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Polling Booth in Thamballapalle Assembly Constituency

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AAP Delhi Election Results AAP Maintains Lead in Delhi Assembly Elections Results 2020

Vote counting is underway for Delhi Election Result 2020. The tension is heightened up for the real outcome of the election. As per the latest updates, Aam Aadmi Party is Read More…

Delhi Election Results 2020 - Live News Updates Delhi Election Results 2020: Live News Updates

  DELHI ELECTION RESULTS 2020 LIVE 7:21:21 PM Result Declared Chhatarpur: Kartar Singh Tanwar of AAP won by 3720 votes. Karol Bagh: Vishesh Ravi of AAP won by 31760 votes. Read More…

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Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage

LIVE UPDATES    4:01:05 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar 42.47 Badli North West Delhi Read More…

Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Delhi Election 2020 - Yogi Adityanath Rallies Yogi Adityanath Dives Into Political Warfare of Delhi To Promotes Shaheen Bagh Trump Card

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Hard Hindutva face Yogi Adityanath has joined the fiery campaign for Delhi Election 2020. Now that the tone has been set for the campaign, Yogi is walking Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Thamballapalle

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Angallu211Mp. Upper Primary School 3Rd Classroom,Po Reddi,Angallu
212M P P S 2Nd Class,Angallu
213Z P High School ,6 Th Class B Section,Anglli,Anglllu
Ankireddypalle H.O Peddatippasamudram126Mandal Parished Primary School,Eddatippasamudram Majra Ankiareddypalle
Annagari Palli H.O Diguva Palem42Mandal Parshed Primary School,Diguvapalem Majajara Annagaripalle
Arimanipenta183Mpps. (West Wing), Arimanipenta,Gattu H/Oarimanipenta
Avikenayak Thanda H.O Bandrevu72Mandal Parshed Primary School,Bandrevu Majara Avikenaik Thanda
B. Kotha Kota150Z.P.H.School, East Wing, Room No. 5,B. Kotha Kota
152Mandal Parshed Primary School (Urdu)1Block Room,B. Kotha Kota
154Zph School 2Nd Class Room.(Urdu,B. Kotha Kota
B. Kothakota155Z.P.H.S. Boys (East Wing) Room No.3,B. Kotha Kota
156Z.P.H.S. Boys West Wing Room No.2,B. Kotha Kota
B.Kothakota141Grama Panchyathi Office, East Wing B. Koth Kota,B.Kotha Kota
142Mandal Parshed Primary School, East Wing, Room No.,B. Koth Kota
143M.P.P. School East Wing . Room No.2,B. Kotha Kota
144M. P. P. School (West Wing) Room No.1,B. Kotha Kota
145Mandal Parished Primary School,B.Kothakota,
146Mandal Parshedprimary School,West Room 4,B Kothakota
147Z.P.H. S.(Girls) Westwing R.No.1,B. Kotha Kota
149Z.P.H.S.6Th Class (Girls),B. Kotha Kota
151Zphs Girls School,B. Kotha Kota
153Mandal Parshed Primary School (Urdu) 4Th Block Roo,B. Kotha Kota
B.R.Palli Ho. Peddamandyam83Mandal Parshed Primary School,Peddamandyam Majarabadepureddivaripalle
Badikayalapalle178Mpps. Badikayalapalli,Badikayalapalli
179Mandal Parshed Primary School 3Rd Class Room,Badikayalapa
180Mandal Parshed Primary School 4Th Class Room,Badikayalapalli
Balakavari Palle H.O Kosuvari Palle55Mandal Parished Primary School,Kosuwari Palle Majra Balkwari Palle
Balakavari Palli H.O Burakayala Kota31Z.P.H.S East Wing,Burkayalkota Majra Balkwari Palle
