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Polling Booth in Raptadu Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Stations in Raptadu

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Akuthota Palli71M.P.P School Room No.1,Akuthotapalli
73M.P.P School Room No.3,Akuthotapalli, Itukulapalli Majra
Akuthotapalli72M.P.P School Room No. 2,Akuthotapalli
Alamuru45Z P H School Room No. 1 New Builiding,Alamuru
46Z P H School Room No. 2,Alamur
47Anganwadi Center Southern Wing,Alamuru
Atmakuru6M.P.P School New Building South Side,Atmakuru
7M.P.P School New Building Southern Side,Atmakuru
8Z.P.High School West Phase Room No.1,Atmakuru
9Z.P.High School North Phase R.No.1,Atmakuru
10Z.P.High School Middle Part 7 Th Class Room,Atmakuru
11Mandala Parishath Primary School Northern Face,Atmakuru
Ayyavaripalli94M.P.P. School,Ayyavaripalli
B. Yaleru23M.P.U.P School 2Nd Class Room,B. Yaleru
B.Yaleru22M.P.U.P School 1St Class Room,B.Yaleru Atmakuru Mandalam
Badalapuram134M.P.U.P School,Baddalaapuram
Balepaalyam144M.P.P.School Sourthern Side Buiding,Balepalyam
Basampally207M.P.U.P School Eastern Side,Basam Palli
Bhanukota122M.Pu.P School,Bhanukota
Bogine Palli101M.P.P School,Boginepalli
Bommeparti96Mandal Parishad Upeer Primary School,Bommeparti
Bukkacherla97Mandal Parishad Upeer Primary School,Bukkacherla
Chandracherla150M.P.U.P .School,Chandracherla, Dadluru Majara
Chapatla115Mandal Parisad Upper Primary School,Chapatla
Chennamanayuni Kota120R.C.M.Adeid Ele School,C.N.Kota
Chennea Kotta Pally188Z.P.High School,Chennea Kotha Palli
Chennei Kotta Pally187Z.P.High School,Chennekthapalli
Chennekotta Palli189Z.P.High School,Chennea Kotha Palli
Cherlo Palli116M.P.U.P School,M. Cherlopalli
Chiyyedu81Z.P.High School,Chiyyedu
82Z.P.High School,Chiyyedu
Daduluru151M.P.P School,Dadluru
Damajipalli186M.P.U.P School,Damajipalli
Dhamaaji Pally185M.P.U.P School,Damajipall
Dhubbarla Pally Peruru Majra157M.P.U.P School,Dubbarla Palli Perur Majra
G. Kotha Palli98Mandal Parishad Primary School,G. Kothapalli
Gaandlapartri99Z.P.High School 10Th Class Room,Gandlaparti
Ganginepally209M.P.U.P School Eastern Side,Gangineypalli
210M.P.U.P. School Southern Side,Ganginepalli
Gangula Kunta90M.P.P School,Gangula Kunta
Garime Kalapa Llly Motaru Chintha Palli Majra161M.P.U.P School Northern Side,Garimekalapalli, Motaru Chinthalapalli
Garimekal Pally Motaru Chinthala Palli Majra162M.P.U.P School,Garimekal Palli
Golla Palli110M.P.U.P School,Gollapalli
Gondi Reddi Palli106M.P.P.School,Gondireddipalli
Goridindla15M.P.U.P.School Northern Side,Goridindla
Guntapalli121M.P.P School,Gunthapalli
Hampapuram108Z.P. High School Room No. 1,Hampapuram
109Z.P. High School Room No 2,Hampapuram
Hariyan Cheruvu184M.P.U.P School,Hariyancheruvu
Itukala Palli75M.P.Pschool Room No.2,Ituklpalli
Itukalapalli74M.P.Elimentary School Room No. 1,Itukalapalli
Jangaala Palli76M.P.P School,Jangalpalli
Kaamaru Palli43M.P.U.P School,Kamaru Palli
Kakkalapalli Colony58M.P.U.P School Room No. 1,Kakkalapalli Colony
59M.P.U.P School Room No.2,Kakkalapalli Colony
60M.P.U.P School,Kakkalapalli Colony
61M.P.U.P School,Kakkalapalli Colony
62M.P.U.P. School Room No.4,Kakkalapalli Colony
63M P U P School 7Th Class Room,Kakkalapalli Colony
64M.P.U.P School Room No.5,Kakkalapallli Colony
65M P U P School 6Th Class Room,Kakkalapalli Colony
Kakkalapalli Rural66M.P.P.School,Kakkalpalli Rural
67M.P.P.S, Room No.2,Kakkalapalli Rural
Kalikivandla Palli Ganthi Marri Majara172M.P.P School Old Builiding,Kalikivandla Palli
