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Polling Booth in Dharmapur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Dharmapur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dharmapur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Kathalbari L.P. School582Kathalbari
2Kathalbari Gosai Kamal L.P. School675Kathalbari Gosai Kamal
3Bangnabari L.P. School932Bangnabari
4Janakalyan High School 791Janakalyan
5Janakalyan High School 766Janakalyan
6Saplekuchi L.P. School769Saplekuchi
7Khukhundi Moktab491Khukhundi
8Adam Ali M.E. Madrassa495Adam Ali
9Sankar Madhab L.P. School766Sankar Madhab
10Natun Dehor Mouza High School711Natun Dehor Mouza
11Upendra Narayan L.P. School611Upendra Narayan
12Kashimpur L.P. School 662Kashimpur
13Madhya Kachimpur L.P. School727Madhya Kachimpur
14Kachimpur Lp School675Kachimpur
15Bapuji High School725Bapuji
16Bilpar L.P. School850Bilpar
17Chencherghat L.P. School861Chencherghat
18Danguapara L.P. School845Danguapara
19No. 3 Danguapara L.P. School449Danguapara
20Uttar Barnagar L.P. School528Uttar Barnagar
21Bornagar Banekuchi L.P. School989Bornagar Banekuchi
22Banekuchi Milan Hs School 489Banekuchi Milan
23Banekuchi Milan Hs School 732Banekuchi Milan
24Rajakhat L.P. School841Rajakhat
25Panigaon L.P. School 609Panigaon
26Panigaon L.P. School 550Panigaon
27Panigaon Milan High School 749Panigaon Milan
28Panigaon Milan High School 594Panigaon Milan
29Sandheli L.P. School844Sandheli
30Niz Pakowa High School 513Niz Pakowa
31Niz Pakowa High School (4Th)537Niz Pakowa
32Niz Pakowa High School 591Niz Pakowa
33Niz Pakowa High School 704Niz Pakowa
34Barnarddi Balak Mv School 672Barnarddi Balak
35Barnarddi Balak Mv School 629Barnarddi Balak
36Barnarddi Girls Mv School 411Barnarddi
37Barnarddi Girls Mv School 666Barnarddi
38Sursuri Jr. Basic School 744Sursuri
39Sursuri Jr. Basic School 835Sursuri
40Mohkhali L.P. School476Mohkhali
414Dokuchi L.P. School546Dokuchi
42Batsor Moktab727Batsor Moktab
43Batsor L.P. School608Batsor
44Batsor Parm.E.Sh Vidyapith862Batsor Parm
45Bagurihati High School 617Bagurihati
46Bagurihati High School 498Bagurihati
47Bagurihati High School 521Bagurihati
48Bagurihati High School 446Bagurihati
49Dehor Balowa L.P. School 688Dehor Balowa
50Dehor Balowa L.P. School 609Dehor Balowa
51Gangapur No.1 Moktab 594Gangapur
52Gangapur No.1 Moktab 636Gangapur
53No. 2 Gangapur L.P. School944Gangapur
54No. 32 Khakhrisal Girls L.P. School 711Khakhrisal
55No. 32 Khakhrisal Girls L.P. School 757Khakhrisal
56Barkhetri Pakowa M.E. Madrassa529Barkhetri Pakowa
57Jagara High School 689Jagara
58Jagara High School 593Jagara
59Jagara L.P. School706Jagara
60Madhya Jagara L.P. School739Madhya Jagara
61Bishnujyoti M.E. School 694Bishnujyoti
62Bishnujyoti M.E. School 664Bishnujyoti
63Jagara Gopalthan L.P. School774Jagara Gopalthan
64Saniram L.P. School506Saniram
65Nalicha L.P. School877Nalicha
66Gowalpara Balika Mv School 532Gowalpara Balika
67Gowalpara Balika Mv School 483Gowalpara Balika
681186 No.Billeswar Moktab L.P.School694Billeswar Moktab
691180 No.Billeswar Milan L.P.School 607Billeswar Milan
701180 No.Billeswar Milan L.P.School 603Billeswar Milan
71Borkhetri Barni Milon M.E. Madrassa 810Borkhetri Barni Milon
72Borkhetri Barni Milon M.E. Madrassa 734Borkhetri Barni Milon
73Borkhetri Barni Milon M.E. Madrassa 722Borkhetri Barni Milon
74Roumari L.P. School611Roumari
75Bongaon High School 975Bongaon
76Bongaon High School 520Bongaon
77Bongaon High School 533Bongaon
78Bongaon M.E. Madrassa572Bongaon
79Kalbari L.P. School 510Kalbari
80Kalbari L.P. School 529Kalbari
81Bongaon Balika Vidyalaya1024Bongaon Balika Vidyalaya
82Bihampur Uppar Basic School 762Bihampur Uppar
83Bihampur Uppar Basic School 886Bihampur Uppar
84Simaliya Balak L.P. School 623Simaliya Balak
85Simaliya Balak L.P. School 525Simaliya Balak
86Mularkuchi L.P. School 884Mularkuchi