Balireddygari Palle H.O Kosuvari Palle54Mandal Parished Primary School,Kosuwari Palle Majra Baliareddygari Palle
Bandrevu73Mandal Parshed Primary School,Bandrevu
Batavari Kurava Palle H.O Kotavuru170Mandal Parishad Primary School,Kotavuru Majra Batawari Kurvpalli
Bayyappagari Palle172Mandal Parishad Primary School,Baiahppagari Palli
Beerangi176Mpp School,,Beerangi H/O
177Mandal Parished Primary School,Beerangi
Beludarivari Palle H.O. Renimakula Palle67M.P.U.P School,Renumakula Palli Majra Beludariwari Palli
Bettakonda H.O Thummarakunta117Mandal Parishad Primary School,Tummarkunta Majra Bettakonda
Bhagepalli H.O Pattemvandla Palli101Mandal Parished Primary School New Bld.,Pattenvandla Palle Majra Bhagepalli
Billurivandla Palli H.O Sompalli10Mandal Parshed Primary School,Sompallemajarabillurivandlapalle
Bisaiahgaripalle H.O Maddinayuni Palle32Mandal Parishad Primary School, New Bulding, Bisaiahgari Palle
Boorlapalle127Zp High School East Wing,Burlapalli
128Mpp School, Pothupeta,Boorlapalle
Boreddy Vari Palli H.O Sompalli12Mandal Parshed Primary School,Sompallemajaraboreddivaripalle
Buchipalle140Mandal Parishad Primary School,Buchipalle
Burakayala Kota30Z.P. High School, East Wing,Burkayalkota
Burugupalli H.O Tamballapalli50M.P.Primary School,Tamballa Palli Majra Buruju
Burujupalli H.O.Zunzurupenta35Mandal Parshed Upper Priamry School,Zunzurapentamajaraburujupalle
Burukayala Kota29Mpup School West Wing,Burkayalkota
Chadivevandlapalle H.O.Musalikunta86Mandal Parshed Primary School,Musalikunta Majara Chedevevandlapalle
Chalimamidi181Mpps East Wing Chalimamidi,Gattuh/Och
Chennarayunipalle H.O T.Sadum119Anganwadi School,T. Sadum Majra Chennarayuni Palle
Chintamakulapalle206Mandal Parished Parished Upper School East Wing, Chinthamakulpalli
207Madal Parshed Upper Primary School (Urdu),Nandireddygaripalle
Choudasamudram5Mandal Prished Primary School(Telugu)West Wing,Chowdasamudram
Chowdasamudram6Zilla Parshed High School, East Wing(10Th Class),Chowdasamudram
Dadamvari Palle H.O Mudivedu187Mandal Parished Primary School, North Wing,Mudivedu Majra Dadanwari Palli
Danduvari Palli H.O Eddulavari Palli62Mandal Parished Primary School,Eddulwari Palli Majra Danduwaripalli
Dayalavari Palli H.O C.K. Kosuvari Palle53Mandal Parished Primary School,Kosuwaripalli Majra Dayyalwari Palle
Devalcheruvu18Manadal Parshed Primary School, New Bulding West W,Deval Cheruvu
19Mandal Parshed Primary School(Telugu),Devalcheruvu
Devappakota H.O Madumuru110Mandal Parished Primary School,Madumuru Majara Devappa Kota
Eddulavari Palli61M.P.U.P.School,Eddulwari Palli
Gangireddy Palli41T.W.School,Gangireddipalle
Gattu160Mandal Parished Primary School, (Urdu),Gattu
161Gramachawdi,Gattu Kaspa
162Mpps.New Building South Wing,Gattu Kaspa
163Mandal Parshed Primary School,New Bulding,Molakalacheruvu
Gollapalle168Mandal Parished Primary School,Gollapalle
Gollapalli H.O Kandhukuru116Mandal Parished Upper Primary School,Kandukur Majra Gollapalle
Gopi Dinne39Zilla Parshed High School,East Wing,Gopidinne
40Zilla Parshed High School, South Wing,1Stroom,Gopidinne
Gudisevaripalle75Mandal Parshed Primary School,Papepalle Majara Gudisivaripalle
Gudupalle1Mandal Parshed Upper Primary School New Building,Gudupalle
Gudupalli2Mandal Parshed Upper Primary School,Gudupalle
Gundllapalli43Mandal Parshed Upper Primary School,New Building,Gundllapalli
