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Polling Booth in Behali Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Behali

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Behali Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Chilamari L.P SchoolN.AChilamari
2Balipukhuri M.V. School N.ABalipukhuri
4Kharasimolu High School N.AKharasimolu
6Kharasimolu L. P SchoolN.AKharasimolu
7Pabhoi Uria Basti L.P School 907Pabhoi Uria Basti
8Pabhoi Uria Basti L.P School 590Pabhoi Uria Basti
9Pabhoi Uria Basti L.P School 550Pabhoi Uria Basti
10Gereki Gaon L.P School678Gereki Gaon
11Mijika Bagan Staff Club 566Mijika Bagan
12Mijika Bagan L.P School387Mijika Bagan
13Mijika Bagan Staff Club 838Mijika Bagan
14Nonke Mijika L.P School626Nonke Mijika
15Tinisuti M.E School 616Tinisuti
16Tinisuti M.E School 636Tinisuti
17Tinisuti High School 791Tinisuti
18Tinisuti High School 530Tinisuti
19Tinisuti High School 602Tinisuti
20N.C Bharalijuli L.P School 660N.C Bharalijuli
21Nonke Bharalijuli L.P. School440Nonke Bharalijuli
222 No Borjarani L. P School 778Borjarani
232 No Borjarani L. P. School 623Borjarani
242 No Borjarani L. P School 695Borjarani
252 No Borjarani L. P School 523Borjarani
26Borjarani Mikir L.P School766Borjarani Mikir
27Solmari L.P. School781Solmari
28Gingia Bagan Staff Club Ghar869Gingia Bagan Staff Club Ghar
29Gingia Bagan Labour Club Ghar593Gingia Bagan Labour Club Ghar
30Gingia Bagan Labour Club Ghar 650Gingia Bagan Labour Club Ghar
31Kalapani Bagan Labour Club875Kalapani Bagan Labour Club
32Kalapani Bagan L.P. School 596Kalapani Bagan
33Kalapani Bagan L.P. School 794Kalapani Bagan
34Gingia L. P. School 646Gingia
35Gingia L. P. School 566Gingia
36Gingia Refugee L. P School593Gingia Refugee
37Gingia Refugee L. P School (Separate Building)520Gingia Refugee
38Gingia Mahabir High School 689Gingia Mahabir
39Gingia Mahabir High School 704Gingia Mahabir
40Kalapani L. P School864Kalapani
41Pulisomoni L. P. School857Pulisomoni
42Bihapukhuri Kochari L. P School752Bihapukhuri Kochari
43Baghmora M. E School No.1 Disiri Pothar532Baghmora
44Baghmora M. E. School No.2 Disiri Pothar548Baghmora
45Gelapukhuri L. P School541Gelapukhuri
46Jorabari L. P School666Jorabari
47Niz Baghmari L .P School 907Niz Baghmari
48Niz Baghmari L .P School 702Niz Baghmari
49Niz Baghmari L.P School 951Niz Baghmari
50Brahmaputra Chapori L.P School 778Brahmaputra Chapori
51Brahmaputra Chapori L.P School 723Brahmaputra Chapori
52Baghmari T.E. L. P School651Baghmari T.E.
