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Polling Booth in Puttaparthi Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Stations in Puttaparthi

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Agraharam 62M.P.U.P. School,Agraharam
63M.P.U.P. School,Agraharam
Akuthotapalli 188M.P.P.School,Akuthotapalli
Amadaguru 200Z.P.H.School Vii Class Room (New Building),Amadagur
201Z.P.H.School,Ix Class Room(Newroom),Amdguru
202Zphs, X Class A Section(New),Amdguru
203M.P.P.School 1St Room,Amadagur
204M.P.P.School 2Nd Room,Amadaguru
Amagondapalyam 117M.P.P.School,Amgonda Palyam
Babasab Palli 192M.P.P.School,Babasab Palli
Badavandla Palli 128M.P.P.School Western Side Room No.1,Badavandlapall
Badavandlapalle 129M.P.P.School Western Side Room No.3,Badvandla Palli
Badenayak Thanda Kappala Banda Majra 99M.P.P.School,Badenaik Thanda
Bandla Palli 31Z.P.H.School, Narayanapuram South Side Room,Bandlapalli
Bandlapalli 30M.P.P School,Bandlapalli
Bathala Palli Peda Palli Majra 104M.P.P.School,Bathala Palli, Pedaballi Majra
Beedu Palli 98M P P School,Prasanthi Gram
Beedupalli 97M.P.P.School, Sothern Room,Beedupalli
Bhuchaiah Gari Palli Bukkapatnam Majra 41M.P.P School, Room 2,Bhuchchaiah Gari Palli Bukkapatnam Majra
Boggulapalli 150Mandal Parishad Primary School,Boggullapalli
Bommireddy Cheruvu 156M.P.P.School, New Building,Bommireddicheruvu
Bonthalapallii Amagonda Palyam Majra 76M.P.P.School,Bontalpalli, Amgondapalyam Majra
Brahman Palli 95M P P School Eastern Room,Bramhanapalli
Brahmana Palli 96M.P.E.School, Westren Side Room,Brahaman Palli
Bucchaiah Gari Palli 40M.P.P School Room No.1,Bucchaiah Gari Palli, Bukkapatnam Majra
Bukkapatanam 38M.P.P. School,Bukkapatnam
Bukkapatnam 34Z.P.H School For Boys (Additional Rooms-Westroom),Bukkapatnam
35Z.P.High School For Boys Room No.6 Ground Floor,Bukkapatnam
36Z.P.High School For Girls Newly Constructed Buildi,Bukkapatnam
37Z.P.High School For Girls Newly Constructed Buildi,Bukkapatnam
39Mpp School,New Room R,Bukkapatnam
Byrapuram 28M.P.U.P.School, Westren Wing 1St Room,Byrapuram
29Mpups South Wing Additional Room,Bhirapuram
Chennaraju Palli Bandlapalli Majra 32Zphs Eastern Wing Room No.4,Chennaraju Palli, Bandlapalli Majra
Chennarayuni Palli Siddaampuram Majra 42M.P.P School,Chennarayuni Palli,
Cherlo Palli Vengalamma Cheruvu Majra 74M.P.P School,Cherlopalli
Chinagaani Palli 197Z.P.H.School,Chinaganipall
Chinagani Palli 198M P P School,Chinaganipalli
Chinaganipalli 199M P U P School,Edigavaripalli
Chintalaiahgaripalli 58Mandal Parishad Primary School,Chintalaiahgaripalli
Chowtakuntapalli 145M.P.P.School, Eastern Side Room,Chavitikuntapalli
Daburuvaripalli 164R D T Community Hall S C Colony,Daburuvari Palli
165Gram Panchayat Office, New Building Central Hall,Daburuvaripalli
Donnikota 148Z.P.H. School, North Side Room No.1,Doonnikota
149Z.P.H.School, Southren Side 2 Room,Donnikota
151Z.P.H.School, Room No.2 Westren Side,Donnikota
Dupam Palli Siddaampuram Majra 43M.P.P School,Dhupampalli
Enagaluru 168M.P.P.School,New Building,Vanukuvaripalli
Gajukunta Palli 170Mpup School,Gajukunta Palli Ingaluru Majra
Gajukuntapalli 171M.P.U.P.School, New Building,Mallapalli
