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Polling Booth in Sullurpeta Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Stations in Sullurpeta

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Anganawadi Building Bapuji Colony G/C Sullurpet193Anganwadi Bulliding Bapugi Colony Gc,Sullurupet Ward 8
Apswrs 8Th Class Room Nethaji Block Npet45A.P.S.W.R.S Boys Netaji Blcok 8Class,Naidupet
Apswrs Boys Nethaji Block 7Th Class Room Npet46A.P.S.W.R.S Boys Netaji Blcok 7 Class Room,Naidupeta
47Apswrs Boys Netaji Block 7 Class Room,Naidupet
Apswrs Boys Nethaji Block 9Th Class Room Npet44Apswrs Boys Netaji Block 9Class Room,Naidupet
Ardhamala123Mppp School,Ardhamala
Attakani Tippa170Ec Centre Building, Wild Life, Attakanithippa,Atkanitippa
Chembedu121Mppp School South Side Bulding,Chembedu
Chillakuru114Mppup School 7 Class Romm,Chillakuru
Community Hall Tirumalapudi10Community Hall,Tirumalapudi
Cyclone Shelter Pernedu166Mandal Praja Parishd Primary School, South Side Ea,Pernadu
Cyclone Shelter Western Side Koradi Hw169Cyclone Shelter West Side Koradi H/W,Koridi
Doravari Satram136Mppp School,Doravarisatra
Government Degree Coll. East Side Middle Room Npt43Govt Degree College East Side Middle,Naidupet
Government High School 9Th Room Spet205Govt High School 9Th Room,Sullurupeta Ward 13
Gram Panchayat Community Hall Naidupet49Gramapanchayat Community Hal,Naidupet
Gram Panchayat Office Karijatha216Gram Panchayathi Office,Karijata
Gram Panchayat Office Nandimala119Mpps Nandimala,Nandimala
Gram Panchayat Office Venumbaka137Grampanchayat Bulding,Venumbaka
Kadaluru221Mppp School North Side Room,Kadaluru
Kapuluru90Zphs, Kapuluru, Kapuluru
Konduru224Mandal Praja Parishad School,Kondur,Konduru
Konnem Battu211Mppp School,Konnembattu
Kotapolur174Zphs, 6Th Class, Kotapolur,Kotapolur
Mangalam Padu163Mandal Praja Parishad Primary School, Main Buildin,Mangalampadu
164Mandal Praja Parishad Primary School, Northern Sid,Mangalampadu
Mannar Poluru207Zpp High School 9 Class Room South Side Room,Mannarpoluru
208Zpp High School 8Th Class Room North Side,Mannarpoluru
Mannarpolur210Zpp High School 6Th Class Room,Mannarpolulru
Manne Mutheri178Mppp School East Side,Mannemutheri
179Mppp School West Side,Mannemutheri
Mppps Madapalam72Mppup School,Madapalam
Mpps 2Nd Room Vinnamala64Mppp School 2Nd Ro,Vinnamala
Mpps 3Rd Room Vinnamala65Mppp School 3Rd Room,Vinnamala
Mpps 5Th Class Room Jeelapaturu115Mppp School 5Th Class Room,Jeelapathuru
Mpps Acharlaparlapalli29Mppp.School.,Acharlaparlapalli
Mpps Akkampeta226Mppp School,Akkampeta
Mpps Anakavolu106Mppp School,Anakavolu
Mpps Andagundala228Mppp School,Andagundala
Mpps Anepudi129Mppp School,Anepudi
Mpps Annamedu69M.P.Ele.School Southern Side Room, Annamedu,Annamedu
Mpps Arla Padu124Mppp School,Arlapadu
Mpps Ayyapareddipalem93Mppp School,Ayyapareddy Palem
Mpps Bangaram Pet103Mppp School,Bangaramma Peta
Mpps Bheemavaram84Mppp School,Bhimavaram
Mpps Bhuvanagiripalem15Mppp School,Bhuvangiripalem
Mpps Birada Wada77Mppp School,Biradawada
Mpps Chennappanaidupeta118Mppp School,Chennapanaidupeta
Mpps Chigurupadu85Mppp School,Chigurupadu
Mpps Chilamathuru88Mppp School,Chilamathuru
Mpps Chinamambattu218Mppp School,Chinnamambattu
Mpps Diguva Chavali95Mppp School,Diguvachavali
Mpps Dwarakapuram34Mppp School,Dwarakapuram
Mpps Eastern Side Room Kadaluru220Mppp School East Side Room,Kadaluru
Mpps Eastern Side Room Karuru242Mppp School East Side,Karuru
