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Polling Booth in Chapaguri Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Chapaguri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Chapaguri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Rabanguri L.P. School 486Rabanguri
2Rabangguri L.P. School 616Rabangguri
3Nonke Betbari L.P. School1005Nonke Betbari
4No.366 Rangapani L.P. School 328Rangapani
5No.366 Rangapani L.P. School 323Rangapani
6No.366 Rangapani L.P. School 684Rangapani
7No. 264 Kamardoicha L.P. School 570Kamardoicha
8No. 264 Kamardoicha L.P. School 532Kamardoicha
9No.681 Hatijan L.P. School 957Hatijan
10No.681 Hatijan L.P. School 286Hatijan
11No.915 Batabari Forest L.P. School 954Batabari Forest
12No.915 Batabari Forest L.P. School 603Batabari Forest
13No.446 Odalguri L.P. School787Odalguri
14Baniakuchi Majrabari L.P. School 559Baniakuchi Majrabari
15Baniakuchi Majrabari L.P. School 522Baniakuchi Majrabari
16Koklabari Govt L.P. School 923Koklabari
17Koklabari Govt L.P. School 774Koklabari
18No.618 Barghagra L.P. School894Barghagra
19Nava Dihira L.P. School 618Nava Dihira
20Nava Dihira L.P. School 646Nava Dihira
21No.615 Rabangguri L.P. School 522Rabangguri
22No.615 Rabangguri L.P. School 546Rabangguri
23Bhogpur L.P. School753Bhogpur
24No.391 Betbari L.P. School 758Betbari
25No.391 Betbari L.P. School 617Betbari
26No.2 Simla Hazuwa L.P. School472Simla Hazuwa
27Simla Koklabari High School 975Simla Koklabari
28Simla Koklabari High School 741Simla Koklabari
29No.315 Tukurakuchi L.P. School 946Tukurakuchi
30No.315 Tukurakuchi L.P. School 254Tukurakuchi
31Karhana L.P. School 674Karhana
32Karhana L.P. School 598Karhana
33Silbari Minor School 531Silbari
34Silbari Minor School 535Silbari
35Bcd M.E. School887
36No.1 Angulia L.P. School 395Angulia
37No.1 Angulia L.P. School 737Angulia
38Angulia Natun Barala L.P. School888Angulia Natun Barala
39Swarna Balika M.E. School 696Swarna
40Swarna Balika M.E. School 846Swarna
41No.330 Paschim Khagrabari L.P. School 648Paschim Khagrabari
42No.330 Paschim Khagrabari L.P. School 638Paschim Khagrabari
43Golagaon Himachal M.V.School 546Golagaon
44Golagaon Himachal M.V. School 638Golagaon
45Duwagaon Kachumari L.P. School 653Duwagaon Kachumari
46Duwagaon Kachumari L.P. School 630Duwagaon Kachumari
47Batabari L.P. School 471Batabari
48Batabari L.P. School 492Batabari
49Chapaguri Nalbari L.P. School 976Chapaguri Nalbari
50Chapaguri Nalbari L.P. School 507Chapaguri Nalbari
51901/ Dangarigaon L.P. School 638Dangarigaon
52901/ Dangarigaon L.P. School 801Dangarigaon
53Nalbari M.E. School285Nalbari
54No.1 Sakadal Minor School 923Sakadal
55No.1 Sakadal Minor School 733Sakadal
56Chapaguri Koklabari Minor School 940Chapaguri Koklabari
57Chapaguri Koklabari Minor School 572Chapaguri Koklabari
58No.1 Laukhata L.P. School 681Laukhata
59No.1 Laukhata L.P. School 615Laukhata
60Arkara Minor School759Arkara
61Jarabari L.P. School 462Jarabari
62Jarabari L.P. School 569Jarabari
63Gadhuligaon L.P. School 578Gadhuligaon
64Gadhuligaon L.P. School 630Gadhuligaon
65No.1367 Kuzideur L.P. School530Kuzideur
66No.1 Bakuwa L.P. School 590Bakuwa
67No.1 Bakuwa L.P. School 658Bakuwa
68Bhulukamuri L.P. School 567Bhulukamuri
69Bhulukamuri L.P. School 565Bhulukamuri
70Bhulukamuri L.P. School 714Bhulukamuri
71Anchali M.E. School 914Anchali
72Anchali M.E. School 906Anchali
73Jalah High School 533Jalah
74Jalah High School 457Jalah
75Jalah High School 772Jalah
76Jalah High School 692Jalah
77Pubkhagrabari L.P. School 818Pubkhagrabari
78Pubkhagrabari L.P. School 504Pubkhagrabari
79Pubkhagrabari L.P. School 496Pubkhagrabari
80Bhebla L.P. School 585Bhebla
81Bhebla L.P. School 908Bhebla
82No. 882 Ghogapar L.P. School358Ghogapar
83No.786 Ulubari L.P. School947Ulubari
84Saderi Supa L.P. School732Saderi Supa
85No.472 Jogdola L.P. School 495Jogdola
86No.472 Jogdola L.P. School 665Jogdola
87Thamna Binapani High School 611Thamna Binapani
88Thamna Binapani High School 504Thamna Binapani
89Thamna Binapani High School 524Thamna Binapani
