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Polling Booth in Bijni Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Bijni

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bijni Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1736 No. Puradia L.P.School 574Puradia
2736 No. Puradia L.P.School 451Puradia
3 Donsiapara L.P.School 646Donsiapara
4 Donsiapara L.P.School 595Donsiapara
5798 No. Kumarsali L.P.School717Kumarsali
6222 No. Batabari L.P.School 596Batabari
7222 No. Batabari L.P.School 636Batabari
8Janata High School (R.N .1)508
9Bhumkipara (Ballamguri)L.P.School453Bhumkipara (Ballamguri)
10880 No.Oxiguri L.P.School 618Oxiguri
11880 No.Oxiguri L.P.School 591Oxiguri
12494 No Dangsiapara L.P.School 422Dangsiapara
13494 No Dangsiapara L.P.School 736Dangsiapara
14483 No. Dakhin Makra L.P.School766DakhinMakra
15853 No. Debapaur L.P.School825Debapaur
16860 No. Brindaban Adarsha Prarthamik Bidyalaya674 Brindaban Prarthamik Bidyalaya
17797 No. Daranga Alauri L.P.School 532 Daranga Alauri
18797 No. Daranga Alauri L.P.School 530 Daranga Alauri
19797 No. Daranga Alauri L.P.School 570 Daranga Alauri
20Agrang M.E.School 996Agrang
21Agrang M.E.School 752Agrang
2289Sikajhora L.P.School 926Sikajhora
2389Sikajhora L.P.School 649Sikajhora
24Samaj Kalyan M.E. School661Samaj Kalyan M.E. School
2544Bishnupur L.P.School 533 Bishnupur
2644Bishnupur L.P.School 356 Bishnupur
27607 No. Dailongjhar L.P.School 505 Dailongjhar
28607 No. Dailongjhar L.P.School 715 Dailongjhar
29890 No. Lakhijhora L.P.School 820 Lakhijhora
30890 No. Lakhijhora L.P.School 794 Lakhijhora
31Barpathar M.E. School 460Barpathar
32Barpathar M.E. School 434Barpathar
33239 No. Barshijhora L.P.School 503 Barshijhora
34239 No. Barshijhora L.P.School 415 Barshijhora
35606 No. Kochubil L.P. School 739 Kochubil
36606 No. Kochubil L.P. School 588 Kochubil
3724 Panbari Girls J.B. School726 Panbari
38113Bagidwara L.P.School884 Bagidwara
39 Burisuta Bridaban L.P.School845 Burisuta Bridaban
40Panbari High School 502Panbari
41Panbari High School 485Panbari
42Panbari High School 698Panbari
4354 Ballimari L.P.School 629 Ballimari
44No. 2 Abdaguri L P School333Abdaguri
4554 Ballimari L.P.School 698 Ballimari
4654 Ballimari L.P.School 645 Ballimari
47Bargaon M.V.School 724Bargaon
48Bargaon M.V.School 672Bargaon
49Ulubari High School 655Ulubari
50Ulubari High School 478Ulubari
51Ulubari High School 477Ulubari
5263 Daoraibari L.P.School 733Daoraibari
5363 Daoraibari L.P.School 658Daoraibari
54103 No. Makra Patkiguri L.P.School 390 Makra Patkiguri
55103 No. Makra Patkiguri L.P.School 398 Makra Patkiguri
56Makra High School546Makra
57632 No. Lawkriguri L.P. School599Lawkriguri
58883 No. Makhanaguri L.P. School 401Makhanaguri
59883 No. Makhanaguri L.P. School 421Makhanaguri
60493 No. Bhawraguri L.P.School 569Bhawraguri
61493 No. Bhawraguri L.P.School 577Bhawraguri
62Janata High School426
63Galapara L.P. School391Galapara
649 Makra Silbari L.P.School 484MakraSilbari
