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Polling Booth in Tiruvuru Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Stations in Tiruvuru

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
A Konduru181M.P.P.School Main Buildiang,A Konduru
A.Konduru182M.P.P.School Easternside Room,A Konduru
183M.P.P.School Northen Side Building,A Konduru
184M.P.P.School New Building,A Konduru
Akkapalem63M.P.U.P.S . Eastside Side Building,Akkapalem
Ammireddi Gudem43A.B.M.High.School Northside,Ammireddygudem
44A.B.M.High.School Southside,Ammireddygudem
Anjaneya Puram108M.P.P.School Main Building,Anjaneyapuram
Anumal Lanka51M.P.U.P.S W.Side New Building N.Side 1St Room,Anumolu Lanka
52M.P.U.P.S W.Side New Building N. Side 2Nd Room,Anumolu Lanka
Arlapadu28Z.P.H.S. W.Side Building N. Room,Aaralapadu
29Z.P.H.S. W.Side Building S. Room,Aaralapadu
Atlapragada185M.P.P.School Westside Room,Vatla Pragada
Challagundlavari Palem H/O Utukuru24M.P.Primary School,Challagundla Vari Palem H/O Vuatukuaru
Cheemala Padu194Z.P.H.School Da Vaaipu 10Thclass Gadi,Chimalapadu
196M.P.P.School Pedda Tanda,Chimalapadu
Cheemalapadu193Z.P.H.School Southside 9Th Class Room,Chimalapadu
Chepurivanipalem H/O Korlamanda139M.P.U.P.School,Nayukulagudem H/O Korlamanda
Chevurivaripalem H/O Korlamanda138R.C.M.P .School,Chevurivari Palem
Chinakomera40M.P.P School New Building,China Komera
Chintalapadu97M.P.P.School, Rcc Building,Chintalapadu
Chittela107M.P.P.School Middle Building,Chittela
Choutapalli H/O Ganugapadu104M.P.P.School,Chavatapalli H/O Ganugapadu
Dundirala Padu13M.P.U.P.School Old Building,Dundiralapadu
14M.P.U.P.School New Building,Dumdhirala Padu
East Madhavaram191M.P.U..P.School,Turpu Madhavaram
Erramadu55M.P.U.P.School Southside Building,Erramadu
Erukapadu H/O Chintalapadu98M.P.U.P.School, Western Side New Building,Erukopadu H/O Chintalapadu
Gadevarigudem H/O Vutukuru12Angan Vadi Building,Gadevari Gudem H/O Vuatukuaru
Gampala Gudem34Z.P.H.School N.Building N. Room,Gampalagudem
35Z.P.H.U.School. N.Side Building N. Side 2Nd Room,Gampalagudem
36Z.P.H.S. W.Side Building S. Side 2Nd Room,Gampalagudem
37Z.P.H.S. W.Side Building S. Side 1St Room,Gampalagudem
38M.P.P. School, Main Westernside Middle Building,Gampalagudem
39M.P..P.S Special School,Gampalagudem
Ganugapadu99M.P.U.P.School Eastside Building,Ganugapadu
Gellakunta H/O Vallampatla178M.P.P School,Jeellakuntla
Gollamandala179M.P.P.School, Easternside Room,Gollamandala
180M.P.P.School Westernside Room,Gollamandala
Gopalapuram H/O Polisettypadu171M.P.U.P School,Gopalapuram
Gosavidu46M.P.U.P.School N.Side Tiled House,Goasa Veedu
47M.P.U.P.S Southren Side Slab Room,Goasaveedu
Gullapudi32M.P. U.P. School New Building,Gullapudi
33M.P. U.P. School Southside Old Building,Gullapudi
Jonnalagadda H/O Putrela130M.P.P.School,Janalagadda
Kakarla H/O Ramannapalem113M.P.P.School Westside Building,Kakarla
