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Polling Booth in Batadroba Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Batadroba

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Batadroba Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Athgaon Majalia School 797Athgaon
2Athgaon Majalia School 600Athgaon
3Athgaon Majalia School 637Athgaon
4Dhing Town L. P. School649Dhing Town
5Dhing Public High School 939Dhing
6Dhing Public High School 291Dhing
7Dhing Public High School 679Dhing
8Dhing G.B. H. S. School 514Dhing
9Dhing G.B. H. S. School 702Dhing
10Dhing G.B. H. S. School 804Dhing
11No. 392 Raja Gaon L.P.School 952Raja Gaon
12No. 392 Raja Gaon L.P.School 644Raja Gaon
13294 No. Dhupaguri Muktab School 786Dhupaguri
14294 No. Dhupaguri Muktab School 880Dhupaguri
15Dhupaguri Pathar Muktab School 874Dhupaguri
16Dhupaguri Pathar Muktab School 973Dhupaguri
17Auniati Sologuri L. P. School 1338Auniati Sologuri
18Auniati Sologuri L. P. School 1064Auniati Sologuri
19No. 686 Rajabori Muktab School 798Rajabori
20No. 686 Rajabori Muktab School 681Rajabori
21Dumdumia Balisatra H. S. School 768Dumdumia Balisatra
22Dumdumia Balisatra H. S. School 729Dumdumia Balisatra
23Dumdumia Balisatra H. S. School 888Dumdumia Balisatra
24No. 374 Rampur Chalapathar Muktab School 1087Rampur Chalapathar
25No. 374 Rampur Chalapathar Muktab School 879Rampur Chalapathar
26Rampur Satra Muktab School 1037Rampur Satra
27Rampur Satra Muktab School 1271Rampur Satra
28Rampur Pam Muktab School 797Rampur Pam
29Rampur Pam Muktab School 711Rampur Pam
30No. 999 Kadamoni Muktab School 821Kadamoni
31No. 999 Kadamoni Muktab School 750Kadamoni
32No. 999 Kadamoni Muktab School 895Kadamoni
33Dhupaguri J.B. School 1139Dhupaguri
34Dhupaguri J.B. School 876Dhupaguri
35Pachim Bherbheri Balika Muktab School790Pachim Bherbheri
36Dhupaguri Kacharigaon J.B.School883Dhupaguri Kacharigaon
37Chaharia Sarkari J.B. School911Chaharia Sarkari
38No. 287 Bherbheri Muktab School998 Bherbheri
39Bherbheri M.E. Madrassa769Bherbheri
40Kadamoni Pather Muktab School1355Kadamoni
41Batadraba Sri Sri Sankardev H. S. School 839Batadraba
42Batadroba Sri Sri Sankardev H. S. School 912Batadroba
43730 No Haidubi Muktab School 837Haidubi
44730 No Haidubi Muktab School 1264Haidubi
45Bhomoraguri L.P.School 1146Bhomoraguri
46Bhomoraguri L.P.School 657Bhomoraguri
47Bhomoraguri M. E. School734Bhomoraguri
48Batamari Haidubi Muktab School 785Batamari Haidubi
49Batamari Haidubi Muktab School 783Batamari Haidubi
50Batadraba Borbheti L. P.School1080Batadraba Borbheti
51No. 992 Amlokhi Muktab School 707Amlokhi
52No. 992 Amlokhi Muktab School 656Amlokhi
53Amlokhi Bhetibari Muktab School1187Amlokhi
54Salanabori Muktab School 1125Salanabori
55Salanabori Muktab School 909Salanabori
56Batamari U. C. Deka Janajati High School 756Batamari
57Batamari U. C. Deka Janajati High School635Batamari
58Batamari U. C. Deka Janajati High School 689Batamari
59Ahomgaon Janajati M. E. School 614Ahomgaon Janajati
60Ahomgaon Janajati M. E. School 587Ahomgaon Janajati
61Roumari Muktab School 1061Roumari
62Roumari Muktab School 1215Roumari
63Katahguri Anowar Izzat Fakir Muktab School828Katahguri
64Katahguri M. E. School701Katahguri
65Katahguri High School966Katahguri
66Tuktuki Girls Muktab School 1203Tuktuki
67Tuktuki Girls Muktab School 778Tuktuki
68Pachim Tuktuki Balika Muktab738Pachim Tuktuki
69No. 1140 Chamoka Muktab School 731Chamoka
70No. 1140 Chamoka Muktab School 775Chamoka
71Kobaikata Muktab School1020Kobaikata
72Dhaniabheti High School 1103Dhaniabheti
73Dhaniabheti High School 1053Dhaniabheti
74Dhaniabheti Balak Muktab School836Dhaniabheti
75Dhaniabheti Chourapara Muktab School915Dhaniabheti
76Dhaniabheti Pathar Muktab School 739Dhaniabheti Pathar
77Dhaniabheti Pathar Muktab School 772Dhaniabheti Pathar