659 Makra Silbari L.P.School 416MakraSilbari
66Uttarpara L.P. School757Uttarpara
6788 Pubdeotari L.P. School 466Pubdeotari
6888 Pubdeotari L.P. School 437Pubdeotari
69650 No. Dagarpara L.P. School691Dagarpara
70Alari M.E. School597Alari
71110 No.Tangabari J.B.School 488Tangabari
72110 No.Tangabari J.B.School 489Tangabari
73Malipara M.E.School597Malipara
74 Malipara L.P.School291Malipara
7537Katuribari L.P.School 738Katuribari
7637Katuribari L.P.School 752Katuribari
77269 No. Makra Dahalapara L.P.School 371 Makra Dahalapara
78269 No. Makra Dahalapara L.P.School 735 Makra Dahalapara
79276 No. Dewanpara L.P.School 418Dewanpara
80276 No. Dewanpara L.P.School 399Dewanpara
81888 No. Bishpani L.P.School576Bishpani
82877 No. Charegaon L.P. School 515Charegaon
83877 No. Charegaon L.P. School 510Charegaon
84703 No.Bishdoba L.P.School 492Bishdoba
85703 No.Bishdoba L.P.School 466Bishdoba
86349 No. Fulerchar J.B..School712Fulerchar
87349 No. Fulerchar J.B.School666Fulerchar
88887 No. Betbari L.P.School 654Betbari
89887 No. Betbari L.P.School 633Betbari
90283 No. Silikhaguri L.P.School 468Silikhaguri
91283 No. Silikhaguri L.P.School 482Silikhaguri
92No. 228 Larugaon L P School444Larugaon
93No. 891 Gundamara L P School337Gundamara
94Bar Laugaon M.E.School 540Bar Laugaon
95Barlawgaon M.E.School 513Barlawgaon
9648 No. Chowari Nimna Buniadi Bidyalaya 511 Chowari Nimna Buniadi Bidyalaya
9748 No. Chowari Nimna Buniadi Bidyalaya 496 Chowari Nimna Buniadi Bidyalaya
98Borobazar H.S. School716Borobazar H.S. School
99688 No. Choto Monakocha L.P.School 479 Choto Monakocha
100688 No. Choto Monakocha L.P.School 708 Choto Monakocha
10121Chamugaon L.P.School830Chamugaon
1021118 No. Khujrabguri L.P.School 449Khujrabguri
1031118 No. Khujrabguri L.P.School 661Khujrabguri
104373 No. Kathalguri L.P.School572Kathalguri
105Mongalian L.P.School455Mongalian
106800 No. Bholatal L.P.School473Bholatal
107No. 253 Ambari L P School359Ambari
108104 No. Gargaon L.P.School 700Gargaon
109104 No. Gargaon L.P.School 768Gargaon
110282 No. Namjaipara L.P.School501Namjaipara
1112 No. Dongagaon L.P.School525Dongagaon
112129 No, Barlesiagaon L.P.School428Barlesiagaon
11388Kamargaon L.P.School657Kamargaon
114Bangaljhora Sisukalyan L.P.School669Bangaljhora Sisukalyan
115630 No. Laugaon Bhatipara L.P.School502LaugaonBhatipara
116Tarun Ram Phookan L.P.School689Tarun Ram Phookan
117336 No. Khamarpara Adarsha Parthamik Bidyalaya604 Khamarpara Parthamik Bidyalaya
118Lahatipara L.P. School253Lahatipara
11999 No. Bagargaon L.P.School 599Bagargaon
12099 No. Bagargaon L.P.School 494Bagargaon
121480 No. Dawaguri L.P.School 464Dawaguri
122104 Simlabari L.P.School1006Simlabari
1239Sonaikhola J.B.School 665Sonaikhola
124707 No. Alengmari L.P.School526Alengmari
1259Sonaikhola J.B.School 981Sonaikhola
126480 No. Dauyaguri L.P.School 951Dauyaguri
1271040 No. Alukhunda Indira L.P.School 643 Alukhunda Indira
1281040 No. Alukhunda Indira L.P.School 501 Alukhunda Indira
