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Polling Booth in Bokakhat Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Bokakhat

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bokakhat Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1No. 2 Hatikholi Chah Bagicha L.P. School905Hatikholi Chah Bagicha
2No.1 Hatikhuli Chah Bagicha L.P. 771 Hatikhuli Chah Bagicha
3No.1 Hatikhuli Chah Bagicha L.P. 655Hatikhuli Chah Bagicha
4Rangajan Bagicha L.P.School 520Rangajan Bagicha
5Rangajan Bagicha L.P.School472Rangajan Bagicha
6Kohora M.E. School 601Kohora
7Kohora M.E. School 633Kohora
8Mohpora L.P.School756Mohpora
9Mohpora L.P.School314Mohpora
10Kaziranga National Park High School761Kaziranga National Park
11Kohora Banuwa L.P.208Kohora Banuwa
12Kaziranga High School993Kaziranga
13Kaziranga L.P.School518Kaziranga
14Kaziranga L.P.School515Kaziranga
15Mohendra Nath Dutta L.P. School510Mohendra Nath Dutta
16Mohendra Nath Dutta L.P. School820Mohendra Nath Dutta
17Geleki M.E.School206Geleki
18Siljuri Bagan L.P.School656Siljuri Bagan
19M.E.Thoni Bagan L.P.School771Thoni Bagan
20Panbari Nigam (Sc) L.P.School931Panbari Nigam
21Borjuri Bagicha L.P.School560Borjuri Bagicha
22Borjuri Bonua L.P.School680Borjuri Bonua
23Japori Pather L.P.School186Japori Pather
24Diffolloo Pathar L.P. School 849Diffolloo Pathar
25Diffolloo Pathar L.P. School 713Diffolloo Pathar
26Diffolloo Pathar M.E. 722Diffolloo Pathar
27Diffolloo Pathar M.E. 625Diffolloo Pathar
28Kandhulimari L.P. School994Kandhulimari
29Agaratali L.P. School561Agaratali
30Lotabari Bagan L.P. School872Lotabari Bagan
31Borbheta L.P.School478Borbheta
32Bohikhuwa Chapori L.P. School774Bohikhuwa Chapori
33Bohikhuwa Ganakati L.P. School796Bohikhuwa Ganakatib
34Polashguri Dhansiri Mukh L.P. School237Polashguri Dhansiri Mukh
35Kolakhowa L.P. School 404Kolakhowa
36Kalyanpur L.P.School918Kalyanpur
37Kolakhowa L.P. School 859Kolakhowa
38Diffoloo Bagan L.P. School 551Diffoloo Bagan
39Diffoloo Bagan L.P. School 551Diffoloo Bagan
40Koilakhat L.P. School815Koilakhat
41Balijan M.E. School 642Balijan
42Balijan M.E. School 541Balijan
43Balijan L.P.School572Balijan
44Balijan L.P.School557Balijan
45Dhansiri Tribal Mv School654Dhansiri Tribal
46Jogalati L.P. School502Jogalati
47Jogalati L.P.School 673Jogalati
48Prongania Jyoti L.P.School865Prongania Jyoti
49Missamoriya Gaon L.P.School309Missamoriya Gaon
50Namdoyang L.P. School 1098Namdoyang
51Mungilal Krishna Devi L.P.School944Mungilal Krishna Devi
52Namdoyang L.P. School 946Namdoyang
53Bokakhat Town Hindi L.P 582Bokakhat Town
54Bokakhat Town Hindi L.P 684Bokakhat Town
55Bokakhat Town L.P. School908Bokakhat Town
56Bokakhat Higher Secondary School712Bokakhat
57Joypur L.P. School486Joypur
58Pub Da Gaon L.P. School901Da Gaon
59Bokakhat Chah Bagicha L.P.School846Bokakhat Chah Bagicha
60Bokakhat Chah Bagicha L.P.School757Bokakhat Chah Bagicha
61Khotiakholi L.P. School972Khotiakholi
62Khotiakholi Sanmilita L.P.School860Khotiakholi Sanmilita
63Rajabari High School797Rajabari
64Rajabari High School779Rajabari
65Kuruabahi Satra Rajgarh L.P. School755Kuruabahi Satra Rajgarh
66Kuruabahi Satra L.P. School 462Kuruabahi Satra
67Kuruabahi Satra L.P. School 660Kuruabahi Satra
68Kuruabahi Higher Secondary School607Kuruabahi
69No 1 Kuruabahi L.P. School908Kuruabahi
70Chinakan L.P. School340Chinakan
71Jyotipur L.P. School 753Jyotipur
72Jyotipur L.P. School 774Jyotipur
73Mohmaiki L.P. School546Mohmaiki
74Bokakhat Town High School617Bokakhat Town
75Mohmaiki L.P. School 658Mohmaiki
76Jogigaon Bonuwa L.P. School796Jogigaon Bonuwa
77Neheru Bidyapith Kendra397Neheru Bidyapith
78Gormur Ikarajan L.P. School 645Gormur Ikarajan
79Gormur Ikarajan L.P. School 511Gormur Ikarajan
80Lokhowjan Chah Bagicha L.P. School814Lokhowjan Chah Bagicha