Gangireddy Palli Amagonda Palyam Majra 115M.P.P.School, Old Building,Gangireddy Palli, Amgonda Palyam Majra
Gangireddy Palli Amagondaplyam Majra 116M.P.P.School, New Building,Gangireddipalli
Gashikavari Palli Pamudurthy Mazra 56Co-Operative Socity Building, Eastren Side,Gasikwari Palli, Pamudurthi Majra
Gokulam 92M P P School Chitravathi Road Gutta Room No-2,Yenumalapalli
Gokulam Yenumula Palli Majra 91M.P.Ele.P.School,Post Office Road,Gokulam, Yenumalapalli
Gollapalli 169M.P.P.School New Building,Gollapalli Ingluru Majra
Gope Palli 144Mpups, Addl. Build,Gope Palli
Gounipallli 179Z.P.H.School, 1St Room,Gouni Palli
181Z.P.H.School, 6Th Class Room,Gouni Palli
Gownipallli 180M.P.P.School,Gouni Palli
Gowrapuram 182M.P.P.School,Gaurapuram
Gunduvaripalli 205M.P.U.P.School, New Building,Gunduvari Palli
Gunti Palli K Locherla Majra 27Mpp School,Guntipalli
Guuni Palli 47M.P.U.P.School,Gunipalli
Guvvalagutta Palli 105M.P.P School,Guvvalaguttapalli
Inagaluru 167M.P.Pschool Northern Side,Inagaluru
Indl Venkatam Palli Talamarla Majra 6M.P.P.School,Indlavenkatampalli
Iragaraju Palli Kotla Palli Majra 106M.P.P.School,Yirgaraju Palli, Kotla Palli Majra
Jagaraju Palli 101M.P.P.School, Northern Room,Jagarajupalli
102M P P School,Venkatagari Palli
Jankampalli Bukkapatnam Majra 69M.P.P School,North Room,Janakam Palli
70M.P.P School,Eastern Room,Jankam Palli, Bukkapatnam Majra
Jerrikuntapalli 187M P P School,Jerrikuntapalli
Joukulakotha Palli 210Zphs, Vii Class Room (New Room),Joukulakotha Palli
Joukulakothapalli 211Zphs, 8Th Class Room,Jawkulakothapalli
K.Locharla 26M.P.U.P.School, Old Building,Kay.Loecherla
Kambala Parthi Vengalamma Cheruvu Majra 75M.P.P.School,Kambalaparti, Vengalamma Cheruvu Majra
Kammavari Pally R 130M.P.P.School New Building,Kammavaripalli
Kandukuruvari Palli 209M.P.U.P.School, New Building,Kandukurivaripalli
Kappalabanda 100M.P.U.P.School, East Room,Kappalabanda
Kassamudram 196M.P.U.P.School,Kassamudram
Kesa Puram 10M.P.P.School,Keshapuram
Kodapagaani Palli 9M.P.P.School Room No.1,South Wing,Kodapaganipa
Kondakamarala 157Z.P.H.School, Eastern Side,Kondakmarla
Kondakamarla 158Z.P.H.School, Roomno.2, Northren Side,Kondakamarla
159Z.P.H.School, Roomno.1 Southren Side,Kondakamarla
160Z.P.H.School, Room No.2, South Side,Kondakamarla
161M.P.P.School (Urdu) New Room,Kondakamarla
162M.P.P.School (Urdu) Old Room,Kondakamarla
Kondapuram Pamudurthi Majra 57M.P.E.School,Kondapuram Pamudurthi Majra
Kondravari Palli 141M.P.P.School Part - I,Kondravanipalli
Kondravari Pally 142M.P.U.P.School, North Side Room No.2,Kutalapalli
Kotha Cheruvu 15Z.P.H.School(Boys),Westwing,Room 1,Kotha Cheruvu
16Z.P.H.School,West Wing 3Rd Room,Kotha Cheruvu
18Zphs For Girls (Anna Ferror Block) New Room No. 3,Kotha Cheruvu
19M.P.P. School, Room No.4,Kothacheruvu
20M.P.P. School, Room No.5,Kotha Cheruvu
21Zphs For Girls (Rdt) New Room 1,Kotha Cheruvu
22Z.P.H.School Boys East Side Rom No.1,Kothacheruvu
23Satya Sai Junior College Junior Inter Room No 11-B,Kothacheruvu
24Z.P.H.School, Girls, New Room,Kothacheruvu
25Mpes, East Side Room No. 1,Kothacheruvu
Kothacheru Vu 17Z.P.H.Scholl, Boys East Room,Kothacheruvu
Kothakota 66M P U P School 6Th Class Room,Kothakota
