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Polling Booth in Abhayapuri South Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Abhayapuri South

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Abhayapuri South Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Dhantola L.P. School599Dhantola
2Dhantola L.P. School733Dhantola
3Bajitpara Girls M.V. School981Bajitpara
4Birpara Sajanavita L.P. School.345Birpara Sajanavita
5Jalakhata L.P. School465Jalakhata
6Kasharpara Central Boitamari M.V.School.709Kasharpara Central Boitamari
7 Amguri L.P. School 682Amguri
8 Amguri L.P. School 651Amguri
9Barkhata L.P. School661Barkhata
10Barbakhra L.P. School300Barbakhra
11Moligaon Central L.P. School 734Moligaon Central
12Moligaon Central L.P. School 592Moligaon Central
13Raghunandanpur L.P. School 869Raghunandanpur
14Raghunandanpur L.P. School 728Raghunandanpur
15Salbari Bakhrapara L.P. School1008Salbari Bakhrapara
16Bechimari L.P. School372Bechimari
17Panchagaon M.E. School 579Panchagaon
18Panchagaon L.P. School768Panchagaon
19Panchagaon M.E. School 732Panchagaon
20Talguri M.V. School694Talguri
21Kayetpara L.P. School960Kayetpara
22Maukhowa Dharbari L.P. School917Maukhowa Dharbari
23Dhaknabari L.P. School573Dhaknabari
24Dhaknabari L.P. School 641Dhaknabari
25Kachudola M.E. School936Kachudola
2662 No. Kachudola L.P. School387Kachudola
27497 No. Oudubi L.P. School 963Oudubi
28497 No. Oudubi L.P. School 792Oudubi
29Dagachipara L.P. School266Dagachipara
30846 No. Gaspara L.P. School 934Gaspara
31Gaspara L.P. School 322Gaspara
3233Kheluapara L.P. School1070Kheluapara
33372 No. Purani Dhanirdhanga L.P. School836Purani Dhanirdhanga
34Natun Dhanirdanga L.P. School 812Natun Dhanirdanga
35Natun Dhanirdanga L.P. School520Natun Dhanirdanga
36Majeralga High School440Majeralga
37Neharu Memorialm.E. School774Neharu m
38Khankhowa Char M.E. Madrassa 707Khankhowa Char
39Khankhowa Char M.E. Madrassa 838Khankhowa Char
40Khankhowa Char M.E. Madrassa 373Khankhowa Char
41707 No. Birsingpara L.P. School 739Birsingpara
42707 No. Birsingpara L.P. School 978Birsingpara
43Neharu Memorialm.E. School 169Neharu m
44Behulapara L.P. School679Behulapara
45741Hatkhola L.P. School 133Hatkhola
46Majeralga M.E. School1021Majeralga
47Majeralga S. S. Ltd., Kachudola144Kachudola
48Majeralga S. S. Ltd., Kachudola 440Kachudola
49931Hakodoba L.P. School1058Hakodoba
50714 No. Kherpuji L.P. School970Kherpuji
51929 No. Tilapara L.P. School 743Tilapara
52929 No. Tilapara L.P. School 774Tilapara
53Sristipara L.P. School1001Sristipara
54587 No. Chedamari L.P. School 1084Chedamari
55587 No. Chedamari L.P. School 377Chedamari
56587 No. Chedamari L.P. School 987Chedamari
57Chedamari M.E. School878Chedamari
58699 No. Barghola L.P. School298Barghola
59Pallirtal L.P. School 593Pallirtal
60Pallirtal L.P. School 585Pallirtal
61Barghola Jhar L.P. School 742Barghola Jhar
62Barghola Jhar L.P. School 489Barghola Jhar
63Kumarkata M.E. School 616Kumarkata
64Kumarkata M.E. School 438Kumarkata
65876 No. Nimagaon L.P. School471Nimagaon
66125Sankarghola L.P. School592Sankarghola
67Sakomura M.V. School771Sakomura
6864 No. Bishnupur L.P. School518Bishnupur
6958Ghilaguri Hirapara L.P. School 529Ghilaguri Hirapara
70Ghilaguri Hirapara L.P. School 527Ghilaguri Hirapara
71203 No. Baripukhuri L.P. School 541Baripukhuri
