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Delhi Election 2020 - Sadar Bazar Assembly Constituency Delhi Election 2020: Sadar Bazar Constituency

Sadar Bazar is a Vidhan Sabha Constituency in Delhi. There are 70 Assembly Constituencies in the state of Delhi. Sadar Bazar is a part of Chandni Chowk Lok Sabha constituency. Read More…

Delhi Election 2020 Narela Assembly Constituency Delhi Elections 2020: All About Narela Constituency

Narela is one of the 70 Vidhan Sabha constituencies in the National Captial Territory of Delhi (NCT-Delhi) and is located in the North Delhi district. It is amongst the 10 Read More…

Delhi Election 2020: Badarpur Assembly Constituency Delhi Election 2020: All You Need to Know About Badarpur Assembly Constituency

Badarpur is one of the 70 Assembly Constituencies of Delhi. It is located in the North East Delhi district and is also a part of South Delhi Lok Sabha constituency. Read More…

BJP President - JP Nadda Jagat Prakash Nadda Becomes the President of BJP: Past Performance and Future Perspective

Jagat Prakash Nadda has become the president of India’s dominant political party- The Bharatiya Janata Party. He has replaced aggressive and powerful Amit Shah, whereas JP Nadda himself is soft-spoken and media-shy. Read More…

BJP INC Candidate List BJP and INC release Next lists of Candidates

The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and Indian National Congress (INC) have released their next list of candidates in light of the imminent Delhi Assembly Elections in the dead of the Read More…

BJP Candidate List Latest Delhi Election 2020: BJP may give up most of the remaining seats to its allies

BJP Candidate List announced on 17 January has named 57 candidates out of the 70 constituencies of Delhi. No decision has yet been made for the remaining 13 seats of Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Vizianagaram

