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Polling Booth in Vijayawada West Assembly Constituency

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AAP Delhi Election Results AAP Maintains Lead in Delhi Assembly Elections Results 2020

Vote counting is underway for Delhi Election Result 2020. The tension is heightened up for the real outcome of the election. As per the latest updates, Aam Aadmi Party is Read More…

Delhi Election Results 2020 - Live News Updates Delhi Election Results 2020: Live News Updates

  DELHI ELECTION RESULTS 2020 LIVE 7:21:21 PM Result Declared Chhatarpur: Kartar Singh Tanwar of AAP won by 3720 votes. Karol Bagh: Vishesh Ravi of AAP won by 31760 votes. Read More…

Delhi Exit Poll Highlights Exit Polls Predict Third Term for Kejriwal Government

With an overall voter turnout of 57%, polling for the Delhi Assembly Election 2020 has concluded. Many polling agencies have started publishing the Delhi Exit Poll 2020. All of them Read More…

Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage

LIVE UPDATES    4:01:05 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar 42.47 Badli North West Delhi Read More…

Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Delhi Election 2020 - Yogi Adityanath Rallies Yogi Adityanath Dives Into Political Warfare of Delhi To Promotes Shaheen Bagh Trump Card

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Hard Hindutva face Yogi Adityanath has joined the fiery campaign for Delhi Election 2020. Now that the tone has been set for the campaign, Yogi is walking Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Vijayawada West

