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Polling Booth in Undi Assembly Constituency

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AAP Delhi Election Results AAP Maintains Lead in Delhi Assembly Elections Results 2020

Vote counting is underway for Delhi Election Result 2020. The tension is heightened up for the real outcome of the election. As per the latest updates, Aam Aadmi Party is Read More…

Delhi Election Results 2020 - Live News Updates Delhi Election Results 2020: Live News Updates

  DELHI ELECTION RESULTS 2020 LIVE 7:21:21 PM Result Declared Chhatarpur: Kartar Singh Tanwar of AAP won by 3720 votes. Karol Bagh: Vishesh Ravi of AAP won by 31760 votes. Read More…

Delhi Exit Poll Highlights Exit Polls Predict Third Term for Kejriwal Government

With an overall voter turnout of 57%, polling for the Delhi Assembly Election 2020 has concluded. Many polling agencies have started publishing the Delhi Exit Poll 2020. All of them Read More…

Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage

LIVE UPDATES    4:01:05 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar 42.47 Badli North West Delhi Read More…

Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Delhi Election 2020 - Yogi Adityanath Rallies Yogi Adityanath Dives Into Political Warfare of Delhi To Promotes Shaheen Bagh Trump Card

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Hard Hindutva face Yogi Adityanath has joined the fiery campaign for Delhi Election 2020. Now that the tone has been set for the campaign, Yogi is walking Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Undi

