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Polling Booth in Dhakuakhana Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Dhakuakhana

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dhakuakhana Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Dulung Okhamati L.P. School901Dulung Okhamati
2Ghagar Nagar L.P. School700Ghagar Nagar
3Champaguri L.P. School503Champaguri
4Ananda Bagan L.P. School660Ananda Bagan
5Pathalipam Bagan L.P. School725Pathalipam Bagan
6Rupahi Katari Chapori Jr. College979Rupahi Katari Chapori
7Rupahi Girls M.E. School 764Rupahi
8Rupahi Girls M.E. School 629Rupahi
9Barbil Tariani M.E. School796Barbil Tariani
10Tariyani Nepali L.P. School910Tariyani
11772 No Dirgha Bokajan L.P. School888Dirgha Bokajan
12Rajgarh Daphala L.P. School1085Rajgarh Daphala
13Siajuli Tea Garden L.P. School1007Siajuli Tea Garden
14Chinatalia Tea Garden L.P. School997Chinatalia Tea Garden
15No 2 Kakoi Rajgarh L.P. School668Kakoi Rajgarh
16Lilabari L.P. School516Lilabari
17Akara Basti L.P. School494Akara Basti
18Dirgha L.P. School, Lilabasti726Dirgha
19Bhangabil Sarania L.P. School673Bhangabil Sarania
20Senchowa Uriamguri L.P. School693Senchowa Uriamguri
21Usha Mv School715Usha
22Bhimpara Balijan L.P. School995Bhimpara Balijan
23Katori Chapori Madhabdev M.E. School1031Katori Chapori Madhabdev
24Balijan Milanpur L.P. School 999Balijan Milanpur
25Balijan Milanpur L.P. School 326Balijan Milanpur
26Nalanda M.E. School942Nalanda
27Thekeraguri L.P. School 901Thekeraguri
28Thekeraguri L.P. School L .W557Thekeraguri
29Katari Chapori Hazong L.P. School901Katari Chapori Hazong
30Balijan Saru Dirju L.P School 602Balijan Saru Dirju
31Balijan Saru Dirju L.P School 837Balijan Saru Dirju
32Ratanpur L.P. School954Ratanpur
33Baginadi L.P. School 739Baginadi
34Baginadi L.P. School 690Baginadi
35Lalpani L.P. School751Lalpani
36Dirgha Majgaon M.E. School808Dirgha Majgaon
37Gumnadi L.P. School932Gumnadi
38Puthimari L.P. School992Puthimari
39Bahbari L.P. School387Bahbari
40Kulabali L.P. School1039Kulabali
41Gagaldubi L.P. School634Gagaldubi
42Baginadi Gyandeep L.P. School975Baginadi Gyandeep
43Nowjan Puthimari L.P. School377Nowjan Puthimari
44Uriamguri L.P. School1025Uriamguri
45Karkani Puthimari L.P. School840Karkani Puthimari
46Singidoloni L.P. School1093Singidoloni
47Gagaldubi Majgaon L.P. School833Gagaldubi Majgaon
48Moinapara L.P. School936Moinapara
49Joradhara Rangpuria L.P. School738Joradhara Ran Gpuria
50Kadam High School 598Kadam
51Kadam High School L. W.587Kadam
52Naali Majgaon L.P. School1030Naali Majgaon
53Kakoi High School 653Kakoi
54Kakoi High School 920Kakoi
55Kadam Kachari L.P. School1083Kadam Kachari
56Laimekuri Hajang L.P. School 505Laimekuri Hajang
57Laimekuri Hazang L.P. School 774Laimekuri Hazang
58Kadam Mv School1052Kadam
59Maghuachuk L.P. School1090Maghuachuk
60Bhurbandha L.P. School904Bhurbandha
61Bhimpora Singari L.P. School1019Bhimpora Singari
62Garaimari Janajati M.E. School1065Garaimari Janajati
63Garaimari L.P. School949Garaimari
64Gereki M.E. School541Gereki
65Badhakara M.E. School820Badhakara