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Anjaneya Petta110A.D.U.P.School, 3Rdclass,G.Section North Side,Anjaneyapeta
111A.P.Devi Up School, 4Th Class, B-Section, Southsid,Anjaneyapeta
112A.P.Devi Upschool, North-Eastside, 4Throom,Anjaneya Peta
114A.P.Devi Up School, Main Building 3Rd Room, 1St Cl,Anjaneyapeta
115A.P.Devi Upschool, 1St Floor 1St Room,Anjaneya Peta
116A.P.Devi Upschool, Main Building 1St Room,Anjaneyapeta
Anjaneyapeta117A.P.Devi Upschool, 1St Floor 2Nd Room,Anjaneya Peta
Bapitistu Palem220Baptist Palem Mc.Ele.School Eastside,Baptist Palem
221Baptist Palem Mc Ele.School Westside,Baptist Palem
Bbhavani Puram21Sir A.C.High School,North Side, Roomno. 13,Bhavanipuram
Bhavani Puram16Sksrmc Ele.School, Roomno.1, North Side,Bhavanipuram
18Ksrmc Ele.School, Roomno.2, North Side,Bhavanipuram
23Sir A.C.Highschool, South Block, R.No.5, P. Vaip,Bhavanipuram
27Sir A.C. H.School, South Block R.No.2, T-Vaipu,Bhavanipuram
29H.Galib Dargam.C. Shed, Southside Room,Bhavanipuram
31Netajihschool,Em,Ukg A-Sec, Gf,Bhavanipuram
33Oda Commu Hall R S St Eastside,Bhavanipuram
37Smakmc Uschool, 1Stfloor, R.No.4, Eastside,Bhavanipuram
39Csi Ele.School, G.F.Hall, Westside,Bhavanipuram
40Csi Ele.School.G.F.Hall, Eastside,Bhavanipuram
Bhavanipuram1Askrmc.Ele.School, Main Building, North Room,Bhavanipuram
2A S K R M P Ele School Main Build Northsidenorth R,Bhavanipuram
3Askvmc.Ele.School, Main Building, South Room,Bhavanipuram
4Rushi Vidhya Sadan, Crombay Road , Bhavanipuram,,Bhavanipuram
5Rushi Vidhya Sadan, Crombay Road , Bhavanipuram,Bhavanipuram
6Rushi Vidhya Sadan, Crombay Road , Bhavanipuram,Bhavanipuram
7Rushi Vidhya Sadan, Crombay Road , Bhavanipuram,,Bhavanipuram
8Govt. S.W.G.Hostel, Main Building, North Room,Bhavanipuram
9Pra Sam Sam Balikala Hostel Main Build. R.No.3,Bhavanipuram
10Govt. S.W.G.Hostel, Main Building, South Room,Bhavanipuram
11Pra Sam Sam Balikala Hostel Main Build. Store.Room,Bhavanipuram
12S D M R R High School Joji Nagar Gf North Room-5,Bhavanipuram
13S D M R R High School Joji Nagar Gf North Room-2,Bhavanipuram
14S.D.M.R.R.Y School G F S Side R.No-3,Bhavanipuram
15Sksrmc Ele.School, Room.No.1, South Side,Bhavanipuram
17Skpsrmc Ele.School, Roomno.2, South Side,Bhavanipuram
19Sir A.C.High School, North Side, Room No.11,Bhavanipuram
20Sir A.C. Highschool, North Side, Roomno. 12,Bhavanipuram
22Sir A.C. Highschool, West Block, Roomno. 7,Bhavanipuram
24Sir A.C.Highschool, West Block, R.No.8, U-Vaipu,Bhavanipuram
25Sir A.C.H.School, North Block, Roomno.9, P-Vaipu,Bhavanipuram
26Sir A.C.Highschool, South Block, R.No.1, T-Vaip,Bhavanipuram
28H.Galib Darga Maneging Comm. Shed , North Room,Bhavanipuram
30Netaji H.School, E.M. 1St Class. B-Sec.Room ,G.F,Bhavanipuram
32Oda Community Hall R S St West Side,Bhavanipuram
34B S R Commu Hall K Kata Northside,Bhavanipuram
35S M A Khuddus Ele Urdu Sch Gf 8 Cls,Bhavanipuram
36Smak Mcurdu School,1Stfloor, R.No.1, Westside,Bhavanipuram
38Smakmcu School, G.F.R.No. Westside,Bhavanipuram
Bhimanna Vari Peta78Rakesh Public School G F Esanyam Side 5 Class Room,Bhavanipuram
79Rakesh Public School G F U Vai 2 Gadi 3Class Room,Bhimannavari Veedhi
89S A S College S Block Eastside 3 Room,Bhimanna Vari Veedhi
Bhimanna Vari Veedhi72V.M.Ranga Rao M.C Ele.School 1And 2 Class Rooms,Bheemannavari Veedhi
73V.M.Rangarao Mc.Ele.School 3Rd Class Room,Bheemannavari Veedhi
75V.M.Rangarao M.C.Ele.School, 5Th Class Room,Bheemannavari Veedhi
76Rakesh Pablic School G Floor Room 3 1St Class,Bheemannavari Veedhi
77Rakesh Pablic School G Floor Room 5 L Kg,Bheemannavariveedhi
