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Polling Booth in Barhampur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Barhampur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Barhampur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
136 No. Morikollong Primaryschool 474Morikollong
236 No. Morikollong Primaryschool 734Morikollong
3Morikollonh High School 649Morikollonh
4Morikollonh High School 753Morikollonh
5Maj Pathori High School811Maj Pathori
6Niz Pathori Primaryschool676Niz Pathori
7Maj Pathori Thiatangani Primaryschool.888Maj Pathori Thiatangani
8Chotahaibor Primaryschool 667Chotahaibor
9Chokitup Primaryschool 1006Chokitup
10Chokitup Primaryschool 759Chokitup
11Chokitup Primaryschool 730Chokitup
12Chokitup Primaryschool 902Chokitup
13Chokitup M.E. School East473Chokitup
14Chokitup M.E.School802Chokitup
15Swahid Anil Bora Girls High School 1083Swahid Anil Bora
16Swahid Anil Bora Girls High School 638Swahid Anil Bora
17Swahid Anil Bora Girls High School 639Swahid Anil Bora
18Chotahaibor Primaryschool 1318Chotahaibor
19Begenaati Muktab School 709Begenaati Muktab
20Begenaati Muktab School696Begenaati Muktab
21Begenaati Muktab School 1128Begenaati
222 No. Panigaon Muktab School 818Panigaon
232 No. Panigaon Muktab School 1030Panigaon
24447 No. Bhotaigaon Primaryschool 906Bhotaigaon
25447 No. Bhotaigaon Primaryschool 745Bhotaigaon
26Dimaruguri Madhaya English School 819Dimaruguri
27748 No. Dimaruguri Balika L.P. School 838Dimaruguri Balika
28Dimaruguri Madhaya English School 947Dimaruguri Madhaya
29Dimaruguri Madhaya English School 685Dimaruguri Madhaya
30Hindustani Hindi L.P.School 1003Hindustani Hindi
31Hindustani Hindi L.P.School 916Hindustani Hindi
32748 No. Dimaruguri Balika L.P. School 930Dimaruguri Balika
33748 No. Dimaruguri Balika L.P. School 793Dimaruguri Balika
34748 No. Dimaruguri Balika L.P. School 715Dimaruguri Balika
35Mahrol Bhotaiati Muktab School 1185Mahrol Bhotaiati
36Mahrol Bhotaiati Muktab School 1097Mahrol Bhotaiati
37346 No. Mukhuli Muktab School 798Mukhuli
38346 No. Mukhuli Muktab School 757Mukhuli
3934 No. Difalu Telia Pahukata L.P.School1079Difalu Telia Pahukata
40Nagaon Polytechnic 826Nagaon
41Nagaon Polytechnic 715Nagaon
42198, Town Panigaon Parthamik Vidayalaya 1079Town Panigaon
43198, Town Panigaon Parthamik Vidayalaya 953 Town Panigaon
44Nagaon Polytechnic 967Nagaon
45Nagaon Polytechnic 710Nagaon
46649 No. Palashani L.P.School 715Palashani
47649 No. Palashani L.P.School 494Palashani
48Makhuli High School840Makhuli
49Majarati L.P.School 1334Majarati
50Majarati L.P.School 783Majarati
51Khagarijan M.E.School689Khagarijan
52Nam Karaiyani J.B.School 882Nam Karaiyani
53Nam Karaiyani J.B.School 807Nam Karaiyani
54Talia Panigaon Primaryschool 926Talia Panigaon
55Talia Panigaon Primaryschool 1078Talia Panigaon
56Marangial Primaryschool640Marangial
57Benudhar Sarma Parthamik Vidyalaya567Benudhar Sarma
58Karaiyani Higher Secondary School 556Karaiyani
59Karaiyani Higher Secondary School 727Karaiyani
