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Polling Booth in Dhekiajuli Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Dhekiajuli

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dhekiajuli Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Bhagyabati Devi Kanoi M.E. School 736Bhagyabati Devi Kanoi
2Hugrajuli High School595Hugrajuli
3Bhagyabati Devi Kanoi M.E. School 798Bhagyabati Devi Kanoi
4Sopai Baligaon L.P. School 802Sopai Baligaon
5Sopai Baligaon Janajati Sangha & Library557Sopai Baligaon
6Sopai Baligaon L.P. School 562Sopai Baligaon
7Narengkati High School 381Narengkati
8Narengkati High School 600Narengkati
9Narengkati High School 673Narengkati
10Hugrajuli L.P. School 854Hugrajuli
11Hugrajuli L.P. School 470Hugrajuli
12Rakshasmari L.P. School 796Rakshasmari
13Rakshasmari G.P. Office680Rakshasmari
14Rakshasmari L.P. School 658Rakshasmari
15Dhoupguri L.P. School541Dhoupguri
16Sopai Tea Estate L.P. School 637Sopai Tea Estate
17Sopai Tea Estate L.P. School 650Sopai Tea Estate
18Sopai Tea Estate Club House 456Sopai Tea Estate
19Sopai Anganbadi Kendra560Sopai
20Sopai Bagan Club House 707Sopai Bagan
21Sopai Tea Estate L.P. School 403Sopai Tea Estate
22Shayamaguri Bagan Chache House705Shayamaguri Bagan
23Shyamaguri Bagan L.P. School442Shayamaguri Bagan
24Batasipur M.E. School 724Batasipur
25Batasipur M.E. School 586Batasipur
26Batasipur M.E. School 690Batasipur
27Monmohinipur Bagan L.P. School862Monmohinipur Bagan
28Monmohinipur T.E. Community Hall468Monmohinipur T.E.
29Panbari Bagan Mazdor Club864Panbari Bagan
30Panbari Bagan L.P. School683Panbari Bagan
31Labour Community Plantation Centre819
32Hirajuli Bagan Mazdur Sangha 781Hirajuli Bagan
33Hirajuli Bagan Mazdur Sangha 416Hirajuli Bagan
34No. 2 Santipur L.P. School 359Santipur
35Santipur Anganbadi Kendra488Santipur
36No. 2 Santipur L.P. School 443Santipur
37Gormara L.P. School 871Gormara
38Gormara L.P. School 810Gormara
39Gormara Bangali L.P. School404Gormara
40Belsiri Bagan Mazdur Club877Belsiri Bagan
41Belsiri Bagan L.P. School 460Belsiri Bagan
42Belsiri Bagan L.P. School 385Belsiri Bagan
43Medhipam L.P. School 364Medhipam
44Kataludub M.E. School830Kataludub
45Medhipam L.P. School 978Medhipam
46Chenimari L.P. School 820Chenimari
47Chenimari L.P. School 707Chenimari
48Gorjuli L.P. School 657Gorjuli
49Gorjuli L.P. School 699Gorjuli
50Dibru Darrang L.P. School761Dibru Darrang
51Dibru Darrang Staff Club 377Dibru Darrang
52Dibru Darrang Labour Club 758Dibru Darrang
53Dibru Darrang Staff Club 404Dibru Darrang
54Julia Bagan L.P. School 721Julia Bagan
55Julia Bagan L.P. School 518Julia Bagan
56Dhirai Bagan L.P. School459Dhirai Bagan
57Joipur L.P. School 468Joipur
58No. 1 Sanmilan Anganbadi Kendra794Sanmilan
59Joipur L.P. School 1015Joipur
60Narayanpur T.E. L.P. School674Narayanpur T.E
61Narayanpur Gaon L.P. School278Narayanpur Gaon
62Narayanpur Staff Club House 685Narayanpur
63Narayanpur Staff Club House 251Narayanpur
64Labari M.E. School927Labari
65Labari L.P. School 528Labari
66Labari L.P. School 921Labari
67Maz Rowmari L.P. School 615Maz Rowmari
68Maz Rowmari L.P. School 938Maz Rowmari
69Gajengaguri L.P. School693Gajengaguri
70Amtalbari L.P. School330Amtalbari
71Amtol Baligaon L.P. School543Amtol Baligaon
72Naharbari Library510Naharbari