81Gohaigaon L.P. School910Gohaigaon
82Nahorjan Bagan Mozdur Club892Nahorjan Bagan
83Nahorjan Bagan L.P. School 908Nahorjan Bagan
84Nahorjan Bagan L.P. School 609Nahorjan Bagan
85Borchapori Chah Bagicha L.P. School600Borchapori Chah Bagicha
86Borchapori Stuff Club525Borchapori
87Borchapori Mazdoor Club481Borchapori
88Behora Bagan Stuff Club860Behora Bagan
89Behora Bagan L.P. School652Behora Bagan
90Behora Bagan Labour Club689Behora Bagan
91Behora Mikir Chang Bagan L.P. School774Behora Mikir Chang Bagan
92Numaligarh Bagan L.P. School 575Numaligarh Bagan
93Numaligarh Bagan L.P. School 691Numaligarh Bagan
94Numaligarh Bagan Mozdoor Club837Numaligarh Bagan
95Numaligarh Bagicha Staff Club785Numaligarh Bagicha
96Numaligarh Dharma Sabha L.P.School637Numaligarh
97Numaligarh Dharma Sabha L.P.School523Numaligarh
98Chaura Bosti L.P. School 576Chaura Bosti
99Chaura Bosti L.P. School 694Chaura Bosti
100Deopahar M.E. School754Deopahar
101Ruhita Chapori L.P. School605Ruhita Chapori
102Bonkuwal Senior Basic School 745Bonkuwal
103Bonkuwal Senior Basic School 664Bonkuwal
104Bonkuwal High School275Bonkuwal
105K.M. L.P.School634
106No. 1 Riri Gaon L.P. School537Riri Gaon
107Tajang Kutum M.E805Tajang Kutum
108Gutung L.P.School 769Gutung
109Gutung L.P. School795Gutung
110Goroi Mari L.P. School 591Goroi Mari
111Goroi Mari L.P. School 536Goroi Mari
112Bortika L.P. School1017Bortika
113No.2 Afala L.P. School842Afala
114Mohuramukh High School 383Mohuramukh
115Mohuramukh High School 859Mohuramukh
116No. 2 Budhbari L.P. School640Budhbari
117No. 2 Budhbari L.P. School539Budhbari
118Dhudang L.P. School907Dhudang
119Parghat L.P. School452Parghat
120Rongagora L.P. School844Rongagora
121Rongagora Senior Basic School626Rongagora
122Mohura Borpother L.P. School901Mohura
123Srimanta Sankardev High School724Srimanta Sankardev
124Rangagora Bagan L.P. School 574Rangagora Bagan
125Rangagora Bagan L.P. School 622Rangagora Bagan
126Radhabari Bagan L.P. School759Radhabari Bagan
127Panidihingia L.P. School665Panidihingia
128Kamargaon Senior Basic School430Kamargaon
129Mohura High School 777Mohura
130Mohura High School 605Mohura
131Bhakat Chapori L.P. School 800Bhakat Chapori
132Bhakat Chapori L.P. School 461Bhakat Chapori
133Kancha Capori Binapani Girls M.E. School572Kancha Capori Binapani
134Kancha Capori Binapani Girls M.E. School524Kancha Capori Binapani
135Nak Kati M.E. School454Nak Chapari Kati
136Tinisuki Chapari L.P. School 584Tinisuki Chapari
137Tinisuki Chapari L.P. School 538Tinisuki Chapari
138Ragdia L.P. School 492Ragdia
139Ragdia L.P. School 484Ragdia
140Pachim Gulung T.E L.P.School 598Pachim Gulung
141Pachim Gulung T.E.L.P. School664Pachim Gulung
142Uppar T.E. Jr. Basic 652Uppar
143Uppar T.E. Jr. Basic 455Uppar
144Misimiati Namtem.E.Ra L.P. School560Misimiati Namte
145Misimiati Amguri L.P. School845Misimiati Amguri
146Dusutimukh M.E. School 509Dusutimukh
147Dusutimukh M.E. School 529Dusutimukh
148Dusutimukh L.P. School460Dusutimukh
149Rogagora Bonua L.P. School 777Rogagora Bonua
150Rongagora Bonua L.P. School 739Rongagora Bonua
151Rongamoni L.P. School683Rongamoni
152Bon Bagicha Bonua L.P. School782Bon Bagicha Bonua
153No.1 Likson L.P. School807Likson
154Bohotguri L.P. School512Bohotguri
155Leb Lebi L.P. School 839Leb Lebi
156Leb Lebi L.P. School 934Leb Lebi
157Rongamati High School 589Rongamati
158Rongamati High School 644Rongamati
159Rongamati M.E. School 622Rongamati
160Rongamati M.E. School 424Rongamati
161Rongamati Bapuji L.P. School 518Rongamati Bapuji
162Rongamati Bapuji L.P. School 446Rongamati Bapuji
163Apiram Gogoi Girls High School 672Apiram Gogoi
164Apiram Gogoi Girls High School 625Apiram Gogoi
165Golok Borbora High School821Golok Borbora
166Goriajan Bagan L.P. School661Goriajan Bagan

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