Kalikivandlapalli Ganthimarri Majara173M.P.P School New Building, Kaliki Vaadla Palli.,Kalikivaandlapalli
Kamarupalli44M.P.P School,Kamarupalli
Kanagaanipally139M.P.P. School Old Building,Kanaganipalli
140M.P.P School New Building,Kanaganapalli
141M.P.P School New Building Southern Side,Kanaganipalli
Kandukuru77Z.P.High School New Builiding Room No. 1,Kandukuru
78Z.P.High School Room No.2,Kandukuru
Kanumukk La206Z.P.High School,Kanumukkala
Katiganikaluva68M.P.U P School,Katiganikalava
Kodimi32M.P.P School,Kodimi
Konapu Ram143M.P.U.P School,Konapuram
Kondapalli117M.P.U.P. School,Kondapallli Thumucharla Ma Jara
Kondapuram158M.P.U.P School, Kondapuram.,Kondapuram
Koneti Nayuni Palyam128M.P.U.P School,Koneti Nayuni Palyam
Kothagyadikunta Nasana Kota Majra163M.P.U.P.School Western Side,Kothagyadikunta, Nasanakota Majara
Krishna Puram111M.P.P School,Krishnapuram,Maruru Majara
Krishnam Reddy Palli83M.P.P.School,Krishnamreddipalli
Kunti Maddi175Z.P.High School Office Room, Kuntimaddi,Kuntimaddi
Kuntimaddi174Z.P.High School 9Th Class Room,Kuntimaddi,Kuntimaddi
176Z.P. High School 2 Nd Room From Office,Kuntimaddi
Kurl Pally149M.P. P. School,Kurlapalli, Dadalur Majara
Kurugunta41M.P.P Scool,Kurugunta
42M.P.P Scool,Kurugunta
M.Banda Meeda Palli104Z.P.High School,M Bandamida Palli
M.Bandamida Palli102Z.P.High School,M. Bandamidapalli
103Z.P. High School,M. Bandamidapalli
Maddelacheruvu125Z.P.High School,Maddalacheruvu
126Z.P.High School,Maddalacheruvu
Madigubba20M.P.U.P School Westrn Wing,Madigubba
21M.P.U.P. School Eastrn Wing,Madigubba
Mamilla Palli148M.P.P School,Mamillapalli
Mamilla Pally147M.P.P. School,Mamillaya Palli,
Mannila84M.P.P.School, Room No 1,Mannila
85M.P.P School Room No.2,Manneela
Maruru113M.P.P School 1St Class Southern Side,Maruru
114M.P.P School Room No. 2,Maruru
Medapuram195Z.P.High School,Medapuram
196Z.P.Hige School Northern Side,Medapuram
197M.P.P. School Northern Side,Medapuram
198M.P.P.School Southern Side,Medapuram
Mukthapuram146M.P. P School Easrern Side,Muktapuram
Mustikovela178M.P.U.P. School,Mushtikovela
Muthuva Kuntla138M.P.P School Southern Side,Muthavakuntla
Muthuvakuntla137M.P.P School Northern Side,Muthavakuntla
Muttala13M.P.P School,Muttala
14M.P.P School Eastern Face,Muttala
Naga Samudram190Z.P.High School Northern Side,Nagasamudram
191M.P.P School Southern Side,Naag Samudram
Namala194M.P.U.P School Northern Side,Namala
Narasampalli129M.P.U.P School,Narsampalli
Narasanayanikunta31M.P.P School,Narasanayanikunta
Nasana Kota164Z.P. High School Northern Side,Nasanakota
165Z.P.High School Southern Side,Nasanakota
Nasanakota166Z.P.High School Main Wing,Nasnkota
Nemalivaram136Mandal Parishad Primary School,Nemalivaram
Nyaamaddala180M.P.P School Northern Side,Nyamaddala
Nyamadhala181M.P.P School Southern Side,Nyamaddala
182M.P.P School ,S.C. Colony,Nyamadhala
183M.P.P School,Nyamadhala
Obu Lam Pally204M.P.U.P.School New Building,Obulam Palli
Obu Lam Pally Kanumu Kk La Majra205M.P.U.P School Old Building,Obulam Palli
P.Kothapally5M.P. Elimentary School,P.Kothapalli
Paathapaalyam131M.P.P School,Pathapalyam, Tagarakunta Majara
Padamati Yaaleru2M.P.P.School,Padamati Yaleru
Palabhavi112Mandal Parishad Primary School,Palabhavi
Palacherla100M.P.U.P School,Palacherla
Pallennagari Palli192M.P.P. School,Pallennagaripalli
Pampanuru12M.P.U.P School,Pampanuru
Pamu Rayi33M.P.P School,Pamuray
Papampeta48M..P.U.P School Room No. 1,Papampeta
49M.P.U.P School,Papampeta
50M.P.U.P School,Papampeta
51M.P.U.P School Room No. 2,Papampeta
52Z.P.H.School Southern Wing,Papampeta
Paravaha Devara Palli145M.P.U.P. School,Parvatha Devarapalli
