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Polling Booth in Visajapatnam North Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Stations in Visajapatnam North

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Akkayyapalem113Gvmc Primary School,Room-2,Akkayyapalem, Jagannadhapuram
Akaya Palem117Gvmc Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad Shadikhana,Middle Portion, Mtc Palem
Akkayapalem115Gvmc Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad Sadhikhana,Middle Portion, Mtc Palem
Akkayyapalem97Gnanikethan Pradhamikonnatha School, East Side,Room-2 , Lalitha Nagar
101Gvmc Primary School,Room-2,Akkayyapalem, Jagannadhapuram
112Gvmc Primary School, Room-1,Akkayyapalem, Jagannadhapuram
120Gvmc Pri. School, Room-3,Jagannadhapuram,Akkayapalem
Ambedhkar Nagar Kancharapalem199Gvmc Primary School, 5Th Std.,North Side,Ramji Estate, Kancharapalem
200Gvmc Primary School,Office Room, East Side Rno-4,Ramji Estate, Kancharapalem
201Gvmc Primary School, Balyam Add. Build. Room-1,Ramji Estate, Kancharapalem
B S Layout Sitammadhara151Vidhyodaya Primary School, 4Th Std. Class Room,Gurudwara
Balaji Hills153Vidhyodaya Primary School, 6Th Std. Class Room,Gurudwara
Chinna Kothuru Kancharapalem198Gvmc Primary School, 2Nd Std.,North Side,Ramji Estate, Kancharapalem
D E N H 5 Staff Room-2248Vuda Community Hall(Main Hall), North East Corner,Madhavadhara
D E N H 5 Staff Room.1246Ee, R And B Office, Ff,Marripalem
D E N H 5Staff Room.2247Rto Office, Non Transport Office, West Side Room,Marripalem
D E Nh-5Officestaff Room.1245E.E., R And B Office, Ff,Marripalem
Dharma Nagar Kancharapalem46G V M C Athidi Community Hall(Jym),Sanjeevayya Colony
47Gvmc Athidhi Community Hall,North Portion,Sanjeevayya Colony
Dharmanagar Kancharapalem48Gvmc Athidhi Community Hall, South Portion,Sanjeevayya Colony
Gajapathi Nagar35Govt Polytechnic College, Civil Eng. Section,Kancharapalem
36Govt Polytechnic College, Mech Engg. Section,Kancharapalem
Gandhi Nagar Seetamma Peta138Sri Sarada Vidya Nilayam, Kranthinagar,,Nakkavanipalem, B-Block, Gf
139Sri Sarada Vidya Nilayam, A-Block,Gf,Kranthinagar, Nakkavanipalem
Ganganna Nagar Kancharapalem43Anganwadi Kendram, Gvmc, North East Corner,Joshuva Nagar, Kancharapalem
44Gvmc Anganwadi Kendram, North West Corner,Jashuva Nagar, Kancharapalem
45Gvmc Anganwadi Kendram, South East Corner,Jashuvanagar, Kancharapalem
Geological Surveior Of India242Geological Surveior Of India,Room No-108,N H -5,Marripalen
Geological Survior Of India241Rto Office, Non Trasport Office, North Side Room,Nh5, Marripalem
Gold Spot Nagar19Government Polytechnic Collele, L1,First Floor, Kancharapalem
21Govt. Polytechnic College, Staff Room,Kancharapalem
22Govt. Polytechnic College,Chemical Eng. Section, Kancharapalem
Goldspot Nagar20Govt. Polytechnic College, L-2, First Floor,Kancharapalem
Gollala Palem93Gvmc High School, North Side,Room-7, Akkayyapalem
94Gvmc Elementry School,Addl.Build, West Side,Rno-7, Nggos Colony, Akkayapalem
Gollala Palem Akkayya Palem92Gvmc High School, North Side,Room-4, Akkayyapalem
Gollala Palem Akkayyapalem95Gvmc Elementry School, West Side, Room-2,Nggos Colony, Akkayyapalem