60Gomothagaon L.P.School964Gomothagaon
61Auniati High School887Auniati
62Uriagaon Majalia Balika Vidyalaya 880Uriagaon Majalia
63Uriagaon Majalia Balika Vidyalaya 642Uriagaon Majalia
64Barhampur S.S.I. Higher Sechondary School 794Barhampur
65Barhampur Batallian L.P. School1032Barhampur Batallian
66Barhampur S.S.I. Higher Sechondary School 822Barhampur
67Putani Gomothagaon Swahid Balika Primaryschool 547Putani Gomothagaon
68Putani Gomothagaon Swahid Balika Primaryschool 611Putani Gomothagaon
69819 No. Ghogargaon L.P.School921
70566 No. Putani Kamargaon L.P. School425
71Paruagaon Primaryschool969Paruagaon
72Singia Potani Balika Primaryschool 693Singia Potani Balika
73Singia Potani Balika Primaryschool 524Singia Potani Balika
74Chutiagaon L.P.School688Chutiagaon
75Katanigaon High School1026Katanigaon
76Katanigaon Muktab School 984Katanigaon
77Katanigaon Muktab School 739Katanigaon
78Badalgaon Primaryschool689Badalgaon
79Dhenuchosa Majatia School854Dhenuchosa Majatia
80Kumargaon Balika Primaryschool 732Kumargaon Balika
81Kumargaon Balika Primaryschool 763Kumargaon Balika
82Nonoi Senior Basic School740Nonoi
83Kumargaon Balak L.P. School 663Kumargaon Balak
84Kumargaon Balak L.P. School 629Kumargaon Balak
85Kandali Darangial Primaryschool858Kandali Darangial
86Kuhir Toli L.P.School858Kuhir Toli
87Kachu Basti L.P. School721Kachu Basti
88Nibu Kali M.E.School1065Nibu Kali
89Ananta Kondali High School823Ananta Kondali
90Pukhuri Basti Primaryschool 849Pukhuri Basti
91Pukhuri Basti Primaryschool 973Pukhuri Basti
92Bor Kondali Grant L.P.School699Bor Kondali Grant
93Uria Grant L.P.School 1170Uria Grant
94Rangalu Uria Grant Tuboki Parthamik Bidyalaya782Rangalu Uria Grant
95Uria Grant L.P.School 1231Uria Grant
96Rangalu High School 1066Rangalu
97Rangalu High School 1369Rangalu
98634 No. Chehgmora Muktab Primaryschool923Chehgmora Muktab
99Nonoi Mikirpar Uriagaon Primaryschool883Nonoi Mikirpar Uriagaon
100Lakhminath Bezbaruah L.P. School709Lakhminath Bezbaruah
101Nonoi Chakarigaon L.P. School851Nonoi Chakarigaon
102Niz Kampur Primaryschool1074Niz Kampur
103Jawaharlal Primaryschool1037Jawaharlal
104Kampur Adarsha High School908Kampur
105Majarati Primaryschool) 861Majarati
106Majarati Primaryschool 1224Majarati
107Darangialgaon Primaryschool1222Darangialgaon
108Tetelisara Adarsha Primaryschool1158Tetelisara
109Tetelisara Hrant Primaryschool 821Tetelisara Hrant
110Tetelisara Hrant Primaryschool 567Tetelisara Hrant
111Kam.E.Swar Barthakur Majalia School 538Kam.E.Swar Barthakur Majalia
112Kam.E.Swar Barthakur Balika Vidyalaya 834Kam.E.Swar Barthakur
113Kampur Parthamik Balika Vidyalaya 888Kampur
114Kampur Girls M.E. School399Kampur
115Kampur Girls High School918Kampur
116Kam.E.Swar Barthakur Majalia School 1145Kam.E.Swar Barthakur
117Kampur Higher Secondary & M.P. School827Kampur
118Dakhinpat Primaryschool1191Dakhinpat
119Ghilani Balika Parthamik Vidyalaya1003Ghilani
120Ghilani Parthamik Vidvalaya 978Ghilani
121Ghilani Parthamik Vidvalaya 1144Ghilani
122Deb Narikali L.P.School1064Deb Narikali