72203 No. Baripukhuri L.P. School 696Baripukhuri
73983 No. Ghilaguri Ikrabari L.P. School671Ghilaguri Ikrabari
74364 No. Ghilaguri Rabhapara L.P. School 701Ghilaguri Rabhapara
75364 No. Ghilaguri Rabhapara L.P. School 641Ghilaguri Rabhapara
76364 No. Ghilaguri Rabhapara L.P. School 164Ghilaguri Rabhapara
77Khagarpur L.P. School698Khagarpur
78Khagarpur Majpara L.P. School802Khagarpur Majpara
79743Betbari L.P.School 999Betbari
80743Betbari L.P. School 947Betbari
81Kharboza L.P.School.349Kharboza
82Baghpara M.E. School697Baghpara
83Bakhalgaon L.P. School 350Bakhalgaon
84Bakhalgaon L.P. School 688Bakhalgaon
85Uttar Salmara High School 587Uttar Salmara
86Uttar Salmara High School 556Uttar Salmara
87Uttar Salmara High School 269Uttar Salmara
88Amtola L.P. School886Amtola
89Uttar Salmara Pachim Pranta L.P. School877Uttar Salmara Pachim Pranta
90Durgapur L.P. School 559Durgapur
91Durgapur L.P. School 554Durgapur
92Salmara Tilapara L.P. School742Salmara Tilapara
93Deohati Bidyapith L.P. School 914Deohati Bidyapith
94Deohati Bidyapith L.P. School 127Deohati Bidyapith
95Deohati No.2 L.P. School1003Deohati
96Singimari M.E. School880Singimari
97Choutaki J.B. School695Choutaki
98Kerkhabari Ratanpur M.V. School 771Kerkhabari Ratanpur
99Kerkhabari Ratanpur M.V. School 385Kerkhabari Ratanpur
100Nayagaon J.B. School 925Nayagaon
101Nayagaon J.B. School 408Nayagaon
102Katashbari L.P. School845Katashbari
103Chalantapara Govt. M.V. School 1095Chalantapara
104Chalantapara Govt. M.V. School 850Chalantapara
105Chalantapara Govt. H.S. School 917Chalantapara
106Chalantapara Govt. H.S. School 1099Chalantapara
107Chalantapara Govt. H.S. School 742Chalantapara
108Chalantapara Govt. H.S. School 690Chalantapara
109 Kabaitari L.P. School 465Kabaitari
110 Kabaitari L.P. School 860Kabaitari
111 Kabaitari L.P. School 1043Kabaitari
112Korea L.P. School 1081Korea
113Korea L.P. School 870Korea
1144 No. Kabaitari L.P. School 867Kabaitari
1154 No. Kabaitari L.P. School 1272Kabaitari
1164 No. Kabaitari L.P. School 81Kabaitari
117Chatpara M.E. Madrassa 1042Chatpara
118Chatpara M.E. Madrassa 918Chatpara
119Jogighopa Gaon Panchayat Office 582Jogighopa Gaon
120Jogighopa Gaon Panchayat Office 594Jogighopa Gaon
121Chatpara M.E. Madrassa 1057Chatpara
122Jogighopa M.E. School 937Jogighopa
123Jogighopa M.E. School 674Jogighopa
1243 No. Kabaitari L.P. School 739Kabaitari
1253 No. Kabaitari L.P. School 1037Kabaitari
126Mohanpur L.P. School1089Mohanpur
127Bahirchar L.P. School322Bahirchar
1286 No. Char L.P. School858Char
12995 Gobindapur L.P. School567Gobindapur
130Tinkonia L.P. School 591Tinkonia
131Tinkonia L.P. School 791Tinkonia
132109 No. Malegarh L.P. School944Malegarh
133859 Pachim Tinkonia L.P. School439Pachim Tinkonia
134Pachania M.V. School 395Pachania
135Pachania M.V. School 891Pachania
136Mohanpur Nayapara L.P. School837Mohanpur Nayapara
137Khoragaon L.P. School 585Khoragaon
138Khoragaon L.P. School 662Khoragaon
139Khoragaon M.V. School991Khoragaon
140Besimari M.E.Madrasa694Besimari
141Lalmati L.P. School946Lalmati
142Ganeshpur Kathalguri L.P. School485Ganeshpur Kathalguri
143827 No. Mowamari Duramari L.P. School 577Mowamari Duramari
144Mowamari Duramari L.P. School 565Mowamari Duramari
145Batabari J.B. School 630Batabari
146Batabari J.B.School 550Batabari