Harijanawada H.O Peddatippasamudram114Mandal Parished Primary School,Eddatippasamudram Majra Harijanawada
Horselly Hills H.O Kotavuru182Mandal Parishad Primary School,Kotavuru Majra Harsalihils
Jangamreddygari Palle H.O Rangasamudram132Mandal Parishad Primary School,Rangasamudram Majra Jangamareddygari Palle
K.M.Palli Ho. Peddamandyam82Mandal Parshed Upper Primary School,Peddamandyam Majarakanumolopalle
Kadirinadhunikota23Mandal Parshed Upper Primary School,7Th Class Room,Khadirinadhunikota
Kalicherla89Mandal Parshed Primary School Main Buildingeastwin,Kalicherala
90Mandal Parshed Primary School Main Building West W,Kalicerala
91Mandal Parshed Priamry School (Urdu),Kalicherala
Kaluva Palli3Mandal Parshed Upper Primary School,West Wind,Kaluvapalle
4Mandal Upper Primary School, East Wing,Kalavapalle
Kammacheruvu H.O Pattemvandla Palli100Mandal Parished Primary School,Pattenvandla Palli Majra Kamma Cheruv
Kandhukuru102Mandal Parished Primary School, Old Bld.,Kandukur
103Mandal Parished Primary School, New Bld.,Kandukur
Kandla Madugu H.O Kotavuru171Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Kotavuru Majra Kandlamdugu
Kannemadugu60Mandal Parished Primary School,Kannemadugu
Katnagallu104Mandal Parished Upper Primary School, East Wing,Katnagallu
105Mandal Parished Upper Primary School, West Wing,Katnagallu
Kosuvari Palle56Zp.High School, 6Class Room,Kosuwari Palli
Kosuvari Palli57Zphs Kosuvaripalli,Kosuvaripalli
Kotakada Palli Ho. Kalicherla88Mandal Parshed Primary School,Kalicherala Majara Kotakadapalle
Kotakonda64Mandal Parished Upper Primary School,Kotakonda
65Madal Parshed Upper Primary School2Ndclass Room,Kotakonda
Kotala37Mandal Parshed Upper Primary School,Kotala
Kothapalle H.O Thummanamgutta167Mandal Parishad Primary School,Tummanangutta Majra Kothapalle
Kothapalli H.O Buruyakala Kota34C.S.I. School, Kothapalle
Kukkaraju Palle68Mandal Parished Primary School (Urdu),Kukkaraju Palli
Kurabalakota196M.P.Primary School, South Wing,Terachersroom,Kurabala Kota
197Mandal Parished Primary School, East Wing Tea.Ro.K,Kurabala Kota
198Zilla Parshedhigh School Roomno.1,Kurabala Kota
199Zpp High School, Room No.2,Kurabala Kota
200Z.P.H.School Room No.3,Kurabalakota
201Zpp High School Ro. No.4 Kurabalakota,Kurabala Kota
Kuravapalli H.O Maddinayuni Palle33Mandal Parishad Primary School,Kurava Palli
Maddaiahgari Palli111Mandal Parished Primary School,Maddaiahgari Palli
Maddinayuni Palle28Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,East Wing,Maddinayuni Palli
Madumuru109Mandal Parished Upper Primary School,Madumuru
Mallella137Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Mallela
138Mpp School, Ankireddipalle H/O Mallela',Mallela
Marrimakula Palle59Mandal Parished Primary School,Marrimakula Palli
Mattlivaripalle188M. P. Upper Primary School, N. Buil.,Matlivaripalli
189Mandal Parshed Up School,Matlivaripalli
190Mp Upper Primary School, West Wing, New Building,Mtlivaripalle
Mekalavandla Palle H.O Pitchalavan184Mandal Parished Primary School,Pitchalvandla Palle Majra Meklvandla Palle - Lakka
Mogasalamarri H.O Bayyappagari Palle173Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Baiahppagari Palli Majra Mogasalmarri
Molakalacheruvu13Anganavadi School Building,Mulakalacheruvu
14Mandal Parshedprimary School,West Room 4,B Kothakota
Molakalacheruvu Rly H.O Molakalacheruvu17Mandal Parshed Primary School, West Wing,Molakalacheruvumajaramulakalacheruvurailwaystation