Mpps Gopalareddi Palem182Mandal Praja Parishad Upper Primary School, Gopalr,Gopal Reddypalem
Mpps Graddagunta227Mppp School,Graddagunta
Mpps Gurramkonda14Mpups Gurramkonda,Gurramkonda
Mpps Hw Naidupet48Mppp School,Naidupet
Mpps Illupuru165Mppp School,Ilupuru
Mpps Inugunta2Mpes Inugunta (New Building),Inugunta
Mpps Irakam239Mppp School,Irakam
Mpps Jangala Palli176Mppp School,Jangalapalli
Mpps Juvvla Palem78Mppp School,Juvvalapalem
Mpps K.C.N.Gunta181Mppp School,Kcn Gunga
Mpps K.G.Kandriga105Mppp School Old Bu,Kappagunta Kandriga
Mpps Kallipedu92Mppp School,Kallipedu
Mpps Kallur Kandriga147Mppp School,Kalluru Kandriga
Mpps Karuru5Mpups, Karuru Additional Building,Karuru
Mpps Kattuva Palli128Mppp School,Kothapalli
Mpps Kommineni Palli177Mppp School,Komminenipalli
Mpps Kotha Charuvu8Mpppschool,Kothacheruvu
Mpps Kothuru113Mppp School South Side Bulidng,Kotturu
Mpps Kuchiwada91Mppp School,Kuchiwada
Mpps Kudiri180Mppp School,Kudiri
Mpps Kundam9Mpups, Kundam,Kundham
Mpps Kurugonda32Mppp School,,Kurugonda
Mpps Lingareddy Palli3Mppp.School,Lingareddipali
Mpps Machavaram7Mppp School,Machavaram
Mpps Marlapalli68Mppp School,Marlapallli
Mpps Mavillapadu156Mppp School,Mavillapadu
Mpps Meezuru149Mppp School,Meejuru
Mpps Melupaka154Mppp School,Melupaka
Mpps Modugulapalem155Mppp School,Modugulapalem
Mpps Mylangam133Mppp School,Mylangam
Mpps Nadendlavari Kandriga175Mppp School,Nv Kandriga
Mpps Nellore Palli131Mppp School,Nellore Palli
Mpps Nemallapudi23Mppp School,Nemallapudi
Mpps New Building Dama Nellore160Mppp School New Bullding,Damanellore
Mpps Norhth Side Room Chenigunta229Mppp School North Side Room,Chenigunta
Mpps North Side Building Chembedu120Mppp School North Side,Chembdeu
Mpps Northern Side Kapuluru89Mppp School,Kapuluru
Mpps Northern Side Room Bheemula Vari Palem245Mppp School North Side Room,Bheemula Vari Palem
Mpps Northern Side Room Karuru Mitta244Mppp School North Side Room,Karuru Mitta
Mpps Old Building Kalavakooru107Mppp School,Kalavakuru
Mpps Pakeru Kandriga246Mandal Praja Parishad School, New Building, Pakhee,Periyavattu
Mpps Palem Thopu Kuppam240Mppp School Palemtopu Kuppam,Irakam Kuppam
Mpps Pedamam Battu219Mppp School,Peddamampattu
Mpps Pellakuru112Mppp School,Pellakuru
Mpps Pennepalli98Mppschool New Building,Pennepalli
Mpps Puderu79Mppp School,Puderu
80Mppp School,Puderu
Mpps Pudi241Mppp School,Pudi
Mpps Puduru74Mppp .School,Puduru
Mpps Pulluru108Mppp School,Pulluru
Mpps Punnepalli24Mppp School,Punnepalli
Mpps Rachapalem25Mppp School,Rachapalem
Mpps Rajagopalapuram Naidupet50M.P.Ele.School New Building North Room, Rajagopala,Naidupet
51M.P.Ele.School New Building South Room, Rajagopala,Naidupeta
52Mppp School Rajagopalapuram,Naidupet
53Mppp School Rajagopalapuram,Naidupet
Mpps Ramapuram Kuppam249Mppp School,Ramapuram Kuppam
Mpps Ravulpadu111Mppp School,Ravulapadu
Mpps Rosanuru100Mppp School,Rosanuru
Mpps Rosanuru Rajupalem101Mppp School,Rosanuru Rajupalem
Mpps Samanthamallam171Mppp School,Samantha Mallam
Mpps Singanalathuru126Mppp School,Singanalathuru
Mpps Southern Side Room Karuru243Mppp School South Side Room,Karuru
Mpps Southern Side Room Manga Nellore159Mppp School South Room,Manga Nellore
Mpps Suggu Palli158Mppp School,Suggupalli
Mpps Thannamala71Mppp School,Tannamala
Mpps Timmajikandrika86Mppp School,Thimmajikandrig
Mpps Uggumudi162Mppp School,Uggumudi
Mpps Vajjavaripalem1Mppp School,Vajjavaripalem
Mpps Veerlagunapadu11Mpups Veerlagunapadu,Veearlagunapadu
Mpps Velagala Ponnuru157Mppp School,Velagalaponur