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Ai-Bhimavaram134Kvnr Zp High School, 10Th Class 'A' Section,,Eastern Side, , Ai-Bhimavaram.
135Kvnr Zp High School, 10Th Class 'B' Section,West Dise,Ai-Bvrm
Ajjamuru.108Mp.Ele.School,R.C.C. New Building, Ajjamuru
Akivdu.116M.P.Ele. Schoool,Southern Side Sivalayam Street Akividu
Akividu125M.P.P.School, Westernside,Eastpalem Akividu
126Sri Jupudi Sri Krishnamamurthy Mpp Schhol,Southerside Room, Near Siddapuram Bridge, Akividu
127Zilla Parishad High Schoool Boys,New Building Southernside,9Th Class C Sec. Akividu
128Zilla Parishad High Schoool Boys,New Building, Southern Side,9Th D Sec. Akividu
129Zilla Parishad High Schoool Boys, New Bldg.,Western Side,6Thclass C Section (T.M.) Akividu
Akividu.110S.K.V.R.R.Mp.Ele.School 3Rd Classroom,Northernside Golla Street, Akividu
111Sri K.V.Ramaraju M.P.Primary School,Western Side,New Bldg.Gollastreet, Akividu
112S.Jupudi Subbanna M.M.P.P.Schooolwesternside,,4Th Classroom Kakarlavarla Vari Street Akivedu
113S.Jupudi Subbanna M.M.P.P.Schoool 1Stclassroom,,Easternside, Kakarlavari Stret Akividu
114Sri Jupudi Subbanna Memorial M.P.P.School,Newbuilding,5Th Classroomkakarlavaristreet,Akividu
115M.P.Ele.School,Northern Side Sivalayam Street Akividu
117Mandal Parished Primary School,Central Part, Sivalayam Street, Akividu
118Ssn Z P H School Girls 6Th Class,Ssa New Bldg. , 6Th Class Room(T.M.), Akividu
119Mandal Parishad Office,Meeting Hall, Old Building, Akividu
120Mandal Parishad Office,Staffroom New Building Akividu
121M.P.Urdu Boys Ele. School,Akividu
122M.P.Urdu Girls Ele. School,Akividu
123Smt.Sarojininaidu Z.P.H.School(Girls),Old Building, 10Th Class Room, Madiwada
124Mp.Ele.School, Eastpalem,Easternside, Eastpalem, Akividu
Akividu..109S.K.V.Ramaraju M.P.Elemantari School,5Th Classroom, Southern Side,Golla Street Akividu.
Arthamuru.74C.B.C.N.C.Ele. School,New Building, Northern Side, Arthamuru.
75Cbcns Primary School,Southers Side, Arthamuru
Bhavani Peta.65Mp.Ele.School,Bhavani Peta Undi
Bondada.200Z.P.High School,Main Building Northern Side Room, Bondada.
201Z.P.High School,Main Building, Northernside Room, Bondada.
202Z.P.High School,Southern Side Building, Eastern Side Room, Bondada
Bondadapeta.198M.P.P. School, New Building,Bondadapeta
199Kamuniti Hall, New Building,Near Water Tank Bondadapeta
Cherukumilli Blocks One To Seven181Z.P.High School,Western Side, Cherukumilli.
Cherukumilli.180Mandal Parished Primary School,Cherukumilli
182Z.P.High School,Eastern Side ,Cherukumilli.
Cherukuvada.84Zilla Parished High School,,Southernside Building, Centre Room, Cherukuvada
Cherukuwada.83M P.Ele.School,Ground Floor, Northernside, Cherukuwada
85Zp.Hig.School,Main Building,Northernside Room, Cherukuwada
86Zp High School,Easternside, Northernside Room, Cherukuwada
Chilukuru.35Mp.Spl.Up.School,Tiledhouse, Northernside, Chilukuru
36Mp.Spl.Up.School,Tiled House, Southern Side, Chilukuru
Chinakapavaram.22Z.P.High School,Eastern Side, 8 Th Class A Section, Chinakapavaram
23Z.P.High School, Rajiv Vidya Mission Building,,Western Side, 6Th Class B Section, Chinakapavaram
Chinamillipadu.25Community Hall,Chinamillipadu
Dharmapuram Agraharam79Mp.Ele.School,Dharmapuram Agraharam
Doddanapudi.190M.P. Ele. School, Rajiv Vidya Mission Building,Eastern Side, Doddanapudi.
191M.P. Ele. School, Rajiv Vidya Mission Building,,Wetern Side Room,Doddanapudi
192M.P. Elementary School, West Side (Old) Building,, Eastern Side, Doddanapudi.
193Z.P. High School, Rmsa Building,, Northern Side Room, Doddanapudi.
Dumpagadapa130M.P.U.P.School,Eastern Side, Dumpagadapa.
131Mp.Up.School,Westernside, Dumpagadapa
