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Polling Booth in Abhayapuri North Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Abhayapuri North

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Abhayapuri North Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Majrabari L.P. School631Majrabari
2Majrabari L.P. School 780Majrabari
3Dankinamari L.P. School 188Dankinamari
4Dankinamari L.P. School 923Dankinamari
5Dankinamari L.P. School 996Dankinamari
6Hapachara M.E. School 619Hapachara
7Hapachara M.E. School 648Hapachara
8354 No. Garugaon L.P. School 495Garugaon
9354 No. Garugaon L.P. School 925Garugaon
10Sidalsati M.E. School 1050Sidalsati
11Sidalsati M.E. School 859Sidalsati
12Jaraguri I L.P. School836Jaraguri
13253 No. Balajani L.P. School790Balajani
14Nabanur Pre. Sr. Madrassa806Nabanur
15Monakacha L.P. School786Monakacha
16Monakacha L.P. School ( Dpep Building )818Monakacha
17Nachanguri L.P. School669Nachanguri
18Nachanguri L.P. School 431Nachanguri
19Goraimari L.P.School 614Goraimari
20Garaimari L.P.School 739Garaimari
21570 No. Chouraguri L.P. School 736Chouraguri
22570 No. Chouraguri L.P. School 860Chouraguri
2341Baghmara L.P. School 674Baghmara
2441Baghmara L.P. School 639Baghmara
25Gerukabari L.P. School 829Gerukabari
26Gerukabari L.P. School 580Gerukabari
27848 No. Jamdoha L.P. School881Jamdoha
28848 No. Jamdoha L.P. School (Dpep Building)587Jamdoha
29542 No. Nadhiyapara L.P. School615Nadhiyapara
30127 No. Kachdoha L.P. School709Kachdoha
311038 No. Kumargaon L.P. School819Kumargaon
32Nagarjhar M.E. Madrassa643Nagarjhar
33416 No. Silghagari L.P. School 585Silghagari
34Silghagari L.P. School 575Silghagari
35574 No. Gossaigaon L.P. School 694Gossaigaon
36574 No. Gossaigaon L.P. School 622Gossaigaon
3750 No. Dongaigaon L.P. School809Dongaigaon
3888 No. Sialmari L.P. School 741Sialmari
3988 No. Sialmari L.P. School 716Sialmari
402 No. Supariguri L.P. School309Supariguri
41Fagunagaon M.V. School 951Fagunagaon
42490 No. Barbakhara L.P. School 864Barbakhara
43Barbakhara L.P. School 356Barbakhara
44734 No. Dhupuri L.P. School692Dhupuri
45743 No. Dhupuri L.P. School ( Dpep Building )664Dhupuri
4619 No. Bhatipara Model L.P. School 778Bhatipara
4719 No. Bhatipara Model L.P. School 1125Bhatipara
482 No. Nowapara 693 No. L.P. School644Nowapara
49Bhatipara Balika Bidyalaya888Bhatipara
50148 No. Barbila L.P. School 721Barbila
51148 No. Barbila L.P. School 753Barbila
5239 No. Moukhowa L.P. School 605Moukhowa
5339 No. Moukhowa L.P. School 623Moukhowa
54352 No. Kahibari L.P. School1017Kahibari
55Manikpur Baripara L.P. School1122Manikpur Baripara
56292 No. Jhakuapara L.P. School666Jhakuapara
5716 No. Manikpur L.P. School758Manikpur
5816 No. Manikpur L.P. School 875Manikpur
59Jhaubari H.E. School575Jhaubari
6052 No. Abadigaon L.P. School891Abadigaon
61Nowagaon L.P. School 700Nowagaon
62Nowagaon L.P. School 911Nowagaon
63Jhaubari H.E. School 618Jhaubari
64Jhaubari H.E. School 558Jhaubari
65100 No. Jhaubari L.P. School597Jhaubari
66 Jhaubari Gossaipara L.P. School610Jhaubari Gossaipara
67Odlaguri M.V. School866Odlaguri
68Odlaguri M.V. School 831Odlaguri
69Aolaguri M.V. School974Aolaguri
701039 No. Bechimari L.P. School513Bechimari
71Bashbari Jilani L.P. School826Bashbari Jilani
7248 Bashbari L.P. School794Bashbari
7339Bashbari L.P. School604Bashbari
74564 No. Bashbari L.P. School882Bashbari
752 No. Bashbari L.P. School1109Bashbari
7635 Chalabila L.P. School1007Chalabila
773 No. Chalabila L.P. School976Chalabila
78704 No. Bhandara L.P. School 536Bhandara
79704 No. Bhandara L.P. School 976Bhandara
8073Bhandara L.P. School 719Bhandara
81735 Bhandara L.P. School690Bhandara
824 No. Bhandara L.P. School 561Bhandara
834 No. Bhandara L.P.School 652Bhandara
84Bridhabashi L.P. School1013Bridhabashi
85Jamdoha L.P. School 988Jamdoha
86Huramara M.V. School935Huramara
87Kakoijana Laharapara L.P. School 650Kakoijana Laharapara
88Foujdarpara L.P. School 596Foujdarpara
89Foujdarpara L.P. School 522Foujdarpara
90Kakoijana Laharapara L.P. School 845Kakoijana Laharapara
91Sidalsati High School845Sidalsati
92Kakaijan M.V. School 704Kakaijan
93Kakaijan M.V. School 708Kakaijan
94Kakaijan M.V. School 847Kakaijan
