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Polling Booth in Algapur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Algapur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Algapur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1356 No. Uttar Badarpur L.P. School760Uttar Badarpur
2348No. Panchgram L.P. School 1084Panchgram
3348 Panchgram L.P. School (Room3)451Panchgram
4350No. Panchgram L.P. School 659Panchgram
5Radha Rani Colony L.P. School526Radha Rani Colony
6Stepping Stone School508Stepping Stone
7Rashid Ali L.P. School422Rashid Ali
8Town High School751
9Sitaram M.E. School 807Sitaram
10Sitaram M.E. School 813Sitaram
11Gopal Ram M.E. School719Gopal Ram
12289 Polarpar L.P. School1149Polarpar
13Annadacharan Girls' High School 1118Annadacharan
14Annadacharan Girls' High School 550Annadacharan
15Annadacharan Girls' High School 469Annadacharan
16292 Hawriarpar L.P. School684Hawriarpar
17Janaki Charan H.S. School 656Janaki Charan
18Janaki Charan H.S. School 795Janaki Charan
19Janaki Charan H.S. School 475Janaki Charan
2026 Bakrihawar L.P. School1265Bakrihawar
21Janaki Bazar High School737Janaki Bazar
2242 Bakrihawar L.P. School648Bakrihawar
23405 Bakrikhalerpar L.P. School998 Bakrikhalerpar
24173 Dholidahar L.P. School1276Dholidahar
25404 Nabashantipur L.P. School987Nabashantipur
26460 Pedla Punji L.P. School365Pedla Punji
27Janaki Bazar Sr. Basic School 888Janaki Bazar
28Janaki Bazar Sr. Basic School 874Janaki Bazar
2938 Purba Kalinagar L.P. School564Purba Kalinagar
30581 Kalinagar L.P. School830Kalinagar
31290 Hariyal L.P. School733Hariyal
3284 Burnie Mukh L.P. School804 Burnie Mukh
33Bakrihawar M.E. Madrassa540Bakrihawar
34178 Kalinagar L.P. School870Kalinagar
35167Barnami M.V.School848Barnami
36J.B.M.E. Madrassa 994
37J.B.M.E. Madrassa 550
3817 Chiporsangan L.P.School851Chiporsangan
39764 Tukargram L.P. School812Tukargram
4087 Majhirala L.P. School800Majhirala
41Majhirala M.E. Madrassa757Majhirala
42322 Jitarmukh L.P. School1180Jitarmukh
43132 Bhatisanjurai Maktab 582Bhatisanjurai Maktab
44132 Bhatisanjurai Maktab 662Bhatisanjurai Maktab
45Samaj Kalyan M.E. School990Samaj Kalyan
46Narayanpur Sr. Basic School 651Narayanpur
47Narayanpur Sr. Basic School 654Narayanpur
48Narayanpur Sr. Basic School South726Narayanpur
49Uttor Mohonpur Govt.Jr. Basic School772Uttor Mohonpur
5059 Nauriarpar MaktabN.ANauriarpar Maktab
51277 Chandail L.P. School772Chandail
52Narainpur Chararpar M.E. School1144Narainpur Chararpar
53130 Algapur Maktab 681Algapur Maktab
54130 Algapur Maktab 720Algapur Maktab
55314 Badir Kurirpar L.P. School607Badir Kurirpar
56275 Padmarpar L.P. School876Padmarpar
57Chandipur M.V.School1076Chandipur
58Dekhajurai M.E.School1008Dekhajurai
59483 Madhya Barnagad L.P. School978Madhya Barnagad
60Barnagad Kararpar L.P. School1001Barnagad Kararpar
61354 Konapara L.P. School1009 Konapara
6210 Saidbond L.P. School699Saidbond
63446 Bangshilatan L.P. School1155Bangshilatan
6493 Saijnarpar L.P. School712Saijnarpar
65Sadir Khalerpar M.E. Madrassa985Sadir Khalerpar
66131 Paschim Mohonpur L.P. School807Paschim Mohonpur
6719 Dakhin Mohonpur L.P. School939Dakhin Mohonpur
68426 Puran Mohonpur L.P. School703Puran Mohonpur
69441 Mohonpur L.P. School366Mohonpur
70299 Berakhalerpar L.P. School805Berakhalerpar
71Mohonpur Grant L.P. School828Mohonpur Grant
72Bhatirkupa M.E.School555Bhatirkupa
73Matirgram M.E. School635Matirgram
74141 Bashbari L.P. School628 Bashbari
75319 Damcherra L.P.School1081Damcherra
76Ramchandi Tribal M.E.School543Ramchandi Tribal
77107 Sibattor L.P. School1130Sibattor
78Balikandi B. Class L.P. School626Balikandi
7974 Bhatirkupa L.P. School1178Bhatirkupa
80Saraspore M.E. Madrassa877Saraspore
81184 Boralipar Maktab1133Boralipar Maktab
82Iswarchandra Mahendrachandra High School1100Iswarchandra Mahendrachandra
83193 Borjurai L.P.School1099Borjurai
84152 Uttor Nitainagar L. P. School1167 Uttor Nitainagar
8514 Sayedbond L.P.School764Sayedbond
