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Polling Booth in Barama Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Barama

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Barama Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Subankhata High School 867Subankhata
2Subankhata High School 802Subankhata
3Uttarkuchi L.P. School 986Uttarkuchi
4Uttarkuchi L.P. School 994Uttarkuchi
5Dakhinkuchi L.P. School 710Dakhinkuchi
6Dakhinkuchi L.P. School 643Dakhinkuchi
7Amlaiguri L.P. School525Amlaiguri
8Maithabari L.P. School524Maithabari
9Nikashi L.P. School 1025Nikashi
10Nikashi L.P. School 1075Nikashi
11Saulkara L.P. School842Saulkara
12Japadang L.P. School948Japadang
13Japadang Bechimari L.P. School850Japadang Bechimari
14Japadang Milan M.E. School833Japadang Milan
15Indira Gandhi M.E. School 567Indira Gandhi
16Indira Gandhi M.E. School 567Indira Gandhi
17Nayabasti Mv School 763Nayabasti
18Nayabasti High School592Nayabasti
19Nayabasti L.P. School620Nayabasti
20Nayabasti Mv School 590Nayabasti
21Khairani L.P. School 737Khairani
22Khairani L.P. School 481Khairani
23Khairani L.P. School 646Khairani
24Borikadanga Indira Gandi High School567Borikadanga
26Odala No.1 L.P. School580Odala No.1
27Odala Bhela Basti L.P. School567Odala Bhela Basti
28Odala No.2 L.P. School697Odala No.2
29Pakhamara L.P. School 734Pakhamara
30Pakhamara L.P. School 793Pakhamara
31Bagulamari No. 2 L.P. School862Bagulamari No. 2
32 Bagulamari L.P. School 697 Bagulamari
33 Bagulamari L.P. School 666 Bagulamari
34Baganpara High School 528Baganpara
35Baganpara High School 522Baganpara
36Uttarpara L.P. School 622Uttarpara
37Baganpara High School 609Baganpara
38Uttarpara L.P. School 1060Uttarpara
39Baska Buniyadi Siksha Niketon 700Baska Buniyadi
40Baska Buniyadi Siksha Niketon 668Baska Buniyadi
41Thalkuchi Bapuji Vidyapith High School 695Thalkuchi
42Thalkuchi Bapuji Vidyapith High School 529Thalkuchi
43Tupalia M.E. School 844Tupalia
44Tupalia M.E. School 587Tupalia
45Kadamtola L.P. School 805Kadamtola
46Kadamtola L.P. School 788Kadamtola
47Amguri L.P. School 549Amguri
48Roumari L.P. School458Roumari
49Amguri L.P. School 433Amguri
50Khagrabari Auronaday Minor School 682Khagrabari
51Khagrabari Auronaday Minor School 635Khagrabari
52Bangaon L.P. School 919Bangaon
53Bangaon L.P. School 265Bangaon
54Angardhowa M.E. School 913Angardhowa
55Angardhowa M.E. School 826Angardhowa
56Angardhowa M.E. School 825Angardhowa
57Palokata Mv School435Palokata
58Jartaluk L.P. School905Jartaluk
59Nichalamari L.P. School889Nichalamari
60Santipur Guwakuchi L.P. School 420Santipur Guwakuchi
61Santipur Guwakuchi L.P. School 408Santipur Guwakuchi
62Santipur No.661 L.P. School 706Santipur No.661
63Santipur No.661 L.P. School 688Santipur No.661
64Santipur Milan High School695Santipur Milan
65Bherbheri L.P. School 546Bherbheri
66Bherbheri L.P. School 689Bherbheri
67Garbhitar M.E. School 950Garbhitar
68Garbhitar M.E. School 767Garbhitar
69Ghoramara L.P. School 591Ghoramara
70Ghoramara L.P. School 933Ghoramara
71Dhamdhama High School 1015Dhamdhama
72Dhamdhama High School 989Dhamdhama
73Dhamdhama High School 705Dhamdhama
74Mahina No.2 L.P. School 615Mahina No.2
75Mahina No.2 L.P. School 561Mahina No.2
76Paschim Mahina L.P. School 487Paschim Mahina
77Paschim Mahina L.P. School 552Paschim Mahina
78Barsimaluguri Mv School991Barsimaluguri
79Kumarpara L.P. School703Kumarpara
801115 No Jaripara L.P. School601Jaripara
81Tokankata No.2 L.P. School 843Tokankata
82Tokankata No.2 L.P. School 205Tokankata
83No.1 Murkuchiapara L.P. School676Murkuchiapara
84No.2 Murkuchiapara L.P. School711Murkuchiapara
85Nehru Milan High School 776Nehru Milan
86Nehru Milan High School 709Nehru Milan
87Anandapur L.P. School874Anandapur
88Anandapur Milan M.E. School890Anandapur Milan
89Borimakha High School 541Borimakha
90Borimakha High School 530Borimakha
91Bangalipara M.E. School 568Bangalipara
92Bangalipara High School573Bangalipara
93Bangalipara M.E. School 732Bangalipara
