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Polling Booth in Bilasipara East Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Bilasipara East

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bilasipara East Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Sasargaon M.V School947Sasargaon
2895 Paraura L.P School888Paraura
3399 Rakhaltari L.P School871Rakhaltari
4364 Molandubi J.B School1072Molandubi
5Futkibari M.E School 465Futkibari
61979 North Futkibari L.P School781North Futkibari
7Futkibari M.E School 894Futkibari
81223 Shimlabari L.P School626Shimlabari
9655 Hazaripara L.P School 743Hazaripara
10655 Hazaripara L.P School 994Hazaripara
11Raniganj H. S School 666Raniganj
12Raniganj H. S. School 613Raniganj
13Raniganj M.E School1100Raniganj
141605 Lutapara L.P School 578Lutapara
151605 Lutapara L.P School 525Lutapara
161467 Kandargaon L.P School 791Kandargaon
171467 Kandargaon L.P School 748Kandargaon
181279 Paikandara L.P School944Paikandara
191501 Alengmari L.P School821Alengmari
201758 Koimari L.P School578Koimari
21363 Taranggaon L.P School590Taranggaon
221528 Bhalukbhasani L.P School 681Bhalukbhasani
231528 Bhalukbhasani L.P School 619Bhalukbhasani
242010 Chinamari L.P School 903Chinamari
252010 Chinamari L.P School 712Chinamari
26Lakhiganj H.S School 680Lakhiganj
27Lakhiganj H.S School 639Lakhiganj
28Lakhiganj M.E Madrassa390Lakhiganj
291933 Chokapara L.P School927Chokapara
30287 Tilaknath L.P School 653Tilaknath
31287 Tilaknath L.P School 640Tilaknath
321245 Dakhin Udmari L.P School798Dakhin Udmari
33119 Barshi L.P School925Barshi
341123 Khudigaon L.P School899Khudigaon
352425B Dalogaontilapara L.P School,692Dalogaontilapara
362423 Manamijiaguri L.P School 578Manamijiaguri
372423 Manamijiaguri L.P School 490Manamijiaguri
38279 Gopigaon L.P School 1097Gopigaon
39279 Gopigaon L.P School 992Gopigaon
40Shankardev M.V School744Shankardev
411010 Kachua Gaon L.P School 642Kachua Gaon
421010 Kachuagaon L.P School 870Kachuagaon
43Bangalipara Me Madrassa 924Bangalipara
44Bangalipara Me Madrassa 877Bangalipara
45382 Bangalipara Maktab L.P School913Bangalipara Maktab
46378 Surjyakhata L.P School674Surjyakhata
471448 Diparkuti L.P School781Diparkuti
481910 Purani Surjyakhata L.P School 694Purani Surjyakhata
491910 Purani Surjyakhata L.P School 688Purani Surjyakhata
50855 Rokakhata Jb School 844Rokakhata
51855 Rokakhata Jb School 721Rokakhata
52Rokakhata H.S School 699Rokakhata
53Rokakhata H.S School 732Rokakhata
54Rokakhata H.S School 755Rokakhata
551106 Sarbarinath Vidyapith 665Sarbarinath Vidyapith
561106 Sarbarinath Vidyapith 387Sarbarinath Vidyapith
571628 Beltoli L.P School 667Beltoli
581628 Beltoli L.P School 637Beltoli
592049 Darakanath L.P School1094Darakanath
60Bilasipara Girls High School 663Bilasipara
612318 Pubbaniapara L.P School607Pubbaniapara
62Bilasipara Girls High School 1265Bilasipara
631539 Baniapara L.P School694Baniapara
641891 Ananda Nagar L.P School 739Ananda Nagar
651891 Ananda Nagar L.P School 765Ananda Nagar
662157 Beparipara L.P School1076Beparipara
672153 Bibekananda L.P. School1169Bibekananda
681540 Bholanath L.P School 630Bholanath
691540 Bholanath L.P School 698Bholanath
70184 Bilasipara Town J.B School1075Bilasipara Town
711892 Surjyakhata Public L.P School 1116Surjyakhata