66Badhakara Baligaon L.P. School1135Badhakara Baligaon
67Badhakara L.P. School905Badhakara
68250 No Takugaon L.P. School 479Takugaon
69250 No Takugaon L.P. School 976Takugaon
70Namani Dorge L.P. School693Namani Dorge
71238 No Kaligaon L.P. School 690Kaligaon
72238 No. Kaligaon L.P. School 671Kaligaon
73Bhati Medak L.P. School 478Bhati Medak
74Bhati Medak L.P. School 891Bhati Medak
75Bharatchuk L.P. School705Bharatchuk
76230 No Dargegaon L.P. School603Dargegaon
77Hatiyemara Chapori L.P. School1159Hatiyemara Chapori
78Ujani Hatiyemara L.P. School486Hatiyemara
79Patri Chuk Maj Gaon L.P. School737Patri Chuk Maj Gaon
80Namani Patri Chuk L.P. School568Namani Patri Chuk
8121Medak Gaon L.P. School576Medak Gaon
82Chumani Medak L.P. School488Chumani Medak
83Chatiyana Chapori L.P. School658Chatiyana Chapori
84Alimur Baligaon L.P. School1051Alimur Baligaon
85Alimur Chapori L.P. School538Alimur Chapori
86527 No Ga Dangar Chuk L.P. School865Ga Dangar Chuk
87Ujani Subansiri Miri Higher Secondary School459Ujani Subansiri
88Bardoibam Mv School990Bardoibam
89Bardoibam High School629Bardoibam
90Dighali L.P School939Dighali
91Ghilamara Adarsha M.E School668Ghilamara
92Ghilamara Adarsha L.P School 999Ghilamara
93Ghilamara Adarsha L.P. School 686Ghilamara
942 No.Lamugaon L.P School506Lamugaon
95Raidangia L.P. School692Raidangia
96Ghilamara Public High School713Ghilamara Public
97Kecheruguri L.P School1031Kecheruguri
98244 No.Lamuchuk L.P School623Lamuchuk
99Kalabari M.V. School658Kalabari
100Baliyani Chapori L.P School991Baliyani Chapori
1011Lamu Gaon L.P. School607 Lamu Gaon
102Ghilamara Girl'S M.V School843Ghilamara
103Ghilamara Higher Secondary School1117Ghilamara
104Ghilamara Boys M.V. School917Ghilamara
105Dakhin Ghilamara M.E. School690Dakhin Ghilamara
106Phukan Gaon L.P. School652Phukan Gaon
107Balahi Tamuli M.E School425Balahi Tamuli
108Purani Kathani L.P. School951Purani Kathani
1092 No.Parghat Koibarta L.P School432Parghat Koibarta
110Chakuli M.V School1087Chakuli
111Basudevthan Sankardev High School1060Basudevthan
112Basudevthan L.P School680Basudevthan
113Kamalpur M.V School844Kamalpur
114Bebejia M.V School605Bebejia
115Subansiri Girls High School588Subansiri
116Ubhatamukh L.P School928Ubhatamukh
117Bokula Moghua Chuk L.P. School479Bokula Moghua Chuk
118Mahura Chapori L.P School550Mahura Chapori
119444 Ubhata Champaramukh L.P School648Ubhata Champaramukh
120Borkhamukh L.P School 598Borkhamukh
121Borkhamukh L.P School 705Borkhamukh
122Patiachapori M.V School942Patiachapori
123Charikoria L.P School211Charikoria
124Jengrai Kumbang L.P School658Jengrai Kumbang
125Muhi Miri Girl`S M.E School875Muhi Miri
126Borbari Janajati M.E School961Borbari Janajati
127Chenimari L.P. School378Chenimari
128Sonari Chapori Tribal High School1162Sonari Chapori Tribal
129Kekuri Kachari L.P School736Kekuri Kachari
130Kekuri Janajati High School465Kekuri Janajati
131Kekuri Jamuguri L.P School1098Kekuri Jamuguri
132Chelajan Kachari L.P School336Chelajan Kachari
1337 Balideori L.P School578Balideori
134Moukhowa L.P School659Moukhowa
135Lechera L.P. School354Lechera
136Namrupia Jalbhari L.P School689Namrupia Jalbhari
