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Polling Booth in Barpeta Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Barpeta

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Barpeta Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1787 No. Uttar Mespara L.P.School 855Uttar Mespara
2787 No. Uttar Mespara L.P.School 852Uttar Mespara
32 No. Gandharipara M.E. Madrassa 1097Gandharipara
42 No. Gandharipara M.E. Madrassa 941Gandharipara
5423 No. Moirajhar L.P. School 810Moirajhar
6423 No. Moirajhar L.P. School 706Moirajhar
7Satboinir Tup Janakalyan High School766Satboinir Tup Janakalyan
8133 No. Satbainirtup L.P.School 682Satbainirtup
9133 No. Satbainirtup L.P.School 1073Satbainirtup
10844 No. Simlaguri L.P.School 644Simlaguri
11844 No. Simlaguri L.P.School 711Simlaguri
123 Dhupguri M.V. School 649Dhupguri
133 Dhupguri M.V. School 708Dhupguri
141232 No. Simlajhar Kahinoor L.P. School1132Simlajhar Kahinoor
15367 No. Jakhlirpar L.P. School 1057Jakhlirpar
161507 No. Masuwa L. P. School 859Masuwa
17367 No. Jakhilirpar L.P. School 274Jakhilirpar
181507 No. Masuwa L. P. School 952Masuwa
191858 No. B.N. Boro L.P. School708B.N. Boro
20259 No. Moutupri L.P. School820Moutupri
2136Luasur L.P. School 798Luasur
2236Luasur L.P. School 676Luasur
23453 No. Belguri L.P. School 784Belguri
24453 No. Belguri L.P. School 719Belguri
2556 No. Guagacha L.P.School 632Guagacha
2656 No. Guagacha L.P.School 521Guagacha
2774 Bahbari L.P.School 870Bahbari
2874 Bahbari L.P.School 864Bahbari
291504 No. Borbarijhar L.P.School910Borbarijhar
30708 No. Halapakuri L.P.School932Halapakuri
31159 No. Bunmajar Pam L.P.School 659Bunmajar Pam
32No. 1495 Pub Rangdiapara Lp School982Rangdiapara
33124 Uttar Kaurpara L.P. School 710Uttar Kaurpara
34No.311 Kaorpara L.P.School663Kaorpara
35947 No. Kaljhar Helonar Pam L.P. School 666Kaljhar Helonar Pam
36947 No. Kaljhar Helonar Pam L.P. School 679Kaljhar Helonar Pam
3780Porabharal L.P. School 791Porabharal
3880Porabharal L.P. School 823Porabharal
3930 No. Madhya Howly M.E. Schhol 787Madhya Howly
40Madhya Howly M.E. Schhol 629Madhya Howly
411097 No. Pachim Ghilazari L.P. School 848Pachim Ghilazari
42Yatan Nessa Memorial Presenior Madrassa808Yatan Nessa
431097 No. Pachim Ghilazari L.P. School 670Pachim Ghilazari
44Halapakuri High Madrassa 756Halapakuri
451476 No. Dakshin Nagarjhar Girls L.P. School659Dakshin Nagarjhar
46Halapakuri High Madrassa 739Halapakuri
47Howly Girls High School 778Howly
48Howly Girls High School 823Howly
49Howly Girls High School 764Howly
50No.643 Ahalya Balika Abhyasan Lp School1174Ahalya Balika Abhyasan
511152 No. Nagarjhar Girls L.P. School 609Nagarjhar
52No.1152 Nagarjhar Girls Lp School 795Nagarjhar
53Howly Normal Me Abhyasan School1124Howly Normal
54Azad M.E. School 1149Azad
55Azad M.E. School 1042Azad
56Howly Normal School 1027Howly Normal School
57Howly Normal School 1064Howly Normal School
58348 No. Ambari Moiramara L.P.School 708Ambari Moiramara
59348 No. Ambari Moiramara L.P.School 593Ambari Moiramara
60372 No. Moiramara Girls L.P.School 913Moiramara
61372 No. Moiramara Girls L.P.School 767Moiramara
62417 No. Hajipara L.P. School 808Hajipara
63417 No. Hajipara L.P. School 758Hajipara
6496Hazipara L.P. School 782Hazipara
6596Hazipara L.P. School 688Hazipara
661498 No. Deuliapara L.P..School423Deuliapara
67898 No. Kathlijhar L.P. School 842Kathlijhar
68898 No. Kathlijhar L.P. School 925Kathlijhar
69700 No. Phulkipara L.P. School817Phulkipara
70953 No. Hatijana Joshihati L.P. School1113Hatijana Joshihati