87Mularkuchi L.P. School 608Mularkuchi
88Mularkuchi L.P. School 484Mularkuchi
89Balijar L.P. School 769Balijar
90Balijar L.P. School 206Balijar
91Bausiapara L.P. School639Bausiapara
92Madhupur Govt. L.P. School815Madhupur
93No. 625 Kharsitha L.P. School659Kharsitha
94Jowarddi No.2 L.P. School 782Jowarddi
95Jowarddi No.2 L.P. School 687Jowarddi
96Gopalthan M.E. School710Gopalthan
97No. 140 Nakelbari L.P. School780Nakelbari
98Koithalkuchi High School 859Koithalkuchi
99Koithalkuchi High School 688Koithalkuchi
100Bechimari L.P. School606Bechimari
101Dwarikapur L.P. School480Dwarikapur
102Binapani M.E. School501Binapani
103Dharmapur Gnyandaini High School536Dharmapur Gnyandaini
104Purni L.P. School687Purni
105Sahpur Jr. Basic School 622Sahpur
106Sahpur Jr. Basic School 980Sahpur
107Gamarimuri Balika L.P. School 742Gamarimuri Balika
108Gamarimuri Balika L.P. School 806Gamarimuri Balika
109Pohlonpara Moktab829
110Janata High School 625Janata
111Janata High School 460Janata
112Chamata Hs School 785Chamata
113Chamata Hs School N.AChamata
114Rupiabathan L.P. School N.ARupiabathan
115Rupiabathan L.P. School 495Rupiabathan
116Jatiram L.P. School 516Jatiram
117Jatiram L.P. School 508Jatiram
118Tarinipriya Sishu Vidyalaya 518Tarinipriya
119Tarinipriya Sishu Vidyalaya 704Tarinipriya
120Fakaruddin Ali Ahm.E.D Madrassa 598
121Fakaruddin Ali Ahm.E.D Madrassa 588
122Fakirtola Moktab 651
123Fakirtola Moktab 552
124No.136 Chamata Balak L.P. School 552Chamata Balak
125No.136 Chamata Balak L.P. School 708Chamata Balak
126Kashinath L.P. School 591Kashinath
127Kashinath L.P. School 527Kashinath
128Kashinath L.P. School 888Kashinath
129Gandhiya Balapara L.P. School853Gandhiya Balapara
130Gandhiya Mv School 607Gandhiya
131Gandhiya Mv School 493Gandhiya
132Belsor Girls High School 1018Belsor
133Belsor Girls High School 747Belsor
134Belsor Anchalik Boys M.E. School 624Belsor Anchalik
135Belsor Anchalik Boys M.E. School 604Belsor Anchalik
136Bhakatram Vidyamandir921Bhakatram
137Belsor Hs School 805Belsor
138Belsor Hs School 500Belsor
139Belsor Hs School 481Belsor
140Belsor Hs School 946Belsor
141Belsor No.1 L.P. School801Belsor
142Kakaya Sanskrit Tol 515Kakaya
143Kakaya Sanskrit Tol 508Kakaya
144Kakaya High School 444Kakaya
145Kakaya High School 550Kakaya
146Kakaya High School 536Kakaya
147Kakaya High School523Kakaya
148Kakaya Janata L.P. School 565Kakaya
149Kakaya Janata L.P. School 506Kakaya
150Tengabari L.P. School 670Tengabari
151Tengabari L.P. School 552Tengabari
152Piplibari Mv School 531Piplibari
153Piplibari Mv School613Piplibari
154Piplibari Mv School 750Piplibari
155Piplibari Mv School 724Piplibari
156Bhoira Solmari L.P. School 583Bhoira Solmari
157Bhoira Solmari L.P. School 608Bhoira Solmari
158Solmara Hs School993Solmara
159Sukekuchi L.P. School809Sukekuchi
160Pakhura L.P. School783Pakhura
161Amani Nalana L.P. School 685Amani Nalana
162Amani Nalana L.P. School 734Amani Nalana
163No. 139 Amani L.P. School 536Amani
164No. 139 Amani L.P. School 432Amani
165Amani Janakalyan M.E. School854Amani Janakalyan
166Lakhopur Mv School 712Lakhopur
167Lakhopur Mv School 718Lakhopur
168No.309 Kheluwa L.P. School 731Kheluwa
169No.309 Kheluwa L.P. School 717Kheluwa
170Helacha L.P. School 662Helacha
171Helacha L.P. School 564Helacha
172Borbila L.P. School680Borbila
173No.2 Paschim Dahudi L.P. School523Paschim Dahudi
174No. 240 Dahudi L.P. School 984Dahudi
175No. 240 Dahudi L.P. School 987Dahudi
176No.222 Kaihati L.P. School 557Kaihati
177No.222 Kaihati L.P. School 589Kaihati
178No.157 Bori L.P. School774Bori
179Bori Kakotipara L.P. School647Bori Kakotipara
180No.542 Bori Chariapar L.P. School 714Bori Chariapar
181No.542 Bori Chariapar L.P. School 720Bori Chariapar
182Thutikata L.P. School946Thutikata
183Bhadrakuchi L.P. School674Bhadrakuchi
184Niz Tapa L.P. School744Niz Tapa

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