Mpps Velu Kaadu148Mandal Praja Parishad Primary School, H.W Velukad,Velukadu
Mpps Vendlurupadu217Mppp School,Vendlurupadu
Mpps Venkatadri Palem248Mppp School,Venkatadri Palem
Mpps Venkatareddipalem28Mpes Vijayanellore,Venkatareddypal
Mppups New Room Ramapuram247Mppup School New Room,Ramapuram
Mpups Akkar Paka143Mppup School,Akkarapaka
Mpups Athivaram4Mpes Athivarm (New Building),Athiwara
Mpups Batlakanupuru19M.P.U.P.School.,Batlakanupuru
Mpups Buduru141Mppup School,Buduru
Mpups Chambadipalem94Mppup School,Chembadipalem
Mpups Chandanamudi152Mppup School,Chandanamudi
Mpups Chinthapoodi109Mppup School,Chintapudi
Mpups Damaraya168Mppup School,Damaraya
Mpups Eastern Side Building Poli Reddi Palem144Mppup School East Side,Polireddy Palem
Mpups Graddagunta22Mppup School,Gaddagunta
Mpups Kanuru Rajupalem99Mppup School,Kanuru Rajupalem
Mpups Karaballavolu20M.P.U.P.School,Karball Volu
Mpups Kotha Palli130Mandal Praja Parishad New Upper Primary School, Ko,Kothapalli
Mpups Manamala33Mppup School,Manmala
Mpups Manavali21M.P.U.P.School,Manavali
Mpups Mathakamudi161Mppup School,Matakamudi
Mpups Modugula Palem102Mppup School,Modugulapalem
Mpups Mummayapalem6Mppup School,Mummayapalem
Mpups Naidupet54Mppup School Old Skht Road,Naidupet
55Mppup School Old Skht Road,Naidupet
Mpups Nelaballi125Mppup School,Nelaballi
Mpups Nelapattu132Mppup School,Nelapattu
Mpups Pandluru87Mppup School,Pandluru
Mpups Pedapariya16M.P.U.P.School,,Peda Pariya
Mpups Ragannapatteda167Zilla Praja Parishad High School,West Side Buildin,Ragannapatteda
Mpups Saguturu18Mppup .School.,Saguturu
Mpups Thalvaipadu96Mppup School,Thalvayapadu
Mpups Thanayaali142Mppup School,Tanayali
Mpups Thoga Ramudi150Mppup School,Togaramudi
Mpups Thummuru66Mppup School,Thummuru
67Mppup School,Thummuru
Mpups Thunga Madugu138Mppup School,Thungamadugu
Mpups Western Side Building Polireddypalem145Mppups West Side Bulding,Pollireddy Palem
Naidupet35A L C M High School,Naidupet
36A L C M High School,Naidupet
37A L C M High School,Naidupet
38A L C M High School,Naidupet
40Zppg High School 10 Class Back Side,Naidupet
42Govt Degre College North Side New Building,Naidupet
56Mppp School North Ne,Naidupet
58Zpp Boys High School,Naidupet
61Zpp Boys High School,Naidupet
Pulivendra225Mppp School,Pulivendra
Punabaka122Mppup School,Punabaka
Rajagopalapuram57Mpups, Rajagopalapuram,,Naidupeta
S Building Kupparagunta76Kupparagunta S Bulding,Puduru
Shirasanam Bedhu117Zpp School,Sirasanambedu
Space Central School 8Th Room West Side Kr Palem196Spce Center School 8Th Room West Side,K R Palem S Peta
Space Central School 9Th Room Rkaswareddi Palem197Space Center School 9Th Room West Side,K R Palem S Peta
Space Central School 9Th Room Shar215Space Centre School 9Th Room,Sriharikota
Space Central School Dos Colony188Space Centre School D O S Colony,Drdl Colony Spet
Space Central School West Side 1 St Room195Space Center School 1St Room West Side,D O S Colony S Peta
Sriharikota212Zpp High School 7Th Class 3Rd Room,Sriharikota
213Space Centre School 2Nd Room,Srihirikota
214Space Centre School 4Th Room,Sriharikota
Sullurpet Ward-4183Mppp School North Side Gangpathi Nagar,Sullurupet Ward-4
Sullurpet Ward-9199Mppup School Main 3Rd Room,Sullurupeta Ward 9
Sulluru Peta Ward-7189Mppup School 7Th Class Room Ragavaiah Pet,Sullurupet Ward 7
190Mppup School 6Th Class Room Ragavaiah Pet,Sullurupet Ward 7
Sulluru Peta Ward-8191Mppup School West Side Asbestas Room Bapuji Colony,Sullurupet Ward 8
192Mppup School Addl Room Bapuji Colony,Sullurupet Ward 8
