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Polling Booth in Chabua Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Chabua

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Chabua Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Dikam Sessa Te L.P. School 602Dikam Sessa
2Dikom T.E. Labour Club497Dikom
3Dikam Sesa Te L.P. School 791Dikam Sesa
4Dikam Te Staff Club594Dikam
5Pomatoli L.P. School420Pomatoli
6Dikam High School 629Dikam
7Nahartoli T.E. Labour Club715Nahartoli
8Dikam High School 409Dikam
9Kadomoni Crech480Kadomoni
10Nadua Te L.P. School552Nadua
11Nadua Te Staff Club441Nadua
12Hatigadhoi L.P. School739Hatigadhoi
13Nadua Gohain Gaon L.P. School840Nadua Gohain Gaon
14Tiyanh Jalia L.P. School 944Tiyanh Jalia
15Hatiali Asomiya L.P. School363Hatiali Asomiya
16Hatiali Te Club562Hatiali
17Anganwadi Kendra Line No.14482
18Hatiali Te School605Hatiali
19Hatiali Te Lp School South,512Hatiali
20Sialkati Te L.P. School865Sialkati
21Sialkati Te Mazdoor Club612Sialkati
22Sialkati Te Mazdoor Club494Sialkati
23Hargobind Rai Bahadur Mv School280Hargobind Rai Bahadur
24Rangamati L.P. School497Rangamati
25Chetia Gaon L.P. School593Chetia Gaon
26Hatiali High School554Hatiali
27Ddr College, Chabua (C.No.1)737Chabua
28Ddr College (C.No.4)743
29Deodhai L.P. School709Deodhai
30Aniruddha Dev L.P. School 643
31Moricha Gaon Koiborta L.P. School749Moricha Gaon Koiborta
32Sri Sarbannada L.P. Schooln635
33Hatiali Mv School967Hatiali
34Balijan Kath Gaon L.P. School623Balijan Kath Gaon
35Swahid Gohain Chetia M.E.School857Swahid Gohain Chetia
36North Balijan Te Indian Club847North Balijan
37North Balijan Te Indian Club607North Balijan
38North Balijan T.E. L.P. School541North Balijan
39Pub Nefafu Lp School797Pub Nefafu
40North Balijan L.P. School 637North Balijan
41South Balijan L.P. School861South Balijan
42Rongmola Tamulbari L.P. School300Rongmola Tamulbari
43Bindhakata L.P. School C.No.2275Bindhakata
44Dadhia Kuli Gaon L.P. School1021Dadhia Kuli Gaon
45Dadhia Kuli Gaon L.P. School818Dadhia Kuli Gaon
46Miri Gaon L.P. School541Miri Gaon
47Mulukghat Miri Gaon Lp School422Mulukghat Miri Gaon
48Bindhakata H E School407Bindhakata
49Bindhakata Te M.E. School693Bindhakata
50Suhagidevi L.P. School658Suhagidevi
51Kharjan Te L.P. School843Kharjan
52Kharjan Dighalibari Te L.P. School547Kharjan Dighalibari
53Kharjan Te Staff Club506Kharjan
54Kharjan Labour Club386Kharjan
55Bogdung High School568Bogdung
56Bogdung High School422Bogdung
57Bharalua L.P. School901Bharalua
58Borbari Bongali L.P. School943Borbari Bongali
59Dangorchuk L.P. School471Dangorchuk
60Dinjay Te L.P. School1027Dinjay
61Dinjay Te L.P. School884Dinjay
62Betmela Lp School837Betmela
63Chah Bonua Adarsha L.P. School529Chah Bonua
64Jugipathar L.P. School733Jugipathar
65Jerai Mohmara L.P. School804Jerai Mohmara
66Kajikhowa L.P. School444Kajikhowa
67Kajikhowa L.P. School509Kajikhowa
68Nizchabua L.P. School C. No.2775Nizchabua
69Nizchabua L.P. School 859Nizchabua
70Asom Vidyapith High School 891Asom
71Asom Vidyapith High School 323Asom
72Asom Vidyapith L.P. School 672Asom
73Asom Vidyapith L.P. School 780Asom
74Asom Vidyapith L.P. School 1164Asom
75Chabua Ddr College Centre No.2 642Chabua
76Chabua Ddr College Centre No.2 649Chabua
77Chabua Ddr College Centre No.3 645Chabua
78Chabua Te L.P. School 557Chabua
79Chabua Te L.P. School 580Chabua
80Chabua Te L.P. School 567Chabua
81Chabua Te Staff Club622Chabua
82Chabua Pulunga Mv School Centre No. 1 550Chabua Pulunga
83Chabua Pulunga Mv School Centre No.2 799Chabua Pulunga
84Chabua Pulunga L.P. School620Chabua Pulunga
85Rajabari L.P. School645Rajabari
86Bhardhora L.P. School770Bhardhora
87Gandhia Nahoroni Habichuk L.P. School902Gandhia Nahoroni Habichuk
88Jerai Chakalibharia L.P. School 244Jerai Chakalibharia
89Jerai Chakalibharia L.P. School 938Jerai Chakalibharia
90Udalguri Te L.P. School869Udalguri
91Baghbari L.P. School568Baghbari
92Dighali Pather Adarsha Hindi Lp School553Dighali Pather
93Bogdung Parishrami L.P. School 602Bogdung Parishrami
94Dinjan Te L.P. School605Dinjan