132Sri.V.V.Giri Degree College,Womens Waitinghall,Dumpagadapa.
133Grama Panchayat Office,Dumpagadapa
Elurupadu.183Z.P.High School, Western Side, New Building, Eluru,Western Side, New Room,Elurupadu.
184Z.P.High School,Northern Side Building, Elurupadu
185M.P.Primary School, Eastern Side,Tiled House, Elur,Western Side Room, Tiled House,Elurupadu.
186M.P.Primary School, Western Side, Tiled House, Elu,Southern Side Room, Tiled House,Elurupadu
Garagaparru40Z.P.U.P School Southern Side,3Rd Room,10Th Class Room, Garagaparru
Garagaparru One To Six Blocks37Z.P. High School,Southern Side 2Nd Room 10Th Classroom Garagaparru
38Z.P High School,Westernside, 1St Room, Garagaparru
Garagaparru Seven To Ten Blocks39M.P.P School,1Stclass Room Souternside Garagaparru
Gollakoderu Fourth And Fifth Blocks89M.P.P School As Bests Sheets Sheed,Sitharamapuram, Gollakoderu Last
Gollakoderu One Two Three And Sixth Blocks56Z.P.High School, Northern Side, 8Th Class 'B' Sect,Eastern Side, 5Th Classroom,Gollalkoderu
57M.P.U.P School New Builiding(Main),Western Side, 4Th Class Room, Gollalakoderu
Goraganamudi95Zp Highschool,10Thclassroom,Goraganamudi,Goragnmudi
96Z.P.U.P School,Eastern Side, 9Th Class Room,Goraganamudi
Gummuluru.31M.P.Ele School,Northern Side, Gummuluru.
32M.P.Ele. School,Southern Side, Gummuluru.
Jakkaram.168M.P.P School,Northern Side,Jakkaram
169Villege Revenue Office,Northern Side Room, Jakkaram
Juvvalapalem.187M.Pele.School,Old Building, Northern Side,Juvvalapalem.
189M.P.Ele.School, New Building,Southern Side Western Room, Juvvalapalem
Juvvalapalem..188M.P.Ele.School,New Building, Southern Side East Roo,Juvvalapalem.
Kalavapudi.209Z.P.High School, Northern Side, Xth B Sec. Room,,Nortern Side Room,Kalavapudi.
210Z.P.High School, Southern Side, Xth A Sec Room,Southrn Side Room,Kalavapudi.
Kaligotla.5M.P.U.P.School,Central Room, Kaligotlla,
6M.P.U.P.School,,New Building Kaligotla
Kalingagudem.26M.P.U.P.School New Bldg.,Kalingagudem, H/O Chinamillipadu.
Kalisipudi.107Mp.Ele.School,Eastern Side Building Kalisipudi
Kalla.171Z.P.High School,Southern Side, 10Th B Section Classroom, Kalla.
172Z.P.H.School,Southern Side, 10Th C Section Classroom, Kalla.
173Zilla Parished High School,Northern Side, 9Th B Class Room, Kalla
174Z P H School, Northernside,,9Th A Section Class Room, Kalla.
175Z P H School,Northern Side 8Th Class A Section Room, Kalla.
176Mandal Parished Primary School,Gandhinagaram, Kalla
Kallakuru.177M.P.U.P.School,New Building, Northern Side,Kallakuru.
178M.P.U.P. School,New Bldg., Southern Side,Kallakuru.
179Gram Panchayat Office,New Building , Kallakuru.
Kolamuru.19Mandal Parishad Primary School, Southern Side,New Building, Southern Side, Kolamuru.
20Mandal Parishad Primary School, Eastern,Old Building, Esteren Side, Kolamuru.
21Mandalaparished Primary School,Northernside, Sriramapuram, H/O Kolamuru
Kolanapalli.140M.P.Ele. School,R.C.C.Slabbed Building, Eastern Side, Kolanapalli
141Mandal Parished Primary School, R.C.C.Slabbed Bldg,Western Side, Kolanapalli
Kollaparru.77Grama Panchayat Office,Kollaparru.
78M.P.Up.School,Easternside, Kollaparru
Komatigunta.170M.P.Ele.School,New Building Western Side Room,Komatigunta.
Kondepudi First And Second Blocks94M.P.P School,Building,Kondepudi
Kopalle.164M.P.U.P School,Eastern Side Room, Kopalla
165M.P.P School,Western Side Room, Kopalle
166Villege Revenue Office,Southern Side Room,Kopalle
167M.P.Elementary School Special,Kopalle
Korukollu First Second And Third Blocks42Suryavathi Kamyuniti Hal,Korukollu,Korukollu
43Grampanchayiti Afisu,Korukollu,Southernside Room Korukollu