67M P U P School 7Th Class Room,Kothakota
Kotla Palli 107M.P.P.School,Kotlapalli
Kottuvari Palli 213M.P.P.School West Side,Kottuvaripalli
214M.P.P.School, New Building,Kottuvaripalli
Krishanapuram 55Z.P.H.School West Side Room No 1,Krishnapuram
Krishnapuram 53M.P.P School,West Wing,Krishnapuram
54Z.P.H.School, Eastren Wing,Krishnapuram
Kurumala 147Zphs, West Side, 1St Room,Kuramala
Kusumavari Palli 163Mpup School,Gunumuvaripalli
Lanallamada 140Zphs, West Side Room,Nallamada
Lingareddypalli 14M.P.P School,Lingareddipalli
Lokoji Palli 216M.P.U.P.S., New Room,Lokojipalli
Lokojipalli 217M.P.U.P.S, Old Building,Lokojipalli
Maarala 49Z.P.H.School, Room No.2,Marala
Madirebailuthanda Kothakota 65Rdt School,Madirebailu Thanda, H/O Kothakota Majra
Mahammad Bad 194Z P H School 8Th Class Room New Building,Mahammadaba
Mahammada Bad Cros 185Mpup School, New Building,Mahammadabad
Mahammadbad 195Z.P.H.School, Ix Class Room (New Room),Mahamadabad
Mailasamudram 11M.P.P.School,Mailasamudram
Malakavaaripallli 184Mpup School,Malaka Vari Palli
Mamillakuntapalli 193M.P.P.School,Mamillakuntlapalli
Marakunta Palli 8Mpupswestern Wing Oldroom,Murkunta Palli
Marakuntapalli 7Mpups, North Wing New Room,Marakuntapalli
Marala 50Z.P.H.School, Room No.4,Marala
Masakavankapalle 146M.P.U.P.School (Additionl Building) Norhren Side,Maskvankapalli
Meerjapuram Talamarla Majra 1Mpup School,South Wing Additional Room,Meerjapuram
Meesalavandlapalli 127M.P.P.School Southern Side New Building,Misalavandlapalli
Mittapalli 166Z.P.H.School, Room No.1,Mittapalli
Mylepalli Tirumaladevarapalli 13M.P.P. School,Mailepalli
Nallaguttapalli 172Mpup School New Building,Nallagutllapalli
Nallamada 135Z.P.H.School, Eastern Side New Building South Room,Nallamada
136Z.P.H.School, Eastern Side New Building Centreroom,Nallamada
137M.P.P.School Western Side Room No.3,Nallamada
138Govt. Junior College, North Wing Room No.2,Nallamada
139Govt. Junior College, North Wing Room No.1,Nallamada
Nallasingaiah Gari Pallly Majra 134M.P.U.P.School,Lanallasingaiahgaripalli
Narasimha Palli Thanda Kothakota Majra 68M.P.P School,Narashimpalli Thanda
Nare Palli 12M.P.U.P.School, New Room,Naray Palli
Navabukota 155M.P.U.P.School, New Wing 1St Room,Nawabukota
Nayani Vari Palli Agraharam Majara 64M.P.P School,Nayanivaripalli
Nayanikota 154M.P.P.School New Building,Nayanikota
Nidimamidi 108M.P.P.School,Nidimamidi
109M.P.P.School, Teachers Meeting Hall,Nidimamidi
Niluvurati Palli 212M.P.P.School,Niluvuratipalli
Obula Devara Cheruvu 189Z.P.H School Western Side (9Th Telugu) Room,O.D.Cheruvu
Obuladevaracheruvu 190Z.P.H.School, Westren Side,O.D.Cheruvu
Pai Palli Kotla Palli Majra 103M.P.P.School,Paipalli, Kotlapalli Majra
Pamudurthi 59Z.P.H.School, Room 1,Pamudurthy
60Z.P.H.School, New Room,Pamudurthi
61Z.P.H.School Room No. 5,Pamudurthi
Patha Bathala Palli 132M.P.U.P. School New Building North Room,Pathabattalapal
Pathabathalapalli 133M.P.P.School, New Building South Room,Pathabattalapalli
Pedapalli 113M.P.P.School, Northern Room,Pedapalli
114M.P.P.School, Southern Room,Pedapalli
Pedapalli Thanda Pedapalli Majra 112M.P.P.School,Peda Palli Tanda Pedaballi Majra
