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Polling Booth in Amguri Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Amguri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Amguri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Rupahimukh M.E. School979Rupahimukh
2Teliadunga Mishing M.E.School818Teliadunga Mishing
3Teliadunga Mishing M.E.School782Teliadunga Mishing
4Deogharia L.P.School423Deogharia
5Deogharia L.P.School749Deogharia
6Dikhomukh M.V.School East604Dikhomukh
7Dikhowmukh Mv Schoolest516Dikhowmukh
8Dikhowmukh Janajati High School718Dikhowmukh Janajati
9Dikhowmukh Janajati High School546Dikhowmukh Janajati
10Khanakokura Balika Mv School1061Khanakokura Balika
11Khanakokura Balika Mv School484Khanakokura Balika
12Kharadhara L.P. School1166Kharadhara
13Mitong Nakatani L.P. School 763Mitong Nakatani
14Mitong Nakatani L.P Schoolest781Mitong Nakatani
15Mitong Nakatani Mouchak Library889Mitong Nakatani
16Hatighuli L.P. School1110Hatighuli
17Silpukhuri L.P. School670Silpukhuri
18Borjiori L.P. School693Borjiori
19897 No Govt Garkosh Changmai L.P School730Garkosh Changmai
20Jamuguri L.P. School 508Jamuguri
21Jamuguri L.P. School .918Jamuguri
22Bhetorowal M.E. School1039Bhetorowal
23Narakonwer Bailung L.P. School523Narakonwer Bailung
24Majnora Girls High School945Majnora
25Khanamukh H.S. School .700Khanamukh
26Khanamukh H.S. School .974Khanamukh
27Tipomia L.P. School636Tipomia
28Chintamoni L.P. School1019Chintamoni
29Phukanphadia L.P. Schoole880Phukanphadia
30Phukanphadia L.P. School,704Phukanphadia
31Bazgaon M.V. School726Bazgaon
32180 No Suntolichiga L.P. School768Suntolichiga
33Gohaingaon L.P. School839Gohaingaon
34Napam Khanikor L.P. School579Napam Khanikor
35Soshidhar Phukan Girls High School672Soshidhar Phukan
36Radha Kt. Phukan High School543Radha Kt. Phukan
3729 No Jogpuria L.P. School735Jogpuria
38Talialkatani L.P. School616Talialkatani
39444 No Alikakuri L.P. School753Alikakuri
40Baruwati L.P School799Baruwati
41Charingia Puranim.E.Lia L.P. School612Charingia Puranim.E.Lia
42Charingia Puranim.E.Lia L.P. School 639Charingia Puranim.E.Lia
43Janji Sil.P.A M.E. School611Janji
44Janji Sil.P.A M.E. School615Janji
45Handique Gaon L.P. School935Handique Gaon
4636 No Garhkakharia L.P. School750Garhkakharia
478Gunakatani L.P. School1065Gunakatani
48Bolomia Napukhuri M.V. School852Bolomia Napukhuri
49Janji Balika L.P. School585Janji Balika
50Dhekial L.P. School592Dhekial
51199 No Ratanpuria L.P. School570Ratanpuria
52199 No Ratanpuria L.P. School579Ratanpuria
53348 No Abhoypuria L.P. School523Abhoypuria
54Morapukhuri L.P. School587Morapukhuri
55Morapukhuri L.P. School678Morapukhuri
56Mantonia L.P. School840Mantonia
57Jehenia L.P. School930Jehenia
58Belimukhia Lp Schoole989Belimukhia
59Belimukhia Lp School382Belimukhia
6036Chamoguri Muktab L.P. School824Chamoguri Muktab
61Kharagarh L.P. School .492Kharagarh
62Kharagarh L.P. School 996Kharagarh
63534 No Namtial L.P. School954Namtial
64534 No Namtial L.P. School582Namtial
65335 No Namtimukh L.P. School573Namtimukh
66Lachit L.P School934Lachit
674 No Baruapukhuri L.P. School917Baruapukhuri
68208 No Gharakakharia L.P. School435Gharakakharia
69Namtichariali High School762Namtichariali
70Abhoipuria L.P.Scho Ol449Abhoipuria
71883 No Napukhuri L.P. School622Napukhuri
72883 No Napukhuri L.P. School591Napukhuri
73Dikshu High School.654Dikshu
74Dikshu High School630Dikshu
75Dikshu High School747Dikshu