721892 Surjyakhata Public L.P School 1154Surjyakhata
732151 Gopinath L.P School1238Gopinath
741941 Nayaparakalibari L.P School763Nayaparakalibari
752104 Jaybharat Hindi L.P School 1237Jaybharat
762104 Jaybharat Hindi L.P School 599Jaybharat
771631 Sri Sri Durga Pathshala 613Sri Durga Pathshala
781631 Sri Sri Durga Pathshala 664Sri Durga Pathshala
791631 Sri Sri Durga Pathshala 821Smriti Vidya Niketan
802048 Swahid Smriti Vidya Niketan975Swahid
81Bilasipara College1231Bilasipara
821629 Sri Sri Sankardev Vidya Mandir 732
831629 Sri Sri Sankardev Vidya Mandir 878
841190 Kathaldi L.P School816Kathaldi
852446 Mandal.Para L.P School828Mandal.Para
862043 Majerchar L.P School299Majerchar
87856 Hatipota L.P School 1067Hatipota
88856 Hatipota L.P School 728Hatipota
892178 Paschimhatipota L.P School921Paschimhatipota
902201 Madhyasuapata L.P School1063Madhyasuapata
911959 Dakhinsuapata L.P School 692Dakhinsuapata
921959 Dakhinsuapata L.P School 632Dakhinsuapata
932044 Bamuneralga L.P School779Bamuneralga
94481 Suapata L.P School 708Suapata
95481 Suapata L.P School 664Suapata
961630 Masaneralga L.P School 659Masaneralga
971630 Masaneralga L.P School 421Masaneralga
982203 Masaneralga L.P School1076Masaneralga
99123 Tokrabandha L.P School 1076Tokrabandha
100123 Tokrabandha L.P School 807Tokrabandha
1012242 Tulupara L.P School518Tulupara
102Jomduar Me School662Jomduar
103Chirakuta L.P School574Chirakuta
104213 Bamungaon L.P School 581Bamungaon
1051680 Chilkikhata L.P School586Chilkikhata
106213 Bamungaon L.P School 1023Bamungaon
1071210 Bhatiparamalgaon L.P School903Bhatiparamalgaon
1082050 Bagulaura L.P School586Bagulaura
109Chilkikhata M.E School644Chilkikhata
1102444B Charuabakhra L.P School 744Charuabakhra
1112444B Charuabakhra L.P School 992Charuabakhra
112470 Damodarpur L.P School913Damodarpur
113Damodarpur Me School 619Damodarpur
114Damodarpur Me School 398Damodarpur
115412 Abhaykutisalbari L.P School 751Abhaykutisalbari
116412 Abhaykuti Salbari L.P School 631Abhaykuti Salbari
1171462 Damodarpur L.P School457Damodarpur
1182066 Harirdal L.P School845Harirdal
1192410B Dheerghatbarghola L.P School,1072Dheerghatbarghola
1201889 Kherdubi L.P School 677Kherdubi
1212442B No. Dakhindhirghat L.P School,458Dakhindhirghat
1221889 Kherdubi L.P School 688Kherdubi
123Dhirghat M.E School469Dhirghat
1242315 Tintila L.P School 701Tintila
1252315 Tintila L.P School 561Tintila
126842 Alubhui L.P School784Alubhui
127116 Pukhuripara L.P School 667Pukhuripara
128116 Pukhuripara L.P School 1055Pukhuripara
1292106 Supariguri Silgara L.P School873Supariguri Silgara
1301576 Maheshdeu L.P School748Maheshdeu
131104 Gaurangtari Girls L.P School717Gaurangtari
132Salkocha H.S. School1003Salkocha
133882 Bamunpara L.P School767Bamunpara
1342255 Bholanath L.P School 783Bholanath
1352255 Bholanath L.P School 769Bholanath
136Dakhinsalkocha Me School 654Dakhinsalkocha
1372284 Sontoshpur M.E School633Sontoshpur
138Dakhin Salkocha Me School 718Salkocha
1391541 Kamardihi L.P School520Kamardihi
140488 Kaliarkhal L.P School 854Kaliarkhal
141488 Kaliarkhal L.P School 792Kaliarkhal
142168 Darshila L.P School 1049Darshila
143168 Darshila L.P School 787Darshila
144252 Sildanga L.P School885Sildanga
1451399 Noonmati L.P School982Noonmati
146Darshila M.E School860Darshila