Pedda Mogalaayi Palli199M.P.U.P School,Peddamogalayipalli
Peruru152M.P.P School 4 Th Class Room,Pearuru
153M.P.P. School 5Th Class Room,Peruru
154Z.P.High School 6 Th Class Room,Perur
155Z.P.High School 6Th Class Room New Building,Peruru
156Z.P.High School Room No. 2,Perur
Polepally170M.P.U.P School, Eastern Side,Polepalle
171M.P.U.P Scool Western Side,Polepalli
Poolakunta80M.P.P School,Pulakunta
Prasanna Ya Palli89Dy.Directors Agrikalchar Farmers Center,Prasannayapalli
Prasannaya Palli87L.R.G. Eng.Med.High School Room No.2,Prasannayapalli
88Dy.Director Agrl .Farmers Center,Prasannayapalli
Prasannayi Palli86L.R.G. Eng.Med. High School Room No. 1,Prasannaya Palli
Pulakunta79M.P.P School,Pulakunta, Chiyyedu Majara
Puletipalli201M.P.U.P School,Puletipalli
Pulla Revu107M.P.P.School,Pullarevu
Pulleti Palli200Community Hall,Puletipalli
Raachana Palli36M.P.P. School Room No.1,Rachanapalli
Raaptadu91Z.P.High School 5 Th Room,Raptadu
93Z.P.High School,Raptadu
Raapthadu92Z.P.High School,,Raptadu
Rachanapalli37M.P.P School Room No. 2,Rachanapalli
38M.P.P School Room No. 2,Rachanapalli
39P.A.C.S. Southern Side,Rachanapalli
40Grama Sachivalayam,Rachana Palli
Ragampeta26M.P.P School,Rangampeta
Ramagiri167M.P.P School Eastern Side,Ramagiri
168M.P.P School Western Side,Ramagiri
169Z.P.High School Western Side,Ramagiri
Ramanepalli95M.P.P School,Ramnepalli
Ramapuram142Mandal Parishad Elementary School,Ramapuram
S. B. Halli177M.P.U.P. School Westren Side,S.B. Halli
Sanapa24Z.P.High School Westren Wing,Sanapa
25Z.P.High School Sotherrn Wing,Sanapa
Shiva Puram Koneti Nayini Paa Lyam Majra127M.P.P.School,Sivapuram
Siddarampuram1M.P.U.P School Room No.1,Siddarampuram
Singampalli Thanda Padamati.Yaleru Majara3M.P.U.P. School North Face,Singampalli
Somala Doddi34R.D.T.School,Somaladoddi
Somaladoddi35R.D.T. School Southrn Wing,Somaladoddi
Somaravandlapalli130Mandal Parishad Elementary School,Somaravandlapalli
Subbaraay Ni Pally179M.P.P School,Subbarayanipalli
Tagarakunta132Z.P.H.School Western Wing,Thagarakunta
133Z.P.High School Estern Wing,Tagarakunta
Talupuru17M.P.P. School,Talupuru
Taticherla30M.P.P. School,Taticherla
Thaticherla29M.P.P. School,Taticherla
Thimmapuram160M.P.U.P School Room No.2,Timmapuram
Thimmmaa Puram Motaru Chinthala Palli Majra159M.Pu.P School Room No 1,Timmapuram
Thumucherla118M.P.U.P. School,Thumucherla
Topudurti27M.P.U.P School Room No.1,Topudurthi
28M.P.U.P School 2Nd Class Room,Topudurthi
Tumacherla119M.P.U.P. School,Thumucherla
Uppara Palli70M.P.U.P School Room No.2,Uppara Palli
Upparapalli69M.P.U.P.School Room No. 2,Upprapalli
Vaddu Palli Talupur Hamlet19M.P.P School,Voddupalli
Veldurthi208M.P.U.P School New Building,Veldurthi
Venkatam Palli202M.P.P.School New Buiding Estern Side,Venkatampalli
Venkatam Palli Pulletu Palli Majra203M.P.P School New Building Northren Side,Venkatam Palli
Vepacherla16M.P.P School,Vepacherla
Vepakunta123Z.P. High School East Side Room,Vepakunta, Maddala Cheruvu Majara
124Z.P. High School 10 Th Class Room,Vepakunta, Maddala Cheruvu Majara
Vidhyaranya Nagar57M.P.P School 6Th Class Room,Vidhyaranya Nagar
Vidya Ranya Nagar53M.P.P School Eastern Wing,Vidyaranya Nagar
54M.P.P School Western Wing,Vidyaranya Nagar
Vidyaranya Nagar55M.P.P School Western Room,Vidyaranya Nagar
56Mandala Parishat Urdu Prathamik School,Vidyaranya Nagar
Y.Kothapalli4Krishtiyan Eyided Elimentry Schoo Room No.1,Y. Kothapalli
Yarragunta105M.P.U.P School,Yarragunta
Yelakakunta135M.P.P School,Elaka Kunta

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