76Bhuyanhat L.P. School 552Bhuyanhat
77Bhuyanhat L.P. School 574Bhuyanhat
78Auniati Bishnu Chandra Dev L.P. School578Auniati Bishnu Chandra Dev
79Charingia Deodhai L.P School602Charingia Deodhai
80Charingia Deodhai L.P School633Charingia Deodhai
81Lalimchigachapari M.V. School.676Lalimchigachapari
82Lalimchigachapari M.V. School715Lalimchigachapari
83Deodhai M.V. School .929Deodhai
84Deodhai M.V. School 563Deodhai
857Charingia L.P. School666Charingia
86Charingia Pukhuri L.P. School567Charingia Pukhuri
87Amguri L.P. Svhool .325Amguri
88Amguri L.P. Svhool .694Amguri
89410 No Bhuyan Goan L.P. School856Bhuyan Goan
90Kistu Chandra Agaalla L.P.School 930Kistu Chandra Agaalla
91Kistu Chandra Agaalla L.P.School 309Kistu Chandra Agaalla
92Auniati Hemchandra Dev H.S. School.275Auniati Hemchandra Dev
93Auniati Hemchandra Dev H.S. School1154Auniati Hemchandra Dev
94Auniati Girls High School528Auniati
95Amguri Girl High School641Amguri
96Doopdhar High School885Doopdhar
97Doapdhar Hisgh Schoolest960Doapdhar
98Kaliapani M.V. School814Kaliapani
99Baghajan Baganl.P. School 354Baghajan
100Baghajan Baganl.P. School 563Baghajan
101Baghbagan Masdoor Club581Baghbagan
102Borbam Majdoor Janajati M.E School905Borbam Majdoor Janajati
103Borbam Majdoor Janajati M.E School513Borbam Majdoor Janajati
104Borbam Masdur Janajati L.P.School524Borbam Masdur Janajati
105Borbam Bagan Mosdoor Club.963Borbam Bagan Mosdoor
106Borbam Bagan Mosdoor Club207Borbam Bagan Mosdoor
107Kachariline L.P. School570Kachariline
108Halowating C Class L.P. School.582Halowating
109101Halowating Hospital Line Anganwadi Centre L539Halowating
110Halowating C Class L.P. School555Halowating
111102 Halawating Field Line Anganwadi Centre 528Halawating
112102 Halawating Field Line Anganwadi Centre521Halawating
113Amguri Bagicha Adarsha L.P. School565Amguri Bagicha
114Amguri Bagan L.P. School .536Amguri Bagan
115Amguri Bagan L.P. School 457Amguri Bagan
116Amguri Bagan Mosdoor Club529Amguri Bagan
117Amguri Bagan Mosdoor Club597Amguri Bagan
118Borahibari Mv School.655Borahibari
119Borahibari Mv School581Borahibari
120Borchayak L.P. School1026Borchayak
121Majbari L.P. School522Majbari
122Namtidol L.P. School673Namtidol
123Padumpukhuri M.V. School860Padumpukhuri
124Senswa L.P. School947Senswa
125707 No Lunpuria L.P. School1018Lunpuria
126Namti Bangali L.P. School633Namti Bangali
127Napukhuri L.P. School 716Napukhuri
128Napukhuri L.P. School 607Napukhuri
129Namti Bangali High School720Namti Bangali
130Karuna Kt. Gogoi Memorialh.S. School824Karuna
131Kukurachowa Boys L.P. School .391Kukurachowa
132Kukurachowa Boys L.P. School 738Kukurachowa
133Madhabchandra Vidyalaya L.P. School.1093Madhabchandra
134Madhabchandra Vidyalaya L.P. School694Madhabchandra
135Borsila Bagan L.P. School .773Borsila Bagan
136Borsila Bagan L.P. School586Borsila Bagan
137Tiphuk Bagan L.P. School 589Tiphuk Bagan
138Tiphuk Bagan L.P. School 539Tiphuk Bagan
139Sumdor L.P. School964Sumdor
140Sumdor L.P. School315Sumdor
141Julagaon (Dagaon) L.P. School.313Julagaon (Dagaon)
142Julagaon (Dagaon) L.P. School898Julagaon (Dagaon)
143Namti High School 657Namti
144Namti High School585Namti
145Namti High School576Namti
146Lunpuria L.P. School341Lunpuria
147Lunpuria L.P. School677Lunpuria
148Lunpuria L.P. School294Lunpuria
149Lunpuria L.P. School889Lunpuria
150No 2 Majgaon L.P School293Majgaon

Last Updated on April 02, 2020
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