147Mukundra Memorial L.P. School643Mukundra
148Dakshin Deohati L.P. School 601Dakshin Deohati
149No.1 Girls L.P. School 815
150No.1 Girls L.P. School 738
151Rowmari L.P. School917Rowmari
152H.M.Chakrabortty Memorial M.E.School763H.M.Chakrabortty
153Abhayeswari H.S & M.P. School 812Abhayeswari
154J.N.M. Girls High School616
155753 No. Shibpur R.R.L.P.School 956Shibpur
156Shibpur R.R.L.P.School 762Shibpur
157Abhayeswari H.S And M.P. School 752Abhayeswari
158Abhayapuri College735Abhayapuri
159Abhayapuri 2 No. L.P. School 1253Abhayapuri
160103Abhayapuri 4 No. L.P. School,Ward No41140Abhayapuri
161Deohati L.P. School783Deohati
1629Th A.P.B.N. L. P. Schoolabhayapuri460Abhayapuri
163744 No. Bamungaon L.P. School 475Bamungaon
164744 No. Bamungaon L.P. School 733Bamungaon
165Khudra Narikola L.P. School565Khudra Narikola
166134O. Pahartoli L.P. School 590Pahartoli
167134O. Pahartoli L.P. School 526Pahartoli
168533 No. Haripur Bowalimari L.P. School 737Haripur Bowalimari
169533 No. Haripur Bowalimari L.P. School 916Haripur Bowalimari
170Haripur Naldoba L.P. School658Haripur Naldoba
17158 Tapattary L.P. School1134Tapattary
172Dumuria Piknapara L.P.School308Dumuria Piknapara
173582 No. Piradhara L.P. School 600Piradhara
174582 No. Piradhara L.P. School 590Piradhara
175582 No. Piradhara L.P. School 565Piradhara
176Amguri M.V. School1092Amguri
17797 West Amguri M.V.. School521West Amguri
178832 No. Arimara M.V. School596Arimara
179990 No. Jitkibari L.P. School440Jitkibari
180Chot Barjana M.E. Madrassa841Chot Barjana
181Barjana H.S.. School 622Barjana
182Barjana H.S.. School 616Barjana
183Dakshin Barjana L.P. School 1014Dakshin Barjana
184Dakshin Barjana L.P. School 542Dakshin Barjana
185918 No. Dakshin Latibari L.P. School639Dakshin Latibari
186Nagarpara L.P.School605Nagarpara
187Madhufal L.P. School319Madhufal
188808 No. Kushbari L.P. School829Kushbari
18948 Latibari L.P. School 648Latibari
19048 Latibari L.P. School 737Latibari
191919 No. Jharpara L.P. School1021Jharpara
192Jharpara Bapuji Girls M.V. School708Jharpara Bapuji
193792 No. Bhadaipara L.P. School770Bhadaipara
194Paschim Lengtisinga L.P. School 239Paschim Lengtisinga
195H.E.M.M.E. Madrassa444
196S.N.M Dumuria M.E. Madrassa791S.N.M Dumuria
197Lengtisinga M.E. School 840Lengtisinga
198583 No. Dumuria L.P. School654Dumuria
199810 No. Pararchar L.P. School782Pararchar
200809 No. Pachim Lengtisinga L.P.School236Pachim Lengtisinga
201Dum.E.Rguri 2 No. L.P. School760Dumerguri
202Dumerguri M.R.M. High School801Dumerguri
203Surendra Das L.P.School880Surendra Das
204Dum.E.Rguri M.E. School752Dum.E.Rguri
205Dum.E.Rguri Purbapara L.P. School932Dum.E.Rguri
206Santoshpur M.V. School 688Santoshpur
207Santoshpur M.V. School 618Santoshpur
208No. 319 Santoshpur L.P. School 666Santoshpur
209No. 319 Santoshpur L.P. School 606Santoshpur
210877 No. Bharalipara L.P. School948Bharalipara
211304 No. Balargudam L.P. School991Balargudam
2122 No. Kushbari J.B. School 589Kushbari
2132 No. Kushbarij.B. School 709Kushbarij
214568 No. Sikatari L.P. School580Sikatari
215Dubachuri .I L.P. School663Dubachuri
216574 No. Mornaipara L.P. School 661Mornaipara
217574 No. Mornaipara L.P. School 511Mornaipara
218Nawadoy L.P. School Tapattary941Nawadoy Tapattary

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