80Rakesh Pablic School G Floor Room 3 1St Class,Bheemannavari Veedhi
81S.A.S.Kalasala Westside Bhild., 1St Floor, R.No.5,Bheemannavariveedhi
83Saskalasala Westside 1St Floor, South R.No.3,Bheemannavariveedhi
84Sas Kalasala West Building 1Stfloor South 1St Room,Bheemannavariveedhi
85Sas Kalasala West Building 2Ndroom,Bheemannavari Veedhi
86P.Leelasundaraiah.M.C.Ele.School, Room No.2,Bheemannavariveedhi
87P.L.S. M.C.Ele. School.Roomno.3,Bheemannavariveedhi
88S.A.S.Kalasala South Block Eastside 1St Room,Bheemannavariveedhi
Bhimannavaripeta67Askrmc.Ele.School, Main Building, North Room,Bhavanipuram
74Askrmc.Ele.School, Main Building, North Room,Bhavanipuram
82Askrmc.Ele.School, Main Building, North Room,Bhavanipuram
Kedareswara Peta226Ramapublic School, D.No.18-5-19, Ist Floor, 1St Ro,Kedareswara Peta
227Rama Public School D.No.18-5-19 1F Steps 2 Room,Kedareswara Peta
228V.L.D.M.C.S. Ele.School, Ground Floor, Room No.1,Kedareswara Peta
229Vldmcs Ele School Ground Floor, Roomno.2,Kedareswara Peta
230Vldmcs Ele.School, Eastside New Building,Roomno.3,Kedareswara Peta
231Vld Mcs Ele.School, Ist Floor 3Vagadi,Kedareswara Peta
Kedareswarapeta232Vldmcs Ele.School. N P E G E L Room,Kedareswarapeta
Kotha Peta143B.A.Swami Mcup School, Room No. 1,Kothapeta
145D.S.Ramaiah Mcup School, Main Block 3Rd Room,Kothapeta
146D.S.Ramaiah Mcup School Hm Room,Kothapeta
Kothapeta113A.P.Devi Upschool, 2Nd Room,Anjaneyapeta
118K.B.N. Kalasala 60 No. Gadi,Kothapeta
119K.B.N.Kalasala 61St No. Gadi,Kothapeta
120K.B.N.Kalasala 62Nd No.Gadi,Kothapeta
121K.B.N.Kalasala Main Building Ground Floor,33,Kothapeta
132S.T.Raja H School West To North Side 1Stroom,Kothapeta
133S.T.Raja H School North Side 2Ndclass Room,Kothapeta
134S.T.Raja H.School, Eastside 3Rd Room,Kothapeta
135S.T.Raja H.School, East To North 4Th Room,Kothapeta
136S T Raja H School, East Building, Lkg Room,Kothapeta
137S.T.Raja H School, East Build Ukg Room,Kothapeta
138S.T.Raja H School, Ist Floor Eastside, 5Th Room,Kothapeta
139S.T.Raha H School, Ist Floor Turpunundi 4Th Room,Kothapeta
140Vijayavada Annadana Samajam Vari Building,Kothapeta
141D.Subbramaiah Mcup School, Mainblock, Roomno.2,Kothapeta
142Askrmc.Ele.School, Main Building, North Room,Bhavanipuram
144B.A.Swami Mcup School, Room No.2,Kothapeta
163Skpvsvr Hindu H.School North Block, Roomno29,Kothapeta
164Skpvsvr Hindu H.School North Block Roomno.30,Kothapeta
165Skpvsvr Hindu H.School 11Throom,Kothapeta
166Skpvsvr Hindu H.School 25Throom,Kothapeta
167M.S Rao E.M.School, Lkg Class Room,Kothapeta
168M.S.Rao E.M.School Ukgroom,Kothapeta
Lambadipetta90Littlebirds School,South Block Lkg Class Room,Lambadipeta
91Littlebirds School, South Block 7Thclassroom,Lambadipeta
92Littlebirds School, East Block 10Thclassroom,Lambadipeta
93Sd.A.Mission.Ele.School, Dakshinapu Vaipu 1St Room,Lambadipeta
94Sda Missionary Ele.School, South Vaipu 4Th Room,Lambadipeta
95S D A Missionary Ele. School, South Vaipu 2Ndroom,Lambadipeta
96Sa D Missionary Ele. School, South Side 3Rd Room,Lambadipeta
97A.B.Memorial Up School West-South Side,Lambadipeta
98A.B.Memorial Up School, West-North Side,Lambadipeta
100Putchapalli Leela Sundaraiah Ele. School 1St Room,Lambadipeta
Mahanthipuram122Kakaraparti Bhavannarayana College Room No,10,Mahantipuram
123Kakarapartibhavannarayana College Roomno.12,Mahantipuram
124Kakarapartibhavannarayana College Room No.14,Mahantipuram
125Kakaraparti Bhavannarayana College Room No. 16,Mahantipuram
126Kakaraparti Bhavannarayana College Room No.125,Mahantipuram
127Kakaraparti Bhavannarayana College Room No. 126,Mahantipuram
128K.B.N. College Room No. 34, Main Building G.Floor,Mahantipuram
