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Polling Booth in Bilasipara West Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Bilasipara West

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bilasipara West Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
11882 Belguri Lp SchoolN.ABelguri
22376 Ubrijhora Lp School678Ubrijhora
3477 Bhelakoba Lp School693Bhelakoba
42320 Kuthirgram L.P School741Kuthirgram
51873 Bhelakoba Pubergaon Lp School880Bhelakoba Pubergaon
6Sapatgram Bengali High School 988Sapatgram Bengali
7Sapatgram Bengali High School 1026Sapatgram Bengali
81061 Deshbandhu Smriti Vidyapith917
9Sapatgram Amalgameted Academy 949Sapatgram
10Sapatgram Amalgameted Academy 784Sapatgram
111929 Meghnath Smriti Vidyapith 856Meghnath
121929 Meghnath Smriti Vidyapith 740Meghnath
132073 Gopinath J.B School N.AGopinath
142073 Gopinath J.B School N.AGopinath
151963 Adarsha Sishu Pathshala 1039
161963 Adarsha Sishu Pathsala 1197
17120 Sonamoyee L.P School 839Sonamoyee
18120 Sonamoyee Lp School 648Sonamoyee
191670 Rangapani L.P School 562Rangapani
201670 Rangapani L.P School 685Rangapani
21Daduarkanda M.E School902Daduarkanda
222316 Daudpara L.P School705Daudpara
231449 Dharmapur L.P School856Dharmapur
24Kadamtola M.V School 844Kadamtola
25Kadamtola Mv School 467Kadamtola
261535 Beltari Lp School681Beltari
272192 Boruapara L.P School625Boruapara
28158 Sandala L.P School795Sandala
291034 Bherbheri L.P School 593Bherbheri
301034 Bherbheri L.P School 829Bherbheri
312237 Sepatulla Lp School861Sepatulla
32Khudnamari M.V School887Khudnamari
331498 Saltari Lp School728Saltari
342235 Khudnamari L.P School287Khudnamari
352236 Madhupur Lp School682Madhupur
36663 Shimlakandi L.P School 847Shimlakandi
37663 Shimlakandi L.P School 549Shimlakandi
38Shilbari High School 840Shilbari
39Shilbari High School 766Shilbari
402182 Kutkutarvita Lp School872Kutkutarvita
411216 Naigaon Lp School 430Naigaon
421216 Naigaon L.P School 710Naigaon
432069 Sashimandal Vidyapith536
44Jalabila High School 677Jalabila
45Jalabila High School 744Jalabila
46Jalabila Girls M.E School 731Jalabila
47Jalabila Girls M.E School 451Jalabila
481100 Murabari Lp School749Murabari
492303 Bamuni Jhalopara L.P School873Bamuni Jhalopara
50156 Solmari L.P School 665Solmari
51156 Solmari L.P School 744Solmari
522183 Tushpara L.P School882Tushpara
531767 Haldibari L.P School 537Haldibari
541767 Haldibari L.P School 685Haldibari
551787 Bhabanipur L.P School892Bhabanipur
562368 Natun Laupara L.P School968Natun Laupara
57Gabardhanpara M.V School 773Gabardhanpara
58Gabardhanpara M.V School 959Gabardhanpara
59Jogirmahal M.E School 1016Jogirmahal
60Jogirmahal M.E School 845Jogirmahal
61418 Balapara Lp School1143Balapara
62Helagari M.V School622Helagari
632234 Gutipara L.P School663Gutipara
642185 Chotogirairpar Lp School1067Chotogirairpar
65417 Girairpar L.P School727Girairpar
661775 Boalkamuri L.P School848Boalkamuri
672058 Sarakpara L.P School684Sarakpara
682418B Boalkamuri L.P School673Boalkamuri
69Barkanda Peoples Academy H.S School 710Barkanda
70Barkanda Peoples Academy H.S School 719Barkanda
711608 Barkanda J.B School 869Barkanda
721927 Nayahat L.P School 612Nayahat
731927 Nayahat L.P School 542Nayahat
741608 Barkanda J.B School 860Barkanda
752068 Fakiranirjhar Namasudrapara L.P School 695Fakiranirjhar Namasudrapara
762068 Fakiranirjhar Namasudrapara L.P School 559Fakiranirjhar Namasudrapara
771108 Tamakubari L.P School 708Tamakubari
781108 Tamakubari Lp School 510Tamakubari
79559 Khoraghat L.P School 924Khoraghat
80559 Khoraghat L.P School 577Khoraghat
81Khoraghat M.E School541Khoraghat
82638 Kadamtola Lp School 734Kadamtola
83638 Kadamtola Lp School 735Kadamtola
84Kadamtola Lokpriya High School1158Kadamtola Lokpriya
851902 Majpara L.P School930Majpara
862449 Puran Falimari Lp School956Puran Falimari
87397 Pashuarkhal L.P School 632Pashuarkhal