Gvmc Madhavaswamy Kalyanamandapam Madhavadhara253Rto Office Main Office Building, Store Room,Muralinagar, Madhavadara
Indira Nagar15Girish Sri Chaitnya Talent School,Dno.36-53-11N13,Vada Veedhi, Reddi Kancharapalem
16Girish Sri Chaitanya Talent School,Vada Veedhi, Reddi Kancharapalem
28Govt Iti Drawing Room-1,Kancharapalem
205Dr. B R Ambedkar Community Hall, West Side,Ramji Estate, Kancharaplem
Indiranagar206Dr Br Ambedkar Community Hall, East Side,Ramji Estate, Kancharapalem
Jai Bharat Nagar216Steel City Public School, 8Th Class Room,Kancharapalem
219Steel City Public School, 4Th Class Room, Kancharapalem
Jai Bharath Nagar212Government Polytechnic College, Room-1, West Side,Eamcet Hall, Kancharapalem
213Gvmc Primary School, Room-1,Barma Colony, Kancharapalem
214Gvmc Pri School, Room-2,Barma Colony, Kancharapalem
215Gvmc Primary School, Room-3,Barma Colony, Kancharapalem
217Steel City Public School, 7Th Class Room,Kancharapalem
218Steel City Public School, 5Th Class Room,Kancharapalem
Jaibharat Nagar209Gov Polytechnic College, South Side, Room-1,Kancharapalem
210Government Polytechnic Coll, Rno-1,South Side,Eamcet Hall, Kancharapalem
211Government Polytechnic College, R And Ac Lab,Eamcet Hall, Kancharapalem
Jyothi Nagar Marripalem2G.V.M.C, Ele.School, North Side, Rno-2,Jyothi Nagar, Marripalem
3Gvmc Ele School,East Side Rno-4,Jyothi Nagar, Marri Palem
12Dr B R Ambedkar Kalyana Mandapam, South East Cornr,Opp R And B Office, Nh-5, Marripalem
Kailasa Puram187Port High School, North Side, Room-7,Saligramapuram
188Port High School, South Side Room-1,Saligramapuram
189Port High School, South Side Room-1,Saligramapuram
190Port Elementry School, Room-2,Saligramapuram
195Port High School, Godavari, North Side Room-6,Saligramapuram
Kailasapuram53Srinivasa Kalyana Mandapam,Railway New Colony, Near Railway Station
196Port High School, Godavari , North Side Room-5,Saligramapuram
Kancharapalem32Govt Polytechnic College, L-8 Room, Upstairs,Kancharapalem
Kapparada204Gvmc Primary School, 3 Rd Std. Clss Room,Ramji Estate, Kancharapalem
208Gvmc Comm. Hall, Priyadarshini Seva Sangam,Opp Pri. School, Ramji Estate, Kancharapalem
Kapparada Kancharapalem207Gvmc Primary School, Balyam Add. Build., Nrth Rno2,Ramji Estate, Kancharapalem
Kapparada Ramji Estate203Gvmc Community Hall, Room-2,Ff,Near Dispensory, Kancharapalem
Kasthuri Nagar184Gvmc Primary School, Room-4,Shanthi Nagar,Thatichetlapalem
Kasturi Nagar181Gvmc Primary School, Room-1,Shanthi Nagar,Thatichetlapalem
182Gvmc Primary School, Room-2, Shantinagar,Thatichetlapalem
183Gvmc Primary School, Room-3, Shantinagar,Thatichetlapalem
Lakshmi Narayana Puram185Port High School, North Block, Room-6,Saligramapuram
Lakshmi Narayanapuram186Port Primary School, North Block, Room-6,Saligramapuram
Lalita Colony103Gnanikethan Pradhamikonnatha School, Upstair,Room -1,Hall-2, Lalithanagar
104Nt School, Ukg Activity Room, Ngos Colony,Lalithanagar, Akkayyapalem
105Nt School, Lkg B-Room, Ngos Colony,Lalitha Nagar, Akkayyapalem
106Nt School, Lkg B-Room, Ngos Colony, Akkayyapalem