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Abad Street153City Urdu Primary School, South Room Up Stares,Abad Veedhi
154City Urdu Primary School, North Room,Abad Veedhi
156Karinesini Anandadayanini Mpl. Primary School,Abad Veedhi
158Karinesini Anandadayani Mpl. Primary School, East,Abad Veedhi
166Mh School, Kaspa,Vakkalanka Veedhi
Abad Veedhi155City Urdu Primary School, New Building, South Wing,Abad Veedhi
157Karinesini Anandadayani Mpl. Primary School, East,Abad Veedhi
Additional Building Vt Agraharam57Muncipal Primary School,,Vt Agraharam
Adiitional Building 6 Class Room Eastren Wing128Mpp School,Dpep Additional Building 6 Class R E,Poolbagh Colony
Ananda Gajapathi Aditorium178Mr Govt. Sanskrti Collge, Southern Wing, Roomno. 9,Near Ananda Gajapathi Auditorium
179Mr Govt. Sanskrit College, Southern Wing,Near Ananda Gajapathi Auditorium
180Mr Govt. Sanskrit High School, Room No. 1,Near Ananda Gajapathi Aditorium
Arakalagedda Veedhi92Sri Rama Harijana Mpl Pry. School,Arakalagedda Veedhi
93Sri Rama Harijana Mpl. Primary School,Arakalagedda Veedhi
94Sri Rama Harijana Mpl. Primary School, East Room,Arakalagedda Veedhi
Ayyakoneru South Gattu183Mr Mp School, Upstair, Western Wing,Ayyakonerugattu
Ayyannapeta26Mpup School. Eastern Building, East Room,Ayyannapeta
27Mpp School, Southern Wing Room,Ayyannapeta
28Mpup School, Western Wing, South Side,Ayyannapeta
29Police Welfare English Medium School,Ar Police Quarters
30Panchayathi Office, Kanapaka, Near Rtc Colony,Rtc Colony, Kanapaka
B C Colony North-West Building56Municipal Primary School, Bc Colony North-East,Vt Agraharam
Babametta184Kalyanabharathi Primary School,Babametta
185Kalyana Bharathi Primary School,Babametta
189Jagannadha Temple School,Babametta
Balajinagar203Srinivasa Jr.College, Room 6, Thotapalem,Balajinagar
204Gayatri High School,Bochapeta
205Srinivasa Jr. College,Balajinagar
206Sri Chaitanya Degree College,Balajingar
213The D.D. Ground Water , Upstairs,Balaji Nagar
Biyyalapeta64Mpp School, North Wirng,Biyyalapeta
Bondulagudem182Mr Mp School, Western Wing,Ayyakonerugattu
Chelluru67Mpup School, Behind Building, Eastern Room,,Chelluru
Cheluvuru66Mpup School, East Side,Cheluvuru
68Mpup School, Western Side,Cheluvuru
Chikkala Veedhi149Ramakrishna Mpl. Upper Primary School,Old Building,Chikkalaveedhi
150Ramakrishna Mpl Upper Primary School, South Room,Chikkala Veedhi
151Ramakrishna Muncipal Upper Primary School,Chikala Veedi
152Ramakrishna Mpl. Upper Primary School, Newbuilding,Chikkala Veedhi
Chinnapalli Veedhi162Radhaswamy Municipal Primary School,Chinnipalli Veedhi
163Radhaswamy Muncipal Primary School, West Room,Chinnipalli Veedhi
Contonment69Mh School New Building, North Side, Room No. 7,Contonment
70Mh School New Building, North Side, Room No. 8,Contonment
71Mhsnew Building, South Side, Staff Room,Roomno 2,Contonment
72Mhschoolnew Building South Side Room 3,Contonment
75Municipal Hindu Elementary School,Contonment
76Municipal Elementary School, Southern Room,Ganjipeta
78Saint Marys English Medium High School,Contonment
79St. Marys English Medium School,Contonment
80Police Welfare English Medium School,Ar Police Quarters
81National Public Schoool,Uda Colony Phase 2
82National Public Schoool,Uda Colony Phase 2
194Rcm Saint Anthony School,Vivekananda Colony
196Rcm St Anthony School, Room 3,Contonment
Dasannapeta187Jagannadha Temple Primary School,Dasannapeta
188Jagannadha Temple School,Kapuveedhi
190Elecrical Office,Dasannapetta
191Electrical Office,Dasannapeta
192Civil Supplies Corporation Office Staff Room,Dasannapeta
193Civil Supplies Corporation Ao Room,Dasannapeta
Dharmapuri214Zilla Parishad High School South West Building,Dharmapuri
215Zp High School South East Building,Dharmapuri
216Zilla Parishad High School, Western Side, North R,Dharmapuri
217Mandal Parishad Pradamika Patasala,Dharmapuri
Duppada44Mpp School, Northern Side, New Building,Duppada
45Mpp School, Southern Side, New Building,Duppada
46Mpps Southern Side Western Wing New Building,Duppada
47Mpp School, Southern Side, East Room,Duppada
Dwarapudi34Mpup School, Western Wing, South Side,Dwarapudi
Dwarapuudi32Mpup School, Eastern Wing, Eastern Building,Dwarapudi
33Mpup School, Western Wing, Eastern Building,Dwarapudi
Fire Station99Sri Kanyakaparameswari Purapalaka Pradamika Patasa,Fire Office Area