114M.P.U.P.School Southside Building,Ramannapalem
Kalagara133M.P.U.P.School New Building,Kalagara
134Gramapanchayithi Karyalayam,Kalagara
Kambhampadu174Z.P.H School Southside Room,Kambhampadu
175Z.P.H School Northside Room,Kambhampadu
176Z.P.H School Northside Room,Kambampadu
Kanumuru53M.P.P.S W. Side Building,Kanumuaru
54M.P.P.S. Eastren Side Building,Kanumuru
Koduru172Z.P.H School Southside Room,Koduru
173Z.P.H School Northside Room,Koduru
Komatikunta H/O Ramachandra Puram199M.P.U.P.School,Komatikunta
Komiredd Palli95M.P.U.P.S Narth Eastern Side Building,Kommireddy Palli H/O Mustikuntla
Kommireddipalli H/O Mustikuntla96M.P.U.P. School South Eastern Side Building,Kommireddy Palli H/O Mustikuntla
Konda Parv166M.P.U.P.School Northside,Kondaparva
Kondaparva167M.P.U.P. Southside,Kondaparva
Konejarla4M.P.U.P.S. North Side,1,2 Blocks Konijearla
Konijarla5North Side,1,2 Blocks Konijearla
6Gramapanchayithi Karyalayam,3Block
Korlamanda137M.P.P.School Main Building,Korlamanda
Kotapalli195M.P.P.School,Ummadi Devarapalli
Kotha Kokilampadu112M.P.P.School Eastside Shed,Kottakokilampadu
Kotharepudi189M.P.U.P.School Southside Room,Kotta Repudi
Kotta Palli45M.P.U.P.School New Building,Kotta Palli
Kotturu H/O Ganugapadu100M.P.U. P.School Northern Side New Building,G.Kotturu H/O Ganugapadu
Kotturu H/O Pata Tiruvuru90M.P.P.S. New Building,Kotturu H/O Pata Thiruvuru
Krishna Rao Palem H/O Cheemalapadu200M.P.P.School Northside Room,Krishnarao Palem
201M.P.P.School Southside Room,Krishnarao Palem
Lakshmi Puram109M.P U.P.School Southside New Building,Lakshmipuram Main Village
Lakshmipuram110M.P.P.School Harijana Vada,Kottalakshmi Puram Harijanavada Rayagudem
Lakshmipuram H/O Kalagara136M.P.P.School Kotta Building,Lakshmipuram H/O Kalagara
Lingala30M.P.U.P. School,Limgala
Mallela115M.P.U.P.School Tiled House,Mallela
116M.P.U.P.School Pakka Building,Mallela
Maremanda H/O Narasapuram145M.P.U.P.School,Maremanda
Marepalli168M.P.P School,Marepalli
Meduru25M.P..P.S.South Side Old Building,Meduaru
26M.P.P.S.West Side New Building,Meduaru
Mpps New Building Westrenside41Mpps New Building Westrenside,Chennavaram
Mulagalapativarigudem H/O Kalagara135M.P.P. School,Mulagalapati Vari Gudem
Munukulla60M.P.P.S . W.Side Building N. Side Room,Munukulla
61M.P..P.S W. Side Building S. Side Room,Munukulla
62M.P.P.S .Southside Building,Munukulla
Mustikuntla93Z.P.H.School South Side Room West Room,Mustikuntla
94Z.P.H.Schoolsouth Side Room East Room,Mustikuntla
Nadim Tiruvuru77M.P.P. Urdu School Main Building,18Th Block, Nadim Tiruvuru
86Pra .Ju Collage Southside Building Westside 2Nd R,9 Block
Nadimputrela128M.P.P.S.U Vaaipu,Nadim Putrela
Nadimputrela H/O Putrela127M.P.P.S.U Vaaipu,Nadim Putrela
Narsa Puram144M.P.U.P.School,Muttarasi Palem H/O Narsapuram
Narsapuram140Z.P.H.School 8Th Class Room,Narsapuram
141Z.P.H.School 9Th Class Room,Narsapuram
142M.P.P.School Tiled House,Narsapuram