73Rowmari M.V. School 740Rowmari
74Rowmari M.V. School 554Rowmari
75Joradia L.P. School 1060Joradia
76Jaradia L.P. School 601Jaradia
77Alisinga Bani Niketon M.V. School 351Alisinga Bani Niketon
78Mijibari L.P. School723Mijibari
79Alisinga Bani Niketon M.V. School 928Alisinga Bani Niketon
80Narayanpur Jr. Basic School670Narayanpur
81Mijibari Gaon Panchayat Office561Mijibari Gaon
82Sirajuli High School 474Sirajuli
83Asom Jyoti College655
84Sirajuli High School 380Sirajuli
85Manabendra Sarma L.P. School845Manabendra Sarma
86Tinkharia Bagan L.P. School 526Tinkharia Bagan
87Tinkharia Bagan L.P. School 758Tinkharia Bagan
88Tinkharia Bagan Worker Club722Tinkharia Bagan
89Tinkharia Bagan Creche House478Tinkharia Bagan
90Ghagara Kachari L.P. School 512Ghagara Kachari
91Ghagara Kachari L.P. School 483Ghagara Kachari
92Dhekiajuli B.D.O. Office 542Dhekiajuli
93Bibekananda Bidyapith 834
94Dhekiajuli Anchalik Panchayat Office943Dhekiajuli
95Dhekiajuli B.D.O. Office 907Dhekiajuli
96Dhekiajuli Block Agriculture Office782Dhekiajuli
97Forest Range Office 902
98Forest Range Office 972
99Dhekiajuli Town L.P. School 846Dhekiajuli Town
100Dhekiajuli Town L.P. School 546Dhekiajuli Town
101Bibekananda Bidyapith1052
102Dhekiajuli Jr. Basic School 1050Dhekiajuli
103Dhekiajuli Jr. Basic School 436Dhekiajuli
104Dhekiajuli Town Hndi M.E. School 1012Dhekiajuli Town
105Dhekiajuli Town Hndi M.E. School 1164Dhekiajuli Town
106Pramod Bidyapith 1052
107Pramod Bidyapith 1053
108Dhekiajuli Jr. Basic School 810Dhekiajuli
109Dhekiajuli High School 738Dhekiajuli
110Dhekiajuli High School 717Dhekiajuli
111Netaji Bidya Mandir High School 758
112Netaji Bidya Mandir High School 739
113Netaji Bidya Mandir High School N.A
114Ghogra Borpeta L.P. SchoolN.AGhogra Borpeta
115Panbari L.P. School 579Panbari
116Panbari L.P. School 691Panbari
117Panbari Anganbadi Kendra370Panbari
118Mithaam Binapani L.P. School960Mithaam Binapani
119Mithaam Bangali L.P. School187Mithaam Bangali
120Kataludub Pathar L.P. School 552Kataludub Pathar
121Kataludub Pathar L.P. School 715Kataludub Pathar
122Tarajan Pathar L.P. School599Tarajan Pathar
123Keherukhanda Jr. Basic 513Keherukhanda
124Keherukhanda High School700Keherukhanda
125Keherukhanda Jr. Basic 538Keherukhanda
126Keherukhnada G.P. Office 619Keherukhnada
127Bengenajuli L.P. School 990Bengenajuli
128Bengenajuli L.P. School 884Bengenajuli
129Dighaljuli L.P. School 623Dighaljuli
130Dighaljuli L.P. School 786Dighaljuli
131Bengenajuli Jr. Basic758Bengenajuli
132Bengenajuli Anganbari Kendra448Bengenajuli
133Bandarhagi Pathar L.P. School 1065Bandarhagi Pathar
134Bandarhagi Pathar L.P. School 808Bandarhagi Pathar
135Jia Gabharu Sr. Basic 727Jia Gabharu
136Jia Gabharu Sr. Basic 775Jia Gabharu
137Balikhuti Jr. Basic 889Balikhuti
138Assam Jyoti Sangha762
139Balikhuti Jr. Basic 762Balikhuti
140Tatsal L.P. School 774Tatsal
141Tatsal L.P. School 364Tatsal
142Dhekipelowa L.P. School 787Dhekipelowa
143Dhekipelowa L.P. School 741Dhekipelowa
144Mejengjuli Jr. Basic703Mejengjuli
145Missamari M.E. School 833Missamari
146Missamari M.E. School 917Missamari
147Missamari M.E. School 698Missamari
148Missamari High School626Missamari
149Garubandha L.P. School 868Garubandha
150Garubandha L.P. School 805Garubandha