Korukollu Fourth And Fifth Blocks44M.P.Pratyeka Pradhamika Pathashala,Korukollu,Easternside Room,Korukollu
Kumudavalli First Second And Third Blocks102M.P.P School Western Side,,Building South Side,4Th Class Room, Kumudhapalli
103M.P.P School Western Side Builiding,Northern Side,5Th Class Room ,Kumudhapalli
Kumudavalli Fourth And Fifth Blocks104Villege Revenue Office Builiding,Kumudhapalli
Kuppanapudi139M.P.Upper Primary School, Western Side, Ssa Buildi,Ssa New Building, Kuppanapudi.
Kuppanapudi.137Sri Ratnam Mahila Mandali Building,Sri Ratnam Mahila Mandali Building
138M.P.Upper Primary School, Eastern Side, Ssa Buildi,Ssa Building, Kuppanapudi.
L.N.Puram.203Mpup School,New Builiding,Eastern Side Laxminarasimhapuram
204M.P.P School New Builiding,Western Side Laxminarasimhapuram
Madiwada.80M.P. Elementari School,3Rd Classroom, Western Side Madiwada
81M.P. Elemantari School,4Th Class Room, Eastern Side, Madiwada
82M.P.Elemantari School,Eastern Side 2Ndclass Room Madiwada
Mahadevapatnam58Mp.Spe.Ele.School,Asbestasshed, Mahadevapatnam
Mahadevapatnam.59Z.P.High School Sarvasiksha Abhiyan Building,Eastern Side, Mahadevapatnam
60Zp.High School Sarva Sikhaabhiyaan Building,Eastern Side New Building, Mahadevapatnam
61Mandal Parished Primary School,Main, Mahadevapatnam
Malavani Tippa.212M.P.Ele.School,Nortern Side, Malavani Tippa.
Mandapadu136M.P.Ele. School,M.P.Ele. School, Mandapadu.
Mekaladibba H/O Anandapuram205M.P.P School,Mekaladebba Aanandapuram Sivaru
Modi H/O Kalavapudi.211M.P.Primary School, New Building, Eastern Side Roo,New Buildingmodi, H/O Kalavapudi.
Mogallu47Z.P.U.P School, New Building,Western Side, 10Th Class 1B Section, Mogollu
Mogallu Fifth To Nine Blocks48M.P.P School,(Main Building ) Mogollu
49M.P.P School,(Main)Asbestas Shed, Mogollu
Mogallu First To Fourth Blocks45Z.P.U.P School New Builiding-2,Eastern Side Room, 6Th Class Room Asection Mogollu
46Z.P.U.P School,New Building-1,Eastern Sideroom, 10Th Classroom Asection Mogollu
Mogallu Tenth And Eleventh Blocks50M P Ele School,,Guthulwari Palem Mogallu Sivaru
Mypa First And Second Blocks41M.Pi.Pi.Skulu Maipa,Southernside Room
N.R.P.Agraharam.87Z.P.High School New Building,,Western Side N.R.P.Agraharam
88Z.P.High.School,New Building, Eastern Side, N.R.P.Agraharam
Palacoderu53M.P.U.P School No.1,Northern Side Builiding,2Nd Classroom ,Palakoderu
Palakoderu One To Six And Eleventh Blocks51Z.P.U.P School, Northernside Bldg, Meeting Hall,Eastern Side, Palakoderu
52Z.P.U.P School,Northern Side Bldg. ,Eastern Sideroom,Palakoderu
Palakoderu Seventh To Tenth Blocks54Z.P.U.P School Northern Side,Builiding ,Eastern Side 6Th Class Room Palakoeru
55Z.P.U.P Schoolsouthren Side Building,Westren Side 10Th Class Room,Palakoderu
Pallipalem.207M.P.Ele. School,Easthern Side Room,Pallipalem.
Pamulaparru.33M.P.Ele.School,Eastern Side, Tiled House, Pamulaparru.
34Mandal Parished Primary School,Sarvasiksha Abhiyan Building No.2, Pamulaparru
Panduvva.8M.P.U.P.School.,New Asbestos Shed Northern Side, Panduvva.
9M.P.U.P.School,,New Asbestos Shed, Southern Side, Panduva.
Patalameraka.206M.P.Ele. School, Western Side Room,R.C.C Slabbed Bldg,, Patallameraka.
Pedaamiram.145M.P.P.School,Northern Side Room, Pedaamiram.
146M.P. Primary School, Southern Side Room,,Southern Side Room, Pedaamiram.
147M.P.Ele.Spl. School,S.C Colony Peda Amiram.
Pedakapavaram.1Zp High School, 8Th Class Room, Nothern Side,Pedakapavaram.
2Zp High School, 9Th Class Room, Nothern Side,Pedakapavaram.
3Zp High School, 10Th Class Room, Nothern Side,Pedakapavaram.
4M.P.Ele. School,Kshatriyapuram. H/O Pedakapavaram.
Pedamiram.148Mandala Parished Spl.Primary School,Western Side, Pedamiram