107Nt School, 7Th Class Room, Ngos Colony,Akkayyapalem
109St Marry High School, Ukg, Gf,Lalita Nagar, Akkayyapalem
110Saint Marry High School, 1St Std. Class Room, Gf,Lalita Nagar, Akkayyapalem
Lalita Nagar129Vidyala Public School, 10 Th Class Room,Madhura Nagar
Lalitanagar Akayyapalem96Gnanikethan Pradhamikonnatha School, East Side,Room-1, Lalitha Nagar
Lalitanagar Akkayyapalem102Gnanikethan Pradhamikonnatha School, East Side,Room-1,Lalithanagar
Lalithaa Nagar128Vidyalaya Public School, 7 Th Class Room,Madhura Nagar
Lalithanagar114Vagdevi Talent School, Staff Room,Lalita Nagar, Akkayyapalem
119St Marrys High School, 2Nd Std Class, Gf,Lalithanagar, Akkayyapalem
Lalithanagar Akkayyapalem98Gnanikethan Pradhamikonnatha School, West Side,Room No-2, Lalithanagar
M.T. Palem75Kendriya Vidyalayam High School, West Block,Gf,10D, Rno-16, Mtc Palem
Madhava Murali Vidya Kendram236Murali Madhava Vidya Nilayam,Madhavadhara
Madhavadhara220Gvmc High School,East Side Room-4,Madhavadhara
221Gvmc High School, Add. Build.,East Side Room-3,Madhavadhara
227Gvmc High School, Room-3, Additional Building,Madhavadhara
228Apoorva School, Room-1,Ff,Madhavadhara
229Apoorva School, South Side 1, Gf,Madhavadhara
231Apoorva School, East Side1, Gf,Madhavadhara
232Gvmc Primary School, Gf1,Madhavadhara
233Gvmc Primary School, Gf2,Madhavadhara
Madhura Nagar Vsp-16108St Marry High School, Lkg, Gf,Lalitha Nagar, Akkayyapalem
Madhuranagar124Gvmc Primary School, North Block, 5Th Class, Gf,Madhuranagar
125Gvmc Primary School,Northblock, 1St Std.,Gf,Madhuranagar
126Gvmc Primary School,3Rd Std.,South Block, Gf,Madhuranagar
127Gvmc Primary School, 4Th Class, North Block , Gf,Madhuranagar
Marripalem1G.V.M.C. Ele. School, North Side Rno-1,.Jyothinagar, Marripalem
4Gvmc Ele School, Add. Build.,Urdu Elementy. School,Jyothi Nagar, Marripalem
6Geological Survey Of India, C And D Rest Room,Nh 5 , Marripalem
7Gvmc Balwadi Bhavan,Andhrakesari Nagar, Marripalem
8Geological Survey Of India, Vehicle Garage,Nh5, Marripalem
9Dr. Br Ambethkar Kalyana Mandapam,North Est Corner,Opp. R And B Office,Nh-5, Marripalem
10Dr.B R Ambedkar Kalyana Mandapam,North West Corner,Opp. R And B Office, Marripalem
11Dr B R Ambedkar Kalyana Mandapam,South West Corner,Opp R And B Office ,Nh-5, Marripalem
13Dr. B R Ambedkar Community Hall, Library Room,Andhra Kesari Nagar, Marripalem
14V R O Office, Room No-1,,Near E Seva Center, Kancharapalem
Marripalem Andhra Kesari Ngar5Gvmc Balwadi Bhavan, East Side,Andhra Kesav Nagar, Marripalem
Marripalem R And B Sub Division Office243E.E., R And B Office,Marripalem
Marripalemr And B Subdivision Officewest Room244E.E., R And B Office,Nh-5, Marripalem
Murali Nagar222Gvmc High School, East Side Room-1, Add. Build.,Madhavadhara
223Gvmc High School, East Side Room-6, Add.Build.,Madhavadhara
225Gvmc High School, Room-3, Add.Build,Madhavadhara
226Gvmc High School, Room-2, Add Build.,Madhavadhara
234Gvmc Primary School, Ff1,Madhavadhara
Muralinagar224Gvmc High School, Room-2, Additional Building,Madhavadhara
230Apoorva School, East Side2, Gf,Madhavadhara
Musliem Tatichetlapalem79Kendriya Vidyalaya Primary School, North Side, Gf,Rno-1C, Mtc Palem