90Gaonrajasthan L.P. School448Gaonrajasthan
91Raipur L.P. School670Raipur
92Tatlapara L.P. School 480Tatlapara
93Tatlapara L.P. School 489Tatlapara
94Saraimari L.P. School 696Saraimari
95Saraimari L.P. School 691Saraimari
96Ahopa Boropara L.P. School 870Ahopa Boropara
97Ahopa Boropara L.P. School 903Ahopa Boropara
98Ahopa M.E. School 526Ahopa
99Ahopa High School549Ahopa
100Ahopa M.E. School 554Ahopa
101Garamdeu L.P. School672Garamdeu
102Garamdeu M.E. School.690Garamdeu
103Bhebari No. 2 L.P. School524Bhebari
104Dumnibagan L.P. School832Dumnibagan
105Dumnibagan Staff Club 567Dumnibagan
106Dumnibagan Labour Club 369Dumnibagan
107Dumnibagan Staff Club 541Dumnibagan
108Dumnibagan Labour Club 708Dumnibagan
109Bhutankhuti Sri Panchami M.E. School 860Bhutankhuti
110Bhutankhuti Sri Panchami M.E. School 624Bhutankhuti
111Bhutankhuti L.P. School.712Bhutankhuti
112Dihira Madhupur L.P. School925Dihira Madhupur
113Dhansripur M.E. School 634Dhansripur
114Lanthibari M.E. School454Lanthibari
115Dhansripur M.E. School 773Dhansripur
116Dihira Mv School 728Dihira
117Lakhipur Binapani High School 576Lakhipur Binapani
118Lakhipur Binapani High School 483Lakhipur Binapani
119Subansri No.2 L.P. School853Subansri
120Subansri No. 1 L.P. School579Subansri
121Bc Milon Minor School 627
122B C Bazar L P School403B C Bazar
123Bagaribari L.P. Shool809Bagaribari
124B C Milon Minor School 562
125Jynanodaya High School542
126Bc Milan Minor School 310
127C Block L.P. School687C Block
128Narayanpur Milon M.E. School 864Narayanpur
129Narayanpur Milon M.E. School 463Narayanpur
130Narayanpur High School 622Narayanpur
131Narayanpur Milon M.E. School 615Narayanpur
132Narayanpur High School 602Narayanpur
133Matipur L.P. School 594Matipur
134Matipur L.P. School 531Matipur
135Manikpur L.P. School900Manikpur
136Masal.P.Ur High School 561Mushalpur
137Masal.P.Ur High School 611Mushalpur
138Masal.P.Ur High School 1151Mushalpur
139Bangnabari L.P. School387Bangnabari
140Bathawphuri Bodo Academy High School 525Bathawphuri Bodo
141Bathawphuri Bodo Academy High School 540Bathawphuri Bodo
142Bathawphuri Bodo Academy High School 648Bathawphuri Bodo
143Bathouguri Boro Academy M.E. School 802Bathouguri Boro
144Bathouguri Boro Academy M.E. School 515Bathouguri Boro
145Borbori Nehru High School 857Borbori
146Borbori Nehru High School 665Borbori
147Lokpala L.P. School581Lokpala
148No. 1 Lokpala L.P. School940Lokpala
149Chaibari No.2 L.P. School745Chaibari
150Mainao M.E. School862Mainao
151Bunbari L.P. School 953Bunbari
152Bunbari L.P. School 858Bunbari
153Belguri Pathar No.1 L.P. School 679Belguri Pathar
154No. 2 Belguripathar L.P. School698Belguripathar
155Belguri Pathar No.1 L.P. School 763Belguri Pathar
156No. 1089 Borimukh L.P. School 912Borimukh
157No. 1089 Borimukh L.P. School 709Borimukh
158Uzirbari L.P. School 762Uzirbari
159Uzirbari L.P. School 629Uzirbari
160No. 2 Uzirbari L.P. School602Uzirbari
161Rampur Milan Primaryschool 756Rampur
162Rampur Milan Primaryschool 722Rampur
163Katahbari L.P. School506Katahbari
164Chemathiapara L.P. School775Chemathiapara
165Athiabari Vidya Mandirhigh School 664Athiabari
166Athiabari Vidya Mandirhigh School 289Athiabari
167Athiabari Vidya Mandirhigh School 778Athiabari
168Pamuapathar L.P. School 706Pamuapathar
169Pamuapathar L.P. School 753Pamuapathar
170Pub Athiabari L.P. School826Athiabari
171Sripurdeur Nehru L.P. School 794Sripurdeur
172Sripurdeur Nehru L.P. School 806Sripurdeur
173Singrapara Bennabari L.P. School 569Singrapara Bennabari
174Singrapara Bennabari L.P. School 554Singrapara Bennabari
175Nizarapara Bennabari L.P. School 672Nizarapara Bennabari
176Nizarapara Bennabari L.P. School 905Nizarapara Bennabari
177Odalbari M.E. School 567Odalbari
178Odalbari M.E. School 566Odalbari
179No.552 Geruapara L.P. School922Geruapara
180No. 443 Uzan Nalbari L.P. School876Uzan Nalbari
181Goldingpara L.P. School 879Goldingpara
182Goldingpara L.P. School 850Goldingpara
183Karemura M.E. School 706Karemura
184Karemura M.E. School 324Karemura

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