100Hygreeva Mpl. Primary School,Beside Fire Station
Gajula Rega11Government Agrilcultural Research Centre,Gajulrega
12Government Agrilcultural Research Centre,Gajul Rega
14Mpp School, Eastern Wing, Near Harijanawada,Gajulrega
15Mpp School, Harijanawada,Gajularega
16Zp High School, Additional Building,,S C Colony,Gajularega
17Zp Girls High School, New Building, North Wing,Gajularega
Gajularega8Zph School, New Building Eastern Wing,Gajularega
9Zph School, New Building, Western Wing,Gajularega
10Zp High School,Gajularega
13Agriculture Re-Search Centre, Gajularega,Gajularega
Gokapeta197Mpeschool Gokapeta,Gokapeta
Gollalapeta62Mpp School, Southern Wing,Reemapeta
Gundalapeta60Mpp School,Gundalapeta
61Mpp School,Gollalapeta
Gunkalam1Mandal Parishad U.P.School, Easternwing,Eastern Side, Gunkalam
2Mandal Parishad U.P.School, Westernwing,Pashcham Bhagmu, Gunkalam
3Mpup School, South Room,Gunkalam
Hukumpeta108Kp Brahmini Mpl Primary School,Hukumpeta
Indiranagar212Dd Ground Water, Upstair,Balajinagar
Jammu219Mpp School, Eastern Wing,Jammu
220Mpp School, Western Wing,,Jammu
221Grama Panchayati Office Building,Jammu
Jonnaguddi146Mr Govt.Music College Center Room-2,Dakshene Bnear Bsnl Office
148Mr Government Music College, Room No. 3,Near Head Post Office
172Jonnaguddi Mpl. Primary School, Northern Room,Stadium Peta
202Muncipal Elementary School,Erukulapeta
Jonnaguddi Muncipal Primary School177Jonnaguddi Muncipal Primary School,Jonnaguddi
Jonnavalasa42Zph School,Jonnavalasa
43Zph School,Jonnavalasa
Kalbabametta186Kalyana Bharathi Mpp School,Babametta
Kanapaka21Mpp School,Kanapaka
22M.P.P School,Kanapaka
23Mpp School, Western Building, Eastern Wing,Kanapaka
24Mpp School, New Building Western Wing, Kanapaka,Kanapaka
25Mppschool New Buiding Eastern Side,Kanapaka
31Mpp School, Phase-2, Vuda Colony,Vuda Colony Phase-2 (Kanapaka)
Kaspa Compound164Govt. Jr. College, Ground Floor, 1St Room Mhschool,Kaspa Compound
Kondakarakam4Mpup School, Western Side, New Additional Building,Kondakarakam
5Mpup School, Western Wing New Middle Building,Kondakarakam
6Mpup School,Western Side,Newmiddlebuilding, Room 3,Kondakarakam
Konisa Veedhi137Kanicherla Muncipal Primary School, West Room,Konisa Veedhi
138Kancherla Municipal Primary School,Konisa Veedhi
139Kancherla Muncipal Primary School (Dpep),Konisaveedi
140Kancherla Muncipal Primary School,East Room,Konisaveedi
141Kancherla Municipal Elementary School,Konisi Veedhi
Korukonda35Mpup School, South Wing, East Room,Korukonda
36Mpup School, Southern Wing, West Room,Korukonda
37Mpup School, Southern Wing, North Room,Korukonda
Korukondapalem38Mpp School, Western Room,Korukondapalem
Kotha Devara Veedhi95Sruganamdini Mpl. Primary School, Northern Wing,Kothadevara Veedhi
Kotta Devara Veedhi96Srujanamodini Mpl. Primary School, Southern Wing,Kothadevara Veedhi
114Putchala Mpl. Primary School, Northern Wing,Kothadevaraveedhi
115Putchala Mpl. Primary School, North Wing,Kottadevara Veedhi
116Putchala Mpl. Primary School, South Room,Kottadevara Veedhi
Kottagraharam84Bpm High School, Room No. 3,Kottagraharam
85Bpm High School, Room No. 5,Kottagraharam
86Bpm High School, Room No. 8,Kottagraharam
87Bpm High School, Room No. 2,Kottagraharam
88Santapeta Mpl. Primary School, Western Room,Kottagraharam 3Rd Line
89Santhapeta Mpl. Primary School, Western Room,Kothagraharam 3Rd Line
90Nuthivari Muncipal Primary School,Santhi Nagar
91Nutuvani Mpl. Primary School,Kottagraharam
Kottapeta119Mpp School, East Room,Kottapeta
120Mpp School, Western Room,Kottapeta
125Srirama Girls Spl. Primary School, Westernroom,Kottapeta
126Sri Rama Girls Spl.Primary School, East Room,Kottapeta
Kottapeta Golla Veedhi121Sri Ramanuja Vilas Special Mpp School,Kottapeta Gollaveedhi
127Srirama Harijana Mpl. Elementary School,Kottapeta Gollaveedhi
Kottapeta Gollaveedhi122Sri Ramanuja Vilas Spl. Primary Schoo, Westernroom,Kottapeta, Gollaveedhi
Kottapeta Kummari Veedhi123K.P.G. Muncipal Primary School,Kottapeta Kummariveedhi
124Municipal Primary School,Kottapeta, Kummari Veedhi
Kottapeta Mandapam104Pallavi Vidya Mandhir High School,Kottapeta Mandapam Veedhi
105Pallavi Vidya Mandhir High School,Kottapeta Mandapam Veedhi
Kukala Metta Laxmipuram19Mpe School,Kl Puram
Kuukalametta Laxmipuram18Mpp School, Eastern Wing,K.L.Puram
20Community Hall,Kl Puram
Lanka Veedhi169Mpl.Jr.Basic Primary School,East Room,New Building,Lanka Veedhi
