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Polling Booth in Bokajan Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Bokajan

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bokajan Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Bagori Basic L.P. School.482Bagori
2Krem Kro L.P. School291Krem Kro
3Kohora L.P.School 932Kohora
4Kohora L.P.School 448Kohora
5Diring L.P. School502Diring
6Dadhora L.P. School796Dadhora
7Malasi Govt. L.P.School840Malasi
8Basa Gaon L.P.School.914Basa Gaon
9Basa Gaon L.P.School 877Basa Gaon
10No 2 Dolamora L.P.School966Dolamora
11Bijuli L.P.School556Bijuli
12Kakojan Kardik L.P.School.733Kakojan Kardik
13Kekang Adong L.P.School710Kekang Adong
14Upper Rongsali L.P.School403Upper Rongsali
15Deithor M.E School920Deithor
16Rangsali No.1 Dist. Council L.P.School578Rangsali
17Upper Tarapung L.P.School377Upper Tarapung
18Lower Tarapung L.P.School509Lower Tarapung
19Deihori L.P.School671Deihori
20Deihori Thawang L.P. School760Deihori Thawang
21Hirhiri L.P.School986Hirhiri
22Sarthe Teron L.P.School980Sarthe Teron
23Panjan L.P.School.795Panjan
24Panjan L.P.School.677Panjan
25Merabheti M.E School804Merabheti
26Akhoiphuta L.P. School819Akhoiphuta
27Chowkihola L.P.School812Chowkihola
28Chowkihola H.School836Chowkihola
29Chowkihola High .School625Chowkihola
30Chowkihola High .School A568Chowkihola
31Dokhora Bey L.P.School1164Dokhora Bey
32Dokhora Bey L.P.School961Dokhora Bey
33Sarisuti L.P.School666Sarisuti
34Jongpha L.P.School656Jongpha
35Borlangso No 1 L.P.School.793Borlangso
36Sarthe Timung L.P.School423Sarthe Timung
37Phangcherop M.E.School772Phangcherop
38Upper Doigrung L.P. School536Upper Doigrung
39Doigrung L.P. School 526Doigrung
40Doigrung L.P.School 538Doigrung
41Rishakhidi L.P.School 771Rishakhidi
42Rishakhidi L P School 324Rishakhidi
43Nambar Nodi L.P. School.762Nambar Nodi
44Khorsing L.P.School939Khorsing
45Englong Chedon L P School622Englong Chedon
46Sardoka Engti L.P.School 567Sardoka Engti
47Sardoka Engti L.P. School 633Sardoka Engti
48Jilangso L.P.School.382Jilangso
49Tingbosti L.P.School.768Tingbosti
50Tingbosti L.P.School.721Tingbosti
51Dihingia L.P.School580Dihingia
52Borpather H.School 709Borpather
53Borpather H.School A727Borpather
54Borpather M.E.School.657Borpather
55Nagakhuli L.P.School.781Nagakhuli
56No.1 Hollowkhuwa L.P.School750Hollowkhuwa
57Borpather High School 617Borpather
58Nambor Nadi Bagan L.P.School. 851Nambor Nadi Bagan
59Nambor Nadi Bagan L.P.School.511Nambor Nadi Bagan
60Bordeka Timung L.P.School.998Bordeka Timung
61Deopani Bagan M.E.School504Deopani Bagan
62Nonke Bosti L.P.School.1020Nonke Bosti
63Deopani Basic L.P.School 370Deopani
64Deopani Basic L P School 715Deopani
65Rongagora Govt. L.P.School.1068Rongagora
66Kath Gaon L.P.School.986Kath Gaon
67Upper Deopani M.E.School.467Upper Deopani
68Dengja L.P.School.696Dengja
69Rongdoi L.P.School977Rongdoi
70Wophong L.P.School822Wophong
71Japarajan Govt. L.P.School828Japarajan
72Jaborajan L.P.School971Jaborajan
73Langboi L.P.School.903Langboi
74Dilawjan Govt. L.P.School 478Dilawjan
75Dilawjan Govt L P School 573Dilawjan
76Delawjan L.P.School.958Delawjan
77Piti Adong L.P.School985Piti Adong
78Rongkimi L.P.School718Rongkimi
79Balipather L.P.School674Balipather
80Balipather L.P.School652Balipather
81Majgaon L.P.School483Majgaon
82Majgaon L.P.School1051Majgaon
83Tengabari L.P.School1035Tengabari
84Tinglijan M.E.School.394Tinglijan
85Adarsha Thongnok Bey L.P.School.869 Thongnok Bey