95Dewanpara L.P. School187Dewanpara
96Tulungia L.P. School 828Tulungia
97Tulungia L.P. School 632Tulungia
98Charipunia L.P. School984Charipunia
99Sonakhuli L.P. School789Sonakhuli
100Kolbari L.P. School328Kolbari
101Dahlapara L.P. School289Dahlapara
102Srijangram Pakhiriguri M.V. School711Srijangram Pakhiriguri
103Chakrabhum L.P. School704Chakrabhum
104184 No. Chukani L.P. School604Chukani
105Chukani High School856Chukani
106Srijangram M.V. School636Srijangram
107Khamarpara L.P. School391Khamarpara
108Balarpet Bhandara L.P. School776Balarpet Bhandara
109Til.P.Ukhuri L.P. School658Til.P.Ukhuri
110Srijangram Girls High School 698Srijangram
111Srijangram Girls High School 465Srijangram
112Srijangram M.V. School 829Srijangram
113Sri Sri Sankardev L.P. School 1031Sri Sri Sankardev
114Sri Sri Sankardev L.P. School 483Sri Sri Sankardev
115Narikola M.V. School 558Narikola
116Narikola M.V. School 530Narikola
117Ambari M.E. School 652Ambari
118Ambari M.E. School 605Ambari
119Tilapara L.P. School 595Tilapara
120Tilapara L.P. School 592Tilapara
121Kacharipeti Majerchar L.P. School414Kacharipeti Majerchar
122Kacharipeti Topgaon M.E. School 583Kacharipeti Topgaon
123Kacharipeti Topgaon M.E. School 590Kacharipeti Topgaon
124Kacharipeti L.P. School863Kacharipeti
125Haldibari L.P. School 341Haldibari
126Haldibari L.P. School 841Haldibari
127Sri Sankardev L.P. School732Sri Sankardev
128Haldibari L.P. School 702Haldibari
129Kirtanpara M.V. School 398Kirtanpara
130Kirtanpara M.V.School722Kirtanpara
131Kirtanpara M.V.School 649Kirtanpara
132Kanchanmala Baganpara L.P. School.945Kanchanmala Baganpara
133Topgaon L.P. School.527Topgaon
134Tupkarchar L.P. School703Tupkarchar
135Jopea Moinapara M.E.School662Jopea Moinapara
136Nararvita Santoshpur L.P. School.745Nararvita Santoshpur
137Nararvita M.V.School951Nararvita
138Simlabari 2No L.P. School.951Simlabari
139882 No. Nararvita Bartikachar L.P. School.741Nararvita Bartikachar
140Ghoramara Dhalagacha Santoshpur M.E.Madrassa872Ghoramara Dhalagacha Santoshpur
141Ghoramara Dhalagacha Santoshpur M.E.Madrassa692Ghoramara Dhalagacha Santoshpur
142Rangapani M.E.School500Rangapani
1433 No. Simlabari L.P. School.818Simlabari
144 Simlabari L.P. School.750Simlabari
145Harirchar L.P. School.941Harirchar
146Jopea High School 786Jopea
147Jopea High School 393Jopea
148Mulbari L.P. School.1128Mulbari
149Dakshin Golapara M.E.School592Dakshin Golapara
150Balarchar Matraghola M.E. Madrassa956Balarchar Matraghola
151693 Mathuraghola L.P. School680Mathuraghola
152Kalikura L.P. School.724Kalikura
153256 No. Chailabari L.P. School626Chailabari
154No. 2 Boraichala L.P. School700Boraichala
155Bhuyanpara M.E. Madrassa365Bhuyanpara
156197 No. Balarchar L.P. School 607Balarchar
157Balarchar Navajyoti L.P. School617Balarchar Navajyoti
158197 No. Balarchar L.P. School 232Balarchar
159Balarchar Ii L.P. School725Balarchar Ii
160Golapara R.R L.P. School546Golapara R.R
161103 Ballimari L.P. School1098Ballimari
162Sabusaddar M.E. School685Sabusaddar
163Banglapara M.E. School673Banglapara
164Ganabinya L.P. School434Ganabinya
165Numberpara M.V. School 798Numberpara
166Numberpara M.V. School 713Numberpara
167867 No. Madhya Numberpara L.P. School959Madhya Numberpara
168Golapara Iii Purbapara L.P. School758Golapara Iii Purbapara
1692 No. Dakshin Numberpara L.P. School 956Dakshin Numberpara
1702 No. Dakshin Numberpara L.P. School 601Dakshin Numberpara
171Chakla H.S. School1015Chakla
172168 No. Chakla L.P. School921Chakla
173Kokila Uttarpara M.E. Madarssa520Kokila Uttarpara
174Kokila Moulabipara L.P. School377Kokila Moulabipara
175Bareghari L.P. School 574Bareghari
176Bareghari Lp School 578Bareghari
177570 No. Kokila Madhyapara L.P. School685Kokila Madhyapara
178816 No. Kokila Purbapara L.P. School627Kokila Purbapara
179543 No. Kokila L.P. School657Kokila
180994 No. Kokila Nayapara L.P. School569Kokila Nayapara
181760 No. Kokila L.P. School514Kokila
182141 Hapachara Gp Office 425Hapachara
183141 Hapachara Gp Office 320Hapachara
184Hapachara L.P. School 847Hapachara
185Hapachara L.P. School 538Hapachara
186Goraimari L.P. School ( Of South )827Goraimari
187Goraimari L.P. School ( Of North)669Goraimari

Last Updated on April 02, 2020