123Deb Narikali South Kapili Valley M.E.School615Deb Narikali South Kapili Valley
124Palashbari Primaryschool917Palashbari
125Bamunijan L.P.School356Bamunijan
126Jumurmur High School 1000Jumurmur
127Jumurmur High School 800Jumurmur
128Tubuki Grant L.P.School980Tubuki Grant
129Tubuki Grant L.P.School950Tubuki Grant
130Rangalu Grant L.P.School433Rangalu Grant
131Rangalu Gyandip M.E.School791Rangalu Gyandip
132Niz Kathiatoli Girls L.P. School632Niz Kathiatoli
133Niz Kathiatali L.P.School 908Niz Kathiatali
134Niz Kathiatali L.P.School 819Niz Kathiatali
135Krishna Devi Agaala L.P. School 988Krishna Devi Agaala
136Krishna Devi Agaala L.P. School 923Krishna Devi Agaala
137Kathiatali H.S.School1255Kathiatali
138Nambar Lalunggaon L.P.School 1362Nambar Lalunggaon
139Nambar Lalunggaon L.P.School 1338Nambar Lalunggaon
140Pachim Nambar L.P.School 1385Pachim Nambar
141Pachim Nambar L.P.School 1181Pachim Nambar
142Anchalik Panchayat Office 762Anchalik
143Anchalik Panchayat Office 702Anchalik
144Anchalik Panchayat Office 763Anchalik
145Rengbang Janajati M.E.School657Rengbang Janajati
146Sagunbahi Began L.P.School _855Sagunbahi Began
147Sagunbahi Began L.P.School _1302Sagunbahi Began
148Puranigudam Chariali Hem Barua M.V.School 585Puranigudam Chariali Hem Barua
149Puranigudam Chariali Hem Barua M.V.School 1002Puranigudam Chariali Hem Barua
150Bherbher Majalia School928Bherbher
151Chalchali Girks Majalia School 878Chalchali
152609 No. Jalahchuk L.P. School639Jalahchuk
153Bherbher Swahid Majalia School 652Bherbher
154Bherbher Swahid Majalia School 684Bherbher
155Pitambardev Goswami High School 948Pitambardev Goswami
156Pitambardev Goswami High School 1057Pitambardev Goswami
157Chalchali M.E. Madrassa School 720Chalchali
158Chalchali M.E. Madrassa School 650Chalchali
159Chalchali M.E. Madrassa School 922Chalchali
160483 Chalchli Balak Muktab357Chalchli Balak
161Bamuni High School 872Bamuni
162Bamuni High School861Bamuni
163Bamuni High School 279Bamuni
164Bamuni M.E. School 644Bamuni
165Bamuni J.B. School565Bamuni
166Bamuni M.E. School 905Bamuni
167No. 2 Chamgaon L.P.School907Chamgaon
168Lungchun Chamgaon M.E.School632Lungchun Chamgaon
169Chapanala L.P. School737Chapanala
170Chapanala Higher Secondary School 796Chapanala
171Chapanala Higher Secondary School 511Chapanala
172Chapanala Higher Secondary School 1131Chapanala
173Chapanala Dak Bunglow 695Chapanala Dak Bunglow
174Chapanala Dak Bunglow 1017Chapanala Dak Bunglow
175Balijupi Kajiranga L.P.School 809Balijupi Kajiranga
176Balijupi Kajiranga L.P.School 603Balijupi Kajiranga
177Kajiranga Parthamik Vidyalaya552Kajiranga
178Balijuri M.E.School480Balijuri
179Baliadhipa L.P.School 1052Baliadhipa
180Baliadhipa L.P.School 709Baliadhipa
181Puranigudam Dr. B.K.B. College347Puranigudam
182Puranigudam J.B. School 825Puranigudam
183Puranigudam J.B. School 548Puranigudam
184Puranigudam R.K.B.H.S.School1081Puranigudam
185Kasarigaon M.V.School685Kasarigaon

Last Updated on April 02, 2020
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