1291040 No. Alukhunda Indira L.P.School 562 Alukhunda Indira
130374 No. Goraimari L.P.School 804Goraimari
131374 No. Goraimari L.P.School 832Goraimari
132Palengbari Girls L.P.School370Palengbari
133Palengbari M.V.School 730Palengbari
134Palengbari M.V.School 753Palengbari
135No. 143 Bogoriguri J B School609Bogoriguri
136803 No. Patkata L.P.School 637Patkata
137803 No. Patkata L.P.School 729Patkata
138Bijni Bandhab H.S.School 903Bijni Bandhab
1391172 No.Nabarun Pathsala 588Nabarun Pathsala
1401172 No.Nabarun Pathsala 608Nabarun Pathsala
141Nabarun M.V.School 630Nabarun
142Nabarun M.V.School 643Nabarun
143251 Bhategaon L.P.School 1082Bhategaon
144251 Bhategaon L.P.School 792Bhategaon
14585 Bijni Bidhyapith L.P.School663 Bijni Bidhyapith
146Bijni Bidhyapith H.S. School623Bijni Bidhyapith
147Matiapara L.P.School689Matiapara
1482 No. Chotolaugaon Shyamala L.P.School597 Chotolaugaon Shyamala
149 Chatianguri L.P.School 424Chatianguri
150 Chatianguri L.P.School 392Chatianguri
151568 No. Saragaon L.P.School 785Saragaon
152568 No. Saragaon L.P.School 728Saragaon
153Fagunagaon M.E.School 399Fagunagaon
154Fagunagaon M.E.School 366Fagunagaon
155372 No. Kushlaiguri L.P.School 683Kushlaiguri
156372 No. Kushlaiguri L.P.School 645Kushlaiguri
157Pachim Kushlaiguri L.P.School796Pachim Kushlaiguri
158Baobari L.P.School 507Baobari
159Baobari L.P.School 554Baobari
160690 No. Kawadi L.P.School290Kawadi
161Patiladoha High School 833Patiladoha
162Patiladoha High School 431Patiladoha
163563 No. Patiladoha J.B. School560Patiladoha
164179 No.Patiladoha Girls' L.P.School 566Patiladoha
165179 No. Patiladoha Girls'L.P. School 532Patiladoha
1661043 No. Kurshamari L.P.School554Kurshamari
167209 No. Baripara Girls L.P.School490Baripara
168697 No. Pubboripara Chowtara L.P. School.484 Pubboripara Chowtara
169604 No.Kauwatika Bandhab L.P.School 725Kauwatika Bandhab
170604 No.Kauwatika Bandhab L.P.School 687Kauwatika Bandhab
171604 No.Kauwatika Bandhab L.P.School 726Kauwatika Bandhab
172Bijni Bandhab H. S. School 1256Bijni Bandhab
173Bijni Bandhab H. S. School 1005Bijni Bandhab
174Bijni Matilal Bagaria M.V. School1158Bijni Matilal Bagaria
175799 No. Puran Bijni L.P.School 683PuranBijni
176799 No. Puran Bijni L.P.School 684PuranBijni
177Bijni Girls High School 745Bijni
178Bijni Girls High School 771Bijni
179Bijni Girls High School 810Bijni
180Doturi L.P.School 804Doturi
181Doturi L.P.School 785Doturi
182537 No. Chatianguri L.P.School 660Chatianguri
183537 No. Chatianguri L.P.School 618Chatianguri
18438Sewchand Bagaria L.P.School619 Sewchand Bagaria
18579 No. Maneswari J.B.School 596Maneswari
18679 No. Maneswari J.B.School 656Maneswari
187806 No. Maneswari L.P.School639Maneswari
18846 No. Fagunagaon J.B.School 382Fagunagaon
18946 No. Fagunagaon J.B.School 399Fagunagaon
19078 No. Supariguri L.P.School 405Supariguri
19178 No. Supariguri L.P.School 414Supariguri

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