Pulagam Palli 152Z.P.H.School, Room No.2, Northren Side,Pulagampalli
153M.P.U.P.School, Old Room,Pulagam Palli
Pulakuntapalli 215Z.P.H.School,Pulakuntapalli
Putta Parti 85S.C.Girls Hostel, West Room,Puttaparti
Puttaparthi 77Z.P.H.School Sothern Side 2Nd Room,Puttaparti
81Z.P.H.School,Tarakarama Colony, Govindupeta
82M.P.P.School,Southern Side, 3Rd Class Room,Puttaparti
Puttaparthy 78M.P.P.School, Southern Side, 1St Class Room,Puttaparti
79M.P.P.School, Southern Side, 2Nd Class Room,Puttaparti
83Ambedkar Bhavan North Face,Puttaparti
84Ambedkar Bhavan South Side,Puttaparthy
86S.C.Girls Hostel East Room,Puttaparti
87Community Hall,Peddakammavaripalli
Puttaparti 80Z.P.H.School,Tarakarama Colony, Govindupeta
88Smt Eswaramma English Medium School, Southern Room,Puttaparti
Rachuvari Palli Kotla Palli Majra 111M.P.P.School,Rachuvaripalli
Raganipalle 143M.P.P.School,Raganipalli
Reddypalle 121Z.P.H. School, Nortern Side Western Room No. 2,Reddipalli
122Z.P.H. School, New Bldg Grnd Flr, Northenclassroom,Reddipalli
123Zphs, New Building Ground Floor, Sourth Side Room,Reddipalli
Seekayakuntapalli 52Mandal Parishad Primary School,Seekayakuntapalli
Siddaampuram 44Z.P.H.School East Room,Siddarmpuram
45Z.P.H.School, West Room,Siddaampuram
46Z.P.H.School, Middle Room,Shiddarampuram
Sunnampalli 183M.P.P.School 1St Wing,Sunnampalli Vandlapalli Majra
Talamarla 2Zphs, East Building 15,Talmarla
3Z.P.H.School, East Side New Building Room No.12,Talamarla
4Z.P.H.School, East Side New Building Room No. 9,Talamarla
5M.P.E.School, West Wing,Talmarla
Thangedukunta 176Zphs, Western Wing Room No. 1,Tangedukunta
177Zphs, Western Wing Room No. 2,Tangedukunta
178Zphs, Southren Side,Thangedukunt
Thippiah Gari Palli 131M.P.P.School,Tippaiahgari Palli
Thipppepallli 186Gram Panchayat Office,Tippepalli
Thumma 206Zphs, Additional Building (New Room),Thummala
Thummala 207Z P H School 8Th Class Room New Building,Thummala
208M P P School,Malakavaripalli Diguvathanda
Thummlakunta Palli 174M.P.P.School,Thummalakuntlapalli
Thummlakuntla Palli 175M.P.P.School Northern Side,Thummalakuntlapal
Vankara Kunta 118M.P.P.School 1St Room,Vankarkanta
120M.P.P.School Room No.3,Vankarakunta
Vankarakunta 119M.P.P.School Room No.2,Vankarakunta
Veera Obana Palli 173Mpup School Part I,Veeraobanapalli
Vellamaddi 124M.P.U.P.School New Building,Vellamaddi
Vengalamma Cheruvu 71M.P.P.School, Eastern Room,Vengalammacheruvu
72M.P.P.School, Western Room,Vengalamma Cheruvu
73M.P.P.School, Northern Room,Vengalammacheruvu
Yadalankapalli Marala Majra 51D.P.E.P.School,Yadalankapalli
Yarra Palli Bandla Palli Majra 33Mpp School, North Side Room,Yarra Palli, Bandlapalli Majra
Yarravankapalle 126M.P.P.School, Western Side,Yerravankalapal
Yarravankapalle Majar Vellamaddi 125M.P.P.School, Northern Side,Yarravanka Palli ,Vellamaddi Majra
Yenumalapalli 89M.P.E.School, Post Office Road,Gokulam, Yenumalapalli
90M P P School, Room No.1,Chitravati Road, Yenumalapalli
Yenumulapalli 93Z.P.H.School, 10Th Class (A) Northern Room,Yenumulapalli
94Z.P.H.School, 10Th Class (B) Northern Room,Yenumulapalli
Z P H School West Room No-2 191Z P H School West Room No-2,Obula Devara Cheruvu

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