81Kendriya Vidyalayam Pri School,South Side, Gf,Rno-3C, Mtc Palem
Muslim Tati Chetla Palem111Gvmc Elementry School, Rno-3,Ngos Colony, Akkayyapalem
Muslim Thatichetla Palem76Kendriya Vidyalaya Primary School, North Side, Gf,Rno-1C, Mtc Palem
121Barathiya Vidya Kendram, Lkg B-Sec,Lalitha Nagar, Akkayapalem
122Baratiya Vidya Kendram, Lkg A-Sec,Lalita Nagar ,Akkayyapalem
123Bharateeya Vidya Kendram, Govardhana Giri Hall,Lalitha Nagar, Akkayyapalem
Muslim Thatichetlapalem74Kendriya Vidyalayam High School, Nrth Blk, Gf,10Th C-Sec, R No-16, Mtcpalem
77Kendriya Vidyalayam Primary School, North Side,Gf,Rno.1A, Mtc Palem
N G G O S Colony Akkayyapalem90Gvmc High School, North Side, Room-6,Akkayyapalem
N.G.Os Colony Akkayyapalem89Gvmc High School, North Block, Room-3,Akkayyapalem
Nakkavanipalem156Gvmc Primary School, Add. Build.,Rajiv Vidya Misn,Nakkavanipalem
157Gvmc Primary School, Room No-2,Nakkavanipalem
158Gvmc Primary School, Rno-3,Nakkavanipalem
159Gvmc Primary School, Room-1, South Side,Nakkavanipalem
160Gvmc Primary School, Add. Build,Rajiv Vidya Misnn,Nakkavanipalem
161Nmc High School, Room-1,North Side,Pandt Colony,Seethammadhara
162Nmc High School, Staff Room-2, North Side,P And T Colony, Seethammadhara
163Nmc High School, Room-4, North Side,Pnt Colony, Seethammadhara
Nandagiri Nagar Tatichetlapalem78Kendriya Vidyalayam Primary School,North Side,Gf,Rno.1B, Mtc Palem
80Kendriyavidyalayam Pri School,North Side,Gf,Rno-1D, Mtc Palem
Narasimha Nagarvisakhapatnam179Key Stone Eng Medium School, West Room-1,Narsimha Nagar
Narasimhanagar116Gvmc Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad Sadhikhana,Middle Portion, Mtc Palem
118Gvmc Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad Shdikhana,Middle Portion, Mtc Palem
180Key Stone English Medium School, West Room-2,Narsimhanagar
Prabat Nagar55Gvmc Primary School, Balyam Class Room,Railway New Colony
56Gvmc Primary School, 3Rd Class Room,Railway New Colony
57Gvmc Primary School, 4Th Class Room,Railway New Colony
58Gvmc Primary School, 3Rd Class D-Sec,Ff,Railway New Colony
Prabat Nagar Tatichetlapalem54Gvmc Primary School, 5Th Class Room,Railway New Colony
Rail Waynew Colony66Gvmc Primary School, Rno-2,Venkateswara Colony,Tatichetlapalem
67Gvmc Mini Sewege Form, Bill Collector Room,Tatichetlapalem
68Gvmc Mini Sewege Form, Store Room,Thatichetlapalem
Railway New Colony50Gvmc Urdu School, 2Nd Std. Class Room,Thatichetlapalem
61Gvmc Community Hall, Hall Side -1,Venkateswara Colony, Thatichetlapalem
62Gvmc Community Hall, Hall Side-2,Venkateswara Colony, Thatichetlupalem
63Gvmc Urdu School, 1St Std.,Muslim Thatichetlapalem
64Gvmc Urdu School Balyam Class,Musilimthatichettulapalem
65Gvmc Primary School, Rno-1,Venkateswara Colony,Thatichetlapalem
69Gvmc Primary School, Upstair,Thatichetlapalem
70Gvmc Primary School, Upstair,Venkateswara Colony, Thatichetlapalem
71Gvmc Samajika Bhavan,Mini Sewege Form, Thatichetlapalem
72Kendriya Vidyalayam H School,North Block,Rno-18,Gf,Muslim Thatichetlapalem
73Kendriya Vidyalayam H School, Nrth Blk, 10B,Rno-17,Venkateswara Colony,Thatichetlapalem.
