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Polling Booth in Bongaigaon Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Bongaigaon

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bongaigaon Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Tulsijhora L.P. School N.ATulsijhora
2Tulsijhora L.P. School 608Tulsijhora
3Odalguri L.P.School658Odalguri
4Khagrabari H.E. School 712Khagrabari
5Khagrabari H.E. School 822Khagrabari
6Roumari Girls' L.P. School732Roumari
7Sukanipara L.P. School548Sukanipara
8Poporagaon L.P. School 1015Poporagaon
9Pachim Khamarpara L.P. School773Pachim Khamarpara
10Poporagaon L.P. School 758Poporagaon
11Poporagaon L.P. School 736Poporagaon
12Poporagaon M.E. School651Poporagaon
13Khuchlupara L.P. School522Khuchlupara
14Chaprakata L.P. School 518Chaprakata
15Chaprakata L.P. School 520Chaprakata
16Chaprakata M.V. School 806Chaprakata
17Chaprakata M.V. School 580Chaprakata
18Chaprakata M.V.School 463Chaprakata
19North Bongaigaon M.E. School1050North Bongaigaon
20North Bongaigaon M.E. School 985North Bongaigaon
21Bongaigaon Vidyabhaban L.P. School 644Bongaigaon
22Bongaigaon Vidyabhaban L.P. School 823Bongaigaon
23Binapani L.P. School 1033Binapani
24Binapani L.P. School 677Binapani
25Chapaguri L P School 786Chapaguri
26Chapaguri L P School 749Chapaguri
27Chapaguri L P School 526Chapaguri
28Chapaguri L P School 572Chapaguri
29North Bongaigaon H E School 578North Bongaigaon
30Dolaigaon Ujanpara L.P. School 569Dolaigaon Ujanpara
31North Bongaigaon H E School 888North Bongaigaon
32North Bongaigaon H E School 432North Bongaigaon
33North Bongaigaon H E School 533North Bongaigaon
34Dalaigaon Uzanpara Lp School 748Dalaigaon Uzanpara
35Dolaigaon L P School 678Dolaigaon
36Dolaigaon L P School 676Dolaigaon
37Dolaigaon L P School 952Dolaigaon
38Bholanath L.P.School Dolaigaon751Bholanath
39Dolaigaon Bhawlaguri L.P.School 800Dhaligaon
40Dhaligaon L P School 751Dhaligaon
41Dhaligaon L P School 753Dhaligaon
42Dhaligaon Brpl Community Centre 323Dhaligaon
43Dhaligaon Brpl Community Centre 512Dhaligaon
44B.R.P.L. Vidyalaya 462
45B.R.P.L. Vidyalaya520
46Delhi Public School 539
47Delhi Public School 580
48Delhi Public School 744
49Barpathar High School 702Barpathar
50Barpathar High School 731Barpathar
51839 No. Barpathar L.P.School1029Barpathar
52Pub Bartolowa Adarsha L.P.School 724Bartolowa
53Bartolowa L.P.School 771Bartolowa
54Dhaligaon High School 534Dhaligaon
55Dhaligaon High School 516Dhaligaon
56Kukurmari L.P.School784Kukurmari
5744 No. Palashbari L.P.School, Dangaigaon861Dangaigaon
58Baikhungaon Satipur M.E. Madrassa School832Baikhungaon Satipur
59Kajalgaon H.E.School 182Kajalgaon
60Mongalagaon M.E. School885Mongalagaon
6169 No. Uttar Kajalgaon L.P.School923Uttar Kajalgaon
62Dangtol Nilibari L.P. School815Dangtol Nilibari
63403 No. Nilibari L.P. School 749Nilibari
64Kalibari Bidyaniketan L.P.School878Kalibari Bidyaniketan
6542 No. South Kajalgaon L.P.School 913South Kajalgaon
6642 No. South Kajalgaon L.P.School 415South Kajalgaon
67949 No. Dangtol L.P. School400Dangtol
68331 Khagrabari L.P. School547Khagrabari
69Kakragaon Jr. Basic School553Kakragaon
702 No. Kakragaon Jb School465Kakragaon
71Bapuji L.P. School 649Bapuji