Molakalacheruvu Rly Station H.O Molakalacheruvu16Mandal Parshed Primary School,New Bulding,Molakalacheruvu
Morusupalli H.O Pattemvandlapalli118Mandal Parished Primary School,Pattenvandla Palli Majra Morusu Palli
Mudivedu191G.P.U.Pa. 8 Va Targati Gadi Kotha Bhavnmu,Mudivedu
192Z P High School,8Th Class Room,Mudivedu,Mudivedu
193Grampanchayti Office,Mudivedu
194Mandal Parished Upper Primary School, (Urdu),Mudivedu
Mulakalacheruvu15Anganavadi School Building,Mulakalacheruvu
Musali Kunta74Mandal Parshed Upper Primary School,Musalikunta
Mv Palli Ho Bandrevu70Mandalaparished Pradamika Patasela,Bandrevu Majara Mandalavandla Palli
N.G.V.Palli Ho. Kalicherla87Mandal Parshed Primary School,Kalicherala Majara Naguruvandlapalli
Nawabkota H.O Thummarakunta123Mandal Parishad Primary School,Tummarkunta Majra Navabukota
Nayanicheruvu Palle22Mandal Parshed Primary School,Nayanichruvupalli
Obireddygaripalle157M P.P. S.Ob Reddy Garipalli,H/Ogummasamudaram,G.S.H/O Ob Reddygaripalli
Padamarasugali Thanda H.O Kotakonda63Tribal Welfare Primary School,Kotakonda Majra Padmara Sugaali Tanda
Panchalamarri52Mandal Parished Primary School East Wing New Bld,Panchalmarri
Papepalle76Mandal Prashed Primary School, New Building,Papepalle
Parthikota H.O Devalcheruvu20Mandal Parshed Primary School ,South Wing,Devalacheruvumajaraparthikota
21Mandal Parshed Primary School, North Wing,Devalacheruvumajaraparthi Kota
Pathuru Ho. Kalicherla92M P P S Urdu School West Wing,Kalicherala Majara Pathuru
93M P P S Urdu East Wing,Kalicherala Majara Pathugu
Peddamandyam79Z P High School,8Th Class Room ,Peddamandyam,Peddamandyam
80Zilla Parshed High School 6Th Class Room,Peddamandyam
81Mandal Parshed Primary School, West Wingadditional,Peddamandyam
Peddamanyam78Zilla Parshed High School10Th Class Room,Peddamandyam
Peddapalem24Mandal Parshed Upper Primary School, North Wing,Pedda Palem
25Mpup School,Peddapalem
Peddapalle H.O Gollapalle169Mandal Parishad Primary School,Gollapalle Majra Peddapalle
Peddatippasamudram112Mandal Parished Priamry School (Urdu),Peddatippasmudramu
113Zphs, 9Th Class Roo,Eddatippasamudram
115Z.P.High School, (10Class Room),Eddatippasamudram
Pitchalavandla Palle185Mandal Parished Primary School,Pitchalvandla Palle
186Grampanchayti Office,Pitchalvandla Palle
Poreddi Gari Palle209Zpph School 9Th Class Room North Wing Nb,Angallu Majara Po Reddi Vari Palli
Poreddi Gari Palleh.O.Angallu210M P P School,Thungavaripalle,Thungavaripalle
Poreddigari Palle H.O.Angallu208Zpp. High School,7Th Classnew Building,North Wing,Angallu Majara Po Reddi Vari Palli
Pulikallu106Mandal Parished Primary School, North Wing,Pulikallu
107Mandal Parished Primary School, South Wing,Pulikallu
Pullagantivari Palle H.O Maddaiahgari Palle108Mandal Parished Upper Primary School,Maddaiahgari Palli Majra Pullagantiwari Palli
R.M. Thanda Ho Musali Kunta85Mandal Parshed Primary School,Musalikunta Majra Rama Naik Thanda
R.V.Palli Ho. P.D.M84Mandal Parshed Primary School,Peddamandyam Majara Reddivaripalle
Raghunadha Puram H.O Golla Palle166Mandal Parishad Primary School,Gollapalle Majra Raghunadhapuram
Rangasamudram130Zp High School 9Th Class Room South Wing,Rangasamudram
131Mpps New Building,Rangasamudram
Reddy Kota H.O Kukkaraju Palle69Mandal Parished Primary School,Kukkaraju Palli Majra Reddycoat
