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Polling Booth in Baithalangso Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Baithalangso

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Baithalangso Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Amguri L.P. School.634Amguri
2Amguri High School695Amguri
3Bogajamin L.P. School.586Bogajamin
4Krokengdang L.P. School526Krokengdang
5Borgaon L.P. School.640Borgaon
6Borgaon L.P. School. 376Borgaon
7Sanghan L.P. School.511Sanghan
8Ghilaputa L.P. School.359Ghilaputa
9Pipor Gaon L.P. School589Pipor Gaon
10Chinanodi L.P. School 1017Chinanodi
11Chinanodi L.P. School 404Chinanodi
12Voksong H.S. School.761Voksong
13Bura Jungthung L.P. School.572Bura Jungthung
14Borkok High School..586Borkok
15Borkok High School..569Borkok
16Semson Sing Engti L.P.School555Semson Sing Engti
17Jarthangnala L.P.School531Jarthangnala
18Tarsen L.P. School.512Tarsen
19Tumprop L.P. School757Tumprop
20Rongjangphong L.P. School664Rongjangphong
21Punja M.E. School.1017Punja
22Bor Anglong L.P. School.957Bor Anglong
23Enghin Abi L.P. School.1097Enghin Abi
24Punja M.E. School.532Punja
25Kanak Ronghang L.P. School926Kanak Ronghang
26Edenbari Baish English School.437Edenbari
27Putsari L.P. School.400Putsari
28Putsari L.P. School.1034Putsari
29Basapu L.P, School..939Basapu
30Basapu L.P, School..676Basapu
31Umswai M.E. School1117Umswai
32Bormarjong L.P. School..951Bormarjong
33Bormarjong L.P. School 852Bormarjong
34Birsingki L.P. School 835Birsingki
35Birsingki L.P. School 567Birsingki
36Ramso Tokbi L.P. School.673Ramso Tokbi
37Sar Kro L.P. School.637Sar Kro
38Umpanai L.P. School831Umpanai
39Umpanai High School764Umpanai
40Rongjangphong M.E. School.871Rongjangphong
41Umsiken L.P. School.641Umsiken
42Ulukunchi L.P.School.697Ulukunchi
43Hadao L.P. School.677Hadao
44Morten L.P. School.548Morten
45Longeh Lobui L.P. School882Longeh Lobui
46Jaluklangteng L.P. School756Jaluklangteng
47Langteng L.P.School.328Langteng
48Mokindur L.P. School.685Mokindur
49Kungripi L.P. School.N.AKungripi
50Singdoloi L.P. School.953Singdoloi
51Laru L.P. School.710Laru
52Musaldeng L.P. School565Musaldeng
53Umat L.P. School.590Umat
54Badong Senar L.P. School Langhonjar208Badong Senar
55Pachim Umlapher L.P.School.893Pachim Umlapher
56Umwang L.P. School.965Umwang
57Umserang L.P. School.N.AUmserang
58Saraswati L.P. School.679Saraswati
59Sabuda L.P. School541Sabuda
60Murap L.P. School.766Murap
61Birmaine L.P. School.208Birmaine
62Rongchek L.P. School.371Rongchek
63Munjili L.P. School332Munjili
64Rumphum L.P. School.498Rumphum
65Langerdang L.P. School382Langerdang
66Khilimulong L.P. School.498Khilimulong
67Makoiram L.P. School524Makoiram
68Amegaon L.P. School369Amegaon
69Longpai L.P. School.271Longpai
70Umpho L.P. School247Umpho
71Amlong L.P. School.696Amlong
72Umchera M.E. School450Umchera
73Rongmandu L.P.School.469Rongmandu
74Langsomepi L.P. School.421Langsomepi
75Langparpan L.P. School.289Langparpan
76Rongkor L.P. School225Rongkor
77Tirkim L.P. School.815Tirkim
78Wodilar L.P. School332Wodilar
79Linsika L.P. School.470Linsika
80Hamren Model L.P. School. 994Hamren Model
81Jirsong High School 633Jirsong
82Jirsong High School 560Jirsong