143M.P.P.School New Building,Narsapuram
Nemali2Z.P.H.School 10Th Class Room,1 Numdi 3 Blocks
3Z.P.H.School 8Th Class Room,1,2,3 Blocks
Nuthipadu H/O Vemireddi Palli120M.P.U.P.S.New Building,Narmadanagar Lambadi Thanda
Nutipadu H/O Vemireddypalli118M.P.U.P.School New Building,Nuathipadu H/Ovemireddy Palli
119M.P.U.P.School. Old Building,Nuathipadu H/O Vemireddy Palli
Pallerlamudi H/O Ganugapadu101M.P.P.School Southside 1St Room,Pallerlamudi H/O Ganugapadu
102M.P.P.School,Chikkullagudem H/O Ganugapadu
Patarepudi186M.P.P.School Eastside Room,Parepudi
Path Kokilampadu111Z.P.H.School Southside, Westside 3Rd Room,Pathakokilampadu
Patha Repudi187M.P.P.School Westside Room,Patarepudi
188M.P.U.P.School,Repudi Tanda
Peddavaram56M.P.U.P.School Southside Building,Peddavaram
Penugolanu18S.K.M.Z. P.H. School Southside 2Nd Room,1 Numdi 4 Blocks Penugolanu
20M.P.Primary School New Building,5 Num9 Blocks Penugolanu
21M.P.Primari School Southside,5 Numdi 9 Blocks Penugolanu
Penugollanu19S.K.M.Z.P. Phathasala South Side 4Th Room,1 Numi 4 Blocks Penugolanu
Polisettipadu169M.P.P School Northside Room,Polisettipadu
170M.P.P School Southside Room,Polisettipadu
Putrela121Z.P.H.S.Eastside Shed 1St Room,1-21 Numchi 51-52 Putrela
122Z.P.H.S.New Building,1-1Numchi3-99 Putrela
123M.P.P.S. Northside New Building,1-134Numchi4-58
124M.P.P.School Veeraraghavapuram,Kotipalli
125M.P.P.S.Southside Building,1-134Numchi3-170
126M.P.P.School Kotipalli,Veeraraghavapuram
Rajavaram17M.P.Phradhamika Pathasala South Side,Rajavaram
Rajugudem H/O Vavilala59M.P.P.School,Vavilala Sivaru Raju Gudem
Rajulapalem H/O Vutukuru22M.P.Primary School Northside,Rajulapalem H/O Vuatukuaru
23M.P.Primary School Southside,Rajulapalem H/O Vuatukuaru
Ramachandra Puram H/O Cheemalapadu197G.L.R.Z.P.H.School Southernside,Ramachandrapuram
Ramachandrapuram H/O Cheemalapadu198G.L.R.Z.P.H.School Northernside,Ramchandra Puram
Ramanagaram H/O Putrela129M.P.U.P.School,Ramanagaram
Rolupadi105M.P.P.School Southside Building Eastside 2Nd Room,Rolupadi
106M.P.P.School Southside Building Eastside 1St Room,Rolupadi
Satyalapadu27M.P.Primary School New Building,Meduru Sivaru Satyalapadu
Sobbala31M.P. Pramary School,Soabbala
Tata Kuntla148M.P.P.School Westside Room, P,H,W,Thatakuntla
149M.P.P.School Eastside Room,Thatakuntla
Tatakuntla150M.P.U.P.School Main Building,Tatakuntla
151M.P.P.School,Gowram Palem
Tekulapalli H/O Ganugapadu103M.P.P.School New Building,Tekula Palli H/O Ganugapadu
Telladevara Palli131M.P.U.P.School Kotta Main Building,Tella Devara Palli
132M.P.U.P.School S. W,Tella Devara Palli
Thotamoola H/O Pedakomera42Z.P.H.School Main Building Room 2 Gampalagudem,Thotamula
Tiruvuru64M.P.U.P.S.1St Room Chitalakalani,1,2,22,Blocks Tiruvuru
65M.P.U.P.S.2St Room Chitalakalani,1,2,22 Blocks
66Z.P.H.S.Girls East E D. Numdi 2Nd Room,14 Block
67Z.P.H.S.Girls From South West Side 4Th Room,14 Block
68Z.P.H.S.Girls Eastside South To 3Rd Room,15,16 Blocks
