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Polling Booth in Biswanath Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Biswanath

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Biswanath Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Siporia High School 649Siporia
2Karoioni Tr. Basic L.P. School622Karoioni
3Siporia High School 704Siporia
4Neheru Adarsha Prathamic Bidyalaya817
5Siporia High School (Separate Building)822Siporia
6Adabheti L.P. School 504Adabheti
7Adabheti L.P. School 872Adabheti
8Kolakati L.P. School636Kolakati
9Boralimorah L.P. School443Boralimorah
10Gossai Chapari L.P. School 1019Gossai Chapari
11Gossai Chapari L.P. School 708Gossai Chapari
12Tewaripal L.P. School451Tewaripal
13Tewaripal L.P. School 645Tewaripal
14Uppar Garpal L.P. School730UpparGarpal
15Katara Ati L.P School 735Katara Ati
16Katara Ati L.P. School 781Katara Ati
17Niz Garpal L.P. School 667Niz Garpal
18Niz Garpal L.P. School 767Niz Garpal
19Bhojmari Nimnya Buniadi Vidyaloya775Bhojmari
20Bhojmari M.E. School 559Bhojmari
21Uttar Bhojmari L.P. School579Uttar Bhojmari
22Bhojmari M.E. School 829Bhojmari
23Nalbari Jr. Basic School569Nalbari
24Pub Sootea High Schol597Sootea
252 No Pachim Barbheti Jr. Basic School 1010Pachim Barbheti
262 No Pachim Barbheti Jr. Basic School 897Pachim Barbheti
27Khatowal Gaon L.P. School 828Khatowal Gaon
28Khatowal Gaon L.P. School 824Khatowal Gaon
29Malor Gaon L.P. School 585Malor Gaon
30Malorgoan L.P.School ()579Malorgoan
31Charaijania Muktab L.P. School 618Charaijania
32Charaijania Muktab L.P. School (Nouth Part)529Charaijania
33Charaijania Muktab L.P School 655Charaijania
34Charaijania L.P. School545Charaijania
35Gereki Govt. Nimnya Buniadi Vidyalaya 415Gereki
36Gereki Govt. Nimnya Buniadi Vidyalaya 969Gereki
37Ghahigaon Govt. Nimnya Buniadi School 674Ghahigaon
38Ghahigaon Govt. Nimnya Buniadi School 761Ghahigaon
39Khanaguri L.P School 636Khanaguri
40Khanaguri L.P. School 664Khanaguri
41Bejor Hola L.P. School830BejorHola
42Magurmara Govt Nimnya Buniadi School677Magurmara
43Potia Gaon L.P. School712Potia Gaon
44Sapekhati Govt Nimnya Buniadi School680Sapekhati
45Borpam M.E. School437Borpam
46Bhelouguri M.V. School 826Bhelouguri
47Bhelouguri M.V. School 376Bhelouguri
48Ghiladhari T.E. L.P. School 411Ghiladhari
49Ghiladhari T.E. L.P. School 587Ghiladhari
50Chelaikhati M.E. School 525Chelaikhati
51Chelaikhati L.P. School556Chelaikhati
52Chelaikhati M.E School 520Chelaikhati
53Naduar Forest L.P. School477Naduar
54Chelaikhati M.E. School 546Chelaikhati
55Chelaikhati M.E. School632Chelaikhati
56Mohjuli L.P School 705Mohjuli
57Mohjuli L.P. School 443Mohjuli
58Bhimajuli L.P. School 607Bhimajuli
59Shyam Basti L.P. School458Shyam Basti
60Bhimajuli L.P. School 478Bhimajuli
61Bhimajuli Boro M.E. School507Bhimajuli
62Naharani L.P School 830Naharani
63Naharani L.P School 397Naharani
64Balichang L. P School 632Balichang
65Balichang L. P School 559Balichang
66Dhulie T.E L.P School 875Dhulie
67Dhulie T.E L.P School 586Dhulie
68Dhulie T.E L.P School 437Dhulie
69Pabhoi T.E Club Ghar 546Pabhoi
70Pabhoi T.E Club Ghar 768Pabhoi
71Pabhoi T.E L.P School614Pabhoi
72Pabhoi T.E L.P School 495Pabhoi
73Mikir Block L.P School611Mikir
74Mikir Block L.P School 574Mikir
75Rukasen M.E School599Rukasen
76Rukasen M.E School478Rukasen
77Diring Pothar M.E School 676Diring Pothar
78Diring Pothar M.E School 608Diring Pothar
79Samukjuli Nimnya Buniadi School 674Samukjuli
80Samukjuli Nimnya Buniadi School503Samukjuli
81Samukjuli Nimnya Buniadi School479Samukjuli
82Samukjuli Nimnya Buniadi School 341Samukjuli
83Pabhoi High School 582Pabhoi
84Bamunipathar L.P. School458Bamunipathar
85Pabhoi High School 742Pabhoi
86Diring Pothar L.P School890Diring Pothar
87Misamari L.P School627Misamari
88Dhulie Kherbari L.P. School. 852Dhulie Kherbari
89Dhulie Kherbari L.P.School 432Dhulie Kherbari
90Diring T.E L.P School 716Diring
91Diring T.E L.P School 288Diring