711496 No. Madhya Hatijana L.P. School655Madhya Hatijana
72No 1496 Madhya Hatijana Lp School 647Madhya Hatijana
73979 No. Itarbhata Pubpara L.P. School 707Itarbhata Pubpara
74979 No. Itarbhata Pubpara L.P. School 656Itarbhata Pubpara
75354 No. Itarbhata L.P. School999Itarbhata
76722 No. Kadamguri L.P. School 820Kadamguri
77722 No. Kadamguri L.P. School 749Kadamguri
78No.1310 Bagajanpara Girls L.P.School 607Bagajanpara
79No.1310 Bagajanpara Girls L.P.School 711Bagajanpara
8028 Duttakuchi L.P. School 695Duttakuchi
81No. 1970 Duttakuchi Balika Vidyalay804Duttakuchi
82832 No. Yogir Pam L.P. School856Yogir Pam
83115 Yogir Pam L.P. School736Yogir Pam
84359 No. Dabaliapara L.P. School 907Dabaliapara
85359 No. Dabaliapara L.P. School 1176Dabaliapara
86954 No. Dhakaliapara L.P. School 641Dhakaliapara
87Dakshin Dhakaliapara M.E. Madrassa585Dakshin Dhakaliapara
88954 No. Dhakaliapara L.P. School 866Dhakaliapara
89136Kumulipara Balak L.P. School 921Kumulipara Balak
90186 North Kumullipara L.P. School 862North Kumullipara
91136Kumulipara Balak L.P. School 850Kumulipara Balak
92186 North Kumullipara L.P. School 680North Kumullipara
93797 No. Baniarapara L.P. School 636Baniarapara
941164 No. Baniarapara L.P. School 606Baniarapara
95797 No. Baniarapara L.P. School 762Baniarapara
961164 No. Baniarapara L.P. School 578Baniarapara
9724 No. Garemari M.V. School 897Garemari
9824 No. Garemari M.V. School 946Garemari
99274 No. Jahorpam L.P. School 1025Jahorpam
100274 No. Jahorpam L.P. School 994Jahorpam
101280 No. Bahmura L.P. School 593Bahmura
102280 No. Bahmura L.P. School 740Bahmura
1031239 No. Garemari Pathar Girls L.P. School 708Garemari Pathar
1041239 No. Garemari Pathar Girls L.P. School 620Garemari Pathar
1051352 No. Pachim Khandakarpara L.P.School 669Pachim Khandakarpara
106Khandakarpara Girls High Madrassa712Khandakarpara
1071352 No. Pachim Khandakarpara L.P.School 1127Pachim Khandakarpara
10844Deurikuchi L.P. School 908Deurikuchi
10944Deurikuchi L.P. School 727Deurikuchi
11035 Donakuchi L.P. School1112Donakuchi
111378 No. Dangarkuchi L.P. School 1100Dangarkuchi
112378 No. Dangarkuchi L.P. School 1064Dangarkuchi
113Uttar Barpeta High School 819Uttar Barpeta
114Uttar Barpeta High School 492Uttar Barpeta
115Dhanbandha High School1161Dhanbandha
116Uttar Barpeta High School Mw908Uttar Barpeta
117503 No. Bilartarihati L.P. School 606Bilartarihati
118503 No. Bilartarihati L.P. School 508Bilartarihati
119No.502 Bilartarihati L.P. School930Bilartarihati
1206 No. Bilartarihati L.P. School699Bilartarihati
121Sankar Hall629Sankar Hall
122Dakshin Barpeta Vidyamandir Hs School745Dakshin Barpeta
123Dakshin Barpeta Vidyamandir High School 755Dakshin Barpeta
124Dakshin Barpeta Vidya Mandir High School 565Dakshin Barpeta
125Barpeta Vidyapith Higher Secondary School 724Barpeta Vidyapith
126Barpeta Town M.E. Madrassa265Barpeta Town
1272 No. Amolapatty L.P. School536Amolapatty
128740 No. Barpeta Town Muslimpatti L.P. School1240Barpeta Town Muslimpatti
129Barpeta Town M.V. School 694Barpeta Town
130Barpeta Town M.V. School 452Barpeta Town
131 Dalahati L.P. School 870Dalahati
132 Dalahati L.P. School 697Dalahati
133Barpeta Sadar Balika M.V. School589Barpeta Sadar
134Juroram Pathak Girls High School 649Juroram Pathak
135Barpeta Vidyapith Higher Secondary School 584Barpeta Vidyapith
136Juroram Pathak Girls High School 642Juroram Pathak
137Juroram Pathak Girls High School 497Juroram Pathak
1388 No. Dahati L.P. School 799Dahati