Pedapulleru.142M.P.U.P. School,Easternside Firstroom, Pedapulleru
143M.P.U.P. School,Center Room, R.C.C.Building, Pedapulleru
Pennada.149Mpeleschool, Eastsidebulidg,5Th Class Roompennada
150M.P.P School Builiding (Main),Western Side,Southren Side,2Nd Class Room,Pennad
151Villege Revenue Office,Pennada
152Angan Vadi Centre Builiding,C.D.P.O Project,Pennada
Rajulapeta.30M.P.Ele. School,Rajulapeta
S.C.Bose Colony.208Z.P. High School, Northern Side Room, Malavanithip,Northern Side, S.C. Bose Colony.
Seesali.194M.P.Spl.Ele.School,Northern Side New Building, S.C Colany,Seesali.
195Community Hall,,Northern Side Room, Seesali
196Z.P.High School,New Building, Southern Side Room, Seesali.
Siddapuram.27M.P.Ele. School,Westren Side, Siddapuram.
28M.P.Ele. School,Eastern Side, Siddapuram.
29Suvarnapathi Grandalayam, Siddapuram,Siddapuram
Sisali.197Z.P.High School,New Building, Northern Side Room, Seesali.
154Mpeleschool,Boys,Northside,Srungavruksham,2 Nd Classroom, Srungavruksham
155Zphs,Mainbldg,,10Th Class B Section, Srungavruksham
156Zphschool,Mainbldg,,10Th Class C Section, Srungavruksham
157Zphs,Northernsidebld,9Thclas C Section,,Westernside, Srungavruksham
158Zphs,Northern Side Bldg., 9Thclass A Section,,Easternside, Srungavruksham
Srungavruksham.159Villege Revenue Office Meeting Hall,Srungavruksham
Taratava.76M.P.Ele. School,Northernside, Taratava
Udni.71Sri Gandhi Memorial M.P.P.School,Near Water Tank, Ground Floor, Undi
Undi.63Mp.Ele.School, Kapulapeta,Easternside Undi
64Mp.Ele.School,Easternside, Undi
66Mp.Ele.School (Main)New Bldg.,Undi
67Mp.Ele.School (Main),Eastern Side Undi
68Mandal Parished Spl.Primary School,Northern Sidebuilding, By The Side Of Mpdos Offic
69Zilla Parishad High Schoool,New Building, Room No.7, Westernside, Undi
70Zilla Parishad High Schoool,New Building, Easternside, Room No.5, Undi
72Zp.High School Westernside Bldg.,6Th Classroom, Undi
73Zilla Parishad High Schoool,Westernside Bldg, 8Th Classroom, Undi
Undurru.10M.P.Up.School,Northern Side Building, Undurru.
Unudurru.11M.P.Up.School,,Eastern Side, R.C.C. Building, Unudurru.
Uppuluru.17M.P.Ele School,Easteren Side, Uppuluru.
18M.P.Ele School,Asbestos Shed, Uppuluru.
Vamdram.105M.P.P.School New Building Room 5Th Class,Sourthern Side,Vandram
106M.P.P. School New Building 3Rd And 4Th Calss,North Side Vandram
Vankayalapalem.161M.P.P School New Builiding,1St And 2Nd Class Room,Vankayapalem Vissakoderu
Velivarru.62M.Pi Spl Ele. Schoool,Velivarru
Vempadu.162M.P,P School,Eastern Side Pankula House,Vempadu
163M.P.P School,Westren Side Penkulla House Vempadu
Vendra Agraharam One And Two Blocks90M.P.P. School,Vendra Agraharam
Vendra One Two And Fifth Part Blocks91Villege Revenue Office,Vendra
Vendra Third Fourth And Fifth Part Blocks92M.P.P School ,Southern Side Building,,Western Side, 2Nd Class Room,Vendra
Vendra Third Fourth And Fifth Parts Blocks93M.P.P School,Northern Side Building,Vendra
Vissacoderu101M.P.P School N0-1 New Building,5Th Class Room,Vissakoderu
Vissakoderu97Z.P.H. School, 10Th Class Room,,Easternside, Vissacoderu
98Zphs, 8Throom, Westside,,Vissakoderu
99Mpeleschool No1, Western Side Buidling,Southernside, Vissakoderu
100Mpp School No1, Westernside Building,Northern Side Room, Vissakoderu
Vissakoderu.160M.P.P School Builiding,3Rd Class Room,Vankayala Palem,Vissakoderu
Yandagandi.12M.P.Up.School,Easteren Side, Yandagandi.
13M.P.U.P.School,Westren Side, Yandagandi.
14Govt.Jr.College Building,Northern Side, Yandagandi.
15Govt. Jr. Collegewesternside Building,Science Blk.,Room No1, Yandagandi.
16Mandala Parished Primary School,Rayudivarigudem, Yandagandi

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