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Polling Booth in Barchalla Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Barchalla

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Barchalla Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Manuhmari Kachari L.P.School 477Manuhmari Kachari
2Bhergaon Hemlal L.P. School 813Bhergaon Hemlal
3Bhergaon Hemlal L.P. School 450Bhergaon Hemlal
4Nalbari L.P. School 957Nalbari
5Nalbari L.P. School 460Nalbari
6Singimari L.P. School 868Singimari
7Singimari L.P. School 611Singimari
8Singimari L.P. School 608Singimari
9Dumdumagaon Panchayat Office 614Dumdumagaon
10Dumdumagaon Panchayat Office 485Dumdumagaon
11Nupur L.P. School 620Nupur
12Nupur L.P. School 716Nupur
13Tulip T.E. L.P. School690Tulip T.E.
14Alimabad M.E. Madrassa777Alimabad
15Rahmanpurjute L.P. School672Rahmanpurjute
16Rahman Jutpur L.P. School 619Rahman Jutpur
17Rahman Jutpur L.P. School 507Rahman Jutpur
18Joyanagar L.P. School 900Joyanagar
19Joyanagar L.P. School 472Joyanagar
20Joyanagar L.P. School 932Joyanagar
21Palash Basti M.E. School 497Palash Basti
22Palash Basti M.E. School 728Palash Basti
23Palash Basti M.E. School 1346Palash Basti
24Dhekiajuli T. E. L.P. School560Dhekiajuli T. E.
25Dhekiajuli T. E. L.P. School476Dhekiajuli T. E.
26Dhekiajuli Te Creche House722Dhekiajuli Te Creche House
27Dhekiajuli T.E. Staff Club House845Dhekiajuli T.E. Staff Club House
28Ratanjuli L.P. School882Ratanjuli
29Balishiha L.P. School 559Balishiha
30Balishiha L.P. School 554Balishiha
31Arun T.E. Club House 586Arun T.E.
32Arun T.E. Club House 445Arun T.E.
33Sirajuli T.E. L.P. School916Sirajuli T.E.
34Padum Pukhuri L.P. School. 374Padum Pukhuri
35Padum Pukhuri L.P. School. 550Padum Pukhuri
36Padum Pukhuri L.P. School 565Padum Pukhuri
37Bhanga Mandirl.P. School 402Bhanga Mandir
38Bhanga Mandirl.P. School 883Bhanga Mandir
39Natun Panbari L.P. School 297Natun Panbari
40Natun Panbari L.P. School 820Natun Panbari
41Burigaon Dighalipar L.P. School 831Burigaon Dighalipar
42Burigaon Dighaliparl.P. School 288Burigaon Dighalipar
43Chegelimora L.P. School528Chegelimora
44Nurpur L.P. School 551Nurpur
45Dumduma L.P. School897Dumduma
46Pasim Barchalla Boro Academy901Pasim Barchalla Boro Academy
47Borjhar L.P. School 539Borjhar
48Borjhar L.P. School 425Borjhar
49Borjhar Nepali L.P. School1013Borjhar Nepali
50Turi Pam L.P. School 646Turi Pam
51Turi Pam L.P. School 632Turi Pam
52Durabari Gaon L.P. School758Durabari Gaon
53Mora Belsiri L.P. School643Mora Belsiri
54Fata Simalu L.P. School 617Fata Simalu
55Fata Simalu L.P. School (Sarbasiksha Hall)793Fata Simalu
56Fata Simalu L.P. School 342Fata Simalu
57Panchnoi Nonke L.P. School526Panchnoi Nonke
58Biskhuti L.P. School667Biskhuti
59Niz Borchalla L.P. School 859Niz Borchalla
60Niz Borchalla L.P. School 827Niz Borchalla
61Garia Pathar L.P. School754Garia Pathar
62Dakhin Dhopguri L.P. School896Dakhin Dhopguri
63Borbhagia Borsola G.P. Office 947Borbhagia Borsola
64Borbhagia Borchalla G.P. Office 630Borbhagia Borchalla
65Borbhagia Borchalla G.P. Office 567Borbhagia Borchalla
66Belsiri L.P. School893Belsiri
67Solmari Chapari L.P. School 515Solmari Chapari
68Solmari Chapari L.P. School 655Solmari Chapari
69Solmari Chapari L. P. School 814Solmari Chapari
70Borbhagia L.P. School512Borbhagia
71Balijan L.P. School 749Balijan
72Balijan L.P. School 902Balijan
73Daulguri L.P. School915Daulguri
74Balijan L.P. School 639Balijan
75Natun Singri Vety. Hospital291Natun Singri Vety. Hospital
76Natun Singri L.P. School 524Natun Singri
77Natun Singri L.P. School 608Natun Singri
78Natunsingri L.P. School 965Natunsingri
79Chitalmari Gupchar L.P. School. 759Chitalmari Gupchar
80Chitalmari Gupchar L.P. School 520Chitalmari Gupchar
81Chitalmari L.P. School 1036Chitalmari
82Chitalmari L.P. School 256Chitalmari
83Singori High School 238Singori
84Singri Gaon Panchayat Office 852Singri Gaon
85O/O The Singri Gaon Panchayat 391Singri Gaon
86O/O The Singri Gaon Panchayat 564Singri Gaon
87Singri Gaon Panchayat Office 611Singri Gaon
88Mollinath Balika L.P.School580Mollinath Balika
89Singri High School 374Singri
90Pub Singri L.P. School664Pub Singri
91Sirajuli L.P. School 944Sirajuli
92Sirajuli L.P. School 973Sirajuli
93M.E.Dhi Chuburi L.P. School 1111Dhi Chuburi
94M.E.Dhicuburi L.P. School 720Dhi Chuburi
95Ramkrishna Bangali L.P. School 750Ramkrishna Bangali
96Ramkrishna Bangali L.P. School 784Ramkrishna Bangali
97Rangagara L.P. School 576Rangagara
98Rangagara L.P. School 682Rangagara
99Rangagara High School 624Rangagara
100Rangagara High School 604Rangagara
101Pirakata L.P. School 960Pirakata
102Pirakata L.P. School 541Pirakata
103Pirakata L.P. School 631Pirakata
104Pirakata L.P. School 645Pirakata
105Natun Sirajuli L.P. School 785Natun Sirajuli
106Natun Sirajuli L.P. School 605Natun Sirajuli
107Bagaribari L.P. School 734Bagaribari
108Bagaribari L.P. School 565Bagaribari
109Singri T.E. L.P. School 481Singri T.E.