Railway Quarters49Gvmc Athidhi Community Hall, Middle Portion,Sanjeevayyacolony
Railway Quarters Tatichetlapalem82Kendriya Vidyalaya High School,South Block,Gf,11Th Class, Rno-7, Mtc Palem
83Kendriya Vidyalaya High School,East Block, Gf,12A, Rno-5, Mtc Palem
84Kendriya Vidyalayam High School, North Block,Gf,12B, Rno-3, Mtc Palem
Railwaynewcolony85East Coast Railway Institute,Near Railway Station
Rajendra Nagar Seetamma Peta140Vt High School, Junior Baby B Class Room,South West Corner, Seethampeta
141Vt High School, Spare Room, South Side,Seethampeta
Rajendranagar Seethamma Peta147Gvmc Primary School, Add. Build., Room-3,Rajendra Nagar
148Gvmc Primary School, 1St Floor, Room-4,Rajendra Nagar
Rama Krishna Nagar99Gnananikethan Pradhamikonnatha School, West Side,Room-3, Lalithanagar
100Gnanikethan Pradhimikonnatha School, West Side,Room-1,Upstair, Lalithanagar
Ramji Estate Kancharapalem197Gvmc Primary School, Ramji Estate, 1St Std,Northside Room-1, Kancharapalem
202Gvmc Community Hall, Gf, Room-1,Near Dispensory, Kancharapalem
Ravindra Nagar37Govt Iti, Drawing Hall -4,Kancharapalem
38Govt Iti, Drawing Hall-5,Kancharapalem
Reddi Kancharapalem17V R O Office, Room No-2,Near E-Seva Kendram, Kancharapalem
23Govt Iti Industrial Estate, Dress Making Prac Lab1,Kancharapalem
24Govt Iti Industrial Estate, Dress Making Prac Lab2,Kancharapalem
25Govt Iti Industrial Estate, Computer Rno-1,Kancharapalem
26Govt Iti Industrial Estate, Secretarial Prac Room,Kancharapalem
27Govt Iti Industrial Estate , D M Civil Room,Kancharapalem
Reddi Kancherapalem18Ap Social Welfare Resi Edu Insti Society Zonal Off,Near E-Seva Kendram, Kancharapalem
Resapuvani Palem Maddilapalem167Swarna Bharathi Indore Stadium, Room-3,Maddilapalem
Resapuvanipalem Maddilapalem166Swarna Bharathi Indore Stadium, Room-2,Maddilapalem
168Swarna Bharathi Indore Stadium, Room-4,Maddilapalem
Resupu Vani Palem165Swarna Bharathi Indore Stadium, Room-1,Maddila Palem
Sanjeevaiah Colony Kancharapalem39Govt Gvmc Primary School, West Room-1,Nh-5, Tikkavanipalem
40Gvmc Primary School, West Side Room-2,Nh-5,Tikkavanipalem
41Gvmc Primary School, North Side Room-1,Tikkavanipalem, Nh-5
42Gvmc Primary School, North Side Room-2,Tikkavanipalem, Nh-5
Sankuri Peta Kancharapalem29Govt Iti Drawing Hall -2,Kancharapalem
30Govt Iti, Drawing Hall -3,Kancharapalem
Santhinagar194Port High School, Godavari, South Side Room No-2,Saligramapuram
Santhipuram91Gvmc High School, South Block, Upstairs,7B Class Room, Eng Medium, Akkayyapalem
Santhosh Nagar Tatichetlapalem52Srinivasa Kalyana Mandapam,Railway New Colony, Near Railway Station
Satya Sai Nagar31Govt Polytechnic Collele, L-7 Room, Upstairs,Kancharapalem
34Gvmc Community Hall, South Side,Nehru Nagar, Ward-38, Barma Colony
Satya Sai Nagar Kancharapalem33Gvmc Community Hall, Big Room, Nrth Side,Nehru Nagar, Ward-38, Barma Colony
Seetamma Dhara142Vt High School, South Side, 2Nd Class A1 Room,Seethampeta
144Vt High School, Main Building, 7A-Ii Room,Seethampeta
149Vidyodhaya Primary School, 1St Std. Class Room,Gurudwara
Seetham Petta132Bvk College, Room-45, Staff Room,Seethampeta
Seethamma Dhara169Asst. Eng R And B Office, Room-1, Rev Qtrs,Near Vinayaka Temple, Seethammadhara