83Hamren Model L.P. School 1035Hamren Model
84Terang Kangther L.P. School349Terang Kangther
85Hamren Govt. H.S. School.678Hamren
86Rongchindon L.P. School 510Rongchindon
87Rongchindon L.P. School 622Rongchindon
88Ambinong L.P. School. 655Ambinong
89Badong L.P. School.295Badong
90Durikiling L.P. School703Durikiling
91Badong L.P. School.521Badong
92Maineteron L.P. School.268Maineteron
93Niz Amtreng L.P. School.1007Niz Amtreng
94Umru L.P. School.488Umru
95Longre L.P. School.683Longre
96Baithalangso H.S. School 813Baithalangso
97Baithalangso H.S. School 447Baithalangso
98Tika High School.527Tika
99Khranglongjong L.P. School549Khranglongjong
100Hongkram L.P.School.904Hongkram
101Hongkram L.P.School.640Hongkram
102Hanlokrok L.P. School .731Hanlokrok
103Hanlokrok L.P. School .541Hanlokrok
104Doloni L.P. School.519Doloni
105Borthoiso L.P.School.456Borthoiso
106Borthal M.E. School 747Borthal
107Borthal M.E. School 345Borthal
108Tengkeralangso L.P. School.795Tengkeralangso
109Langhan L.P. School.741Langhan
110Donkamokam H. School.799Donkamokam
111Donkamokam H. School.572Donkamokam
112Vosokaida English High School.876Vosokaida
113Donkamokam L.P.School.811Donkamokam
114Satgaon High School.910Satgaon
115Satgaon High School.513Satgaon
116Satgaon L.P. School.628Satgaon
117Satgaon L.P. School.458Satgaon
118Bhelapara L.P.School .676Bhelapara
119Bhelapara M.E. School.801Bhelapara
120Bhelapara L.P.School .561Bhelapara
121Bhelapara High School357Bhelapara
122Rongkuroi L.P. School 555Rongkuroi
123Rongkuroi L.P. School 623Rongkuroi
124Amguri L.P. School.769Amguri
125Namtoradubi L.P. School .1108Namtoradubi
126Namtoradubi L.P. Schoo .300Namtoradubi
127Upper Taradubi M.E.School .647Upper Taradubi
128Upper Toradubi M.E.School .571Upper Toradubi
129Upar Toradubi High School819Upar Toradubi
130Tumpreng H.S. School .840Tumpreng
131Tumpreng H.S. School .931Tumpreng
132Mugasong L.P.School 784Mugasong
133Mugasong L.P.School 650Mugasong
134Phangtenphrang M.E. School641Phangtenphrang
135Phangtenphrang M.E. School531Phangtenphrang
136Indira Nagar L.P. School..586Indira Nagar
137Hanthor L.P. School.705Hanthor
138Indira Nagar L.P. School.645Indira Nagar
139Indira Nagar L.P. School 581Indira Nagar
140Ram Rongpi L.P. School494Ram Rongpi
141Hanthor L.P. School.R/W)986Hanthor
142Artukekang L.P.School.674Artukekang
143Artukekang L.P.School.472Artukekang
144Bithung Rengthama L.P. School.862Bithung Rengthama
145Bithung Rengthama L.P. School.565Bithung Rengthama
146Kolonga High School.627Kolonga
147Kolonga High School.679Kolonga
148Kolonga L.P School.749Kolonga
149Kolonga L.P School.402Kolonga
150Kolonga M.E. School.870Kolonga
151Langminso L.P.School.412Langminso
152Langsudo L.P.School 698Langsudo
153Langsudo L.P.School.541Langsudo
154Vomoatar L.P.School.824Vomoatar
155Karbirong Sopi L.P. School.675Karbirong Sopi
156Menmeji High School .681Menmeji
157Menmeji High School .496Menmeji
158Menmeji M.E. School844Menmeji
159Menmeji L.P. School.845Menmeji
160Sildubi Primary School.918Sildubi
161Sildubi L.P.School.896Sildubi
162Jenkha L.P.School. 535Jenkha
163Jengkha L.P. School 609Jengkha
164Jenkha High School.859Jenkha
165Jenkha High School.695Jenkha
166Rikangmihom L.P.School798Rikangmihom
167Rikangmihom L.P.School.794Rikangmihom