110Singri T.E. L.P. School 458Singri T.E.
111Singri T.E. L.P. School 864Singri T.E.
112Singri T.E. Creche House689Singri T.E.
113Dhirajmajuli L.P. School N.ADhirajmajuli
115No. 1 Borpukhuri L.P. School925Borpukhuri
116Arasuti Janghal L.P. School1158Arasuti Janghal
117Kumali Devi L.P. School648Kumali Devi
118Barati L.P. School745Barati
119Borgaon L.P. School1167Borgaon
120Swahid Moniram Boro M.E. School703Swahid Moniram Boro
121Silikhabari M.E. School 447Silikhabari
122Silikhabari M.E. School 1287Silikhabari
123Garuduba L.P. School 1023Garuduba
124Garuduba L.P. School 770Garuduba
125Garuduba L.P. School 725Garuduba
126Chengahilai L.P. School1010Chengahilai
127Teliagaon L.P. School 271Teliagaon
128Muslim Chapari L.P. School736Muslim Chapari
129Muslim Chapari L.P. School569Muslim Chapari
130Muslim Chapari L.P. School 827Muslim Chapari
131Muslim Chapari L.P. School 590Muslim Chapari
132Batabari L.P. School 728Batabari
133Batabari L.P. School 641Batabari
134Teliagaon L.P. School 918Teliagaon
135Teliagaon L.P. School 613Teliagaon
136Baliram L.P. School794Baliram
137Johamari M.E. School677Johamari
138Nabil L.P. School677Nabil
139Hojai Gaon L.P. School473Hojai Gaon
140Khelmati High School 792Khelmati
141Khelmati High School 447Khelmati
142Khelmati High School 433Khelmati
143Samukia L.P. School 505Samukia
144Samukia L.P. School 588Samukia
145Saraka Gaon L.P. School442Saraka Gaon
146Bandarmari L.P. School 514Bandarmari
147Bandarmari L.P. School 594Bandarmari
148Ghatua L.P. School 529Ghatua
149Ghatua L.P. School 546Ghatua
150Omiyo Das High School859Omiyo Das
151Manijarani L.P. School890Manijarani
152Naharani L.P. School 538Naharani
153Naharani L.P. School 800Naharani
154Ghogra T.E. L.P. School.876Ghogra
155Natun Ghogra T.E. Club House 569Natun Ghogra
156Natun Ghogra T.E. Club House 433Natun Ghogra
157Bahbari L.P.School 902Bahbari
158Bahbari L.P.School 315Bahbari
159Gopinath Bordoloi M.V. School 706Gopinath Bordoloi
160Gopinath Bordoloi M.V. School 891Gopinath Bordoloi
161Baruadoloni L.P. School 538Baruadoloni
162Baruadoloni L.P. School 575Baruadoloni
163Bapubheti L.P. School 548Bapubheti
164Bapubheti L.P. School 570Bapubheti
165Puthimari L.P. School939Puthimari
166Pithakhowa Boys L.P. School610Pithakhowa
167Bihaguri Girls M.E.School621Bihaguri
168Sankar Memoriall.P. School 543Sankar
169Sankar Memoriall.P. School 588Sankar
170Bhalukekhuwa L.P. School629Bhalukekhuwa
171Bordubia.P. School775Bordubia.P. School
172Jengar Chuburi L.P. School 878Jengar Chuburi
173Jengar Chuburi L.P. School 334Jengar Chuburi
174Kamar Chuburi L.P. School806Kamar Chuburi
175Niraiati L.P. School635Niraiati
176Jyoti Memoriall.P.School677Jyoti
177Likhakgaon L.P.School827Likhakgaon
178Bihaguri Muktab L.P.School608Bihaguri Muktab
179Bihaguri Girls High School 606Bihaguri
180Bihaguri Girls High School 770Bihaguri
181Bihaguri Girls M.V. School 528Bihaguri
182Bihaguri Girls M.V. School 537Bihaguri
183Nizbihaguri L.P. School753Nizbihaguri
184Kalitagaon L.P.School698Kalitagaon
185Chinga Chuburi L.P. School708Chinga Chuburi
186Jharani L.P. School332Jharani
187Tintakia L.P. School 953Tintakia
188Tintakia L.P. School 751Tintakia
189Shankardev L.P. School504Shankardev
190No1 Basasimalu L.P. School637Basasimalu
191478 No Basasimalu L.P. School1179Basasimalu
192No.2 Borpukhuri L.P. School722Borpukhuri

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