88397 Pashuarkhal L.P School 534Pashuarkhal
89656 Dubachuri Lp School 460Dubachuri
90656 Dubachuri L.P School 983Dubachuri
91Buchirchar M.E Madrassa 984Buchirchar
92Buchirchar M.E Madrassa 1022Buchirchar
93316 Mahamayadham L.P School 829Mahamayadham
94Mahamaya M.E School659Mahamaya
95316 Mahamayadham L.P School 781Mahamayadham
962399 Kathalbari L.P School480Kathalbari
97Kathalbari M.E School556Kathalbari
98898 Manipur L.P School852Manipur
992196 Chataguri L.P School671Chataguri
1001569 Angarkata L.P School 626Angarkata
1011569 Angarkata .Lp School 608Angarkata
1021061 Araiani J.B School 787Araiani
1032308 Araiani Nomo Sudrapara L.P School491Araiani Nomo Sudrapara
1041061 Araiani J.B School 800Araiani
105Bagribari M.E School1080Bagribari
106H N Seminary School 826
107H N Seminary School 927
108Fasatpur M.V School 870Fasatpur
109Fasatpur M.V School 339Fasatpur
1102193 Dalaneralga L.P School 920Dalaneralga
1112439B Rajbari L.P School421Rajbari
1122193 Dalaneralga L.P School 1040Dalaneralga
1131788 Jhaupara J.B School1089Jhaupara
1141318 Kaunbari L.P School 724Kaunbari
1151318 Kaunbari L.P School 809Kaunbari
116381 Sadhubhasa L.P School 786Sadhubhasa
117381 Sadhubhasa L.P School 783Sadhubhasa
1181900 Kashiabari L.P School 739Kashiabari
1191900 Kashiabari L.P School 757Kashiabari
1201389 Poyesti Sadhubhasa L.P School541Poyesti Sadhubhasa
1211334 Piazbari J.B School892Piazbari
122Piyazbari High School 488Piyazbari
123Piyazbari High School 786Piyazbari
124482 Ambari Moktab L.P School 1092Ambari
125482 Ambari Moktab L.P Schol 765Ambari
1261654 Jaharmura L.P School1019Jaharmura
1272041 Andamari L.P School813Andamari
1281511 Moslapara L.P School706Moslapara
1291390 Kalairchar L.P School 934Kalairchar
1301390 Kalairchar L.P School 832Kalairchar
1311990 Barchar L.P School 700Barchar
1321990 Barchar L.P School 507Barchar
133Gutipara M.E Madrassa455Gutipara
134Gutipara High School 721Gutipara
135Gutipara High School 690Gutipara
1362039 Balargudam L.P School 992Balargudam
1372039 Balargudam L.P School 868Balargudam
1381387 Jhelturchar L.P School1002Jhelturchar
1391893 Kazaikata L.P School 619Kazaikata
140Kazaikata M.E School621Kazaikata
1411893 Kazaikata L.P School 897Kazaikata
1421994 Sadhurchar L.P School1043Sadhurchar
143Kazaikatasuapata G.P Office 653Kazaikatasuapata
144Kazaikatasuapata G.P Office 610Kazaikatasuapata
145598 Goalerchar L.P School 592Goalerchar
146598 Goalerchar L.P School 560Goalerchar
1471388 Suapata Lp School 1031Suapata
1481388 Suapata Lp School 1017Suapata
1492202 Suapata Iii L.P School760Suapata
1502054 Saitanmari L.P School622Saitanmari
1511349 Khankhowapara L.P School923Khankhowapara
1522055 Pubayeralga L.P School883Pubayeralga
1531221 Ghunimari L.P School 606Ghunimari
1541221 Ghunimari L.P School 587Ghunimari
155Ghunimari M.E Madrassa850Ghunimari
156612 Nayeralga L.P School 671Nayeralga
1572435 Uttarayeralga L.P School750Uttarayeralga
158612 Nayeralga L.P School 838Nayeralga
1592436B Madhyaayer Alga L.P School,689Madhyaayer Alga
160Nayeralga M.E School 637Nayeralga
161Nayeralga M.E School 1010Nayeralga
1622012 Paschimayeralga L.P School973Paschimayeralga
163290 Gutipara L.P School774Gutipara
164849 Kheirarchar Lp School 798Kheirarchar
165849 Kheirarchar L.P School 707Kheirarchar
1662016 Khewarchar L.P School 712Khewarchar
1672016 Khewarchar L.P School 774Khewarchar
1682053 Boyzeralga L.P School 704Boyzeralga
1692053 Boyzeralga L.P School 703Boyzeralga
1701730 Kamarpara L.P School 611Kamarpara
1711730 Kamarpara L.P School 618Kamarpara
172676 Saildhara L.P School 768Saildhara
173676 Saildhara L.P School 773Saildhara
1741130 Bakpara L.P School701Bakpara
1751532 Balirchar L.P School647Balirchar
1761084 Mayerchar L.P School581Mayerchar
1772238 Manipur L.P School481Manipur
178534 Dewchua L.P School536Dewchua

Last Updated on April 02, 2020
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