1398 No. Dahati L.P. School 833Dahati
140Jeevanlata High School 497Jeevanlata
141Jeevanlata Girls High School 441Jeevanlata
1423 No. Dakshin Hati L.P. School 786Dakshin Hati
1433 No. Dakshin Hati L.P. School 628Dakshin Hati
14453Sundaridia L.P. School 437Sundaridia
14553Sundaridia L.P. School 621Sundaridia
146Sundaridia High School 438Sundaridia
1471156 No. Sundaridia Banipith L.P. School 613Sundaridia Banipith
148Sundaridia High School 542Sundaridia
149918 No. Metuakuchi L.P. School 1043Metuakuchi
150918 No. Metuakuchi L.P. School 839Metuakuchi
1511710 No. Ambikagiri L.P. School 935Ambikagiri
1521710 No. Ambikagiri L.P. School 1074Ambikagiri
153Barpeta Harijan Basti L.P. School1201Barpeta Harijan Basti
154B.T. College922
155968 No. Jyotigaon L.P. School1244Jyotigaon
156Ghana Kanta Memorial M.E. School 753Ghana Kanta
157Ghana Kanta Memorialm.E. School 626Ghana Kanta
158353 No. Ganakkuchi L.P. School 456Ganakkuchi
159Ganakkuchi Weaving Centre615Ganakkuchi
160353 No. Ganakkuchi L.P. School 753Ganakkuchi
161Baradi Gyan Manjuri Me School 547Baradi Gyan Manjuri
162Baradi Gyan Manjuri Me School 612Baradi Gyan Manjuri
163137 No. Baradi Boys L.P. School739Baradi
164No. 1180 Dakshin Bheraldi Balartari Lp School711Dakshin Bheraldi Balartari
165520 No. Keotkuchi Balika Vidyalaya604Keotkuchi
166Keotkuchi M.V. School 929Keotkuchi
167654 No. Bheraldi L.P. School 785Bheraldi
168654 No. Bheraldi L.P. School 449Bheraldi
169479 No. Fatigrah L.P. School544Fatigrah
1700603303 No. Taparbori L.P. School869Taparbori
171147Dakhin Paschim Bheraldi L.P. School 859Dakhin Paschim Bheraldi
172147Dakhin Paschim Bheraldi L.P. School 791Dakhin Paschim Bheraldi
173Patbaushi M.V. School 606Patbaushi
174Patbaushi High School599Patbaushi
175Patbaushi M.V. School 950Patbaushi
176Mahesh Baishya Girls High School314Mahesh Baishya
17752Gaherpam L.P. School594Gaherpam
178149 Pub Gaherpam L.P. School637Pub Gaherpam
179522 No. Nasatra L.P. School816Nasatra
1801510 No. Majorgaon L.P. School726Majorgaon
181Kahibari Mahamilon Me School1079Kahibari Mahamilon
182490 No. Kahibari Balak L.P. School 669Kahibari Balak
183No 490 Kahibari Balak L.P. School 543Kahibari Balak
1841346 No. Durgapur Taherun L.P. School 801Durgapur Taherun
1851346 No. Durgapur Taherun L.P. School 777Durgapur Taherun
1861828 No. Durgapur Pachim Hati L.P. School 776Durgapur Pachim Hati
1871828 No. Durgapur Pachim Hati L.P. School 647Durgapur Pachim Hati
188Dhakuwa High Madrassa1064Dhakuwa
189Mailkuchi M.E. Madrassa666Mailkuchi
190529 No. Mailkuchi L.P. School946Mailkuchi
191No. 523 Temura Lp School697Temura
192No.370 Pahumara L.P. School 811Pahumara
193370 No. Pahumara L.P. School 718Pahumara
194524 No. Dongra L.P. School984Dongra
195526 No. Saragpara L.P. School924Saragpara
196528 No. Palhaji L.P. School1156Palhaji
197Palhaji Higher Secondary School. 789Palhaji
198527 No. Palhazi Amirpara Lp School1085Palhazi Amirpara
199Palhaji Higher Secondary School. 878Palhaji
200103Chakabaushi L.P. School357Chakabaushi
2011033 No. Garemarihabi L.P. School894Garemarihabi
202847 No. Belortari L.P. School800Belortari
2031512 No. Garemari L.P. School838Garemari
204848 No. Rahampur L.P. School 795Rahampur
205848 No. Rahampur L.P. School 731Rahampur
2061492 No. Keteki L.P. School563Keteki
2071373 No. Garemari Pathar L.P. School742Garemari Pathar
2081036 No. Budarurtup L.P. School864Budarurtup
209537 No. Bamuna L.P. School 533Bamuna
210537 No. Bamuna L.P. School 497Bamuna

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