151Garubandha L.P. School 546Garubandha
152Bahbera L.P. School 944Bahbera
153Bahbera L.P. School795Bahbera
154Thekerajuli L.P. School791Thekerajuli
155Dighaldal L.P. School 605Dighaldal
156Lakhopara L.P. School708Lakhopara
157Lakhopara L.P. School 640Lakhopara
158Dighaldal L.P. School 849Dighaldal
159Bahbera G.P. Office328Bahbera
160Kalakuchi Jawaharlal Basic School 831Kalakuchi
161Kalakuchi Jawaharlal Basic School 827Kalakuchi
162Khotaputa L.P. School898Khotaputa
163Khotaputa M.V. School421Khotaputa
164Maduribil Jr. Basic 585Maduribil
165Maduribil Jr. Basic 529Maduribil
166Pub Maduribil L.P. School466Maduribil
167Ulubari M.V. School 795Ulubari
168Ulubari M.V. School 798Ulubari
169Ulubari High School792Ulubari
170Khalahubari L.P. School545Khalahubari
171Meghai Jarani L.P. School499Meghai Jarani
172Naharbari L.P. School 617Naharbari
173Naharbari L.P. School 921Naharbari
174Bhekbheki L.P. School544Bhekbheki
175Bordubi Maktab L.P. School685Bordubi Maktab
176Bhergaon M.E. School389Bhergaon
177Koch Gaon L.P. School 480Koch Gaon
178Koch Gaon L.P. School 664Koch Gaon
179Bordubi Jr. Basic382Bordubi
180Baligaon L.P. School672Baligaon
181Chapoi Baligaon Jr. Basic719Chapoi Baligaon
182Rabindra Bidyapith 1070
183Rabindra Bidyapith 996
184Kamarchuburi L.P. School 797Kamarchuburi
185Kamarchuburi L.P. School 886Kamarchuburi
186Thelamara L.P. School 606Thelamara
187Swahid Khahuli Devi L.P. School585Swahid Khahuli Devi
188Thelamara L.P. School 1058Thelamara
189Thelamara L.P. School 593Thelamara
190Kamar Pathar L.P. 781Kamar Pathar
191Kamar Pathar L.P. School 969Kamar Pathar
192Borbil Jr. Basic 885Borbil
193Borbil Jr. Basic 586Borbil
194Jugal High School314Jugal
195Ghatua L.P. School897Ghatua
196Surjyapur L.P. School 843Surjyapur
197Surjyapur L.P. School 696Surjyapur
198Shivapur Venture School610Shivapur
199Champa Pather L.P. School685Champa Pather
200Adabari L.P. School845Adabari
201Romoujuli L.P. School699Romoujuli
202Swajnabari L.P. School666Swajnabari
203Ganehguri L.P. School633Ganehguri
204Asrabari L.P. School646Srabari
205U.N. Bragma L.P. School153U.N. Bragma
206Rangjuli L.P. School965Rangjuli
207Ainajuli L.P. School451Ainajuli
2082 No. Gauthar Thungri L.P. School939Gauthar Thungri
209Sitapur L.P. School394Sitapur
2102 No. Mainajuli L.P. School582Mainajuli
211Kardanpur L.P. School1096Kardanpur
212Jardanpur L.P. School393Jardanpur
213Rajkhungri L.P. School648Rajkhungri
214Haldoibari L.P. School708Haldoibari
215Bineswar Brahma M.E. School452Bineswar Brahma
216Olongbar Boro L.P. School686Olongbar Boro
217Santibar Gaon Bezbarua L.P. School 387Santibar Gaon Bezbarua
218Santibar Gaon Bezbarua L.P. School 501Santibar Gaon Bezbarua
219Sibaram Boro L.P. School678Sibaram Boro
220Anchaumi L.P. School732Anchaumi
221Gwajanpur L.P. School591Gwajanpur
222Hainguri L.P. School742Hainguri
223Sibaram L.P. School759Sibaram
224Purnima M.E. School913Purnima
225No. 3 Mainashri L.P. School574Mainashri
226Thaisubari L.P. School442Thaisubari
227Birgulshi L.P. School667Birgulshi
228No. 1 Saudanshri L.P. School353Saudanshri
229Rimaoiramaoi L.P. Sxchool651Rimaoiramaoi
230Doumoulu L.P. School155Doumoulu
231Damalu M.E. School602Damalu
232Haitapara L.P. School697Haitapara
233Jiabari L.P. School416Jiabari

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