137Jalbhari M.V School891Jalbhari
138Sutimukh L.P. School476Sutimukh
139Pachim Dhakuakhana H.S School841Pachim Dhakuakhana
140No.50 Kalakata L.P School807Kalakata
141Madhabdev M.E School829Madhabdev
142No.13 Bantow L.P School1135Bantow
143Manika Chuk L.P. School630Manika Chuk
144Dighala Gaon L.P School959Dighala Gaon
145Maloibari L.P. School839Maloibari
146No.54 Hiloidari L.P School716Hiloidari
147Jamuguri L.P School953Jamuguri
148Pubdhakuakhana M.V School833Pubdhakuakhana
149No.31 Kapahuwa L.P. School1109Kapahuwa
150Huj Gaon L.P School865Huj Gaon
151Sahadev Manikpur L.P. School498Sahadev Manikpur
152Dhakuakhana B. Ed. College693Dhakuakhana
153Dhakuakhana Govt.M.V SchoolN.ADhakuakhana
154Dhakuakhana Girls Practicing M.V. School608Dhakuakhana
155No 123 Joysagar L.P School533Joysagar
156Ghahi Gaon L.P School892Ghahi Gaon
157Nagar Amkatia L.P School910Nagar Amkatia
158Dulia Gaon L.P. School407Dulia Gaon
159Katharbari L.P School982Katharbari
160Ghilaguri L.P School438Ghilaguri
161Narayanpur L.P. School807Narayanpur
162Dhakuakhana Girl`S High School1022Dhakuakhana
163Dhakuakhana Town High School610Dhakuakhana Town
164Khaman Konwar L.P. School330Khaman Konwar
165Prithial L.P School703Prithial
166Dakhin Chapori High School1055Dakhin Chapori
167Bhoma Miri L.P School843Bhoma Miri
168Kordoiguri L.P School718Kordoiguri
169Kelkeli L.P. School270Kelkeli
170B.R. Ambedkar High School761
171Bahpara M.V School716Bahpara
172Amlakhi Dangdhara L.P School902Amlakhi Dangdhara
173Alimur Dangdhara L.P School889Alimur Dangdhara
174Dimaruguri M.E School631Dimaruguri
175Dangdhara High School903Dangdhara
176Namani Darge L.P School647Namani Darge
177Moinapara L.P School924Moinapara
178Kekuri United High School741Kekuri
179Latiborchuk L.P School386Latiborchuk
180Kekuri Pamua L.P School780Kekuri Pamua
181Khajua Chapori L.P School508Khajua Chapori
182Aken Dighali L.P School801Aken Dighali
183Khajua Patir L.P School629Khajua Patir
184Kherkata Miri L.P. School659Kherkata Miri
185Lepong Balijan L.P School713Lepong Balijan
186Niganisuti L.P School574Niganisuti
187Medhisuti High School680Medhisuti
188Medhi Chapori L.P. School.414Medhi Chapori
189Lakhipur Dangdhara L.P School321Lakhipur Dangdhara
190Bhomajarani L.P School817Bhomajarani
191Abhaypur L.P School676Abhaypur
192Betharam Pegu Memorial M.E. School527Betharam Pegu
193Jugisuti M.E School785Jugisuti
194All Assam Miri M.E School607
195Kapchan Bandana Bormati L.P School611Kapchan Bandana Bormati
196Jogisuti Tribal M.E School1116Jogisuti Tribal
197Bandana L.P. School908Bandana
198Baghchuk Dangdhara L.P School327Baghchuk Dangdhara
199Lakhyanath Memorial L.P. School511Lakhyanath
200All Assam Tribal M.E. School527
201Missing Koneng M.E School886
202Kherkata H.S School955Kherkata
203Lakhyanath Doley Memorial M.E. School.311
204Modarguri L.P School964Modarguri
205Arke Bali L.P. School583Arke Bali
206Borkhaman L.P. School481Borkhaman
207Jarji Dangdhara L.P School845Jarji Dangdhara
208Luitparia L.P. School633Luitparia
209Kathalguri L.P School682Kathalguri

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