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Polling Booth in Dalgaon Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Dalgaon

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dalgaon Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1No.1 Block Majgaon L.P.S691Majgaon
2Pachim Majgaon L.P. School963Pachim Majgaon
3Daipam Hs School1180Daipam
4Daipam L.P. School 1119Daipam
5Daipam L.P. School 528Daipam
6Simaluguri L.P. School 692Simaluguri
7Simaluguri L.P. School 767Simaluguri
8Duliapara L.P. School1098Duliapara
9Dakshin Duliapara L.P. School1085Dakshin Duliapara
10Galandi Kash L.P.S826Galandi Kash
11Galandi Kash L.P. School 1013Galandi Kash
12Kuwaripukhuri L.P. School721Kuwaripukhuri
13Kuwaripukhuri Senior Madrassa579Kuwaripukhuri
14Simalubari L.P. School586Simalubari
15Kunwari Pukhuri M.E. Madrassa1255Kunwari Pukhuri
16Mollapara L.P. School770Mollapara
17Jangal.P.Ara Mv School 932Jangal.P.Ara
18Jangal.P.Ara Mv School 1048Jangal.P.Ara
19Barangabari L.P. School832Barangabari
20Barangabari L.P. School 869Barangabari
21Sarisabari L.P. School 624Sarisabari
22Sarisabari L.P. School 717Sarisabari
23Sarisabari L.P. School 1003Sarisabari
24No.5 Baurajhar Gp Office 1055Baurajhar
25No.5 Baruajhar Gp Office 1038Baruajhar
26No.2 Chikanmati L.P. School809Chikanmati
27No.5 Baruajhar L.P.School 1020Baruajhar
28No.5 Baruajhar L.P. School 826Baruajhar
29No.4 Baruajhar L.P.School 1121Baruajhar
30No.4 Baruajhar L.P.School 891Baruajhar
31Chandpur L.P. School864Chandpur
32Kalyan Baruajhar L.P.School 831Kalyan Baruajhar
33Kalyan Baruajhar L.P. School 773Kalyan Baruajhar
34Bechimari Hs School 756Bechimari
35Bechimari Hs School 567Bechimari
36Bechimari Hs School 1202Bechimari
37Habiganj L.P. School784Habiganj
38Habiganj Lp School 534Habiganj
39Aliganj L.P. School1243Aliganj
40Ulubari Madrassa 768Ulubari
41Ulubari Madrassa 747Ulubari
42No.1/ 2 Baruajhar M.E.M774Baruajhar
43No.1/ 2 Baruajhar M.E.M813Baruajhar
44No.1/ 2 Baruajhar M.E.M889Baruajhar
45No.1 & No.2 Baruajhar Gp Office879Baruajhar
46Baligaon L.P. School1051Baligaon
47Padmapuri L.P. School1118Padmapuri
48Pachim Chokabahin L.P.School 897Pachim Chokabahin
49Pachim Chokabahi L.P.School 907Pachim Chokabahi
50Padopari L.P. School 686Padopari
51Padopari L.P. School 1004Padopari
52Barghuli L.P. School1047Barghuli
53Lal.P.Ool L.P. School1322Lal.P.Ool
54Lailongpara Hs 1119Lailongpara
55Lailongpara Hs 648Lailongpara
56Karaibari L.P. School818Karaibari
57Gerua L.P. School772Gerua
58Madhgohain L.P. School295Madhgohain
59Nadirkash L.P. School 1020Nadirkash
60Nadirkash L.P. School 954Nadirkash
61Gandapukhuri L.P.S984Gandapukhuri
62Gandapukhuri L.P. School 1333Gandapukhuri
63No.2 Madhagohain L.P. School837Madhagohain
64Chikanmati L.P. School759Chikanmati
65No. 3 Madhagohain Lp School506Madhagohain
66Takimari L.P. School 838Takimari
67Takimari L.P. School 771Takimari
68Bargarah Te Club758Bargarah Te Club
69Aithanjhar L.P. School 543Aithanjhar
70Aithanjhar L.P. School 950Aithanjhar
71Dalakati Borobazar M.E.School 684Dalakati Borobazar
72Dalakati Borobazar M.E.School 888Dalakati Borobazar
73Lilananda Bidyaniketan H.S.School904Lilananda
74Bijulibari L.P. School919Bijulibari
75No.2 Barjhar M.E. School1064Barjhar
76No.1 Durangbahjhar L.P. School1023Durangbahjhar
77Gasbari L.P. School846Gasbari
78Barjhar Gp Office967Barjhar
79Ladabari Lp School467Ladabari
80Bangaligaon L.P. School715Bangaligaon
81Bangaligaon L.P. School586Bangaligaon
82Garogaon L.P. School877Garogaon
83Ghiladhari L.P. School 602Ghiladhari
84Bagichakash L.P. School 1058Bagichakash
85Bagichakash L.P. School 749Bagichakash
86Ballavbhai Patel Hss693
87Dalakati Nepaligaon L.P.School 719Dalakati Nepaligaon
88Dalakati Nepaligaon L.P.S. School 679Dalakati Nepaligaon
89Kopati Gp Office770Kopati
90Chakarabasti L.P. School 1135Chakarabasti
91Chakarbasti L.P. School 684Chakarbasti
92Kopati Te Club814Kopati
93Baruapara L.P. School 677Baruapara
94Baruapara L.P. School 804Baruapara
95Chakaragaon L.P. School950Chakaragaon
96Niz Dalgaon L.P. School1242Niz Dalgaon
97Dalgaon Gp Office1172Dalgaon
98Dalgaon Town L.P.S660Dalgaon Town
99Dalgaon Town Lp School 615Dalgaon Town
