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Polling Booth in Bihpuria Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Bihpuria

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bihpuria Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Letekujan M.E. School R.S620Letekujan
2Letekujan Me School Sarba Siksha605Letekujan
3Letekujan M.E. School L.S.844Letekujan
4Simaluguri High School R.S1100Simaluguri
5Bishnupur L.P. School980Bishnupur
6Kamalpur M.E. School R.S870Kamalpur
7Kamalpur M.E.School L.S.792Kamalpur
82 No. Dhemagar L.P. School972 Dhemagar
9Dhemagarh Sewashram M.E. School802Dhemagarh Sewashram
10Sankar Madhab M.E. School R.S.711Sankar Madhab
11Sankar Madhab M.E. School L.S466Sankar Madhab
12Jutulibari L.P. School971Jutulibari
13Udaipur L.P. School R.S.690Udaipur
14Udaipur L.P.School L.S.868Udaipur
15Garbandha Mikir Govt. Jr. Basic School R.S.1064Garbandha Mikir
16Garbandha Mikir Govt. Jr. Basic School R.S959Garbandha Mikir
17Sankardev M.V.School R.S843Sankardev
18Binapani L.P. School612Binapani
19Sankardev M.V. School L.S.456Sankardev
20Bandardewa L.P. School R.S769Bandardewa
21Bandardewa L.P. School L.S985Bandardewa
22Jawarjyoti High School1014Jawarjyoti
23Borbali L.P. School R.S837Borbali
24Borbali L. P. School L.S626Borbali
25Motiahomara L.P. School1092Motiahomara
26Anil Bora L.P. School545Anil Bora
27Jugabaruah L. P. School R.S.1025Jugabaruah
28Jugabaruah L.P. School L.S.456Jugabaruah
29Deotola M. E. School R.S887Deotola
30Deotola M. E. School L.S.348Deotola
31Bichabari L.P. School593Bichabari
32Bholabari M. E. School R.S425Bholabari
33Bholabari M.E.School L.S955Bholabari
34Thakur Doloni L. P. School R.S548Thakur Doloni
35Lok Priya M. V. School551Lok Priya
36Thakur Doloni L.P. School L.S619Thakur Doloni
373 No. Rongoti L.P.School R.S.804Rongoti
383 No. Rongoti L. P. School L.S.793Rongoti
39Nimuri M.E. School R.S898Nimuri
40Nimuri M.E. School L.S.907Nimuri
41Simaluguri Gaon Panchayat Office1090Simaluguri Gaon
42Simaluguri High School L.S.859Simaluguri
43Nowghuli Bahupathar M. E. School849Nowghuli Bahupathar
44 Sessa Boxiram Sundari Pegu L.P. School684 Sessa Boxiram Sundari Pegu
45Christian Gaon L.P. School625Christian Gaon
46Christian Gaon Bosapukhuri M. E. School790Bosapukhuri
47Rongati High School R.S615Rongati
48Rangati M. E. School497Rangati
49Rongati High School L.S.1039Rongati
50Tatibahar M. E. School R.S.830Tatibahar
51Tatibahar M. E. School L.S.343Tatibahar
52Madhabdev Borbari L. P. School R.S.906Madhabdev Borbari
53Madhabdev Borbali L. P. School L.S.648Madhabdev Borbali
54Borpathar Pragati L. P. School R.S412Borpathar Pragati
55Borpathar Pragati L.P. School L.S924Borpathar Pragati
56Letekupukhuri M. V. School R.S.414Letekupukhuri
57Letekupukhuri M. V. School L.S779Letekupukhuri
58Rogajan Sildubi L. P. School910Rogajan Sildubi
59717 No. Chamua L. P. School600Chamua
60Rajbari L. P. School R.S.654Rajbari
61Kachikata Grant L. P. School548Kachikata Grant
62Rajbari L. P. School L.S.617Rajbari
63118 No. Niz Kachikata L. P. School763 Niz Kachikata
64Sarjan L. P. School1102Sarjan
65Kherajkhat High School R.S.475Kherajkhat
66Kherajkhat High School L.S.800Kherajkhat
67Major Chapori L. P. School813Major Chapori
68Kinapathar L. P. School831Kinapathar
69Sisu Sankardev L. P. School R.S.477Sisu Sankardev
70Sisu Sankardev L. P. School L.S619Sisu Sankardev
71Tatibahar M.V. School983Tatibahar
72Jurhotia L. P. School R.S.398Jurhotia
73Jurhotia L. P. School L.S767Jurhotia
74Dadhara M. E School R.S,712Dadhara
75Dadhara M. E School L.S,463Dadhara
76Gonok Doloni L. P. School R.S795Gonok Doloni
77Gonok Doloni L. P. School L.S.752Gonok Doloni
78Janapriya M.E. School884Janapriya
79Hawajan Girls High School R.S398Hawajan
80Hawajan Girls High School L.S880Hawajan
81 Khalihamari L. P. School771Khalihamari
82Kathani L. P. School R.S.492Kathani
83Kathani L. P. School L.S838Kathani
84Dhalpur Govt. M. V. School R.S697Dhalpur
85Dhalpur Govt. M. V. School L.S.670Dhalpur
86Dokua Balikuchi L. P. School R.S.753Dokua Balikuchi
87Dokua Balikuchi L. P. School L.S.770Dokua Balikuchi
88Dhalpur L. P. School R.S508Dhalpur
89Dhalpur L. P. School L.S.713Dhalpur
90Harmoti Pichala M. E. School999Harmoti Pichala