95Dinjan Te Hindi School 916Dinjan
96Dinjan Te Hindi School 846Dinjan
97Dinjan Te Labour Club674Dinjan
98Dinjoy T.E. Labour Club 581Dinjoy
99Khamti Gohali Te L.P. School C. No. 1689Khamti Gohali
100Khamti Gohali Te L.P. School C. No. 2909Khamti Gohali
101Nalani Te L.P. School Centre No.1547Nalani
102Nalani Te L.P. School 491Nalani
103Nalani Te L.P. School C.No.2737Nalani
104Panitola Te L.P. School No.1 203Panitola
105Panitola Te L.P. School No.2 677Panitola
106Panitola T.E. Staff Club537Panitola
107Dipu Line L.P. School559Dipu Line
108Panitola Te Crech House581Panitola
109Panitola Te Labour Club 823Panitola
110Chat House Panitola Te.746Panitola
111Panitola Te Staff Club533Panitola
112Panitola High School Centre No.1 915Panitola
113Panitola High School Centre No.1 N.APanitola
114Panitola Nagaon L.P. School N.APanitola Nagaon
115Panitola Nagaon L.P. School 536Panitola Nagaon
116Chetia Pathar L.P. School715Chetia Pathar
117Baruahula L. P. School (C. No. 1)601Baruahula
118Baruahula L. P. School (C. No. 2)593Baruahula
119Madhya Balijan L.P. School(2)462Madhya Balijan
120Baruah Hula Mv School 674Baruah Hula
121Baruah Hula Mv School 676Baruah Hula
122Rang Dhemali Mv School (1E)921Rang Dhemali
123Nunpuria L.P. School 702Nunpuria
124Nunpuria Sesamukh Parthamik Vidyalaya 683Nunpuria
125Nunpuria L.P. School 584Nunpuria
126Nunpuria Sesamukh Parthamik Vidyalaya572Nunpuria
127Dimaruguria L.P. School954Dimaruguria
128Dimaruguria L.P. School 473Dimaruguria
129Kurkurekhowa L.P.701Kurkurekhowa
130Kaansuk L.P. School (1E)606Kaansuk
131Kaanchuk L.P. School 618Kaanchuk
132Kaansuk L.P. School (Centre No.2)458Kaansuk
133Kadamoni L.P. School (Centre No.1)614Kadamoni
134Kadamoni L.P. School 533Kadamoni
135Hijuguri Rly. High School Centre No.1974Hijuguri
136Raiay Asomia L.P. School1105Raiay Asomia
137Raiay Asomia L.P. School (C. No. 3)911Raiay Asomia
138Hijuguri Rly. High School Centre No.2586Hijuguri
139Hijuguri Asomia L.P. School841Hijuguri Asomia
140Ukanimuria L.P. School663Ukanimuria
141Dihingia L.P. School701Dihingia
142Nakhrai Te L.P. School 784Nakhrai
143Nakhrai Te L.P. School (C.No.1 South)656Nakhrai
144Nakhrai Te Staff Club620Nakhrai
145Nakhrai L.P. School894Nakhrai
146Bojaltoli Te L.P. School849Bojaltoli
147Padumoni Sewa Kendra L.P.School395Padumoni
148Anganwadi Centre, Padumoni Te864Padumoni
149Guijan M.E. School Centre No. 1 668Guijan
150Guijan High School 658Guijan
151Guijan M.E. School Centre No.2 514Guijan
152Guijan High School 565Guijan
153Guijan L.P. School 835Guijan
154Guijan High School769Guijan
155Guijan L.P. School 273Guijan
156Limbuguri T.E. L.P. School388Limbuguri
157Limbuguri Lp School606Limbuguri
158Limbuguri Lp School807Limbuguri
159Gatong Gaon L.P. School940Gatong Gaon
160Rangagora Te L.P. School671Rangagora
161Rangagora Te Club730Rangagora
162Natun Rongagora L.P. School824Natun Rongagora
163Dhelaghat Te L.P. School456Dhelaghat
164Dhelaghat Te L.P. School 804Dhelaghat
165Gelapukhuri Te L.P. School 704Gelapukhuri
166Gelapukhuri Te L.P. School 672Gelapukhuri
167Gelapukhuri Sankardev L.P. School (C.No.1)969Gelapukhuri
168Gelapukhuri Sankardev L.P. School (C.No.2)919Gelapukhuri
169Chandmari Te Recreation Centre772Chandmari
170Borguri L.P. School C. No. 1(A)408Borguri
171Borguri L.P. School C. No. 1(B)642Borguri
172Borguri L.P. School C. No. 2712Borguri
173Betarpukhuri Lp School Centre No. A,680Betarpukhuri
174Bator Pukhuri L.P. School618Bator Pukhuri
175Bojaltoli Lp School East,662Bojaltoli
176Bojaltoli Lp School West,510Bojaltoli
177Kachujan Te L.P. School723Kachujan
178Bordoloi Nagar High School 803Bordoloi Nagar
179Bordoloi Nagar High School 939Bordoloi Nagar
180Pensioner Bhawan733
181Ahukhat L.P. School739Ahukhat
182Chandmari Bonua L.P. School512Chandmari Bonua
183Ahukhat L.P. School594Ahukhat
184Chandmari Bonua L.P. School414Chandmari Bonua
185Hukan Pukhuri Te L.P. School 675Hukan Pukhuri
186Hukan Pukhuri Te L.P. School548Hukan Pukhuri
187Laika Rigbi L.P. School (C.No.1)812Laika Rigbi
188Laika Rigbi L.P. School (C.No.2)830Laika Rigbi

Last Updated on April 02, 2020