Seethamma Peta130Bvk College, Bhuvana Vijaya Audio Visual Room-54,Seethampeta
136Vt High Schoolm, Junior Baby Class Room,North Side,Seethampeta
Seethamma Petta134Vt High School, North Side, 1St Std. A1 Room,Seethampeta
146Gvmc Primary School, Room No-2,Rajendra Nagar
Seethammadhara145Vt High School, 8Th Class A-Sec,Main Build,Nrth Sd,Seethammapeta
170Asst Eng R And B Office, Room-2, Rev. Qtrs,Seethammadhara
171S E.,P H Office, North Side Room-1,Sethammadhara
172Se., P H Sub Division Office, North Side, Room-2,Seethammadhara
173Se.,Ph Sub Division Office, North Side, Room-3,Seethammadhara
174Se.,Ph Sub Division Office, Room-1, Drawing Branch,Seethammadhara
175Se.,Ph Sub Division Office, Room-2, Drawing Branch,Seethammadhara
Seethammapeta131Bvk College, Bhuvana Vijaya Audio Visual Room-54,Seethampeta
133Bvk College, Room-45, Staff Room,Seethampeta
135Vt High School, North Side, 6A Room,Seethampeta
137Vt High School, 1St Std. A-Sec, West Side,Seethampeta
Sethammapeta143Vt High School, Store Room, West Side,Main Building, Seethampeta
Shanthi Nagar191Port Elementry School, Room-3,Saligramapuram
192Port High School, Godavari, South Side, Room-4,Saligramapuram
193Port High School, Godavari, South Side Room-3,Saligramapuram
Sithamma Dhara150Vidhyodhaya Primary School, 3Rd Std Class Room,Gurudwara
152Vidhyodaya Primary School, 5Th Std. Class Room,Gurudwara
154Vidhyodaya Primary School, 7Th Std. Class Room,Gurudwara
155Vidhyodaya Primary School, Kala Nilayam,Gurudwara
164Nmc High School, Room-9, Ff,P And T Colony, Seethammadhara
Special Deputy Collector Competent Authority Offic251Vuda Community Hall(Main), South West Corner,Madhavadhara
Special Deputy Collector Competent Authoruty Offic252Rto Main Office Building, Camera Room,Madhavadhara, Marripalem
Special Deputy Collector Compitent Authority Offic250Vuda Community Hall(Main), North West Corner,Madhavadhara
Special Deputy Collectorcompetent Authority249Vuda Community Hall(Main Hall),South East Corner,Madhavadhara
Srinivas Nagar88Gvmc High School, East Block,10B,Rno-2, Akkayyapalem
Srinivas Nagar Akkayyapalem86Gvmc High School, South Block, 9Th Class Room,Rno-1, Akkayyapalem
Srinivasa Nagar Akkayyapalem87Gvmc High School, North Block, 10A,Rno-5, Akkayyapalem
Subram And Janachytanyakaryalayamnorth Side235Ggvmc Primary School,Ff2,Madhavadhara
Thatichetla Palem60Gvmc Samajika Bhavan, Mini Sewege Form,Thatichetlapalem
Tikkavani Palem Kancharapalem51Gvmc Lalbahudur Sastri Grandhalayam Community Hall,Dharma Nagar
Tikkavanipalem59Gvmc Community Hall, Mini Sewege Form,Thatichetlapalem
Uda Camuyuniti Hall240Sgovt Of Ap, Insp Of Trans Veh Fr Reg Nd Fitns Cer,Op Civil Supl Godwn, Nh-5, Marripalem
Vidutnagar Lalitanagar177The Presendential School, Lkg C-Sec Room,Balayya Sastry Layout
Vidyut Nagar178Weights And Measurements Office, Room-1, Upstairs,Vidhyuthnagar
Vidyut Nagar Lalitanagar176Weights And Measurements Office , Room-1,Vidhyuth Nagar
Vuda Community Hall238Geological Survey Of India, Sweving Room,Nh-5,Marripalem
239Govt Of Ap, Insp Of Trans Veh Fr Reg Nd Fitns Cert,Opp. Civil Sup. Godwn,Nh5,Marripalem
Vuda Community Hallfunction Hall237Geological Survey Of India, Employees Ass. Un Room,Nh5, Marripalem

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