Renimakula Palle66Mandal Parished Primary School (Urdu),Renumakula Palli
Sampathi Kota139Mandal Parishad Primary School,Sampathikota
Sankarapuram175Zilla Parishad High School,Beerangih/Osa
Sannori Palle H.O Boorla Palle135Mandal Parishad Primary School,Burlapalli Majra Sannu Vari Pa
Seelamvari Palle H.O Bayyappagari Palle164Mandal Parishad Primary School,Baiahppagari Palli Majra Shilanwari Palle
Siddareddgaripalle195Mandal Parished Primary School,Siddareddigaripalli
Siddavaram94M.P.Primary School,Shiddawaram
Sivapuram95M.P.Primary School,Sivapuram
Sompalem H.O Sompalli11Manda Parshed Primary School,Sompallemajarasompalem
Sompalle8Mandal Parshed Primary School(5Th Class Room) Nort,Sompalle
Sompalli7Mandal Parshed Primary School(4Th Class Room) Sout,Sompalle
9Mandal Parshed Primary School,Sompalle
Surappvaripalle174Mandal Parished Upper Primary School,Badikayalapalle, H/O Surayappavaripalli
T.Sadum120Zphigh School,,T. Sadum
121Z P High School,T. Sadum
Tamballapalli45Govt.Jr.College,Old Building, East Wing,Roomno.1,Thamaballapalle
46Govt. Jr. College, Old Building (East Wing),R.No.2,Tamballa Palli
48M.P.School, (North Wing)Tel,Tamballa Palli
49Mandal Parshed Primary School South Wing(Telugu),Thamballapalle
Tamballpalli47M.P.U.P.School (Urdu),Tamballa Palli
Tettu203Zp High School ( South Side 4 Th Class Room,) Thet,Thettu
204Zp High School ( East Side ) 6 Th Class Room, Thet,Thettu
Thettu205Mandal Parimary School,Thettu
Thummanamgutta165Mandal Parishad Primary School,Tummanangutta
Thummarakunta124Mpp School,New Bulding,Tummarkunta
Thurakapalli H.O Veligallu96M.P.Primary School,Turakapalli
Try Bal Velfar School36Twschoolroopal Naik Thanda,Kotala Majararooplanaik Thanda
Upparapalle H.O Rangasamudram133Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School ,New Building,Rangasamudrammajaraupparavaripalli
134Mpp School, Rayapuvaripalle,Rangasamudram Majra Upparavaripalle
Upparavandla Palle H.O Mallela136Mandal Parishad Primary School,Mallela Majra Upparvandla Palle
Uppuluruvandla Palli Ho. Gopidinne38Mandal Parshed Primary School,Gopidinnemajarauppuluruvandlapalle
V.V. Thanda Ho D.Palli71Mandal Parsheth Primary School,Diguvapalle Majara Vadde Vanka Thanda
Vaddipalle H.O Kosuvari Palle58Mandal Parished Primary School,Kosuwari Palli Majra Vaddipalli
Vadigalavandlapalle159M P.P.S.New Building,V.V.Palli.H/Og. Samudram
Vadigalavandlapalli158Gramasachivalayam,Gsm H/O Vadigalavandapali
Varikasuvuvari Palle H.O Thummara Kunta122Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Tummarkunta Majra Variksuvuwari Palle
Veligallu97M.P.Primary School (East Wing),Veligallu
98M.P.Primary School (South Wing),Veligallu
99Z.P.High School (9Th Class Room), New Building,Veligallu
Vemaareddygaripalli44Mandal Parshed Upper Primary School, North Wing,Gundalapalle Majara Vemareddigaripalle
Vepuri Kota26Mpps School,Vepurikot
27Mandal Parished Upper Primary School South Wing,Vepurikota
Visanakarravandla Palle H.O Rangasamudram129Mandal Parishad Primaryschool ,(Telugu) New Buldin, Visnkarravandla Palle
Yallamvaripalle H.O.Papepalli77Zilla Parshed High School, 8Th Class Room,Pape Palli Majara Yelamvaripalli
Yerraballi H.O.Kurabalakota202Mandal Parished Upper Primary School, Yerraballi
Yerrasanipalli51Mandal Parished Primary School,Errasanipalli

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