865 Anowarpar L.P.School874Anowarpar
87Lakshmirbond M.E.Madrassa730Lakshmirbond
88757 Uttar Lakhirbond L.P. School630Uttar Lakhirbond
89205 Gangpar Dhumkar Maktab1038Gangpar Dhumkar Maktab
90112 Darpa Narayan L.P.School870Darpa Narayan
91Ujankupa M.E. Madrassa854Ujankupa
92Ujankupa M.E. School678Ujankupa
9363 Gobind Uttar Maktab655Gobind Uttar Maktab
94353 Chandpur L.P.School793Chandpur
95Mokamtilla M.E.School1018Mokamtilla
96140 Narainpur L.P.School742Narainpur
976 No. Sirispore L.P. School803Sirispore
9852 Itorkandi L.P.School1073Itorkandi
99Itorkandi Asomia L.P.School1097Itorkandi Asomia
100Kalaraja Mv School1073Kalaraja
101268 Ratakandi L.P.School707Ratakandi
10244 Kanchanpur L.P.School 684 Kanchanpur
10344 Kanchanpur L.P.School 740 Kanchanpur
10470Kanchanpur L.P.School620Kanchanpur
105827 Harun Rasid Memorial L.P.School658Harun Rasid
106750 Chawli Basti L.P.School1025 Chawli Basti
107Baghmara M.E. School885Baghmara
108408 Colony Mangal L.P.School365Colony Mangal
109Chandipur L.P.School641Chandipur
110250 Khasia Punji L.P. School681Khasia Punji
111450 No. Pahartholi L.P.School748Pahartholi
112Schedule Caste & Tribal M.E. School882
113Serespore High School 738Serespore
114Serespore High School 1069Serespore
115Santosh Nagar Janamangal L.P. School790Santosh Nagar Janamangal
116Ratakandi B Class L.P.School719Ratakandi B Class
117540 No. Mohonpur L.P.School732Mohonpur
118Das Nagar L.P.School873Das Nagar
119Mohonpur R.A. M.E. School849Mohonpur R.A.
120335 Tulartal L.P. School633Tulartal
121541 Burniebrease Bagan L.P. School 1030 Burniebrease Bagan
122644 Nehru Hindi L.P.School617
123541 Burniebrease Bagan L.P.School 872Burniebrease Bagan
12470Gurucharan L.P. School501Gurucharan
125South Burniebrease Jr. Basic School775South Burniebrease
126Chengkuri Cha Bagan Office Ghar772Chengkuri Cha Bagan
1271112No.Chengkuri L.P. School861Chengkuri
128841 Indraghar Bagalaghat L.P. School 683Indraghar Bagalaghat
129841 Indraghar Bagalaghat L.P. School 382Indraghar Bagalaghat
130Srikona He School 625Srikona
131Srikona He School 549Srikona
132Srikona H.E. School 614Srikona
133Srikona H.E. School (Room.4)708Srikona
134Saharjum Uday Nagar L.P. School 651Saharjum Uday Nagar
135Saharjhum Uday Nagar L.P. School 666Saharjhum Uday Nagar
136606 Kunja Nagar L.P.School568Kunja Nagar
137637 Algin L.P. School279Algin
1381437 Awaltilla L.P.School561Awaltilla
139414 Digar Srikona L.P.School1086Digar Srikona
140Nabakumar M.E. School925Nabakumar
141Alambagh Bimala Upajati M.E. School715Alambagh Bimala Upajati
142367No. Alombagh Tribal L.P. School705Alombagh Tribal
143218No. Alambagh L.P. School677Alambagh
1441240 Subhash Bidyapith L.P. School498Subhash Bidyapith
14534 No. Chengduar Bagan L.P. School775Chengduar Bagan
146517No. Chengduar L.P. School593Chengduar
1471006 Majhipara L.P. School844Majhipara
148124No. Kamini Mohon Pathsala 1175Kamini Mohon Pathsala
149113No. Chibita Bichia L.P.School962Chibita Bichia
150Chibita Bichia High School1000Chibita Bichia
15147 No. Sahapur Bagan L.P.School515Sahapur Bagan
152430 Sahapur L.P.School 630Sahapur
153430 Sahapur L.P.School 488Sahapur
1541503 No.Lotonpur L.P.SchoolN.ALotonpur
155Rosekandi Bagan L.P. School 605Rosekandi Bagan
156Rosekandi Bagan L.P. School 665Rosekandi Bagan
157Rosekandi Bagan L.P. School 603Rosekandi Bagan
158Rosekandi Bagan L.P. School (R4)524Rosekandi Bagan
15948 No. Machipur L.P.School992Machipur
160Mother Terresa M.E. School916Mother Terresa
161797No. Ratanpur Fari Bagan L.P. School707Ratanpur Fari Bagan
162Kaliprasad Roy M.E. School 383Kaliprasad Roy
163Kaliprasad Roy M.E. School 804Kaliprasad Roy
164Kaliprasad Roy High School747Kaliprasad Roy
165620 No. Haltia L.P.School854Haltia
166Merua Grant L.P.School687Merua Grant
167110 Merua Grant L.P.School895Merua Grant
168Sitola Devi L.P.School933Sitola Devi
1691238 No. Shaympur L.P.School1101Shaympur
170Rajpur M.E. School640Rajpur

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