94Sonsali L.P. School 630Sonsali
95Sonsali L.P. School 853Sonsali
96Saokuchi L.P. School 519Saokuchi
97Agehia L.P. School561Agehia
98Saokuchi L.P. School 893Saokuchi
99Kadamtola Gormara L.P. School668Kadamtola Gormara
100Kadamtola Prathmik Vidyalaya676Kadamtola
101Gormara L.P. School767Gormara
102Kakalabari L.P. School576Kakalabari
103Merkuchi L.P. School 863Merkuchi
104Merkuchi L.P. School 766Merkuchi
105Kharuajan Nehru Milan M.E. School 974Kharuajan Nehru Milan
106Kharuajan Nehru Milan M.E. School 505Kharuajan Nehru Milan
107No.2 Batachara L.P. School 709Batachara
108No.2 Batachara L.P. School 736Batachara
109Barama College 796Barama
110Barama College 551Barama
111Barama College 393Barama
112Uttar Barama Bazar Venture L.P. School 1265Uttar Barama Bazar Venture
113Uttar Barama Bazar Venture L.P. School 517Uttar Barama Bazar Venture
115Bhogpur Jakoikhana L.P. School 716Bhogpur Jakoikhana
116Kharua Batabari L.P. School 319Kharua Batabari
117Kharua Batabari L.P. School 772Kharua Batabari
118Kharua Batabari L.P. School 866Kharua Batabari
119Bhalukdonga Vidya Mandirm.E. School 667Bhalukdonga
120Bhalukdonga Vidya Mandirm.E. School 666Bhalukdonga
121Namati Mouza M.E. School 553Namati Mouza
122No.815 Sarukuchijhar L.P.School595Sarukuchijhar
123Namati Mouza M.E. School 687Namati Mouza
124Bhurkuchi No.209 L.P. School 849Bhurkuchi
125Bhurkuchi No.209 L.P. School 696Bhurkuchi
126Bodo Faraisali M.E. School1223Bodo Faraisali
127Namati Vidyapith M.E. School 580Namati Vidyapith
128Namati Vidyapith M.E. School 549Namati Vidyapith
129179 No. Dabalabhitha L.P. School570Dabalabhitha
130Namati Ahilapara Prathmik Vidyalaya614Namati Ahilapara
131Namati Mouza Mv School 559Namati Mouza
132Namati Mouza Mv School 544Namati Mouza
133Bamunbori L.P. School 548Bamunbori
134Bamunbori L.P. School501Bamunbori
135Nathkuchi No.207 L.P. School763Nathkuchi
136Basanti High School 624Basanti
137Basanti High School 620Basanti
138Basanti High School 1017Basanti
139Hirimba Bodo High School83Hirimba
140Daloigaon L.P. School691Daloigaon
141Ranakuchi L.P. School 591Ranakuchi
142Ranakuchi L.P. School 579Ranakuchi
143Murm.E.La L.P. School 441Murm.E.La
144Murm.E.La L.P. School 655Murm.E.La
145Murm.E.La L.P. School 684Murm.E.La
146Digheli L.P. School581Digheli
147Digheli High School555Digheli
148No.660 Madhapur L.P. School 605Madhapur
149No.660 Madhapur L.P. School 566Madhapur
150Sapra L.P. School 931Sapra
151Sapra L.P. School 829Sapra
152Mohkhali L.P. School 665Mohkhali
153Mohkhali L.P. School 677Mohkhali
154No.497 Dahkaunia L.P. School998No.497 Dahkaunia
155Barama High School 530Barama
156Barama High School 557Barama
157Barama High School 680Barama
158Barjar No.657 L.P. School 933Barjar No.657
159Barjar No.657 L.P. School 652Barjar No.657
160No.657 Barjhar L.P. School 672No.657 Barjhar
161Suradi M.E. Madrassa 676Suradi
162Mahkharia L P School199Mahkharia
163Suradi M.E. Madrassa 909Suradi
164Suradi M.E. Madrassa 811Suradi
165Semthiapara L.P. School 636Semthiapara
166Semthiapara L.P. School 1046Semthiapara
167Semthiapara L.P. School 952Semthiapara
168Bakuwajari L.P. School763Bakuwajari
169Bagra L.P. School.690Bagra
170No.986 Gobaradal L.P. School827Gobaradal
171Gobaradal M.E. School 534Gobaradal
172Gobaradal M.E. School 494Gobaradal
173Sathikuchi Janata M.E. School 773Sathikuchi Janata
174Sathikuchi Janata M.E. School 860Sathikuchi Janata
175Bali Parthamik Vidyalaya 587Bali Parthamik
176Bali Parthamik Vidyalaya 673Bali Parthamik
177Bali High School 878Bali
178Bali High School 643Bali
179Haribhanga High School 654Haribhanga
180Haribhanga Girls High School624Haribhanga
181Haribhanga High School 604Haribhanga
182Haribhanga High School 736Haribhanga
183Haribhanga Uccha Buniyadi School 548Haribhanga Uccha
184Haribhanga Uccha Buniyadi School 585Haribhanga Uccha
185Bhojkuchi L.P. School 901Bhojkuchi
186Bhojkuchi L.P. School 790Bhojkuchi
187Dakhin Bhojkuchi L.P. School891Dakhin Bhojkuchi

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