130S.M.Chitti M.C.U.P. School 2Nd Room,Mahantipuram
131S.M.Chitti. M.C.U.P,.School, 1St Floor, 1Stroom,Mahantipuram
Mahantipuram129S. M.Chitti Muncipalcorp. Up School 1St Room,Mahantipuram
Mallikarjuna Petta158Pwd Ee Hq Sub-Divi.South Side 2Nd Room Vj-1,Mallikarjunapeta
Mallikarjuna Pettah147Rajasthani Hindi School, North Block East Room,Mallikarjunapeta
148Rajasthani Hindi School, North Block West Room,Mallikarjuna Peta
149S.A.R.M.C.U.P.School, S. Building E. Side 1Stclass,Mallikharjunapeta
150Sarmcup School, Southside Hm Room,Mallikharjunapeta
151Rajasthani Hindi Vidhyalam East Room,Mallikharjunapeta
152Skpvv Hindu H School, Room No.9,Mallikharjunapeta
153Skpvv Hindu High School, Room No.10,Mallikharjunapeta
154Archalogical Asst. Conservetive Office, West Room,Mallikarjuna Peta
155Pothanaganapti Rao Fark Sanitary Office Divi.No.8,Mallikharjunapeta
156Pwd Exe.Engi. Hq S.Divi. South Side 1Stroom, Vj-1,Mallikarjunapeta
Mallikharjunapeta159Lock Supt.Off. Hq Sub Divi., Irri.Dept. Radhamcent,Mallikarjunapeta
Malllikharjunapeta157Askrmc.Ele.School, Main Building, North Room,Bhavanipuram
Pathabhasti160Rajakapeta Mc Ele.School, Northside Room,Patabasti
161Rajakapeta Mc Ele.School, South Side Room,Patabasti
162Rajakapeta Mc Ele. School Northside Shed,Patabasti
169T.Bapanaiah E.M.H.School, Room No. 8,Pathabasti
170T.Bapanaiah E.M.H.School Room No.10, Dakshinamvaip,Pathabasti
171P.S.M.C.G.H.School North Building Middle Room,Pathabasti
172Psmcg H.School West Building 1St Room,Pathabasti
173Psmcgh.School East Shed Southside 2Nd Room,Pathabasti
174Psmcg H.School East Shed Southside 3Rd R,Pathabasti
175Skpcc Hindu Highschool, Room No. 26,Pathabasti
176Gandhiji M C High School 6Va Gadi,Pathabasti
177Gandhiji M.C. H.School, 7Va No.Gadi,Pathabasti
178Gandhiji M.C.H.School, 10Th Room,Pathabasti
Pejjoni Peta223Rcm Ele.School, Eastside 2Nd Room,Pejjoni Peta
Pejjonipeta222Rcm Ele.School, Eastside 1St Floor 1St Room,Pejjoni Peta
224Rcm Ele.School, Eastside Roomno.4, 1St Floor,Pejjoni Peta
Pezzonipeta225Askrmc.Ele.School, Main Building, North Room,Bhavanipuram
Poornanadam Peta217S.K.S.R.Mc H.School, Room No.4,Purnanandam Peta
Poornanandam Peta214P.N.Peta Mcs Ele.School Southside 1St Room,Purnandam Peta
215P.N.Peta Mcs Ele.School South Side 2Nd Room,Purnandam Peta
216S.K.S.Rao M.C.H.School, Room No.3,Purnanandam Peta
218Sksrao Mc H School Room No.5,Purnanandam Peta
219Sri Kouta Subba Rao M C H School 1 F Room-1,Poornanandam Peta
Railway Colony206Jack And Jill Em School, Room No.7,Railway Colony
207Jack And Jill E M School Room No.8,Railway Colony
208Jack And Jill E M School, Room No.9,Railway Colony
209Railway Mixed E M School, Room No.26,Railway Colony
210Railway Mixed E M School Room No.27,Railway Colony
211Railway Mixed E M School, Room No.28,Railway Colony
212Railway Mixed E M School, Room No.32,Railway Colony
213Railway Mixed E M School, Room No. 33,Railway Colony
Raja Rajeswari Peta198Noor Ahmad Urdu M C School, 2Nd Room,Raja Rajeswaripeta
202Tammina Pothuraju Mc School Ist Floor Room No.3,Raja Rajeswari Peta
Rajarajeswaripeta200Tammina Pothuraju M Ele.School Ist Floor Roomno.1,Raja Rajeswari Peta
201Askrmc.Ele.School, Main Building, North Room,Bhavanipuram
203Askrmc.Ele.School, Main Building, North Room,Bhavanipuram
Rajarajeswaripetta197Noor Ahmad Urdu M.C. School, 1St Room,Raja Rajeswaripeta
199Noor Ahmad Urdu Mc School 3Rd Room,Vinchipeta
204Tammina Pothuraju Mc School Northside Room,Rajarajeswari Peta
Rajarajeswaripettah205Tammina Pothuraju Mc Ele School Southside Room,Rajarajeswari Peta