100Dalgaon H. S. School 657Dalgaon
101Dalgaon H. S. School 632Dalgaon
102Burigaon L.P. School 1094Burigaon
103Burigaon L.P. School 1076Burigaon
104Gadhaijhar L.P. School 1171Gadhaijhar
105Gadhaijhar L.P. School 899Gadhaijhar
106Pub Kamarpara L.P. School 751Kamarpara
107Pub Kamarpara L.P. School 701Kamarpara
108Pachim Kumarpara L.P.S764Pachim Kumarpara
109Pachim Kumarpara L.P.S703Pachim Kumarpara
110Niz Baruajhar L.P. School1162Niz Baruajhar
111Pachim Baruajhar L.P. School742Pachim Baruajhar
112Punia L.P. School987Punia
113Bhotpukhuri Pra. Madrassa821Bhotpukhuri
114Bhotpukhuri Pra. Madrassa908Bhotpukhuri
115Fakirpara M.E. Madrassa 1050Fakirpara
116Fakirpara M.E. Madrassa 627Fakirpara
117Fakirpara M.E. Madrassa 836Fakirpara
118Nagajan L.P. School1163Nagajan
119Fakirpara Gp Office822Fakirpara
120Fakirpara Gp Office849Fakirpara
121Pachim Bahabari L.P.S798Pachim Bahabari
122Pachim Bahabari L.P. School 764Pachim Bahabari
123Bahabari Girls L.P. School 921Bahabari
124Bahabari Girls L.P. School 644Bahabari
125Kharupetia Hs School 1226Kharupetia
126Kharupetia Hs School722Kharupetia
127Kharupetia Hs School 700Kharupetia
128Thakurpatty L.P. School 1101Thakurpatty
129Thakurpatty L.P. School 747Thakurpatty
130Thakurpatty L.P. School 709Thakurpatty
131Sailabala Hs 971Sailabala
132Sailabala Hs 754Sailabala
133Kharupetia Nagar L.P.S755Kharupetia Nagar
134Kharupetia Nagar L.P.S931Kharupetia Nagar
135Tapoban L.P. School 592Tapoban
136Tapoban L.P. School 681Tapoban
137Kharupetia Girls Hs 706Kharupetia
138Kharupetia Girls Hs 686Kharupetia
139Kharupetia Girls Hs 695Kharupetia
140Kharupetia Girls Hs 649Kharupetia
141Ghansimalu L.P. School 829Ghansimalu
142Ghansimalu L.P. School 757Ghansimalu
143Alikash Senior M.E. Madrassa1012Alikash
144Bihudia L.P. School1122Bihudia
145Bihudia L.P. School1077Bihudia
146Kheteswar L.P. School 660Kheteswar
147Kheteswar L.P. School 728Kheteswar
148Dhaniram L.P. School 670Dhaniram
149Dhaniram L.P. School 674Dhaniram
150Khakjani L.P. School 961Khakjani
151Khakjani L.P. School 797Khakjani
152Nc Arimari L.P. School 710Arimari
153Nc Arimari L.P. School 689Arimari
154Nc Arimari L.P. School588Arimari
155Arimari L.P. School New 771Arimari
156Arimari L.P. School New 806Arimari
157No.1 Arimari L.P. School 711Arimari
158No.1 Arimari L.P. School 742Arimari
159Badlichar Lp School1311Badlichar
160Barkur L.P. School1147Barkur
161Islampur Chapari Lp School652Islampur Chapari
162Shyampur M.E. Madrassa 758Shyampur
163Shyampur M.E. Madrassa 739Shyampur
164No.4 Shyampur Bazar Community Hall758Shyampur Bazar
165No. 4 Shyampur Lp School588Shyampur
166No.4 Shyampur Barali L.P.S774Shyampur Barali
167No.4 Shyampur Barali L.P.S822Shyampur Barali
168Konakatapar L.P. School 970Konakatapar
169Konakatapar L.P. School 813Konakatapar
170Rohinikash L.P. School 796Rohinikash
171Rohinikash L.P. School 868Rohinikash
172No.2 Sialmari L.P.S1177Sialmari
173No.2 Sialmari L.P. School 702Sialmari
174Nizjhakuapara L.P. School 699Nizjhakuapara
175Nizjhakuapara Lp School 512Nizjhakuapara
176Niz Jhakuapara L.P.S1057Niz Jhakuapara
177Khajuabil L.P. School793Khajuabil
178Khajuabil L.P. School 744Khajuabil
179Kachomari Balak L.P. School 692Kachomari Balak
180Kachomari Balak L.P. School 858Kachomari Balak
181Kachomari Bil.P.Ar L.P. School954Kachomari Bil.P.Ar
182Sialmari High School 613Sialmari
183Sialmari High School 754Sialmari
184Roumari Chapari L.P. School1070Roumari Chapari
185Sialmari M.E. Madrassa439Sialmari
186Niz Majgaon L.P. School876Niz Majgaon
187Thalthali L.P. School945Thalthali
188Rangagarapathar L.P. School 790Rangagarapathar
189Rangagarapathar L.P.S1021Rangagarapathar
190Khajuabil Gp Office994Khajuabil
191Ghiladhari L.P. School 1202Ghiladhari
192Dakhin Bechimari L.P.S1083Dakhin Bechimari
193Dakshin Bechimari L.P.S898Dakshin Bechimari
194Nalbari L.P. School1009Nalbari
195Silbari L.P. School 723Silbari
196Silbari Lp School 597Silbari
197No. 1 Kacharivetitop L.P.School742Kacharivetitop
198No. 2 Kacharivetitop Lp School792Kacharivetitop
199No 3 Kacharivetitop L.P. School625Kacharivetitop
200Silbari M.E. School 1164Silbari
201Silbari M.E. School 933Silbari

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