72Beltoli Kakragaon L P School 372Beltoli Kakragaon
73Beltoli Kakragaon L P School 623Beltoli Kakragaon
74498 No. Bhadragaon L.P. School617Bhadragaon
75Bijoygaon Jr. Basic School 574Bijoygaon
76Bijoygaon Jr. Basic School 530Bijoygaon
77Ghilaguri L.P. School1036Ghilaguri
7833 Tilokgaon Jr. Basic School419Tilokgaon
79Pachim Bhadragaon L.P. School 695Pachim Bhadragaon
80Pachim Bhadragaon L.P. School 759Pachim Bhadragaon
81Bijoygaon M.E. School 660Bijoygaon
82Bijoygaon M.E. School 902Bijoygaon
83Takowamari L.P. School562Takowamari
847Bagulamari L.P. School 534Bagulamari
857Bagulamari L.P. School 624Bagulamari
86Nanchankuti L.P. School 631Nanchankuti
87678 Hollaguri Lp School399Hollaguri
88Bilashpur He School918Bilashpur
89Durgamari L.P. School 1083Durgamari
901084 Niligarh Lp School313Niligarh
9114 No. Nankargaon Jr. Basic School 669Nankargaon
9214 No. Nankargaon Jr. Basic School 575Nankargaon
93Ghakpara L.P. School910Ghakpara
94Nankargaon He School886Nankargaon
95828 No. Bhitar Chengmari L.P. School 720Bhitar Chengmari
96828 No. Bhitar Chengmari L.P. School 352Bhitar Chengmari
9722No. Vidyapur Jr. Basic School1098Vidyapur
98240 No. Banalata Jr. Basic School 867Banalata
99Bidyapur M.E.School550Bidyapur
100240 No. Banalata Jr. Basic School 982Banalata
101Rashigaon L.P. School699Rashigaon
102Kachuwagaon L.P. School826Kachuwagaon
103Dewangaon L.P. School 532Dewangaon
104Dewangaon L.P. School 512Dewangaon
105Bashbari L.P. School 651Bashbari
106North Boitamari H.E. School562North Boitamari
107Deklimari Jr. Basic L.P. School 681Deklimari
108Deklimari Jr. Basic L.P. School 766Deklimari
109Dholagaon Majpara L.P. School911Dholagaon Majpara
110Dholagaon Mv School921Dholagaon
111Saonagaon L.P. School864Saonagaon
112Nowagaon L.P. School494Nowagaon
113Mulagaon M.E. School 716Mulagaon
114Mulagaon M.E. School 555Mulagaon
115Mulagaon Me School Side481Mulagaon
116Mulagaon M.E. School 207Mulagaon
11759 Tilpukhuri L.P. School336Tilpukhuri
118Atugaon L.P. School618Atugaon
119Atugaon Ujanpara L.P. School637Atugaon Ujanpara
120Doshimapara L.P. School390Doshimapara
121Barshangaon Mv School 655Barshangaon
122Barshangaon Mv School 570Barshangaon
123No. 1Tengaigaon L.P. School 553Tengaigaon
124No. 1Tengaigaon L.P. School 749Tengaigaon
12513 No. Simlagauri M.E. School 469Simlagauri
12613 No. Simlagauri M.E. School 481Simlagauri
12713 No. Simlagauri L.P. School 679Simlagauri
12813 No. Simlagauri L.P. School 403Simlagauri
129249 No. Petlagaon L.P. School778Petlagaon
130Kinder Garten Parthamik Vidyalaya659
131Kalibari Bidya Niketan Upper Primary School 735Kalibari
132Srimanta Sankardev M.E. School 607Srimanta Sankardev
133Srimanta Sankardev M.E. School 511Srimanta Sankardev
134Bibekananda Vidyapith Hs & M.E School 749Bibekananda
135Bibekananda Vidyapith Hs & M.E School 661Bibekananda
136Bibekananda Vidyapith He School 695Bibekananda
137Srimanta Sankardev L.P. School759Srimanta Sankardev
138Rajendra Vidyapith L.P. School470
139New Bongaigaon M.E. School 462New Bongaigaon
140New Bongaigaon M.E. School 514New Bongaigaon
141New Bongaigaon M.E. School 619New Bongaigaon
142Dhola Pukhuri L.P. School739Dhola Pukhuri
14346 No. Jelkajhar L.P. School 827Jelkajhar
14446 No. Jelkajhar L.P. School 399Jelkajhar
14539 No. Jelkajhar L.P. School394Jelkajhar