147348 Changbandha L.P School 841Changbandha
1481725 Fuljarpara L.P School453Fuljarpara
149348 Changbandha L.P School 974Changbandha
1502021 Moskaguri L.P School499Moskaguri
15173 Hatipota L.P School 690Hatipota
15273 Hatipota L.P School 632Hatipota
153New Hatipota Me Madrassa960Hatipota
154436 Bhelupara L.P School 776Bhelupara
155436 Bhelupara L.P School 816Bhelupara
1562443B. Folimari L.P School 633Folimari
1572443B. Folimari L.P School 680Folimari
158299 Falimari L.P School 795Falimari
159299 Falimari L.P School 676Falimari
1602180 Falimari L.P School1054Falimari
1612426 Krishnakali L.P School562Krishnakali
162Chapar T.E L.P School 577Chapar
163Chapar Te L.P School 573Chapar
164975 Arearjhar Girls L.P School 627Arearjhar
165975 Arearjhar Girls L.P School 1561Arearjhar
166975 Arearjhar Girls L.P School 2672Arearjhar
167975 Arrearjhar Girls L.P School 439Arrearjhar
168405 Puthimari L.P School1072Puthimari
1691995 Shimlabari L.P School1068Shimlabari
1701219 Chandirpararandhanipara L.P School965Chandirpararandhanipara
1711514 Airmari L.P Schol576Airmari
1721395 Pathadhoapara L.P School675Pathadhoapara
173497 Mowatari L.P School 858Mowatari
174497 Mowatari L.P School 951Mowatari
17541 Arrearjharmowatari L.P School916Arrearjharmowatari
1762412B Sayed Ali Sarkar Memorial L.P School665Sayed
177Chapar Girls High School 1089Chapar
178Chapar Girls High School 866Chapar
179Chapar High Madrassa953Chapar
180Chapara Girls Me School 1010Chapara
181Chapar Girls Me School 976Chapar
182Chapar H.S School946Chapar
1831220 Satyapur Bhatipara L.P School 872Satyapur Bhatipara
1841220 Satyapur Bhatipara L.P School 901Satyapur Bhatipara
185858 Bhakatpara L.P School808Bhakatpara
1861218 Botordal L.P School344Botordal
1872344 Roumari L.P School 618Roumari
188Darul Ulmbalajani Title Madrassa591Ulmbalajani
1892344 Roumari L.P School 1046Roumari
190328 Nidani L.P School730Nidani
19195 Barunitara L.P School600Barunitara
1921397 Bahal.Pur L.P School 842Bahal.Pur
1931397 Bahal.Pur L.P School 868Bahal.Pur
194Choibari T.E M.E School 506Choibari
195Choibari T.E L.P School 698Choibari
196Choibari Te L.P School 664Choibari
197Choibari T.E Me School 515Choibari
19849 Choibari Hindupara L.P School 639Choibari Hindupara
1991915 Chaslapara L.P School 581Chaslapara
20049 Choibari Hindupara L.P School 629Choibari Hindupara
2011915 Chaslapara L.P School 630Chaslapara
202Rangamati Me School 624Rangamati
203Rangamati Me School 550Rangamati
204438 Bhandani L.P School862Bhandani
205936 Khutapara L.P School726Khutapara
2061280 Kathal Bari L.P. School 562Kathal Bari
2071280 Kathal Bari L.P. School 871Kathal Bari
208Raijhora High School 853Raijhora
209Raijhora High School 553Raijhora
21030 Bahalpur L.P School 702Bahalpur
21130 Bahalpur L.P School 556Bahalpur
212533 Hardemara L.P School 618Hardemara
213533 Hardemara L.P School 851Hardemara
2141614 Kakrighola L.P School 894Kakrighola
215Galajhara Basti L.P School557Basti
2161614 Kakrighola L.P School 579Kakrighola
217Nayekgaon Me School 741Nayekgaon
218Nayekgaon Me School 713Nayekgaon
2191716 Bangaldoba L.P School 684Bangaldoba
2201716 Bangaldoba L.P School 674Bangaldoba
221Falimari Me School 791Falimari
222Falimari Me School 605Falimari
2231396 Anujuli L.P School829Anujuli

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