53Baghmari T.E. Staff Club555Baghmari
54Baghmari Bagan Labour Club 744Baghmari Bagan
55Baghmari Bagan Labour Club 659Baghmari Bagan
56Mahananda Sarmah M.E School 772Mahananda Sarmah
57Mahananda Sarmah M.E School 520Mahananda Sarmah
58Rotowa L. P School729Rotowa
592 No Rotowa L. P School 564Rotowa
602 No Ratwapathar L.P School 769Ratwapathar
612 No Dhemajibari L.P. School426Dhemajibari
62Monabari T.E. Staff Club Ghar678Monabari
63Monabari Bagan L..P. School.480Monabari Bagan
64Monabari High School 653Monabari
65Monabari High School 856Monabari
66Monabari Bagan L.P. School450Monabari Bagan
67Monabari Bagan L.P. School 486Monabari Bagan
68Bihapukhuri Bagan L. P. School 521Bihapukhuri Bagan
69Bihapukhuri Bagan L. P School 458Bihapukhuri Bagan
70Kishori Kanaklata L. P. School807Kishori Kanaklata
71Monabari M.E. School629Monabari
72Monabari Bagan Welfare Centre 492Monabari Bagan
73Monabari Bagan Welfare Centre 629Monabari Bagan
74Gangmouthan Girls M. V. School635Gangmouthan
75Hatibandha M. V. School488Hatibandha
76Nakuniya L. P School 905Nakuniya
77Nakuniya L.P School 777Nakuniya
78Kathani Bari L. P. School893Kathani Bari
79Behali High School 645Behali
80Behali High School ()464Behali
81Nilbari L. P School844Nilbari
82Dekapothar L. P School384Dekapothar
83Behali Borbil Bagan L.P. School836Behali Borbil Bagan
84Borgang High School 498Borgang
85Borgang High School 473Borgang
86Borgang High School 578Borgang
87Sukan Suti L.P. School 538Sukan Suti
88Ruplal Dewan L. P. School Rampur725Ruplal Dewan
89Borgang L. P School 656Borgang
90Maran Gaon L.P. School521Maran Gaon
91Dakhin Maran Gaon L.P. Shool549Dakhin Maran Gaon
92Kuhiarbari L. P School 751Kuhiarbari
93Kuhiarbari L. P School 911Kuhiarbari
94Borgang Bagan L.P School 755Borgang Bagan
95Borgang Bagan L.P School 516Borgang Bagan
96Rangagarh Bagan L. P. School 538Rangagarh Bagan
97Rangagarh Bagan L. P. School 535Rangagarh Bagan
98Rangagarh Bagan Staff Club Ghar770Rangagarh Bagan Staff Club Ghar
99Ketela Bagan Staff Club Ghar660Ketela Bagan Staff Club Ghar
100Ketela Bagan L. P School540Ketela Bagan
101Ketela Bagan L. P School 470Ketela Bagan
102Chilaharan L. P School 576Chilaharan
103Chilaharan L. P School 578Chilaharan
104Anil Borah L. P School 502Anil Borah
105Anil Borah L. P. School 613Anil Borah
106Ananda Ram Dhekial Phukan M. E. School1034Ananda Ram Dhekial Phukan
107Cherelia L. P. School 574Cherelia
108Cherelia L. P. School497Cherelia
109Cherelia L. P. School554Cherelia
110Silamari L. P. School896Silamari
111Bihmari L. P. School1007Bihmari
112Behali Kalyan Ashram862Behali Kalyan Ashram
113Behali T.E. Br. Office690Behali
114Bedeti Division L.P. School391Bedeti Division
115Bedeti Division L.P. School 692Bedeti Division
116Borajuli Bagan L.P. School912Borajuli Bagan
117Pub Behali High School1001Pub Behali
118Lal Pukhuri L. P. School504Lal Pukhuri
119Nanke Bihmari L.P. School566Nanke Bihmari
120Luhia L. P School325Luhia
121Borajuli L. P. School723Borajuli
122Gopinath L. P. School897Gopinath
123Pub Behali Gaon Panchayat Office539Pub Behali Gaon
124Pub Behali Gaon Panchayat Office 789Pub Behali Gaon
125Komarpukhuri L. P School 823Komarpukhuri
126Komarpukhuri L. P. School 466Komarpukhuri
127Lokapriya High School 849Lokapriya
128Lokapriya High School 877Lokapriya
129Adhakhana L. P. School592Adhakhana
130Jalukbari L. P. School681Jalukbari
131Maheswari Smriti Adarsha L.P. School 761Maheswari Smriti
132Maheswari Smriti Adarsha L.P. School 580Maheswari Smriti
133Bortali L. P. School661Bortali
134Dakhin Rangsali L.P. School598Dakhin Rangsali
135Natun Rowmari L.P School 972Natun Rowmari
136Natun Rowmari L.P School 905Natun Rowmari
137Pabitra L. P. School 894Pabitra
138Pabitra L. P. School 632Pabitra
139Janata High School730
140Janata High School 665
141Bihmari Bon Gaon L.P.School 1034Bihmari Bon Gaon
142Bihmari Bon Gaon L.P School 911Bihmari Bon Gaon
143Padumpukhuri L.P. School 874Padumpukhuri
144Padumpukhuri L.P. School 836Padumpukhuri
145Thandapani Bonsibir Forest Camp945Thandapani Bonsibir

Last Updated on April 02, 2020
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