69Z.P.H. School, Eastern Wide Building, 1St Room,Ashok Nagar
70Z.P.H.S.Girls Main Buildiang 2Nd Gadi,15,16 Blocks
71Z.P.H. School, Southern Side Shed 2Nd Room From We,Ashok Nagar
72Z.P.H.S.Girls Southside Shed East To 1St Room,21 Block
73Z.P.H.S.Girls New Building Southside 2Nd Room,23,24 Blocks
74Z.P.H.S.Girls Westside Building Southside 1St Room,23,24 Blocks
75M.P.P.Urdu School Main Building,Tiruvuru
76M.P.P.Urdu School Main Building,Tiruvuru
78M.P.E.S. (N.S.) Eastern Side Shed, North Room,18 Block, Nadim Tiruvuru
79M.P.P.S.Northside Building Eastside 1St Room,6,7 Blocks
80M.P.P.S-Ns- North Building Eastside 2Nd Room,6,7 Blocks
81Sarvodaya Upschool 2Nd Room,11,12,13, Blocks
82Sarvodaya U.P.School 3Rd Room,11,12,13 Blocks
83Sarvodaya U.P.School 4Th Room,17 Block
84Pra .Ju Collage Southside Building Westside 2Nd R,8 Block
85Pra .Ju Collage Southside Building Westside 2Nd R,9 Blocks
87Pra .Ju Collage Southside Building Westside 2Nd R,10 Block
88Pra Degree College E Block Tu 1St Gadi,4,5, Blocks
89Pra Degree College E Block Eastside 1St Room,4,5 Blocks
Tuniki Padu15M.P.U.P.School Northside,Thunikipadu
16M.P.U.P.School South Side,Tunikipadu
Ummadi Devarapalli1M.P.P.School,Ummadi Devarapalli
Utukuru7M.P.Phradamika Pathasala Main Bulding,1 Numdi 3 Blocks Vutuakuru
8M.P.Primari School New Building,1 Numdi 3Blocks
10Z.P.H.School Old Building North Side,4 Numdi 7 Blocks
11Z.P.H.S. Southside,4 Numdi 7 Blocks
Vallampatla177M.P.P.School Northside Room,Vallampatla
Vamakuntla91M.P.U.P.S.South Side Old Building,Vamakuntla
92M.P.U.P S. West Building North Sode Room,Vamakuntla
Vavilala57M.P.U.P.School Southside New Building Northside R,Vavilala
58M.P.U.P.S .Northside New Building Eastside,Vavilala
Vemireddypalli117M.P.U.P.School New Building,Vemireddy Palli
Vinagadapa48M.P.U.P.School Northside,Vinagadapa
Vingadapa49M.P.U.P.School Southside,Vinagadapa
Vissannapeta158Z.P.H.S.Eastside Shed B Section,Vissannapeta
160Z.P.H.S.Eastside Shed C Section,Vissannapeta
163Z.P.H.S. New Building, Southern Side,D.No. 221 To 9/930, Vissannapeta
165Saint Theressa Girls High School 2Nd Class Room,Vissannapeta
Vissannapeta Town152Saint Tearisha Girls High School 1St Class Room,Vissannapeta
153Saint Tearisha Girls High School 5Th Class Room,Vissannapeta
154M.P.P.School U Vaaipu,Vissannapeta
155M.P. Ele .School .Northside Eastern Building,Vissannapeta
156M.P.Ele. School Northside Building Westside Room,Vissannapeta
157M.P.Ele. School New Building,Vissannapeta
159M.P.Ele .School Southside Building,Vissannapeta
161Z.P.H.S. New Building Eastside,Vissannapeta
162Z.P.H.S.New Building Westside,Vissannapeta
164Saint Theressa Girls High School 4Th Class Room,Vissannapeta
Vutukuru9M P P S New Building Northern Side Room,Main Village, Krishna Nagar
West Madha Varam192M.P.P.School New Building,Padamara Madhavaram

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