Rajula Streetpoola Ramarajya Nagar71S U R R M High School, 1St Floor, Room No.5,Ramarajyanagar
Ramarajya Nagar69S U R R M H School, 1St Floor, Roomno. 2,Ramarajyanagar
Ramarajyanagar63Gnrmc Ele.School, Northside West R.No.4,Ramarajyanagar
64Psrmc Ele School, Rcc Building,Ramarajyanagar
65Gsrmc.Ele.School, Southside R.No.3,Ramarajyanagar
66Gsrmc Ele.School,Northside West R No.1,Ramarajyanagar
68Surrm High School, 1St Floor Room No. 1,Ramarajyanagar
70Surrm High School, 1St Floor, Roomno.4,Ramarajyanagar
Tailar Petta105Rcm School, Tailar Peta 2Nd Class Room, A-Section,Tailar Peta
Tailor Petta101M.L.M.C.Ele.School, Tailorpeta, G.F.1Stroom,Tailar Peta
102M.L.M.C.Ele.School, Tailarpet, G.F.2Ndroom,Tailar Peta
103Mlmc Ele School, Tailar Peta, G.F.3 Room,Tailar Peta
104Mlmc Ele School, 1St Floor,Southside 3Rdroom,Tailar Peta
106Rcm School, Tailar Peta, 2Nd Classroom, B-Section,Tailar Peta
108Rcm School , Tailarpeta,G.F. 5-A Classroom,Tailar Peta
109Rcm School, Tailarpeta, G.F., Lkg Classroom,Tailar Peta
Tailorpeta99Askrmc.Ele.School, Main Building, North Room,Bhavanipuram
107Askrmc.Ele.School, Main Building, North Room,Bhavanipuram
Tarapeta179St.Anthony Rcm H.School, 5Th Room,Tarapeta
180St.Anthony Rcmh.School, 3Rd Room,Tarapeta
181St.Anthony Rcm H School, 1St R.,Tarapeta
182St.Anthony Rcm H School, 2Nd R,Tarapeta
183Lpcf Gujarati Vidyalayam Em.H.School, 1Stno.Gadi,Tarapeta
184Lpct Gujarajividyalayam Em H School 4Th Room,Tarapeta
185Askrmc.Ele.School, Main Building, North Room,Bhavanipuram
186Lpct Gujarati Vidyalayam Em H School 6Th Room,Tarapeta
187Askrmc.Ele.School, Main Building, North Room,Bhavanipuram
Vidyadharapuram41Dalavayisubbramaiah M.C. School, Officeroom,Vidhyadharapuram
42D.Subbramaiah M.C.H.School, Northside, 3Rd Room,Vidhyadharapuram
43D.Subbramaiah Mchschool, Uttaramside 2Nd.Room,Vidhyadharapuram
44D.Subbaramaiah Mchschool, Northside, 1St Room,Vidhyadharapuram
45M.P.M.C.P.School, G.Floor, 5Thclass Room,Vidhyadharapuram
46Mpmcp School, G.Floor, Ist To 2Nd Class Room,Vidhyadharapuram
47M.Bhaskararao M.Ele.School, R.No.1, Dakshinam Vaip,Vidhyadharapuram
48M.Bhaskara Rao M.Ele.School, Roomno.3,Vidhyadharapuram
49M.Bhaskararao M.Ele.School, Roomno. 4,Vidhyadharapuram
50M.Bhaskararao M.Ele.School, Northside, Roomno.5,Vidhyadharapuram
51M.Bhaskara Rao M.Elel.School, Southside Room,Vidhyadharapuram
52Ap Residential School Min. Eastside Roomno.10,Vidhyadharapuram
53Ap Residential School Min, Westside, R.No.1,Vidhyadharapuram
54Ap Residential School, Westside, Roomno.9,Vidhyadharapuram
55Ap Residential School,Westside, Roomno. 3,Vidhyadharapuram
56Ap Residential School Min.Eastside, Roomnom13,Vidhyadharapuram
57Ap Residential School, Eastside, Roomno.11,Vidhyadharapuram
58Ap Residential Min. Eastside Roomno. 18,Vidhyadharapuram
59Ap Residential School, Min. Eastside, Room No.17,Vidhyadharapuram
60Ap Residential School, Min. Eastside, Roomno.15,Vidhyadharapuram
61Surrm High School, G.Floor Roomno. 7,Vidhyadharapuram
62Surrm High School, G.School Roomno. 8,Vidhyadharapuram
Vinchi Peta196S.N.M.C.U.Boys Up School, West Block Roomno.3,Vinchipeta
Vinchipeta188Mahmadalipuram H S, M. Building North,Vinchipeta
189Mahmadalipuram Hschool, M.Build. Northside 3Rd R,Vinchipeta
190Mahamadalipuram Hschool,M.Building Southside 4Th R,Vinchipeta
191Mahamadalipuram H.S. West Shed Middle Room,Winchipeta
192C S I U P School, Northside Shed,Vinchipeta
193G.R.Mohanrao Kalyanamandapam, Near Csi Church,Vinchipeta
195S.N.M.C.Urduboys Up School, Roomno.2,Vinchipeta
Vinchipetta194S.N.M.C.Urdu Boys Up School, Room No.1,Vinchipeta

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