86Paklangso L.P.School.875Paklangso
87Hanjanglangso English L.P.School589Hanjanglangso
88Hanjanglangso English L.P.School. 752Hanjanglangso
89Morakordoiguri Kachari Gaon L.P.School.681Morakordoiguri Kachari Gaon
90Morakordoiguri English L P School585Morakordoiguri
91Jonaram L.P.School.573Jonaram
92Sarihajan M.E. School.856Sarihajan
93Sarihajan M.E. School.1087Sarihajan
94Amorajan Community Hall .757Amorajan
95I.C.D.S. Centre.405
96Ikarani L P School784Ikarani
97Tal Balijan Lp School R/W910Tal Balijan
98Eastern Karbi Anglong College 828Eastern Karbi
99Eastern Karbi Anglong College 678Eastern Karbi
100Kuligaon L.P.School.514Kuligaon
101Kuligaon L.P.School.1005Kuligaon
102Upper Dilai L.P.School.369Upper Dilai
103Upper Dilai L.P.School.962Upper Dilai
104Mulhai L.P.School.826Mulhai
105Mulhai L.P.School.806Mulhai
106Mulkhang L.P.School.634Mulkhang
107Koilajan Govt. L.P.School.780Koilajan
108Rongplim Plam M.E. School688Rongplim Plam
109Amlokhi L.P. School557Amlokhi
110Dilai Govt. M.E.School.989Dilai
111Dilai Govt. M.E.School 553Dilai
112Okehai Mukh Govt L P School703Okehai Mukh
113Upper Okehaimukh L.P.School724Upper Okehaimukh
114Upper Okehaimukh L.P.School454Upper Okehaimukh
115Hidipi Govt. L.P.School 735Hidipi
116Hidipi High School504Hidipi
117Hidipi Govt. L.P.School 937Hidipi
118Upper Hidipi L P School 198Upper Hidipi
119Upper Hidipi L.P. School 407Upper Hidipi
120Salakathar L.P. School835Salakathar
121Longki Ik Govt L P School414Longki
122Upper Hatuka L.P.School.447Upper Hatuka
123Amorajan Govt Lp School809Amorajan
124Amarajan Govt. L.P. School 793Amarajan
125Bormanthi M E School637Bormanthi
126Bokajan Bagan Lp.School439Bokajan
127Bokajan H.S.School786Bokajan
128Bokajan H.S.School R/W477Bokajan
129Bokajan Block L.P.School 1027Bokajan
130Bokajan Block L.P.School 1013Bokajan
131Sukhani Eng. L.P. School 741Sukhani
132Sukhani Eng. L.P. School 1251Sukhani
133Zinbaba Hindi L.P.School.930Zinbaba
134Zinbaba Hindi H.School.1022Zinbaba
135Zinbaba Hindi H.School.676Zinbaba
136Vivekananda H.S.School.675Vivekananda
137Gharialdubi M E School584Gharialdubi
138Vivekananda H.S.School.1013Vivekananda
139Vivekananda L.P.School.1055Vivekananda
140Bokajan Bagan L.P. School 862Bokajan Bagan
141Matipul Basic L.P.School 622Matipul
142Matipul Basic L.P.School. 1009Matipul
143Gharialdubi L.P. School.780Gharialdubi
144Khatkhati Poccafield Hindi L.P.School.968Khatkhati
145Khatkhati Poccafield Hindi L.P.School.596Khatkhati
146Lahorijan Bagan L.P.School 1154Lahorijan Bagan
147Lahorijan Bagan L P School Wint A518Lahorijan Bagan
148Lahorijan Bagan L.P.School 549Lahorijan Bagan
149Inspection Banglow Nh749
150Lahorijan L.P.School.(A)908Lahorijan
151Dongkam Eng. L.P.School.671Dongkam
152Dongkam Eng L P School A531Dongkam
153Dongkam Eng. L.P.School.546Dongkam
154Upper Lahorijan L.P. School 603Upper Lahorijan
155Janata L P School Gautom Bosti540Gautom Bosti
156Upper Lahorijan L.P.School 829Upper Lahorijan
157A.S.R.F. L.P. School 593
158A.S.R.F. L.P. School 551
159Lengri Adibasi L P School502Lengri Adibasi
160Pine Mount Eng. L.P. School.605Pine Mount
161Pine Mount Eng L P School 556Pine Mount
162Balijan Govt. L.P.School 978Balijan
163Balijan Govt. L.P.School 932Balijan
164Monipuri Bosti L P School313Monipuri Bosti
165Nahorjan L.P.School.397Nahorjan
166Karna Bd L P School539Karna
167Khatkhati High School. 650Khatkhati
168Khotkhoti High School 467Khotkhoti
169Gandhipur Hindi L.P.School.272Gandhipur

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