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Polling Booth in Dergaon Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Dergaon

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dergaon Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Lem Chapori Miri L.P. School 705Lem Chapori Miri
2Lem Chapori Miri L.P. School 979Lem Chapori Miri
3Bahguri M.E. School 860Bahguri
4Bahguri M.E. School 860Bahguri
5Saguri Purani Miri L.P. School974Saguri Purani Miri
6Deben Sarmah L.P. School 737Deben Sarmah
7Deben Sarmah L.P. School 722Deben Sarmah
8Saguri Banuwa L.P. School1074Saguri Banuwa
9Negheriting High School851Negheriting
10Sital Pathar M.E. School957Sital Pathar
11Negherriting Bagicha Tekela Line L.P. School861Negherriting Bagicha Tekela Line
12Negheriting Jr. Basic School 730Negheriting
13Negheriting Jr. Basic School 488Negheriting
14Kumargaon Jr. Basic School 578Kumargaon
15Debogram Basanta Borthakur Lp School573Debogram Basanta Borthakur
16Kumargaon Jr. Basic School 983Kumargaon
17Asam Arakhi Bahini L.P. School 1058Asam Arakhi Bahini
18Asam Arakhi Bahini L.P. School 844Asam Arakhi Bahini
19Dergaon Town Abyashan L.P. School1012Dergaon Town Abyashan
20Dergaon Town Chakalakhat Muktab School594Dergaon Town Chakalakhat
21Dergaon Town Abhyakhan L.P. School 587Dergaon Town Abhyakhan
22Dergaon Town Chakalakhat Muktab School 833Dergaon Town Chakalakhat
23Dergaon Town Girls Sr Basic School1107Dergaon Town
24Dergaon Town Girls High School923Dergaon Town
25Dergaon Town Boys Srbasic School 621Dergaon Town
26Dergaon Town Boys Sr Basic School 711Dergaon Town
27Dergaon Hs School 641Dergaon
28Dergaon H.S. School 600Dergaon
29Jelehuwa Gaon Jr. Basic School 472Jelehuwa Gaon
30Jelehuwa Gaon Jr. Basic School 915Jelehuwa Gaon
31Balibat Muktab School850Balibat Muktab
32Negherriting Bagicha Borline L.P. School 506Negherriting Bagicha Borline
33Negheriting Bagicha Borline L.P. School 595Negheriting Bagicha Borline
34Feta Gaon L.P. School1145Feta Gaon
35Balijan Bagicha Mazdur Lp School691Balijan Bagicha Mazdur
36Balijan Bagicha Office510Balijan Bagicha
37Bhakatia L.P. School1007Bhakatia
38Naharani Khat L.P. School950Naharani Khat
39Khangia Gaon L.P. School694Khangia Gaon
40Dergaon Kamar Gaon Sr Basic School 608Dergaon Kamar Gaon
41Dergaon Kamar Gaon Sr Basic School 552Dergaon Kamar Gaon
42Koch Gaon L.P. School603Koch Gaon
43Barua Gaon Chaneki L.P. School1087Barua Gaon Chaneki
44Barua Bamun Gaon Sr Basic School1126Barua Bamun Gaon
45Kakadonga Gyanodaya M.E. School 665Kakadonga Gyanodaya
46Majikusi L.P. School596Majikusi
47Kakadonga Gyanodaya L.P. School 868Kakadonga Gyanodaya
48Kakadonga Sr Basic School486Kakadonga
49Kacu Gaon Jr. Basic School 736Kacu Gaon
50Kacu Gaon Jr. Basic School 780Kacu Gaon
51Somani Gaon L.P. School517Somani Gaon
52Mahima Bagicha L.P. School886Mahima Bagicha
5317 No Upper Khatowal L.P. School933Upper Khatowal
54Kukurapahia Jr. Basic L.P. School803Kukurapahia
55Bez Gaon Jr. Basic L.P. School753Bez Gaon
56Pub Kakadonga M.E. School552Kakadonga
57Khatowal Jr. Basic School 692Khatowal
58Khatowal Jr. Basic School 763Khatowal
59Sansuwa Bagicha L.P. School 723Sansuwa Bagicha
60Sansuwa Bagicha L.P. School 616Sansuwa Bagicha
61Sansuwa Bagicha Cresh House510Sansuwa Bagicha
62Bahbari Lalbahadur L.P. School515Bahbari Lalbahadur
63Kachamari Sankardev L.P. School838Kachamari
64Samaguri Bagicha L.P. School 640Samaguri Bagicha
65Samaguri Bagicha L.P. School 586Samaguri Bagicha
66Mahbondha Bagicha L.P. School 522Mahbondha Bagicha
67Mahbondha Bagicha L.P. School 498Mahbondha Bagicha
68Chakalating Bagicha L.P. School772Chakalating Bagicha
69Bhakat Pamua L.P. School 573Bhakat Pamua
70Bhakat Pamua L.P. School 544Bhakat Pamua
71Mahbandha Madrassa1046Mahbandha Madrassa
72Dahutia Mv School694Dahutia
73Swahid Binanda Dutta L.P. School605Swahid Binanda Dutta
74Misimiati Satra L.P. School688Misimiati Satra
75Dholi Nimna Buniadi Bidyalaya 581
76Khangia Gaon Mv School 691Khangia Gaon
77Khangia Gaon Mv School 562Khangia Gaon
78Borkhangia L.P. School820Borkhangia
79Madhabdev L.P. School806Madhabdev
80Pakhimari L.P. School594Pakhimari
81Bez Gaon L.P. School 742Bez Gaon