Lankapatnam106Ap State Warehousing Corporation,Lankapatnam
107Adi Andhra Mpps New Building Westrenside Room,Lankapatnam
109Ap State Ware Hosing Corporation Office Room,Lankapatnam
110A.P. State Ware Housing Corporation,Lankapatnam
111A.P. Stateware Housing Corporation, Western Side,Lankapatna
112Government Elementary School,Bangarammapeta, Lankapatnam
113Adi Andhra Mpps New Building Eastrenside Room,Lankapatnam
Malicherla63Mpp School, North Wing,Malicherla
Mangala Veedhi101Dpep School,Mangala Veedhi
142Dpep School,Magaliveedi
Mpl Elementry School134Mpl Elementry School,Khadarnagar
Mr Autonomous College143Mr Atonomous College Room No-15,Mr College
144Mr Autonomous College Room No-15,Mr College
145Mr Autonomous College Room No-5,Mr College
Mudidam218Zilla Parishad High School South West Building,Dharmapuri
Nagojipeta83Mpp School,Nagojipeta
Narayanapuram222Mpp School, Northern Wing New Building Room No 1,Narayanapuram
223Mpp School, Northern Wing, Newbuilding ,Room No.2,Narayanapuram
Nirantara Vidya Kendramb C Colony Building58Municipal Primary School, Bc Colony North-East,Vt Agraharam
North-East Building Vt Agraharam55Municipal Primary School, Bc Colony North-East,Vt Agraharam
Palli Veedhi135Acbm Aided School,Palliveedi
136Cbm Aided School,Palliveedhi
Perlavari Veedhi97Sri Mahajan Perla Deaf Dumb School,Perla Veedhi
98Sri Mahajan Perla Deaf Dumb School,Pelra Veedhi
Pinavemali39Mpp School, Western Room,Pinavemali
Poolbagh Colony129Mpp School, Dpep Adiitional Building 7 Class Room,Poolbagh Colony
130Mpp School, New Building, South Room,Poolbagh Colony
131Mpp School New Building, North Room,Poolbagh Colony
132Govt. Polytechnical College,Poo1 Bhag Colony
133Govt. Polytechnical College, Staff Room,Pool Bhag Colony
Pradeepnagar211Mpp Elementary School, Pradeepnagar,Pradeepnagar
Prakasam Park118O/O E.E.(I&Cad) Sub-Div.Office, Typist Room,Indoor Stadium, Prakasam Park
Putchala Veedhi117Ravi Convent,Putchalveedhi
Raakodu40Mpup School, Eastern Wing,Rakodu
41Mpup School, Western Wing, South Side, 2Nd Buildin,Rakodu
Railway Station Road102Ramana Murthy Iit Concept School,Railway Station Road
103Ramana Murthy Iit Concept School,Railway Station Road
Rajeevnagar Colony167Municipal Primary School,Rajeevnagar Colony
168Muncipal Primary School,Rajeevnagar Colony
Ruppa Veedhi147Mr Government Music College, Centre Room,Near Head Post Office
Salipeta195Gurajada Public School,Salipeta Road
198Gurajada Public School, Room No. 3,Salipeta
Sankaramatam170Sramapala Mpl. Primary School, East Room,Sankaramatam
171Sramapala Mpl. Primary School, Western Room,Sankaramatam
Sarika59Mpup School,Sarika
Sun School174Sun School,Vinayaka Nagar
Sunkari Veedhi159Ae Quarters Western Room, Ee Icad Compound,Sunkari Veedhi
160Ee I Cad Vizianagaram Sub Division Northern Room,Sunkari Veedhi
161Ee Icad Vizianagaram Sub Division Room,Sunkari Veedhi
181Mr Mp School, Eastern Wing,Ayyakonerugattu
Sunkaripeta65Zp High School, New Building,Sunkaripeta
Thotapalem207Sri Chaitanya Degree College,Balajinagar
208Muncipal Primary School, New Building,Thotapalem
209Municipal Primary School, New Building,Thotapalem
210Dd Ground Water,Thotapalem
V . T. Agraharam54District Industrial Center, South Wing,Vt Agraharam
V T Agraharam49Zp High School, Ground Floor, North Side New Build,V T Agraharam
V.T.Agraharam50Zph School, New Building, South Block,Western Room,V.T.Agraharam
51Mpp School, Eastern Wing,Vt Agraharam
52Mpp School, Western Wing,Vt Agraharam
Vakkalanka Veedhi165Govt. Jr. College, Ground Floor,2Nd Room,Mh School,Kaspa Compound
Venugopalapuram7Mppe School (Diet),Venugopalapuram
Vijaya Nagaram74Munipal Hindu Elementary School, East Room No. 1,Contonment
77Saint Marys English Medium School,Contonment
Vinayak Nagar173Jonnaguddi Mpl. Primary School, Addl. Building,Vinayak Nagar
Vinayaka Nagar175Jonnaguddi Mpl. Primary School , Npegel Building, Vinayakanagar
176Mpps Padmavathi Nagar,Padmavathi Nagar(Ring Road)
Vt Agraharam48Zp High School,Vt Agraharam
53District Industrial Centre,Vt Agraharam
Vuda Colony199Gurajada Public School, Room No. 4,Salipeta
200Gurajada Public School, Room No. 7,Salipeta
201Gurajada Public School, Salipeta,Bobbadipeta (Kotha Duppada)
Y.S.R. Nagar73Muncipal Elementary School,Y.S.R. Nagar

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