91Pichala Kushal L. P. School R.S571Pichala Kushal
92Pichala Kushal L. P. School L.S607Pichala Kushal
93Narayanpur H. S. School R.S.925Narayanpur
94Narayanpur H. S. School L.S343Narayanpur
95Narayanpur Girls M. V. School R.S.928Narayanpur
96Narayanpur Girls M. V. School L.S1108Narayanpur
97Panbari Majgaon M. V. School R.S654Panbari Majgaon
98144 No. Panbari L. P. School746 Panbari
99Panbari Majgaon M. V. School L.S.749Panbari Majgaon
100Madhabdev M. E. School817Madhabdev
101Office Of The Bihpuria Town Committee894Office Of The Bihpuria Town Committee
102Bihpuria Town L. P. School R.S852Bihpuria Town
103Bihpuria Town L. P. School L.S.838Bihpuria Town
104Bihpuria Town L. P. School 553Bihpuria Town
105Marnoi L. P. School R.S.749Marnoi
106Marnoi L. P. School L.S.721Marnoi
107Bihpuria Girls High School R.S.583Bihpuria
108Bihpuria Girls High School 724Bihpuria
109Bihpuria Girls High School L.S731Bihpuria
110Santapur Kandali L. P. School R.S809Santapur Kandali
111Santapur Kandali L. P. School L.S815Santapur Kandali
112Amguri M. V. School R.S559Amguri
113Amguri M. V. School L.S.559Amguri
114Laholial M. V. School1051Laholial
115Bhogpuria L. P. School R.S796Bhogpuria
116Bhogpuria L. P. School L.S908Bhogpuria
117Lohit Dikrong H. S. School R.S962Lohit Dikrong
118Lohit Dikrong H. S. School L.S730Lohit Dikrong
119Bihpuria M. V. School R.S719Bihpuria
120Bihpuria M. V. School L.S1002Bihpuria
121Maricha Pathar L. P. School Rs661Maricha Pathar
122Maricha Pathar L. P. School L.S646Maricha Pathar
123 Tengapathar L. P. School691Tengapathar
124Chilarai M. V. School677Chilarai
125Gurudev Tribal M. E. School R.S648Gurudev Tribal
126Gurudev Tribal M. E. School L.S631Gurudev Tribal
127Bordeuri L. P. School844Bordeuri
128Temera Miri L. P. School R.S516Temera Miri
129Temera Miri L. P. School L.S707Temera Miri
130Fuloni Khat High School R.S773Fuloni Khat
131Fuloni Khat High School L.S.588Fuloni Khat
132Radhapukhuri L. P. School R.S793Radhapukhuri
133Radhapukhuri L. P. School L.S648Radhapukhuri
134Kamalpur High School R.S,833Kamalpur
135Kamalpur High School L.S,603Kamalpur
136Kachuwa Majgaon L.P. School R.S859Kachuwa Majgaon
137Kachuwa Majgaon L. P. School L.S605Kachuwa Majgaon
138Kochuwa L. P. School R.S496Kochuwa
139Kochuwa L. P. School L.S705Kochuwa
140Haridah L. P. School R.S591Haridah
141Sarighari Janajati L P School590Sarighari Janajati
142Bonpuroi L. P. School R.S473Bonpuroi
143Bonpuroi L. P. School L.S587Bonpuroi
144Bokaduwar L. P. School710Bokaduwar
145Namani Subansiri High School841Namani Subansiri
146Bothakhana L. P. School912Bothakhana
147Kamalpur M. E. School344Kamalpur
148Borbil Majgoan L. P. School355Borbil Majgoan
149Borbil M. E. School868Borbil
150Lohitparia M. E. School934Lohitparia
151Tintia Ahatguri L. P. School595Tintia Ahatguri
152Napamuwa L. P. School R.S,319Napamuwa
153Napamuwa L. P. School Ls,939Napamuwa
154414 No. Sonaribari L. P. School772Sonaribari
155Namoni Dikrong M. E. School820Namoni Dikrong
156Sankardev M. E. School1039Sankardev
157Bagisa L. P. School R.S908Bagisa
158Bagisa L. P. School L.S410Bagisa
159718 No. Gandhia L. P. School320Gandhia
160Jap Jup M. V. School R.S614Jap Jup
161Jap Jup M.V.School L.S794Jap Jup
162Jamuguri L. P. School756Jamuguri
163Sohid Kamala Miri L. P. School R.S,826Sohid Kamala Miri
164Sohid Kamala Miri L. P. School Ls478Sohid Kamala Miri
165Bodoti M. E. School1114Bodoti
1662 No. Dohghoria L. P. School667Dohghoria
167 Dohghoria L. P. School859Dohghoria
168Anirodha Dev Bahgora High School825Anirodha Dev Bahgora
169Bhimbar Deuri Girls High School R.S853Bhimbar Deuri
170Bhimbar Deuri Girls High School L.S767Bhimbar Deuri
171Mornoi Deuri Govt. M. V. School1081Mornoi Deuri Govt.
172Dhunabari Missing L. P. School R.S709Dhunabari Missing
173Dhunabari Missing L. P. School L.S,676Dhunabari Missing
174Baghmora Amora L. P. School R.S471Baghmora Amora
175Bhalukaguri L. P. School805Bhalukaguri
176Baghmora Amora L. P. School Ls,464Baghmora Amora
177Kaniajan L. P. School878Kaniajan
178 Kungkur L. P. School489Kungkur
1792 No. Bohupathar L. P. School Rs679Bohupathar
1802 No. Bohupathar L. P. School L.S467Bohupathar

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