92Madhabpur Bongoan L.P.School.834Madhabpur Bongoan
93Dolong Guri High School953Dolong Guri
94Komarjan L.P School 899Komarjan
95Komarjan L.P School 431Komarjan
96Majuligarh T.E Staff Club 612Majuligarh
97Majuligarh T.E. Labour Club733Majuligarh
98Majuligarh T.E L.P School 582Majuligarh
99Majuligarh T.E L.P School 501Majuligarh
100Borpukhuri T.E L.P School 586Borpukhuri
101Borpukhuri T.E Labour Club524Borpukhuri
102Borpukhuri T.E L.P School 698Borpukhuri
103Nihangchang Indira L.P. School691Nihangchang Indira
104Borkuwar L.P School.627Borkuwar
105Kunwari L.P School627Kunwari
106Sakomatha T.E L.P School881Sakomatha
107Sakomatha T.E Labour Club526Sakomatha
108Skomotha Staff Club460Skomotha
109Pratapgarh T.E Labour Club634Pratapgarh
110Pratapgarh T.E. M.E.School.615Pratapgarh
111Pratapgarh T.E L.P School621Pratapgarh
112Pratapgarh T.E Adarsha M.E. School.683Pratapgarh
113Pratapgarh T.E Staff Club654Pratapgarh
114Pratapgarh T.E Adarsha M.E.School.563Pratapgarh
115Gopsadharu T.E Labour Club516Gopsadharu
116Welfore Office Gopsadharu T.E456Gopsadharu
117Gopsadharu T.E L.P School 518Gopsadharu
118Bolodonga L.P. School478Bolodonga
119Gopsadharu T.E L.P School 548Gopsadharu
120Gopsadharu T.E Creache Ghar847Gopsadharu
121Koch Gaon L.P School 774Koch Gaon
122Koch Gaon L.P School 730Koch Gaon
123Chariali Adarsha Vidyapith 972Chariali
124Chariali Adarsha Vidyapith 838Chariali
125Mukhargarh T. E L.P School 702Mukhargarh
126Mukhargarh T. E L.P School 1044Mukhargarh
127Nil.P.Ur T.E L.P School872Nilpur
128Garehagi L.P School 644Garehagi
129Garehagi L.P School 622Garehagi
130Madhupur Nimnya Buniadi School 774Madhupur
131Madhupur Nimnya Buniadi School 677Madhupur
132Kumalia L.P School909Kumalia
133No 2 Sagunekati L.P Schhol 712Sagunekati
134No 2 Sagunekati L.P Schhol 709Sagunekati
1355 No Kumalia L.P School837Kumalia
136Farsiati L.P School828Farsiati
137Fakaruddin L.P School 619Fakaruddin
138Fakaruddin L.P School 582Fakaruddin
139Solmari L.P School 669Solmari
140Solmari L.P School 628Solmari
141Fakharuddin Ali Ahmed M.E School 801
142Fakharuddin Ali Ahmed M.E School 719
143Biswanath L.P School 558Biswanath
144Biswanath L.P School534Biswanath
145Biswanath L.P School 959Biswanath
146Biswanath High School 759Biswanath
147Biswanath High School 806Biswanath
148Dhenukhana L.P School 894Dhenukhana
149Dhenukhana L.P School 1002Dhenukhana
150Bhirgaon L.P School 804Bhirgaon
151Bhirgaon L.P School 713Bhirgaon
152Lakhidhar M.V School 979Lakhidhar
153Lakhidhar M.V School 250Lakhidhar
154Balidubi L.P School 695Balidubi
155Balidubi L.P School 628Balidubi
156Japoriguri L.P School 1055Japoriguri
157Satsang L.P School 1207Satsang
158Satsang L.P School 734Satsang
159Satsang L.P School 560Satsang
160Chariali Adarsha Nimnya Buniadi School906Chariali
161Satsang High School 635Satsang
162Satsang High School 639Satsang
163Chariali H.S & M.P School545Chariali
164Kadamoni L.P School 691Kadamoni
165Kadamoni L.P School 596Kadamoni
166Chalia Chapori L.P School546Chalia Chapori
167Era Bari L.P School 640Era Bari
168Era Bari L.P School 454Era Bari
169Era Bari L.P School 828Era Bari
170Golia M.E School1034Golia
171Chariali Girls Higher Secondary School 962Chariali
172Chariali Girls Higher Secondary School 732Chariali
173Chariali Girls Higher Secondary School 623Chariali
174Baghmara L.P School528Baghmara
175Baghmara Girls M.V School817Baghmara
176Rastriya Bidyapith 1103
177Sarbeswar Bhagawati L.P School984Sarbeswar Bhagawati
178Rastriya Bidyapith 898
179Rastriya Bidyapith 486
180Ghanakanti L.P School 746Ghanakanti
181Ghanakanti L.P School 635Ghanakanti
182Chariali Academy School 488Chariali
183Chariali Academy School 603Chariali
184Chariali Academy School 692Chariali
185Maral Gaon Nimnya Buniadi Vidyalaya 549Maral Gaon
186Maral Gaon Nimnya Buniadi Vidyalaya 475Maral Gaon
187Joypur L.P School 571Joypur
188Joypur L.P School 516Joypur
189Joypur L.P School 695Joypur

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