14653 Birjhora L.P. School 568Birjhora
14753 Birjhora L.P. School 594Birjhora
14853 Birjhora L.P. School 823Birjhora
1491004 Dolaigaon Bhaolaguri L.P. School 752Dolaigaon Bhaolaguri
1501004 Dolaigaon Bhaolaguri L.P. School 727Dolaigaon Bhaolaguri
151Birjhora Girls' He School 477Birjhora
152Birjhora Girls' He School 492Birjhora
153Ujjala L.P.School 562Ujjala
154Ujjala L.P.School 633Ujjala
155Bongaigaon Town He School 595Bongaigaon
156Bongaigaon Town He School 513Bongaigaon
157Bongaigaon Bidyapith High School 519Bongaigaon
158Bongaigaon Bidyapith High School 495Bongaigaon
159Birjhora Hs School 523Birjhora
160Birjhora Hs School 434Birjhora
161Bongaigaon Town L.P. School851Bongaigaon
1621050 Bongaigaon Bidyapith Lp School1000Bongaigaon
163Birjhora Girls' H.E School 435Birjhora
164Birjhora Girls' H.E School489Birjhora
165Hm Maheswari Hindi L.P. School 721Maheswari
166Bongaigaon Hindi Hs School 687Bongaigaon
167Bongaigaon Hindi Hs School 751Bongaigaon
168Birjhora Girls' M.V. School 715Birjhora
169Birjhora Girls' M.V. School 610Birjhora
170Rastrabhasha Bidya Mandir L.P. School 487
171Rastrabhasha Bidya Mandir L.P. School 578
172Bongaigaon Hindi Vidyalaya 624Bongaigaon
173Bongaigaon Hindi Vidyalaya 593Bongaigaon
174Balaji L.P.School 700
175Balaji L.P.School 665
176North Bongaigaon L.P. School734North Bongaigaon
177North Bongaigaon M.E. School654North Bongaigaon
178Bongaigaon Vidyamandirl.P. School 632Bongaigaon
179Bongaigaon Vidya Mandir L.P. School 755Bongaigaon
180Bongaigaon Vidyabhawan L.P. School 949Bongaigaon
181Bongaigaon Rly. Hs School 605Bongaigaon
182Bongaigaon Rly. Hs School 624Bongaigaon
183Bongaigaon Rly. Hs School 501Bongaigaon
184Bongaigaon Rly. Hs School 490Bongaigaon
185Netaji Vidya Niketan M.E. School 601
186Netaji Vidya Niketan M.E. School 592
187Netaji Vidya Niketan M.E. School 720
188Netaji Vidya Niketan M.E. School (Dpep New Building)916
189Bongaigaon Rly. L.P. School 655Bongaigaon
190Bongaigaon Rly. L.P. School 756Bongaigaon
191Bongaigaon Rly. L.P. School 664Bongaigaon
192North Bongaigaon L.P. School787North Bongaigaon
193 Barpara L.P. School 454Barpara
194Birjhora Girls' M.V. School 1077Birjhora
1952 No. Barpara L.P. School 990Barpara
1962 No. Barpara L.P. School 789Barpara
197Birjhora T.E. L.P. School 648Birjhora
198Birjhora T.E. L.P. School 928Birjhora
199Chitkagaon L.P. School 248Chitkagaon
200Chitkagaon L.P. School 894Chitkagaon
201Deuripara L.P. School 713Deuripara
202Deuripara L.P. School719Deuripara
203South Bongaigaon M.E.School914South Bongaigaon
204Bhatipara L.P. School987Bhatipara
205Bongaigaon Central Jr. Basic School847Bongaigaon
206Pub Duwar L.P.School, Betbari755Betbari
207Kandulimari L.P. School310Kandulimari
208Majgaon L.P. School 561Majgaon
209Majgaon L.P. School 604Majgaon
210Chokapara M.E. School 552Chokapara
211Chokapara M.E. School 635Chokapara
212Ghondal L.P. School 588Ghondal
213Ghondal L.P. School 653Ghondal
214Chiponsila M.E. School 680Chiponsila
215Chiponsila M.E. School680Chiponsila
216Chiponsila L.P. School 431Chiponsila
217Chiponsila L.P. School 656Chiponsila
218Kahipara Monakocha L.P. School822Kahipara Monakocha
219Dakuapara L.P. School755Dakuapara

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