82Bez Gaon L.P. School 549Bez Gaon
83Dahutia Mahar Gaon L.P. School892Dahutia Mahar Gaon
84Charaibahi High School 719Charaibahi
85Charaibahi High School829Charaibahi
86Dulia Gaon M.E. School 845Dulia Gaon
87Dulia Gaon M.E. School 886Dulia Gaon
88Pakamura High School 637Pakamura
89Pakamura High School 645Pakamura
90Dhekelia L.P. School1121Dhekelia
91Lapahia Bagicha L.P. School737Lapahia Bagicha
92150 No Charingia L.P. School 1048Charingia
93150 No Charingia L.P. School 827Charingia
94Parbatia Adarsa Mv School 1024Parbatia Adarsa
95Bhatemara Mv School 655Bhatemara
96Bhatemara Mv School 665Bhatemara
97Sahpuria Kuchar L.P. School938Sahpuria Kuchar
98Bhatemara Githarthi L.P. School608Bhatemara Githarthi
99Bhatemara Githarthi Lp School.586Bhatemara Githarthi
10049Bapuji Bidyalaya1092
101Tarajan Guwal Manimaji L.P. School495Tarajan Guwal Manimaji
102Shrimanta Sankardev Acadamy 718
103Shrimanta Sankardev Acadamy 472
104Phanidhar Dutta Vidyapith. Saumarpith611
105Phanidhar Dutta Vidyapith. Saumarpith533
106Choladhara Girls L.P. School N.ACholadhara
10766 No Hezari L.P. School 670Hezari
108Dakhin Sarbaibondha L.P. School583Dakhin Sarbaibondha
10966 No Hezari L.P. School 968Hezari
110Sabaibandha Naba Prathamic School 469
111Sarbaibandha Naba Prathamic School438
112No. 306 Monaimaji Lp School743Monaimaji
113Baligaon Bhakesonel Gitarthi High School 456Baligaon Bhakesonel Gitarthi
114Baligaon Bhakesonel Gitarthi High School 905Baligaon Bhakesonel Gitarthi
115Malow Ali High School616Malow Ali
116Magalukhat Mv School1146Magalukhat
117Garakhiwa Dol L.P. School979Garakhiwa Dol
118Da Gaon M.E. School1153Da Gaon
119655 Gayan Gharphalia L.P. School1151Gayan Gharphalia
120Sarucharai Basic L.P. School860Sarucharai
121Gharphalia L.P. School 664Gharphalia
122Gharphalia L.P. School 607Gharphalia
123Sarucharai Cha Bagicha L.P. School 660Sarucharai Cha Bagicha
124Sarucharai Cha Bagicha L.P. School 521Sarucharai Cha Bagicha
125Bagariguri L.P. School598Bagariguri
126Charingia High School1057Charingia
127Charingia Nagayan L.P. School932Charingia Nagayan
128Saruhuj L.P. School 580Saruhuj
129Saruhuj L.P. School 543Saruhuj
130Borhuj L.P. School 1031Borhuj
131Barhuj L.P. School 1015Barhuj
132Puranimati Satra M.E. School973Puranimati Satra
133Karaikhowa L.P. School 679Karaikhowa
134Karaikhowa L.P. School 433Karaikhowa
135Pawna Gaon L.P. School889Pawna Gaon
136Bor Ahom Gaon L.P. School835Bor Ahom Gaon
137Kaliari M.E. School978Kaliari
138Timtimia Nava Parthamik Vidyalaya355Timtimia
139Garumara M.E. School604Garumara
140Garumora High School682Garumora
14198 No Garumara L.P. School874Garumara
142Borm.E.R L.P. School604Borm
1432 No Nam Garumara L.P. School672Nam Garumara
144Madhya Garumora L.P. School721Madhya Garumora
145Garumara L.P. School694Garumara
146Gendhali L.P. School780Gendhali
147Garia Chapari L.P. School517Garia Chapari
148Eporia L.P. School 912Eporia
149Sawguri Lp School673Sawguri
150Uttar Kalia L.P. School 544Uttar Kalia
151Uttar Kalia L.P. School 637Uttar Kalia
152Dakhin Kalia L.P. School1080Dakhin Kalia
153Laliti Chapori L.P. School848Laliti Chapori
154Neol Gaon L.P. School829Neol Gaon
155Upper Bahfala L.P. School 778Upper Bahfala
156Madhya Bahfalla L.P. School951Madhya Bahfalla
157Bhojkhati L.P. School1030Bhojkhati
158Dhankholoi L.P. School923Dhankholoi
159Kalbari Community Hall650Kalbari
160Hem Ch M.E. School712
161Kareng Chapori L.P. School909Kareng Chapori
162Baghmara Charigaria L.P. School652Baghmara Charigaria
163Disoiporia Girls High School695Disoiporia
164Salmara Mv School397Salmara
165Sonari Gaon Mv School 817Sonari Gaon
166Sonari Gaon Mv School 879Sonari Gaon
167Malow Khat M.E. School 401Malow Khat
168No. 372 Bengena Ati Khat Lp School834Bengena Ati Khat
169Malow Khat M.E. School 836Malow Khat
170Khutiaputa L.P. School805Khutiaputa
171Sakaikhoangia High School447Sakaikhoangia
172Namdeuri Girls Bidyalaya1062Namdeuri
173Upper Deuri L.P. School726Upper Deuri
174Khangia Gaon L.P. School956Khangia Gaon
175Niz Baligaon L.P. School814Niz Baligaon
176Nahatia High School1019Nahatia

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