rupjyoti
142Gohain Chapori L.P. School989Gohain Chapori
143Laguwa Bora L.P. School .712Laguwa Bora
144Laguwa Bora L.P. School 592Laguwa Bora
145Puasaikia L.P. School.709Puasaikia
146Dibyajyoti M.E. School699Dibyajyoti
147Goraimari L.P. School.810Goraimari
148Hechuli L.P. School.546Hechuli
149Dihingia Block L.P. School551Dihingia Block
150Amulguri L.P. School733Amulguri
151Singimari L.P. School785Singimari
152Hatigarh L.P. School.517Hatigarh
153Navaratna High School928Navaratna
154Chengeli Pathar Mv School.942Chengeli Pathar
155Chengeli Pathar Mv School 665Chengeli Pathar
156Dhemaji Town High School 797Dhemaji Town
157Dhemaji Nagar M.E. School858Dhemaji Nagar
158Dhemaji Town High School .803Dhemaji Town
159Bharalichuk L.P. School884Bharalichuk
160Dhemaji Mahavidalya .690Dhemaji
161Gyanodoi L.P. School.789Gyanodoi
162Dhemaji Mahavidalya 655Dhemaji
163Dhemaji Mahavidalya648Dhemaji
164Rupnath Brahma High School982
165Dhemaji Public School.597Dhemaji
166Panigaon L.P. School697Panigaon
167Borgaon L.P. School .856Borgaon
168Joktali Nagaon L.P. School .789Joktali Nagaon
169Majgaon L.P. School.225Majgaon
170No2 Kothalguri L.P. School940Kothalguri
171Moridhal Mv School.628Moridhal
172Kathalguri L.P. School458Kathalguri
173Moridhal Mv School.529Moridhal
174Borphukan L.P. School574Borphukan
175Jamuguri L.P. School .838Jamuguri
176No2 Jamuguri L.P. School264Jamuguri
177Gowal Chapori Mv School.730Gowal Chapori
178Gowal Chapari Mv School790Gowal Chapari
179Borachira M.E. School .775Borachira
180Chowkham L.P. School.598Chowkham
181Pubdhemaji Anusuchitja Jati M.E. School833Pubdhemaji Anusuchitja Jati
182Gohain Gaon L.P. School.855Gohain Gaon
183Kathalani L.P. School420Kathalani
184Dhemaji Town L.P. School .864Dhemaji Town
185Borpataria L.P. School 619Borpataria
186Dhemaji Town L.P. School .776Dhemaji Town
187Borpataria L.P. School 698Borpataria
188Karichuk L.P. School .611Karichuk
189Karichuk L.P. School761Karichuk
190Karichuk L.P. School990Karichuk
191Dhemaji Public School 669Dhemaji
192Dhemaji Town Balya Vidyapeeth .801Dhemaji Town
193Dhemaji Town Balya Vidyapeeth562Dhemaji Town
194Khubalia L.P. School617Khubalia
195Hiloidari L.P. School557Hiloidari
196Khubalia L.P. School 768Khubalia
197Dhemaji Balika Mv School597Dhemaji Balika
198Dusutimukh L.P. School.536Dusutimukh
199Bangalmari L.P. School.682Bangalmari
200Bangalmari Missing L.P. School434Bangalmari Missing
201Bhehpara L.P. School.534Bhehpara
202I.T.I. Dhemaji901Dhemaji
203Kowaphala L.P. School.881Kowaphala
204Kowaphala L.P. School 316Kowaphala
205Matikhola Mv School .742Matikhola
206Matikhola Mv School.802Matikhola
207Batuamukh L.P. School.408Batuamukh
208Kapahtali L.P. School667Kapahtali
209Holikuchi L.P. School.846Holikuchi
210Bherekichuk L.P. School .735Bherekichuk
211Bherekichuk L.P. School 586Bherekichuk
212Butikur L.P. School.977Butikur
213Butikur M.E. School.666Butikur
214Hiloipara L.P. School.707Hiloipara
215Saru Ajuha L.P. School.770Saru Ajuha
216Dulimer High School.620Dulimer
217Dhenukhana Boy'S High School (Batmari).817Dhenukhana
218Dhenukhana High School.545Dhenukhana
219Pachim Dhenukhana Gril'S M.E. School408Pachim Dhenukhana
220Dhenukhana High School.563Dhenukhana
221Hiloidari M.E. School.478Hiloidari
222Hiloidari M.E. School592Hiloidari
223Gharmora Balika M.E. School.849Gharmora Balika
224Gandia High School230Gandia
225Namadhupur L.P. School.609Namadhupur
226Madhupur M.E. School.242Madhupur
227Madhupur Chah Bagan L.P. School808Madhupur Chah Bagan
228Bengenagorah Mv School.411Bengenagorah
229Lagachu L.P. School617Lagachu
230Kaitong High Schoool 828Kaitong
231Kaitong High Schoool718Kaitong
232Bengenagorah Charigaon L.P. School788Bengenagorah Charigaon
233Deugharia L.P. School494Deugharia
234Machkhuwa Borbam L.P. School796Machkhuwa Borbam
235Machkhuwa Borbam L.P. School285Machkhuwa Borbam
236Machkhuwa L.P. School.556Machkhuwa
237Machkhuwa Higher Secondary School599Machkhuwa
238Machkhuwa Bengenagorah High School551Machkhuwa Bengenagorah
239Machkhuwa Bengenagorah High School1065Machkhuwa Bengenagorah
240Pathalial L.P.School 603Pathalial
241Pathalial L.P.School1016Pathalial
242Gandhia Mv School.592Gandhia
243Gandhia High School689Gandhia
244Singia L.P. School.930Singia
245Kachuwani L.P. School.507Kachuwani
246Ghatapara Mv School.647Ghatapara
247Bortengani L.P. School431Bortengani
248Pachim Machkhuwa L.P. School.816Pachim Machkhuwa
249Tinigaon L.P. School.883Tinigaon
250Nakopahuwa L.P. School433Nakopahuwa
251Harhi Higher Secondary School.614Harhi
252Sapatia High School.695Sapatia
253Sapatia High School465Sapatia
254Sapatia High School.912Sapatia
255No1 Thekeraguri L.P. School.1025Thekeraguri
256Nemutengani M.E. School.620Nemutengani
257Raha L.P. School636Raha
258Laipulia Mv School.641Laipulia
259No2 Kathalguri L.P. School747Kathalguri
260No2 Khalihamari Pamua L.P. School.731Khalihamari Pamua
261Salmari L.P. School615Salmari
262Seujia Pathar Mv School.560Seujia Pathar
263Seujia Pathar Mv School481Seujia Pathar
264Sissimukh Higher Secondary School.808Sissimukh
265Sissimukh Higher Secondary School386Sissimukh
266Jorkata L.P. School.727Jorkata
267Jorkata Kath Gaon L.P. School.561Jorkata Kath Gaon
268Jorkata Kath Gaon L.P. School494Jorkata Kath Gaon
269Dakhin Jorkata Nepali L.P. School.612Dakhin Jorkata Nepali
270South Jorkata Nepali Baghbheta Janajati M.E. School625South Jorkata Nepali
271Janmichuk L.P. School.883Janmichuk
272Lotachur Tapit L.P. School439Lotachur Tapit
273Gerjai L.P. School.801Gerjai

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