194Mppup School East Bullding Bapugi Colony,Sullurupet Ward 8
Sullurupeta Ward - 4184M. P. P. Primary School,Ganapati Nagar
Sullurupeta Ward-10200Mppup School 1St Room Main,Sullurupeta Ward10
Sullurupeta Ward-11201Government High School, Rvm Building, South Side R,Sullurupeta Ward 11
Sullurupeta Ward-12202Government High School, Rvm Building, Middle Room,,Sullurupet War 12
203Government High School, Rvm Building, Northern Sid,Sullurupeta Ward 12
Sullurupeta Ward-13204Govt High School 9Th Room,Sullurupeta Ward 13
Sullurupeta Ward-9198Mppup School Main 4Th Room,Sullurupet Ward 9
Tada234Zpp High School 6Th Class Room,Tada
235Zpp High School 10Th Class Room,Tada
236Zphs, 10Th Class Room, Tada,Tada
Tada Kandriga230Mppp School Nothe Side Room,Tada Kandriga
231Mppp School Middle Room,Tada Kandriga
232Mppp School South Side Room,Tada Kandriga
233Mppp School East Side,Tada Kandriga
Talvaipadu97Mpes,Talvaipadu A/W,Talvaipadu A/W
Thalllam Padu153Zpp High School,Tallampadu
Vatambedu223Zilla Parishad High School, South Building,Vatambe,Vatabedu
Vatambedu Kuppam222Mandal Praja Parishad Elementary School,North Side,Vatambedukuppam
Vedurupattu139Mppp School,Vedurupattu
Venadu237Mppup School East Side Room,Venadu
238Mppup Schooleast Side Room,Venadu
Yekollu134Mppp School,Yekollu
135Mppp School South Side Room,Yekollu
Zpbhs Western Side 2Nd Room62Zpp Boys High School West 2Nd Room,Naidupet
Zpbhs Western Side 2Nd Room Naidupet63Zpp Boys High School Westside 2Room,Naidupet
Zpbhs Western Side 4Th Room Naidupet60Zpp Boys High School,Naidupet
Zpghs North Side 3Rd Room Sullurupeta186Zpp Gh School North Side 3Rd Room,Sullurupet Ward-6
Zpghs South Side 3Rd Room Sullurupeta185Zpp Gh School South Side 3R,Sullurupet Ward-5
Zpghs South Side 4Th Room Sullurupeta187Zpp Gh School South Side 4Th Room,Sullurupet Ward 6
Zpghs Southern Room Back Side Naidupet39Zppg High School,Naidupet
Zphs 10Th Class Room Menakuru82Zpp High School 10Class Room,Menakuru
Zphs 10Th Class Room Neluballi110Zpp High School10 Class Room,Neluballi
Zphs 10Th Class Room South Side Mannar Poluru206Zpp High School 10 Class Room South Side,Mannarpoluru
Zphs 7Th Class North Side Room Mannarpoluru209Zpp School 7Th Class Room North Side,Mannarpoluru
Zphs 8Th Class Room Menakuru83Zpp High School 8Class Room,Menakuru
Zphs Annamedu70Zpp High School,Annamedu
Zphs Arimenipadu12Zpp High School,Arimanipadu
13Zpp High School,Arimenipadu
Zphs Boys Western Side 4Th Room Naidupet59Zpp Boys High School,Naidupet
Zphs Chilamanuchenu17Zpp High School,Chilmanuchenu
Zphs Gottiprolu73Zpp Highschool,Gottiprolu
Zphs Kalluru146Zpp High School,Kalluru
Zphs Kurugonda30Zpp High School,Kurugonda
31Zppp High School,Kurugonda
Zphs Main Building 10Th Class Room Kota Poluru172Zpp High School Mainbullding 10 Room,Kotapoluru
Zphs Main Building 7Th Class Room A Sec173Zpp High School Main Bullding 7 Class Room A Sec,Kotapoluru
Zphs North Side Room Menakuru81Zpp High School North Side Room,Menakuru
Zphs North Side Room Palachuru104Zpp High Schoolnorth,Palachuru
Zphs Ojili26Z.Pp High School,,Ozili
27Zppp High School,Ozili
Zphs Poola Thota127Zpp High School,Poolathota
Zphs Puduru75Zpp High School,Puduru
Zphs Sirasanambedu116Zpp High School,Sirasanambedu
Zphs Sreedhanamalli151Zpp High School,Sridhanamalli
Zphs Utchuru140Zpp High School,Utchuru
Zppghs Near 10Th Hall Back Side 2Nd Room N.Pet41Zpps High School Girls 10 Class Back Side,Naidupet

Last Updated on August 22, 2014