168Thesobil L.P.School.442Thesobil
169Bogorighat Hindi M.E.School 410Bogorighat
170Bogorighat Hindi M.E.School 567Bogorighat
171Thesobil L.P. School 827Thesobil
172Kheroni High School708Kheroni
173Nehru Memorial Hindi M.E. School599Nehru
174Greenvalley English L.P. School838Greenvalley English
175Kheroni L.P. School.776Kheroni
176Kheroni L.P. School.633Kheroni
177Langmapi M.E School.720Langmapi
178Langmapi M.E School.613Langmapi
179Langmapi L.P.School.794Langmapi
180Langmapi L.P.School. 678Langmapi
181Deori Englang L.P.School.1069Deori Englang
182Deori Englang L.P.School.490Deori Englang
183Langchithing L.P.School.738Langchithing
184Harlong Serat L.P.School.587Harlong Serat
185Chek Artu L.P. School712Chek Artu
186Darajuri L.P.School.360Darajuri
187Dara Arlok L.P.School.611Dara Arlok
188Amparsong L.P. School..545Amparsong
189Amparsong L.P. School..416Amparsong
190Arsong L.P. School476Arsong
191Phura Timung L.P. School.526Phura Timung
192Senbiri L.P. School.570Senbiri
193Langkuroi L.P. School.784Langkuroi
194Rongpongbong L.P.School.865Rongpongbong
195Tapat L.P. School.721Tapat
196Wangpung L.P.School.588Wangpung
197Mukoilum L.P.School.652Mukoilum
198Umkhirmi L.P.School.469Umkhirmi
199Mulabar L.P.School.1039Mulabar
200Muthade L.P.School.835Muthade
201Muthade L.P.School.715Muthade
202Zirikinding M.E.School.766Zirikinding
203Zirikinding M.E.School.597Zirikinding
204Zirikinding L.P. School.1002Zirikinding
205Mukhim L.P.School.919Mukhim
206Sarchim L.P.School.862Sarchim
207Taseng L.P. School842Taseng
208Sarchim L.P.School.621Sarchim
209Upilangso L.P.School.895Upilangso
210Thongnokbey Hindi M.E.School. 993Thongnokbey
211Thongnokbey Hindi M.E.School. 996Thongnokbey
212Semson Sing Engti Memorial M.E.School891Semson Sing Engti
213Dikhreng L.P. School478Dikhreng
214Dikhreng M.E. School1015Dikhreng
215Kheroni Chariali Hindi M.E. School.546Kheroni Chariali
216Dayangmukh High School.567Dayangmukh
217Arnam Teplong L.P. School644Arnam Teplong
218Dayangmukh High School.565Dayangmukh
219Thongnokbey Hindi High School.821Thongnokbey
220Dayangmukh L.P. School.461Dayangmukh
221Dayangmukh L.P. School.779Dayangmukh
222Hajagaphar L.P.School.550Hajagaphar
223Ranaima L.P. School750Ranaima
224Hajagaphar L.P.School.798Hajagaphar
225Watizor M.E. School695Watizor
226Ziribasa L.P.School.851Ziribasa
227Sankar Madhab High School.630Sankar Madhab
228Sankar Madhab High School.546Sankar Madhab
229Hawaipur H.School.788Hawaipur
230Hawaipur L.P.School.660Hawaipur
231Dikhlem L.P. School.701Dikhlem
232Dikhlem L.P. School.499Dikhlem
233Dikhlem M.E.School.634Dikhlem .
234Dikhlem M.E. School843Dikhlem
235Dikhlem M.E. School .975Dikhlem
236Mailoo Bazar L .P. School.741Mailoo Bazar
237Mailoo Bazar L.P.School.877Mailoo Bazar
238Mailoo Bazar L.P.School.1024Mailoo Bazar
239Mailoo High School.734Mailoo
240Mailoo Hindi L.P. School.675Mailoo Hindi
241Lamsakhang Nar High School 694Lamsakhang Nar
242Lamsakhang Nar High.School.854Lamsakhang Nar
243Nawaibil Adarsa R. High.School. 835Nawaibil Adarsa R.
244Nawaibil Adarsa R. High.School. 760Nawaibil Adarsa R.
245Lamsakhang L.P.School..538Lamsakhang
246Lamsakhang L.P.School..461Lamsakhang

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