78Lalunggaon L. P. School.846Lalunggaon
79Lalunggaon Nurul Amin Kabir L. P. School.921Lalunggaon Nurul Amin Kabir
80Hatijujua L. P. School 835Hatijujua
81Hatijujua L. P. School 572Hatijujua
82Hatijujua L. P.School 1229Hatijujua
83Gandhua Pather Muktab School1203Gandhua Pather Muktab School
84Raidongia L.P.School 655Raidongia
85Raidongia L.P.School 583Raidongia
86Raidongia L.P.School 1040Raidongia
87Sankardev L. P. School884Sankardev
88Aibheti M.V. School959Aibheti
89Nasatra L.P.School869Nasatra
90Ailakhi L. P. School420Ailakhi
91Karchung L. P. School 978Karchung
92Karchung L.P.School 582Karchung
93Majgaon Buniyadi School 632Majgaon
94Majgaon Buniyadi School 594Majgaon
95Khuramochora Bordubia L. P. School903Khuramochora Bordubia
96Chakalaghat L. P. School977Chakalaghat
97Majgaon Uchcha Bunyadi Vidyalaya805Majgaon Uchcha Bunyadi Vidyalaya
98Jajari Gayangaon Girls M. V. School602Jajari Gayangaon
99Jajari Higher Secondary School900Jajari
100Phulaniati Gandhiji Vidyalaya897Phulaniati
101Ghana Smiti L. P. School 668Ghana Smiti
102Ghana Smiti L. P. School 685Ghana Smiti
103Kujidah Higher Secondary School 757Kujidah
104Hatichung M. V. School.831Hatichung
105Kujidah Higher Secondary School 793Kujidah
106Hatichung J.B. School 441Hatichung
107Hatichung J.B. School 232Hatichung
108Hatichung Girls High School 720Hatichung
109Hatichung Girls High School 379Hatichung
110Gedarbori Primaryschool 780Gedarbori
111Gedarbori Primaryschool 655Gedarbori
112Jamuguri Bapuji English School931Jamuguri Bapuji
113No. 90 Jamuguri L. P. School760Jamuguri
114624 No.Bagariguri Lalunggaon L. P. School1173Bagariguri Lalunggaon
115Kakamari Sarkari Buniyadi Vidyala L. P. School659Kakamari Sarkari Buniyadi Vidyala
116Gosaibori English School 840Gosaibori
117Gosaibori English School 1044Gosaibori
118Bhalukmari Kahiguri M. V. School 798Bhalukmari Kahiguri
119Baolabari L. P. School667Baolabari
120Niz Kapahera Govt. J. B. School726Niz Kapahera
121Niz Kapahera Govt. J. B. School628Niz Kapahera
122Ghumatigaon L.P.School1189Ghumatigaon
123Kapahera Higher Secondary School 989Kapahera
124Kapahera Higher Secondary School 701Kapahera
125No. 301 Paghali L. P. School892Paghali
126Paghali M. E. School 847Paghali
127Paghali M.E. School 791Paghali
128Barmonipur L. P. School 915Barmonipur
129Barmonipur L. P. School 1143Barmonipur
130Pub Borigaon L.P. School 626Pub Borigaon
131Pub Borigaon L. P. School 1149Pub Borigaon
132Chankhula Pukhuri M. E. School1297Chankhula Pukhuri
133Pub Borigaon L. P. School 569Pub Borigaon
134Bamunbori L P. School 985Bamunbori
135Bamunbori L. P. School 482Bamunbori
136Nizmikirgaon Senior Basic School 837Nizmikirgaon
137Nizmikirgaon Senior Basic School 702Nizmikirgaon
138Deorabori L. P. School888Deorabori
139Chabukdhara Govt. Senior Basic School1104Chabukdhara
140120 No Bhehuguri Muktab School904Bhehuguri Muktab
141120 No Bhehuguri Muktab School702Bhehuguri Muktab
142Charipunia L. P. School 1016Charipunia
143Charipunia L. P. School 708Charipunia
144No. 111 Sil.P.Ukhuri Muktab School 1167Sil.P.Ukhuri
145No. 111 Sil.P.Ukhuri Muktab School 1181Sil.P.Ukhuri
146Uttar Sil.P.Ukhuri Muktab School 719Uttar Sil.P.Ukhuri
147Uttar Sil.P.Ukhuri Muktab School 686Uttar Sil.P.Ukhuri
148Kujisatra M. E. School744Kujisatra
149Gosaikhanda Prathmik Vidyalaya574Gosaikhanda
150Kohuaati Primaryschool846Kohuaati
15146 Gakhajua Primaryschool779Gakhajua
152Gakhajua M. E. School1108Gakhajua
153Barchila M. V.School 712Barchila
154Barchila M. V.School 780Barchila
155Haldhiati L. P. School.1244Haldhiati
156Tangunmora L. P. School496Tangunmora
157Kapahera H. S. School 644Kapahera
158Palashguri L. P. School738Palashguri
159Kusumbori L. P. School 975Kusumbori
160Kusumbori L. P. School 1836Kusumbori

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